The sound of the alarm blaring in the on-call room made the valkyr groan in response. It was so loud it was making her feel like throwing the damn phone outside a better option than waking up to whatever the alarm was meant for. But to throw it meant she had to get up too. "I hate Tuesdays" she muttered under her breath and instead of sliding the snooze button as she should, Celia got up and stretched her limbs. Yesterday and today have been particularly hectic in Evermore General.

There were tons of patients being transported in here and she was really weirded out by the sudden events. Too many people were getting hurt, and some were even mortals. She wanted to investigate further but couldn't. Not now, at least. There was only so much one could do when they are being bombarded by hurt patients. However, Cecilia did tell her brokers to find out what was going on. A little bit of information wouldn't hurt anyone.

She changed out of her coat and said her goodbyes to the staff by the room before going out for late dinner. She was famished and god knows if the valkyr does not feed herself, she might lose control one of these days. Being too packed with patients meant she didn't have time to hunt either. But for now, human food will have to suffice. The brunette decided to take something on the go instead of staying for a meal since she had to go and investigate anyway.

It didn't take long for her meal to be delivered in the form of a paper bag. She munched on the taco shell and groaned in pleasure, "Tacos... always the best answer for everything..." While she was busy stuffing her face with the taco, she noticed a certain blonde in front of the stall, texting someone. Usually, Ce would just leave it be because it was just a random girl. But it wasn't just a random girl. No, she looked way too familiar for her to not stare longer.

Her flaxen locks reminded her of a certain someone she thought was gone forever. Even her height was the same. She decided against her usual instincts to leave it be and stalked the female. It wasn't until they passed a rather dingy alley that she pulled the other female in and pinned her against the wall. She tried to see her face under the moonlight and that was when she froze. No way. There were cases of people having similar faces but this one was too similar to the point the valkyr thought it was reincarnation. "What type of plastic surgery did you have to have this face?" she hissed. 

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It had been precisely 3 weeks to the day since that night and the aurazin was still hung up on that moment. How could she help herself when she finally got to see the person she missed most in the world again. To have her smile for her, hear her call for her. She kept telling herself that she’d had enough now, that she shouldn’t push her luck or hope for any more because she’d had more than she was ever supposed to have. But god…she just missed her more than ever now.

So she was wallowing in her own self pity as Astraea would describe, as she wandered the streets of the city alone, her feet taking her wherever they felt like it with no particular destination. She felt torn, between the life she had accepted a long time ago was her reality and the girl who so desperately wanted her love back. She walked this line so many times in her long life, always managing to stay at a distance, but now…now she felt so close to falling over it.

She really must have been completely surrounded in her own thoughts because she didn’t catch sight of the person who grabbed her at all in that moment. Not even an inkling of warning before she found herself tugged into an alley, her back shoved harshly against a wall and a hand holding her throat crushing the shriek of surprise she let out from the sheer shock of it all. She widened her eyes and stared at the dark-haired female in front of her. Recognition slowly overwriting the fear that was there before.

How was fate so cruel like this? She thought in her head as she stared back, before mumbling in a weak voice because of the pressure against her neck “You’re hurting me” though knowing Cecilia, that wouldn’t get her to back down. Plastic surgery was her first assumption huh…well she supposed it made more sense than reality and Ce had always been doubtful.

She didn’t know what was truly going through her head at that time but there was one thing Cecilia knew that happened, her heart screaming how wrong it was for her to crush this woman’s windpipe. She had her pressed harshly against the brick wall and wouldn’t let go even after she had squeaked out how she was hurting her.

The valkyr didn’t care what she had to say to her, all that comes to her head at the moment was how wrong everything was. “I’m not going to ask twice, woman…” she seethed and growled lowly “Why do you have this face and who the hell are you.” She purposely tightened her grip around her neck just to tell her she means well with her threat.

The longer Ce stared into the woman’s eyes, the more she felt like her hand was burning just from touching her in such a wrong way, this was probably not the best way to greet a stranger when asking what and who. Who would want to answer her if she’s behaving this way? Someone who was afraid, that’s who she thought would answer.

