Katrina hadn't seen much of Evermore she spent a lot of time in her own little world. She spent her time working on the business as a midwife, her time with Sapphire and after that, her extracurricular life ended. That was going to change as today she planned to take herself to a new part of town and do something fun for herself. She wanted to get a few gifts for some people so why not go shopping and some coffee or hot cocoa.

She never went anywhere without being dressed to the nines and today was no different. She had her hair curled and put into a bun leaving strands frame her face. While waiting for the laundry to be done she went to the kitchen and made herself some oatmeal.

She ate before dressing into a pair of jeans with a pullover sweater and wrapped herself up before walking out of the house and heading into her car to drive to town. She thought it would be a good idea to be doing something useful. She had a bunch of things she wanted to do and today was busy as she was.

She headed out of the car and headed to the first store. Smiling she looked at the Christmas portrayed throughout it all. The Christmas music, the decorations and the things to buy. She wanted something perfect as an actual materialistic gift for Sapphire and a few friends. 

The store was a bit busy as she walked past someone she didn't plan enough distance as she walked into the person. Her lukewarm coffee spilling out on the floor and looking at her trying to see if some got on her. "Oh my, I am so sorry." She stated as she reached into her bag and grabbed a cloth. 

"Here." She offered not wanting to help her unless she asked for some. people didn't like having hands all over them without permission. 

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Clara looked in her cup noticing the liquid was gone, sometimes drinks disappeared too quickly especially ones that tasted this good. She set the cup back on the table and put her attention back on Katerina. "Thank you, sometimes it feels like a dream, but from the romances, I've read that's pretty typical." 

"I can't imagine actually having to go through a forbidden romance, how do you work around it? Did your parents ever accept you? Not that you'd need them to do if they didn't, people can always make their own families nowadays, friends are after all the family that we choose," Clara said, she was sure that her parents, if they'd been alive, would have loved Ray and accepted him into their family as one of there own, she could imagine her Mom nagging her for grandchildren and what kind of flowers should be in the bouquet. Thinking about these things that she'd never had left a heavy emptiness in her heart.

Clara could sense the topic was a sore one, so the blonde followed along. Though Clara has to deal with the death of her father at a young age she still had many memories of a good childhood, her mother and father we're always making their moments together wonderful. "I had a happy childhood for the most part," she began, trying to decide on which memory to tell her new friend and settling on a memory before she was six years old. "My mother was a big reader like me, so much so, my dad always got her a book every month, he worked close near a bookstore so it was easy for him to do so, but my mother was always so appreciative of it, so one day I walk into the spare room of my childhood home and I find my father painting the room a shade of deep green, I ask him what's he doing because I've never seen that room without all of the boxes, and he tells me it's a secret, I, of course, being six brags that I can keep a secret very well, so he leans down and says he's turning this room into a library for mom and me." Clara took a breath and her eyes settled on a store through the window. "My mom came home and he showed it to her, I've never seen someone so happy, they were always so in love," 

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