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Ailward Guard

At Least Buy Me Dinner First (Dominic and Clarissa)

Dominic pulled his leather jacket closer around him as he walked down the busy sidewalk of Dhampir territory. The city immediately came ali…

Started by ✓ Dominic Howlett ~Mod~

42 1 hour ago
Reply by ✓ Dominic Howlett ~Mod~


Saints and Sinners (Baptiste and Zenith)

Baptiste had finally found a breaking point, realizing he'd been in a downward spiral since the second he'd met Jason, knowing without a do…

Started by ✓ Baptiste "Peto" Dupuis

1 4 hours ago
Reply by ✓ Zenith Lobo

Ailward Aspect

★ Gone Dark [Open to all Ailward Guards and Aspects]

"Here's what I don't understand." Venetus finally spoke as one of the members of the rescue team finished briefing the rest of the Ailwards…

Started by ✓ Venetus Ailward ~Admin~

20 yesterday
Reply by ✓ Aureus Ailward


★ Voodoo Gone Wrong [Bexley & Nadiya]

To come to a City like Evermore was completely refreshing, it was the community she had always imagined and despite it being full of supern…

Started by ✓ Nadiya Delca

0 yesterday


★Through Hell And Back ~ As Long As We're Together (Zephyr and Svetlana)

Broken was an understatement for how Svetlana felt as of lately. Everything she'd built for herself seemed to have crumbled the day Zephyr…

Started by ✓ Svetlana Vasilyev

2 on Wednesday
Reply by ✓ Svetlana Vasilyev

Ailward Aspect

Playing With Fire (Malva and Lyndon)

Pacing back and forth in a clearing has been Malva's newfound specialty these days, considering that's about the only thing she has been do…

Started by ✓ Malva Ailward ~Mod~

18 on Monday
Reply by ✓ Malva Ailward ~Mod~


★ You are always saving me {Gideon & Euphemia}

The night shift had been a long one Euphemia had dried streaks on her cheeks from where she had been crying. Specks of blood still blotted…

Started by ✓ Euphemia Morgana Wells

2 Apr 14
Reply by ✓ Euphemia Morgana Wells


Resentment Get's Old *The Tale Of Two Sisters* (Eden and Genevive)

Eden sat in front of her vanity, eyeing herself for the longest time. For a moment, she had drifted back to the past. The oak tree where he…

Started by ✓ Eden Shaw

2 Apr 14
Reply by ✓ Eden Shaw


Blood Bound (Open to Ophelia and Gideon)

Volakiri. It was a bond between a celestial and valkyr. Something that the wayfinder had known nothing of until Atticus had returned to the…

Started by ✓ Ophelia Dreyvalian ~Admin~

12 Apr 13
Reply by ✓ Ophelia Dreyvalian ~Admin~


★ Bad Habits (Cecilia and Gideon)

Walking through the corridors of the hospital seemed almost foreign for the brunette valkyr. It wasn't the first time for her to set foot t…

Started by ✓ Cecilia Laterza

2 Apr 10
Reply by ✓ Cecilia Laterza


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