The  sun rose  to indicate the start of the day but Ray had been up a few hours beforehand as he ticked off the lists of camping equipment and supplies  from the tent right down to  S'mores but a part of him wondered if the last bit  was a good day the chief had leant him  two sets of fishing equipment  as he hopes he recalled Clara had been fishing before but he was happy to remember   Clara wasn’t a fussy eater so he packed whatever he could that was easy to cook by the campfire as he finished  each box he  placed them by the door  even though  the thought of spending the weekend with Clara made him happy he  was worried  if Clara would like the spot  but it was a late Valentines gift due to  he was at the firehouse on shift on the day  even though  the gifts  arrived he wanted to do something special  he took out  one of Claras delicious valentines cookies  he slowly ate as he took out  a  fake rose   it was the only thing he could get but  on the other hand he thought  it will last forever .

!0.45 came and went before Ray realised as  he opened the door  taking the beginning of the  bags down  to  a  Red land rover placing them in the boot as he  made several trips up and down the steps to his apartment as he  took one final look making sure he had everything  before closing the door for the last time till Monday afternoon as he placed the  food in the back as the boot was closed his stomach growled as he realised with all his organizing he had forgotten to eat  as he walked around to the driver’s side he  took his seat as he  tapped through the sat nav  for taking away drive through  as  a Mcdonald's  bleeped up  he  closed his door and starting the engine he set  off  following the directions  the sat nav  directed  as he  reached the line  it grew to a snails speed as he  pulled out  his cell pressing the name  Clara ( very cute GF)  he thought to himself if Clara saw that he would turn redder than the primary colour red  as he text 

 Hey Clara, 

 About 15 minutes away from you   just forgot to have breakfast  this morning so picking up Mcdonalds  would you like anything  


Ray x

The cue slowly went down as he reached the tannoy “ hi can I have two chicken burgers and two galaxy Mc flurries and Fanta please “ the tannoy said the price as he drove up paying for the items as he saw them on the console he headed towards Clara’s home. Ray smiled as he passed the spot where he parked the first time  he met Clara  and  he didn’t expect how things turned  out  he slowed as he turned onto her drive  as he slowed to a stop in the spot he normally parked as  he opened the door  getting out as he took the Mc Donalds items placing it on the driver’s side as he  reached behind  lifting the waterproof satchels placing them under his arm as he picked up the items on his  seat as he picked them up and closed the door as he walked across the driveway stopping  in front off  the door  as he thought about  how he was going to knock as he looked at the  Fanta and meals  in his right hand and Mc flurries in the left  so he  decided to knock  with his foot gently,

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Somehow the lake looked too beautiful to even exist, it looked like something right out of photoshop, someway she was going to have to wrap her head around that view. "It's so beautiful Ray," she mentioned. In her ear, she could hear him talking about her bag, and she chuckled at his words. "I'll probably need a little help," she stated even though with her arms she started taking things down, she'd do it herself if she could. Once the bag was off, she looked around once again, Ray was encouraging her to look around and she had no reason not to besides maybe helping him out. "Why don't you show me first, and then I'll help you set everything up," Her camping skills were zilch but she'd pitch in where she could even if that was only to hold things up. 
His arms came around her in the way she loved so very much and leaned telling her sweet words she'd never thought she'd hear someone tell them to her. "It's nice isn't it, just you and me and the big outdoors," Her eyes slipped away from the water to look at the man she loved. He kissed her and when she opened her eyes, a smile curled on her lips. Perfection and the weekend had just started. 

Clara missed when he was gone but she followed along as he talked about the tents and putting things together. She narrowed her eyes, if he thought he was okay she'd take his word for now, but she'd keep an eye on him through the night, that's why she boldly stated. "We can share a tent, it wouldn't be the first time you've seen me in my nightclothes," Though that was for a very different reason. "And if you can show me how to do it, I can help you with the tents," she stated hoping he sensed how stubborn she was going to be to let her help him. 