Normally, Cecilia would never resort to such underhand tactics unless it was really the last card she could pull, yet she did otherwise this time. Instead of asking her nicely and in a civilized manner, she was halfway crushing her windpipes for real.
After a few seconds, she loosened her grip and pulled her hand away so the blonde would fall to the ground, clutching her neck after being restricted from breathing

“Answer me.” She crouched down to her eye level and narrowed hers sharply “Why do you look like her?” If only Ce knew who the person before her was. She would never be able to forgive herself.

Cadia knew in that moment there was no real way out of this, her body wasn’t built for running from or being able to fight a valkyr, the best she could do was gasp for breath beneath her iron grip. Looking around for any way to escape. Her heart felt like it was racing in her chest because she was entirely cornered, if she attempted to lie her way out of this she was sure it wasn’t going work.

This was a massive misstep…hell being in his city in this form…it was a bad step. Allowing herself to sneakily watch Ce….she wasn’t as sneaky as she thought she was. She struggled against her grip but eventually she just squeaked out her name softly “Ce…Please” she begged softly.

After a moment the realization set in and she felt the air rushing back to her lungs as she fell to the ground, her hand naturally going to her neck and gently massaging the skin which was now raw from the grip. “Because I am her” she responded in a weak voice, refusing to even look up at her, how was she supposed to face her after everything.

“I know you must have a lot of questions…” she murmured softly, she felt so many different emotions in that moment, her chest feeling tight from the mix of it all, guilt, panic, annoyance with herself for being so reckless and careless. Pain...a lot of pain. 

She had instantly released her tight grip around her dainty neck the moment she heard that nickname. It wasn't rare to get the same nickname for someone who's named Cecilia but people would only know her personally when they were being particular or specific. She's not a celebrity and this girl is not a valkyr either so there was no reason she would know the valkyr's identity. Cecilia narrowed her hazel hues, boring holes into the blonde's physique, and realized everything looked the same. Her height, her eye color, her hair, the way it's curled, even the way she held herself. No, it wasn't possible, she told herself.

"What the hell do you mean you're her? Who is her?" she hissed, this girl was playing mind games with her, that has to be it. "If you're trying to trick me with that face and voice, you're not getting anywhere close" Actually, despite all her efforts to deny this, the valkyr wanted to desperately believe her beloved was right there in front of her. But then it wasn't ideal. She did just choke her beforehand, threatening to cut off her air supply just because she bore a resemblance to her first love. "Cassidy Violet is dead."

When she refused to look at her, Ce tilted her chin up to meet her eyes "Damn right I have a lot of questions. So meet my eyes first, woman." It must be hurtful for the blonde to hear such harsh words coming from the woman she loved but Ce wasn't about to let her guard down easily just because of what ifs. "Start talking. You have 5 minutes to explain to me before I unleash hell on earth."

She felt so much panic flooding into her system as she tried to come up with anything in her mind that could save her from this situation because she knew how complicated everything was going to be after this. But how could she possibly lie to her face, when she was looking at her with such a mix of emotion that told her in even in a moment that everything was coming rushing back in her mind.

“Believe me…I’m not trying to trick you…if I was I wouldn’t be in this form” she managed to squeak out which probably didn’t help her case at all because that revealed she had other forms. God she couldn’t handle anything when it came to being held by the valkyr’s piercing gaze. “She is…I am…” she mumbled softly under her breath “I died in 842…” she hated the memory of that night…never making it to the town square where her and Ce were to meet. The pain of the fangs sinking into her neck.

She stared back at her with sad eyes, tears filling her eyes as she pressed her lips together to try to stop them spilling. She missed her so much…it never changed and no amount of time passing made her feel any different about it “I’m so sorry…I never made it to you” she whispered softly “We were supposed to supposed to go to the coast together…get a little place by the beach…be free” a tear escaped and she reached up to wipe it away “I’m so sorry…” she barely managed to get out.

She made sense when she put it that way, Ce couldn’t deny that. But still, what else could explain what’s currently happening in front of her eyes? Cassidy was dead. Her Cassie was gone and the valkyr mourned her for what seemed to be forever. How could all of that explain her grief if the blonde never passed in the first place?

