Baptiste had finally pieced it all together, and openly came out to those he'd became close to here within the city. It had been a hard task, and it didn't go without heart break for a few. Including himself. As a priest, Bap couldn't help but question if he was failing God because of his sexuality. But, he had got the assurance he needed right here in this confessional today. "Bless me father for I have sinned, and I will sin again" he sighed drastically. Baptiste was never short of a realist, even within the church walls he was nothing but blunt and honest with his words. 

It was no surprise that the priest taking his confession had to clear his throat before he could begin, to clear the awkward vibes Baptiste knew he was giving off. These confessions were always done at random, so that you had the privacy of the priest not knowing you personally, but since Baptiste had hooked up with the male on the other side of this confession booth, privacy was out the window. After sitting here another 30 minutes, Baptiste was given a penance .."embrace change" the priest had told him, and so he would. After it ended, Baptiste gave the priest a smirk when they both stepped out, while the other tried to flee the instant he realized who just gave him a confession. 

It wouldn't be long before Bap began his own service within these church walls tonight. Luckily enough, there was an upstairs to this church, where an office, and a shower room sat. Baptiste had brought his church clothes in a duffle bag, along with a few other personal items so that he could get ready in the church tonight due to his confession running him a few minutes late. After scurrying away to get himself ready, the Valkyr emerged once more an hour later, dried and dressed in a suit. After giving himself a once over, he was ready to begin, and headed back downstairs, into the church, and down onto the chancel where people gathered around him for prayer. 

Prayer always lasted the longest, because he had to pray for each person and their individual needs. Once prayer finished, The Valkyr opened service with a few songs, and moved on to a few bible scriptures. After what had only seemed like a matter of moments, was now his time for closing with prayer, blessing each individual who had came tonight, and even those who hadn't, that Baptiste knew as regulars within the church. After shaking each of their hands, the church had cleared out and Baptiste decided to stay a while. This was the only place in the city that Baptiste felt most in tune with himself. After coming out about his sexuality, he truly had been struggling. Then a certain other Valkyr had decided to give him a taste of the dark side, and he'd nearly fallen off the wagon, becoming addicted to blood. So, being here in the church, gave him a peace of mind that he couldn't get no where else. 

Some time had passed when Baptiste felt himself jolting out of his position. He had been sitting in one of the pew's when a loud bang startled him. Unsure of what it was, the Valkyr sped off into the direction of the noise, finding himself encountering the same boy he'd seen sneaking out of one of the other churches not long ago. Immediately, he released his grip on the male, whom he had pinned to the wall. "Sorry, you scared me" he expressed apologetically, and ran a hand through his long black mane to put it back in place from where the wind of his speed had blurred it out of position when he had whizzed himself over to source of the noise this guy was making. 

Bap didn't knoww hat to say at first, he knew very well that he was probably only sneaking in to get some sleep. But, this was the church.. Bap's church. He had to make sure nothing shady was going down. Struggling with his faith or not, protecting his church was his first priority. For that he figured his father would be proud still, after all the things he'd done to go against the way his father raised him. "Something I can help you with?" the Valkyr then asked, while a feeling of heart ache tugged at his chest as he tried to keep his gaze fixed on the male. Bap had encountered plenty of people who struggled and had it rough financially, and it always effected him the same. But, this case however, something was different. His urges were different. Protecting the person before him seemed to be of importance to Baptiste, even if he did barely know him. 

"I'm Baptiste. I preach here, wanna go sit and talk?" he then asked, tilting his head as he realized the other had a duffle bag in his possession. "I can make some coffee. I stayed late after service tonight just to get peace of mind and to reflect on some stuff, we can go sit in the office" he added before quietning himself to allow the other to speak. 

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It was the same story every day, during the daytime he would wander the city looking for answers, some of which he found, others he didn’t. He knew Evermore was calling to him for some reason but he never knew quite why. During the night time, he would try and find somewhere to lay his head for the night. He had taken to sneaking into churches because they typically didn’t lock them overnight and while it was a really cold place to sleep, it ensured he didn’t get soaked and generally meant his possessions were secure. Shelters and the streets were much riskier but sometimes they were the only option he had open to him. Sunmin took what he could get, he was used to that kind of life, the low-profile one where he got by on his own.