Ray chuckled slightly as he pulled out two flat tents. One was green and the other was yellow. " If you wish we can set up the yellow tent next to the burnt tree. And we will have a perfect view from there all you need to do is flick the tent and it is ready “  he showed what he meant as he flicked the green tent through the air as he snapped to the size of  2 man tent “ he smiled as he placed his down before watching Clara as he placed the rucksacks and food supplies in the tent as he stopped watching her for a minute his mind telling himself “Raymond she must be one special girl if she's is here”  he smiled gently as walked over to the woman he loved as he unmasked a premade fire a safe distance from the tent as he pulled out the silver lighter from his pocket the dent showing how much it was used as he flicked a flame to life as he manipulated the flame to start a low heat on the campfire.

 ray  watched Clara as he  put his lighter back in his pocket as he rose to his feet as he blushed “ ok I have a confession “ as I knew we were coming up  today I kinda came up a few days ago to prepare most of it  so we can just relax  have fun and adventure and star gaze “ he smiled as he  gently wrapped his arms around her” I hope  that is ok and you like fresh fish “ he smiled “ well not fresh caught yesterday “  he smiled as he looked into her eyes  around 4 hours to go  to the best view that you will never forget “

"It's just like magic," Clara replied inclining her head to the tent, a smile tugging at her lips. "It sounds lovely, but I'm pretty sure wherever the tent is the view will be beautiful, it's amazing out here. Do you think there will be fireflies out," she had no idea if it was the right season for the, but the thought of the evening being lit up by the light of a thousand fireflies amongst the evening sky and dark tree landscape, sounded beyond perfect.  Watching as he placed his tent down she followed suit, it was a lot like magic with how quick it went up, she couldn't help the look of satisfaction on her face, she took a step back, hand on her hips and admired her work. "I feel a lot like a country girl now" 

With the fire started. Clara looked over at Ray. "Remind me, but you can create a fire without a lighter?" She could have sworen he could. "You know I don't, mind getting my hands dirty right, I love helping out where I can. But it's really sweet of you, and I appreciate it very much, I'm sure I'd have been a little lost on a thing or two, though next time we can do it together and you can teach me," He held onto her and she leaned back against him, perfectly content to never move. "It sounds lovely Ray, I can help cook," 

Ray smiled as he nodded opening his other hand as he focused on a flame forming in his palm stopping as he carefully moved it to the fire again “ true we can but it was like I was saying till I cane to evermore I hid this side of me especially after the fire when I discovered what I was “ he looked down a little as he looked at the lighter “ force of habit I believe and explainable if anyone comes across us “ he smiled gently as he listened to her question as he rose to his feet as he offered his hand as he gently embraced her with one arm placing his head in on her shoulder as he pointed to two trees each side of the camp and two other side “ well if they have nested like last year they will travel between these trees “ he gently kissed her cheek “ another reason I said about making sure you have things that can’t burn as well as myself ‘

Ray smiled gently as he held her close ‘ as we are having bbq fish how about you make something to go with it “ he smiled “ in the blue box there’s plenty of supplies to make what ever you like” he smiled as he stopped “ there is something in the care I want to show you before it gets dark “ he held out his hand as he summoned another fire ball” now if I recall” he threw the fireball into the cave as a trail of coal ignited .

It hurt Clara to hear how Ray had had to hide a part of himself for so long, she understood it though, for she had had the same thing, it had always been hard for her to let people close to her but when she'd found out this part of herself, she didn't see a point in getting close to people if she could never explain what she was. Clara walked to where he was standing and wrapped her arms behind him. " I get it, but you never have to pretend with me Ray, ever, " 

She followed along where his eyes trailed and watched what he pointed out. "It's all so beautiful," her eyes could adjust to hoe much natural earth layer on the horizon. "What kind of nest?" 

She sqealed, just a little, hands clasping, "you know me so well",  her passion for cooking and all things food came to mind, Thinking about what could be in that blue box. "I could do a coleslaw, and maybe something potato," but the thought of food was set aside when his hand busted into flame and the cave lit up behind him. "Okay, what would you like to show me?" 

Ray gently took Clara's hand as he lead her gently into the cave  the walls black with smoke  and the ground  covered in ashes " when I first learnt I was fire  initia I came here and well  experimental "  he chuckled a little  as he looked at  Clara " and ne bringing my old leaky gas cooker  and being a fire initia* he laughed " he gently span Clara into his arms" potato abd coleslaw  sounds  good "

He smiled as he headed out of the  cave as he  flicked his wrist  making the flames under the   fish  as he smiled as he looked at the horizon  " its gonna be a great  night ' he smiled  before  walking ti the  edge of the camp attaching string to some bells on a  tree " just incase " he smiled gentlyvas he looked out on the lake

Clara's eyes scanned the cavern walls the ashy interior soot and residual carbon leaving its marking. "Must have been kind of dangerous with all the smoke in this inclosed space, maybe that doesn't bother fire initias though," the last part she muttered to herself. "Do you feel more confident now, with all the experiments?" 

