The glass of water on Mirae's night stand had frozen as she stared at it with emotions pouring out of her soul. It had been nearly a week since the showcase, and just as long since she had last saw Ha-joon. Their encounter before the showcase, had made the Niveis realize that she wanted him in her life. A huge part of Mirae regretted leaving that day without kissing him, but the thrill of being able to do that, when she saw him again was much more overpowering than the regret she felt from not kissing him when she first wanted to. 

Mirae's emotions had been a mess though, and so had her powers. Water froze around her no matter where she was at, so lately, she had kept herself hoarded up in the house, only accompanied by her brother when he came dragging in late at night, and of course, her newly found love for alcohol. Mirae was no drinker, that was true, but that didn't mean she didn't like to every now and then, and lately, it had been the only thing to keep her in check. Sighing, the Niveis rolled over onto her back and stared at the ceiling. She just couldn't seem to get his face out of her head, so sleep was non-existent right now all together. 

Her phone had chimmed a few times, but at first, she attempted to ignore the texts. She wasn't big on mobile devices anyways, and frankly lacked skill on the new generation's technology. But, with another chime to alarm her that someone really wanted her attention, she finally forced herself to roll back over and grab her phone. Mirae had completely forgotten that she'd given her number to Ha-joon, until she realized that it's exactly who was trying to get a hold of her. With her heart racing out of her chest, the Niveis jolted from her bed, and stood by the window, moon light being the only thing guiding her around her room to read the texts. 

A toothy grin graced her features as she read each one out loud, swooning like a child, though she'd never let him see her act that way. Mirae had been playing hard to get. And, even now, as much as she wanted to see him, she had to give quite a bit of thought to meeting him tonight. Nonetheless, Mirae got dressed, and left as quietly as possible to avoid having Daehyun ask questions about where she was going at this time. The amusement park was shut down during late hours like this, but Mirae was a rebllious rule breaker, and didn't mind breaking into the amusement park, turning the lights and rides on, and getting on the Ferris Wheel with Ha-joon. So, after shooting him a quick text, to let him know that she'd be at the amusement park, just beyond the last place they met up and danced together, the Niveis headed there herself. 

It didn't take long for Mirae to reach her destination, and as she arrived, seeing Joonie no where in sight, she frowned slightly, thinking that she may have gotten in over her head. She was patient to say the least, and didn't mind waiting on him, deciding to go ahead with turning the lights and such on while she waited. It was by far the most romantic gesture she'd ever given to anyone in her life. And, to be frank, you only ever saw someone break into an amusement park to meet up with someone they liked, in movies. She'd always wanted to do this with someone, and the chance had presented it's self the moment he had texted, asking if she wanted to meet and talk. It didn't take long for the Niveis to figure out how to power on the entire amusement park. 

Her features lit up, and while she was as nervous as she'd ever been in her life, she was ready to see Ha-joon, and began pacing while she waited for him to arrive. 

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The night of the showcase saw a night he will never forget, from his ankle getting ready to give out along with seeing the girl that caught his eyes kisses him on stage in front of everyone.  Led him to sit him in a shared house with his sister thinking about her and the night of the showcase.  The feeling on his lips has no gone away either did he wished it away.  Ever since the human meets the Nivies Ha-Joon can not get her out of his mind can't say it's the same way to the other as he is no mind reader. They both made a promise now they both passed and saw each other again it's time to fulfill that promise and work it out.  

Her dark brown hues looked at his phone as he never heard from Mirae. Knowing they given each other their numbers, Ha-Joon has not gotten on message. Knowing in Korea the males are always on point when it comes to messages as Ha-Joon wanted to messager her so badly on weeks and weekends on end. He wanted to know everything about her, what is her mood, is she having problems, did someone make her sad or angry. This drive made the human crazy, how did this even happen so fast. Was this what other meant by Love At First Sight?  Someone had to break the ice one way or another, with no pun intended.  His handpicked up his phone and unlocking it to find his way to his contacts to message Mirae.  At first, it was a message asking how she is and it's him but after no reply, after a few minutes he typed out another message.  

To: Mirae
"Mirae, I don't know if you're in the mood to talk with me. I really would like to see you if it's possible?" 

To: Mirae
"If it is let me know where to meet you and I will come." 

As her dark brown eyes saw the messaged were read with no reply yet, he stood up to go get a cup of ice water as he thought it was not going to happen he heard a chime on his phone. Rushing to get his phone from his back pocket and read the message he runs to his room to get his jacket and long pants. "Hana, am going out I will become later," Ha-Joon said getting his shoes on along with getting his house key. He didn't waste time to get out of the house. The Human didn't know how to approach Mirae as his shyness overrides him still ut he has to try if they do want to try for real. 

The human run to the amusement park, he opened the gates that are already open told him one thing Mirae is already here. Ha-Joon was not a person to break the rules but if there is someone else he does not mind going among his morals. He looked around as he called out Mirae's name. As the lights came on, he let his eyes look around the park knowing it would be easier to find her now. After a few moments, Ha-Joon went to the Ferris wheel as he spotted Her. "Mirae!" He called out with a bright smile on his face. Since his ankle is now stronger he can catch her without worrying about hurting her and worrying about her hitting her head.

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