The  sun rose  to indicate the start of the day but Ray had been up a few hours beforehand as he ticked off the lists of camping equipment and supplies  from the tent right down to  S'mores but a part of him wondered if the last bit  was a good day the chief had leant him  two sets of fishing equipment  as he hopes he recalled Clara had been fishing before but he was happy to remember   Clara wasn’t a fussy eater so he packed whatever he could that was easy to cook by the campfire as he finished  each box he  placed them by the door  even though  the thought of spending the weekend with Clara made him happy he  was worried  if Clara would like the spot  but it was a late Valentines gift due to  he was at the firehouse on shift on the day  even though  the gifts  arrived he wanted to do something special  he took out  one of Claras delicious valentines cookies  he slowly ate as he took out  a  fake rose   it was the only thing he could get but  on the other hand he thought  it will last forever .

!0.45 came and went before Ray realised as  he opened the door  taking the beginning of the  bags down  to  a  Red land rover placing them in the boot as he  made several trips up and down the steps to his apartment as he  took one final look making sure he had everything  before closing the door for the last time till Monday afternoon as he placed the  food in the back as the boot was closed his stomach growled as he realised with all his organizing he had forgotten to eat  as he walked around to the driver’s side he  took his seat as he  tapped through the sat nav  for taking away drive through  as  a Mcdonald's  bleeped up  he  closed his door and starting the engine he set  off  following the directions  the sat nav  directed  as he  reached the line  it grew to a snails speed as he  pulled out  his cell pressing the name  Clara ( very cute GF)  he thought to himself if Clara saw that he would turn redder than the primary colour red  as he text 

 Hey Clara, 

 About 15 minutes away from you   just forgot to have breakfast  this morning so picking up Mcdonalds  would you like anything  


Ray x

The cue slowly went down as he reached the tannoy “ hi can I have two chicken burgers and two galaxy Mc flurries and Fanta please “ the tannoy said the price as he drove up paying for the items as he saw them on the console he headed towards Clara’s home. Ray smiled as he passed the spot where he parked the first time  he met Clara  and  he didn’t expect how things turned  out  he slowed as he turned onto her drive  as he slowed to a stop in the spot he normally parked as  he opened the door  getting out as he took the Mc Donalds items placing it on the driver’s side as he  reached behind  lifting the waterproof satchels placing them under his arm as he picked up the items on his  seat as he picked them up and closed the door as he walked across the driveway stopping  in front off  the door  as he thought about  how he was going to knock as he looked at the  Fanta and meals  in his right hand and Mc flurries in the left  so he  decided to knock  with his foot gently,

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Even though Clara had suggested it, she didn't really believe he'd want to marry her. But the way he blushed, and how the campfire rose in flames, she knew she was right. "Oh my goodness, I'm right aren't I?" She was flabbergasted. Clara listened to his words as they rolled off his tongue they went straight through her veins to her heart where they would be nestled there forever. She was speeches as he guided her to the shore, her eyes never leaving him. Even though she had so much to say, so much to ask, she couldn't find her words, so she let him guide her. 

Clara wasn't sure what he meant but this was the perfect spot. She didn't really care if he didn't have a ring, this was her first serious relationship and she loved him with her whole heart, he was her soulmate, so when he knelt to the ground and presented her a hoop big enough to go around her finger, she slipped her hand in his, knelt to the ground beside him and nodded her head like crazy, "of course, I'll marry you," With the make shift ring in placed she pulled him into a hug, her head tucking itself in the crock of his neck, against his skin, she whispered; "I love you with everything I have, Ray, no one could ever compare, you're my soulmate, and that light you think came from me was always inside of you, just waiting to be let out, all it needed was a little nourishment. I can't believe you'd want me to be your wife, but I'm honored" she pulled back lightly and kissed the gentle spot behind his ear. "This was perfect by the way, alone here with you in the forest, by the water, I'm  one lucky girl to be marrying her best friend,"

I love you too with every ember of my body” he smiled gently as he held her not letting go for a few minutes before he let go as he smiled“ you know what will end the evening perfectly “he waited a few minutes before responding” Scores I think the term is” i believe “his mind was blank he never recalled camping for fun it was always camping to survive undisrupted sleep for watch he gently rose to his feet as he offered his hand to Clara“ Clara there are few things you need to know about me about my past and why I don't talk about it.

When I was younger my path I was on wasn't a good one I never went what I learnt was from my dads friends and Barney    got me books to read and taught me to write but as I was in Criminal gang I was taught to break lots pick pocket and still”  Ray looked down as he gently squeezed Clara's hand“ When's Samuel brought me to Evermore my life changed completely I had a transfer new life and the job that I love and anew family“ he smiled as he looked to Clara“ and a beautiful fiancée and a life I never thought I would have 

Ray smiled as he got up“ I love you Miss Carter and I hope you found your Steven Rogers” he smiled as he hoped  she got the Avengers reference as he stroked her cheek“  I do believe the smores are in the blue container and how about I make the bar's famous hot chocolates I've been promising“ he smiled as he watched her for a minute appreciating how lucky he was 

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