He had been wandering the city in thought today, took a long walk down by the river where he managed to find a really interesting looking bridge that he was tempted to climb but decided against it in broad daylight because someone would probably call the cops and that was the last thing he needed. He knew what he was now, he was a fallen star, one that crashed to earth in a crater and became a human. Or a celestial as everyone kept calling it. But he felt even more lost than he did before he found out what he was. Not because of the lack of answers but because he didn’t understand why. Why was his life this way? He would never age which meant he would never be able to keep one life forever, he would eventually always be forced to run.

Sunset was about an hour ago which meant it was time for him to find a place to sleep for the night, his go-to of course was one of the two churches over in the North of the city, he’d slept in both a few times and no one seemed to mind all that much and he was sure they would probably be empty by now. He turned his eyes up towards the sky and gulped a little. He was going to have to hope he stuck lucky tonight because it looked like a storm was coming. A bad one. And he didn’t want water to get into any of his possessions. He must have cursed it because the moment he thought about it, the heavens opened, pouring down on him hard and sending him running as he dashed towards the nearest shelter he could try.

When he reached the church he reached for the door and took a hold of it before taking a deep breath, then he tugged it and felt a sense of relief when it opened. He pulled it open and started to sneak inside but completely forgot that the door was a self close and when it did so, it did it with a large bang. He startled for a moment and was just catching his breath when he felt something come out of nowhere and push him back against the wall. He stared, wide-eyed back at the male who was there completely stunned to silence by what he just saw. What the hell was that? How did he get over to him so fast like that, it was completely unexplainable so he just kinda sat there staring at the dark-haired male.

“I scared you?” he spoke pretty dumbfounded and sarcastic because, damn, if he managed to scare the damn flash then he really must be scary. When he lowered his hand Sunmin reached to touch his throat still completely confused by what just happened “What…..are you?” he commented completely forgetting that he was the one who was trespassing here and he probably didn’t have any rights to be asking questions like that. He cleared his throat shifting a little awkwardly because he wasn’t sure what to say, it wasn’t like he came here because he believed in God or anything like that but he didn’t feel like he could just admit that either so he decided on a half-lie.

“I’m Sunmin, I was uh…” he widened his eyes a little, he found it hard to lie to other people which is why he tended to avoid them. He jumped the moment that he heard the sound of lightning outside and he looked back towards the door. Was there somewhere else he could go? Probably not without getting himself even wetter and colder than he already was, he was practically shivering from the cold “It’s fine, I didn’t mean to impose on your evening, I’ll come back another time” he dismissed it, though a part of him wanted to stay, he just didn’t like to rely on other people or be around them most of the time. He turned towards the door and headed to it but he found himself stopping in it, pressing one hand against the frame as he looked out into the night.

He sighed and swallowed his pride before he turned back towards the slightly scary seeming male “You said you had coffee?” he spoke it softly as he shivered again. God did he hate it when he needed help but even he wasn’t stupid enough to get himself pneumonia over his pride.

Baptiste realized the issue the moment the other male fell into shock. He clearly had no idea what a Valkyr was, or he wasn't familiar with them. Either way Baptiste wasn't about to scare the life out of him after just having pinned him against a wall, likely scaring him enough, and seemingly so when he asked what Baptiste was. Bap frowned, it had to be rough living in this city of all places, and literally not know the most important things there were to know. Had he been another Valkyr that Sunmin snuck up on like this, only God knows what would have happened to him. Oddly enough, the thought of anything happening to him at all tugged at Baptistes heart way harder than it should since he was no more than a perfect stranger. 

