The sound of the alarm blaring throughout the entire room would usually wake the valkyr up but not today it seems. Today, Cecilia wanted to just sleep in and hope nobody will call her for any emergency hours as usual. She just wanted to rest, it's been a long night, albeit a better one. It was the best night in a while, and honestly the seductress could use really good sex after being so stressed out. She clicked the snooze button and went back to sleep but not until she caught the sight of the familiar blonde hair. 

Oh right, Arcadia, she was the nice blonde that gave her amazing sex, which is just crazy when she thought of the way she managed to comfort her with only a few words and dinner. While still in her bare form under the silky sheets, she reached out her hand to touch what seemed to be one of the most beautiful hair she has ever seen. Her fingers were tangled against her flaxen locks, and while she was running her hand through it, something else caught the valkyr's attention. 

She looks too familiar. Like Cassie, she thought. So her hand went from her hair to her face, stroking her cheeks gently until she realized she was probably hallucinating. Even if it was a hallucination, Arcadia was the closest that could emit a similar energy she tried so hard to find over the centuries. She felt comforted. And last night was a strange evidence to it being even more familiar. Something about this woman felt both new and familiar, and Ce was not often taken aback.

When the familiar blue hues meet her hazel ones, she offered the woman a smile, with her thumb still brushing against her lips "Good morning beautiful…" Maybe she can be delusional and see this modern version of Cassie. God she would've looked so beautiful… more beautiful. "You look so much like her… like my Cassie… my sweet and beautiful Cassie…" Without thinking much, she leaned forward to press her lips against hers because this dream was something she didn't want to wake up from.

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The blonde awoke slowly to the light seeping through the curtain against the soft white sheets, she stretched herself a little and yawned before snuggling closer against the brunette’s warm frame. She didn’t want to move, she didn’t want this moment to end, so much that she kept delaying it, holding on for just another moment where she got to be the center of Ce’s whole world.

It seems the brunette wanted to extend every moment too, she thought as she felt the familiar and comforting sensation of her fingers tangled up in her hair, it was so easy to just be transported back for a moment, to feel like all the years they spent apart melted away and it was just the two of them hiding from the world again. She opened her eyes for a moment, her blue hues meeting Ce’s familiar green, making her blush softly because of how serene and soft she looked, she hadn’t seen the valkyr look this way in a very long time.

When Ce pulled her in with those words she was so entranced she barely even found the words to speak, brushing her lips against hers she couldn’t help but feel safe and secure in her arms, like all the stress and pressure melted away. But when they parted again and Cadia’s eyes opened, she spoke softly “It’s so easy to run away with you” she commented softly before slowly pushing herself to sit up, still covered by the sheets just barely she glanced around the room before catching a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror. Oh…fuck. Somewhere between falling asleep and waking she had reverted back to her natural looks. She bit her lip and ran a hand through her hair.

Well this was exactly what she had been warned not to do. She pressed her lips together for a moment, her gaze meeting Ce’s again for a moment, she parted her lips trying to think of what to say “I can…explain” she murmured softly.

Cecilia doesn’t often get the chance to sleep in so when she’s not being bombarded by actual emergency calls from those who required her in that very sense, she gets to sleep in comfortably. Today happens to be one of those days, besides, it’s the weekend, and the hospital isn’t that busy. But she will never have the courage to say it out loud because it’s a rule. Whenever you ask why the ER is not busy, the siren starts blaring. So it’s better if she keeps her mouth shut. Waking up and being greeted by Cassie is exactly what she wants, and she’s having that now. It might be an illusion because Arcadia holds a great resemblance to her in both physical appearance and personality, but she’ll take whatever she could get. 

“Will you continue to run away with me then?” God it felt so real. And maybe it was, maybe Arcadia was really talking to her right now while all the valkyr sees is her long-lost love. It wasn’t until she saw how abrupt the aurazin suddenly changed her expressions and said she could explain. “Explain what?” At first, she was confused, what was she trying to tell her. It didn’t register until she shook her head to wake up and realized, she was already up. “Why do you look like her…?” She shuffled under the sheets and rolled over to pin the blonde against the bed and hissed “I won’t ask again, why… do you look like her?” She made sure to enunciate every single word clearly so she could hear. “Are you playing with me? Who hired you?”

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