They headed out into the cave, noticing how the sun had shifted, how the day had seemed to just slip by. "I'm glad, I hope you're hungry, and it already has been the most amazing day, it's going to be a wonderful night, I can just feel it,"  

Clara got to work pulling out the bags for food, coleslaw had already been prepared, so she got it out of her bag, after she had gotten the cast iron hot enough to put the precooked potatoes in for roasting. This wasn't new to her, Clara's father had taught her how to cook on an open fire when she was little and she'd be in charge of cooking the catch of the day. "I brought some burger patties, does that sound okay?" 

Ray smiles as he checked on the fish as he smiled " 10. Minutes on the fish" he watch Clara as he smiled. Slipping away quietly  as he. Places candle holders  with candles as  he smiled more  moving back to the fish as he grabbed the chopping board   and took the   fish  of the fire. 

" Ba.. Clara I mean " he blushed heavily as he began to  cut the fish  so it was suitable for a plate "  Clara could you pass me. The lemon please" he   clicked his fingers as the. Innereds. Caught fire turning  to ash quickly  before clicking his  fingers again and the candles  lit stopping for a minute he took a deep breath " do you like parsley". He sat down ". At the time I felt this was the only safe place from me till I understood what was going on and I smoked my self out more then once" he laughed" but yes I feel more confident and not alone anymore - he smiled looking at Clara

"No problem, take your time, I'm glad we get to spend some time together, just the two of us," Her eyes watched as he placed down the candles, eyeing the fish. "Can I help with anything?" she asked, she was so used to doing something, anything, she realized she had a hard time sitting around while someone did all the work for her. 

She smiled. "I made you blush, it's cute when you do that," she stood up from the log and walked over to the bag, searching for it before finally placing her hand on the lemon. She handed it to him watching as he lit the fire. "Yes, I like parsley," as he sat she followed suit, she slipped her hand on his knee for support as he told her. "You always have me to talk to you know? I'm here for you, you're not alone," she leaned over and kissed his cheek hoping he understood the comfort he always gave her, she could return to him too. 

Ray smiled as he  watched her " I know and I appreciate it" he smiled gently as he felt Clara gentle kiss  on the cheek " I know.  I've got you it's I've. Talked to  myself for   so long it's nice  to. Have some one to as they ask questions I would never think of or say things I wouldn't " he quickly dishes the meals as he   places them beside them " it shouldn't be long to the shower & he smiled gentky wrapping his jacket around her -  Clara carter your ny best friend and the best. Thing in in my life - he looked to her. 

Ray had a way with words she was learning. Though he blushed and seemed bashful he had this way of turning her tummy into a flight of Butterflies whilst also calming her down to the core of who she was. Being together with him was an adventure but also it was home. "You're not alone anymore" she replied, her mind taking a pause as he wrapped his jacket around her. "You're my best friend too, since the moment we met by the lake, " Clara's arms pulled the jacket closer and with her plate now in her hand she took a few bites, "You really do know how to cook, I could be lost out here for days and with your survival skills I'd be set," 

They munched away at there meal, but Clara couldn't help but think about his words, instead of mulling over it any longer she decided to just voice her thoughts, "you know, this has been amazing if I didn't know any better I would think you had a ring in you pocket and were going to propose?" She said, her voice light and airy.

Ray blushed as his mind exploded as Clara had said the one thing he had wanted to do for a while“ He smiled as he knew Clara could read him like his mind bottled up with mixed emotions as subconsciously he allowed his mind to build up a fire of happiness in his mind“ oops“ He laughed as he turned to the campfire as he calmed the flames down again“ Um did you see the kettle“ He laughed nervously as he looked at her as he raised his hand to stroke her cheek “I would love you even if I was deaf and mute you know me better than I know myself at times“ He smiled ”You have showed me there is a life away from what I was running from and that I can be myself with you"  He smiled gently before helping Clara to her feet and guiding her towards the shore. 

“ Your right“ He smiled  “It's not the place I was thinking of,  and I haven't got the ring yet but 'Clara Carter' you are my light in my eternal darkness and my vest friend and showed me how to be even with all my baggage” He quickly pulled out a plaster making it into a make shift ring “Until I get you a ring“ He smiled as he knelt down one knee“ Clara Carter will you marry me“ He smiled as he looked up at her his mind wanting to hear a yes, but his mind also was telling him he should have waited till he was back in the city, so he could do it properly.

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