Baptiste nodded to confirm "Yes, you did. Why does that seem so hard to believe?"  he asked, and held back the urge to chuckle. The Valkyr stared down to the hand that had just been around the others neck, a frown straining his expression "Sorry for how I responded to that" he added,  sighing to himself. Baptiste never hurt anyone if he didn't have to.. and a have-to case for Baptiste was usually life threatning. So, unless someone was trying to take his life, Bap usually minded his p's and q's and only fed from those too drunk to remember it the next morning. He could sense exactly what the other male was, and upon his question, Baptiste tilted his head, debating on whether or not he should answer him. 

"I'm a priest" he finally answered, giving the male a knowing look, to make it clear that he knew exactly what he was asking of him, but didn't want to say so bluntly until he figured out just what all this guy knew and didn't know. From the sounds of it though, he didn't know very much. Baptiste couldn't restrain the chuckle that had parted his lips though, to be the one on the opposite side of an intrusion, and being questioned the way he was, made it a pretty amusing situation to be in. 

Baptiste folded his arms, one over the other and leaned back against the wall as he listened. "Well, it's nice to meet you Sunmin" the Valkyr nodded. A strange reaction probaly, since most would have shown him the door after roughing him up for sneaking in like this. But Baptiste wasn't like that. It wasn't like he could be even if he wanted to. Strange feelings were taking over him, and it wasn't that they were bad feelings, it's just that Baptiste didn't know what the reason for them were. Shaking his head, he sighed a little and locked eyes with Sunmin., and after the two had exchanged a look, Sunmin said he woulc come back another time. 

"No wait!" Baptististe called out, especially as he walked away and headed for the door. "You don't have to go Sunmin" the Valkyr spoke a little louder, but with a little more sincerity this time, almost as if he were pleading with him a little. "There's a big storm blowing in, it's not even safe to go out there right now" he then added, and felt himself breathe out a breath of relief when the other finally turned back towards him. Baptiste shoved his hands in his pockets and hung his head down a little, only to perk up some when Sunmin asked about the coffee. "Coffee, maybe even a dry outfit, and we can go into the church's kitchen to see what's in there" he expressed with a faint smile. The church was constantly making dinners for everyone to attend, so there certainly wasn't a shortage of food here either. "You look like you're frozen to death" the Valkyr frowned, and it honestly looked as though he may not have eaten in a while. 

This wasn't okay with Baptiste. "I know you may have to swallow your pride to accept my help, but I want to help... please let me. At least keep me company until it's safer to go out there" he added, and made a gesture with his hand as he began walking towards the office, where they also kept donations of clothes and other things he was sure him and Sunmin could go through together. "So, where are you from Sunmin?" the Valkyr then asked, hoping he wasn't coming on too strong .. Sunmin seemed pretty nervous, and as if he may have the weight of the world on his shoulders. Baptiste knew that having someone to lean on, could at times make all the difference in the world. 

“Cause you just kinda appeared out of nowhere?” he answered a little sarcastically as he looked up at the dark-haired male, he didn’t look like what he expected a priest to look like but then he supposed looks didn’t really say much about the world anymore. Hearing the other male apologize he let out a long breath, well he hadn’t tried to punch him or anything so Sumin supposed he would call it a win overall “Don’t be sorry, I know I’m not really supposed to be here” he felt like that often, that he didn’t actually belong anywhere. He had been looking for his identity for a while and even now he knew what species he was he still felt like something was missing and there was more to learn.

Sunmin raised a curious brown when Baptiste decided to avoid his question and simply say his job as an answer, he knew the playing dumb card well, though in his case he truly didn’t know what he was until about a week ago and even now the whole idea of it had him confused and conflicted. Sunmin just came across a little brittle he supposed, always distrusting of other people and generally paranoid when people were nice because he found often when people were nice they expected something in return.

Was it nice to meet him? Most people tended to look the other way wherever he went, he wasn’t exactly the approachable type despite what his appearance might suggest and if someone did strike up a conversation with him he was usually pretty quick to shut it down. He wasn’t trying to make any friends of enemies, just looking for a place to sleep where his stuff wouldn’t be taken from him and he wouldn’t get soaked and cold. Life was pretty simple when you lived day-to-day like this but it did make him miss the life he had back in Salt Lake City. Maybe even Vegas too.