Cecilia was sure she would be even more heartbroken if that was the case because she fully expected her Cassie to find her again. “If you died in 842… then how are you here now…” she trailed, eyes scanning the woman from top to bottom, her eyes couldn’t believe she was standing before her. All she wanted to do was run and hug her but she couldn’t. Not until this matter is sorted out properly.

The explanation caused a sudden surge of tears welling up, but the valkyr tried to keep her composure. “You still haven’t explained what I want to know, woman.” She came closer and narrowed her hazel hues onto the blonde, hand holding her chin firmly, but not too roughly, enough to make the blonde face her closely. “What are you? Stop beating aorund the bush and tell me what you are and how you are here today.”

If there was one defining trait about Cadia, it was that she could handle a crisis well, she’d been through so many in her life that she had grown to expect them even. But now…she felt more flustered than she had ever felt before. One person had the power to completely knock the wind from her lungs, words from her head and send her spinning.

Her body was trembling from the mix of panic and other emotions that were rushing through her and words couldn’t seem to find themselves coming out properly…the way she wanted. She didn’t know how to explain any of this in a way that Ce would accept and she didn’t know what to say about the part of herself she was supposed to keep secret “That’s…a really long story” she mumbled softly, Ce knew so much about the supernatural that she knew she’d be completely blindsided by a species she’d never heard of.

She felt her heart lurch in her chest in disappointment when Ce called her woman like that, so dismissive and void of the warmth that Cadia had always associated with the valkyr calling her name. “I’m…a ghost” she answered in response to her questioning “Ghosts aren’t supposed to take real forms in this world but…something happened and I got thrown here…” none of that was a lie, Aurazin was a name assigned to what they were but in reality that’s what they were, ghosts of those who had died traumatically.

She was going to have her tell her more about what she described as a long story but before the valkyr could press the blonde even further, she eventually spilled. And boy she spill just enough to make the Italian blink in surprise and confusion. “What are you talking about…” she murmured under her breath, whatever she said didn’t make sense. There was no way wrapping her head around it.

Cassie’s alive? And she’s… right here in front of her? “A ghost… ghosts don’t exist” she shook her head in disbelief, “You expect me to believe you are telling me the truth?” Though judging from her body language, the other female had nothing to imply she was fooling her. So what was this? “A ghost… ha… I can’t believe this…” Could you blame her for finding this whole thing absurd? Cecilia has never met a supernatural she couldn’t understand. Given her long time on earth, there was not one supernatural species she didn’t know of.

“How come I’ve never heard of you ‘ghosts’? What are you even called? Spirits?” She decided that she will give the girl the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps she could enlighten her even more on this matter. “You’re really… Cassie?” The small voice was like asking for her to say yes because Ce no longer had those menacing glare anymore, it had softened.

She knew all of it sounded crazy because it was, her entire experience since she died was nothing short of crazy, living as a spirit who calmed others was crazy, watching the world go by only as an observer from a distance was hell. “So everything else in the world can exist but spirits can’t?” she knew Ce was in disbelief but there was no way she hadn’t had thoughts about what happens when you die…where someone’s spirit ends up.

She pressed her lips together as she stared back at the brunette shyly “Well…we called ourself aurazin…” she mumbled softly knowing she still seemed crazy but it was the truth, this is her reality. Seeing the softening in those dark eyes made her heart pound though, as though she was finally seeing her again…her…not an imitation or a disguise “Ce…” she spoke in an equally small voice, a tear escaping.

“I…it’s me…I’m your Cassie” she mumbled softly, she hadn’t been called that for so long, choosing to forget her old name when she took her new identity to enable her to separate the old from the new, it was the only way she was able to process her situation and accept it. But now…everything came rushing back. “You have no idea…just how much I missed you” she whispered softly.

That does make sense in a way. Why wouldn’t spirits exist? If they can come back from the dead, then there must be something else lingering elsewhere after death right? She was dead once too. “I guess that does make sense in our world…” To have spirits. Even then, the valkyr was still a bit skeptical.

