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There's Always Room For More (Cecilia and Gideon)

Walking through the corridors of the manor seemed almost foreign for the brunette vampire. It wasn't the first time for her to set foot the…

Started by ✓ Cecilia Laterza

10 3 hours ago
Reply by ✓ Cecilia Laterza


Have you seen this kid? (Aeryn and Aurantia)

Aeryn had been in Evermore for a few weeks now and while he was still staying in a run down apartment on a short term lease, the city was s…

Started by ✓ Aeryn Zephon Constantine

27 4 hours ago
Reply by ✓ Aurantia Ailward


Never Upset A Hungry Vampire (Baptiste & Jason)

It had been an intense couple of months for Jason as the young fledgling was recently turned a couple of months back. His blood thirst has…

Started by ✓ Jason Hills

1 yesterday
Reply by ✓ Baptiste "Peto" Dupuis

Instar Diviner

The Eventful Morning After (Taylor and Baptiste)

Taylor's once closed hues fluttered open the moment the sun shined through the bedroom windows that were barely covered by the covers, her…

Started by ✓ Taylor Birsch

5 yesterday
Reply by ✓ Baptiste "Peto" Dupuis


In The Blink Of An Eye (Zephyr and Svetlana)

Svet sighed. The song ending, and the touch of his hands on the small of  her back disappearing, left her feeling empty, almost cold. That…

Started by ✓ Svetlana Vasilyev

6 yesterday
Reply by ✓ Svetlana Vasilyev


Stranger Danger(Cedric & Serena)

Being forced to grow up quickly was a reality that many young adults and children was faced with due to various reasons. Serena didn’t have…

Started by ✓ Serena Hamilton

0 yesterday


A Simple Day In Evermore - (Lucia and Wryn)

Lucia had been up since the early morning with a night terror that left to petrified to close her eyes and accumulate the hours of sleep o…

Started by ✓ Lucia Aspen Oakley

1 on Saturday
Reply by ✓ Wryn Nadir

Ailward Guard

At Least Buy Me Dinner First (Dominic and Clarissa)

Dominic pulled his leather jacket closer around him as he walked down the busy sidewalk of Dhampir territory. The city immediately came ali…

Started by ✓ Dominic Howlett

37 on Friday
Reply by ✓ Clarissa Lailah Bradford

Ailward Guard

Dhampirs gotta stick together. ( Tatiana + Scorpio )

It had been a while sense she was able to actually get alone time just by herself. Without no worry about anything else, no missions. No As…

Started by ✓ Tatiana Ivakov

12 on Friday
Reply by ✓ Tatiana Ivakov

Ailward Guard

Guarding The Enemy (Scorpios and Aurelia)

“Come on Virindeus!” Aurelia called out as she stood leaning against a tree in the middle of the woods sighing softly and leaned her head t…

Started by ✓ Aurelia Ivakov

21 Jan 12
Reply by ✓ Scorpios D'Angelo


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