She allowed the blonde to explain her part and raised her eyebrow after she finished her explanation “An aurazin…” she murmured softly to herself, it didn’t sound familiar, that’s one thing for sure. “I would ask how come we don’t know anything about you but it also makes sense to keep yourselves hidden.” Anyone else would want to use them for their own personal greed.

That nickname again. She hissed internally because it brought something back out, something she had hoped would stay buried forever with the memory of her Cassie. But when she said she was her Cassie, Ce felt like the world that had crumbled over a thousand years ago had been glued back up. “Cassie…?” She exclaimed softly, still finding it hard to believe that she was really there but why wouldn’t she? Can’t she believe this? Can’t she finally have her happy ending after suffering for so long? She deserves this.

Before she could say another world, the valkyr did the most natural thing ever upon finding out it was her beloved, which was to crash her lips onto hers. It was abrupt but it was also passionate. The kiss lasted longer than she thought and by the time she pulled away, she had the softest eyes ever. “Cassie… where have you been cara mia?” She instantly went to touch her neck and winced “I’m… so sorry fuck I should have never…”

She felt a sense of relief wash over her as Ce was coming around to what she was saying, despite the valkyr attacking her and being extremely strong, that wasn’t the reason Cadia was upset, it was being faced with the person she cared about most, not sure whether she was really allowed to even have this moment. “We don’t really get a lot of choice about remaining hidden…we don’t even belong in this world…” if it wasn’t for the door to the veil getting shut, she wouldn’t even be here after all.

“The door to our home…it’s closed…I can’t return there so…I’m here” she mumbled softly, biting her lip softly, she’d never been able to lie to Ce’s face so she wasn’t even trying to today, she would see right through her and there would only be more animosity and she couldn’t stand their reunion being so hostile. “I know it seems impossible…god it feels impossible to me too…but I’m really here…” she looked at her with the softest gaze she reserved only for her love.

She had to admit she was surprised when the brunette immediately closed the distance between them, sucking in a soft breath just as her lips met hers, she melted immediately the way she had done every time she was in her arms. She didn’t want to let go, she wanted to stay in this moment forever where all that seemed to matter with them, she returned her kiss with equal amounts of passion that screamed ‘I miss you’.

When they parted she bit her lip softly “I’ve been…to hell and back…literally” she commented softly. She didn’t even notice the pain in her neck until the valkyr pointed it out and she lifted her fingers to gently brush against it “You didn’t know…it’s okay” she assured her “But I could…use somewhere to sit down that’s not a dingy alleyway…” she mumbled sheepishly.

What kind of life has she been living, she thought. Ce was listening to every word she was saying when she was trying to explain herself, the more she heard it the more absurd it sounds but that was the regular pattern for supernatural abnormality. Which meant everything Arcadia said was true.

“You belong… in this world… you belong with me…” she murmured softly, she would not have the blonde say that. “Do you have to return?” If the door to the veil being closed was what it takes to let Arcadia stay with her then the valkyr knew what she wanted. And what she could possibly do. Keep the door shut, and she stays, she thought.

The last time she had kissed her was over a thousand years ago, she couldn’t even keep count of how long it has been for the two of them. It felt natural, like the the aurazin was made for her. Cecilia swore if it wasn’t because of where they are at the moment, she would have teared up. And the valkyr ambassador does not tear up easily. She was usually calm and collected. But not this time.

“It’s not okay…” she sighed and rubbed her thumb against her neck, thankfully it wasn’t going to stick if she applies ointment before going to sleep. Upon hearing that, Ce wrapped her hand around hers and brought her to a bar nearby. “Why didn’t you find me, Cassie? Are you… wait do you go by Cassie still?” The Italian knows not everyone would use their old name to go about things after they have transformed.

“Are you still my Cassie… or do you have a new name?” She had her hand holding hers on top of the table and her hazel hues was soft, staring into the blonde’s blue ones the entire time. “I missed you… so much… I spiralled after your death… who killed you? I’ll find them… I’ll hunt them down and kill them…”

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