He halted when the other male told him to wait and he continuing looking out of the door but didn’t move, he wasn’t sure why the other male would want him to stay, surely he was just messing the place up and making his life more difficult “I really should go” he spoke softly but the other male was right when he said about the storm, it was so windy he could feel the chill even though he hadn’t stepped out of the door yet. Eventually, he decided it was wise to stay if the offer was there. He turned back towards him and ran his hands over his shoulders feeling the damp material under his touch “Yeah it’s pretty cold out there these days” he spoke it softly with a light laugh like it was no deal but he wasn’t sure he was convincing anyone, he pressed his lips together.

It seemed the other male sensed his apprehension to take help, Sunmin didn’t really like feeling like he owed anyone and he definitely hated being anyone’s charity case but he supposed a cup of coffee and some clothes he could temporarily use until his had dried off a little wasn’t completely outrageous “Why do you want to help me?” he asked curiously always feeling dubious whenever someone was nice to someone like him, it wasn’t anything personal to the other male, he just knew most people preferred to pretend like he didn’t exist. He followed him into the room he opened though his steps were shuffled and somewhat careful. It was warmer in here which made him close his eyes and enjoy the feeling of the heat hitting his skin for a moment “That depends what you mean” he commented and shrugged “I was born in Busan in Korea but I’d say my hometown is San Jose” he responded honestly, he had been in America far longer than Korea after all “And you?” it only seemed polite to ask the same in return, he felt the urge to pace but instead he hesitantly sat himself on one of the many chairs in the room.

Baptiste chuckled at his sarcasm, and shrugged a little "Maybe i'm just good like that" . He supposed it would suck to be in the dark in a city full of supernatural species. "I'm a Valkyr" he answered honestly. "But, I don't feed from innocent people, and I would never hurt anyone who doesn't deserve as much." he added with the simple nod of his head. Bap got that a lot, the same look that Sunmin had given him when he said he was a priest. All the tattoo's threw people off, and at times even got Baptiste mocked and laughed at, and some pretty nasty comments threw his way. At least all Sunmin did was gaze. That was more restraint than anyone else had shown. When Sunmin said he knew he wasn't supposed to be here, Baptiste sighed "So where are you supposed to be then?" he then asked, with his brows furrowed. Bap couldn't ask where he lived, because he got the feeling Sunmin didn't have any place to live, and that did kind of hurt Bap to know. 

"Really, you shouldn't. I'm glad you finally realize that" the Valkyr said, referring to Sunmin sayingg it was cold outside these days. "And, it's only gonna get colder" he tried to point out, without making a grey sky greyer for someone who had enough on their plate. "Why wouldn't I want to help you?" Baptiste asked a question in return instead of answering Sunmin's. But, when people did that to Baptiste, it annoyed the hell out of him, so he figured he'd save anyone else the same headache, and give him a proper answer. "I don't really know just yet. You seem like you could use someone to rely on. And there's .. something .. that I can't shake here.. ill let you know what it is when i figure it out myself" he said truthfully, and as crazy as that may of sounded, it was all true. 

As they finally sat down in the office, or well, when Baptisre did at least, he poured two cups of coffee, "If you don't like coffee, i can get you something else" he stated, and took a sip from his own mug before standing back up to get into his own bag. He knew how the donations came in, and most of the time, there was never nothing worth grabbing in that stuff, but he wasn't going to tell Sunmin that the clothes he was handing him, were his own. He was perfectly fine wearing his suit until he could grab some clothes at home. Bap smiled faintly as Sunmin finally sat down though and rested his eyes., the hint of a frown adorning the Valkyr's features at how tired he really seemed. It was all starting to make more sense, but the more sense it made, the more sad it made Baptiste. "You can rest if you want." he spoke in a soft tone, wanting to avoid waking him if for some reason he had passed out that quickly. 

Bap arched a brow when he heard him answer his question, and reverse it. HE didn't expect the other to be interested in anything about Baptiste. "I lived in Louisiana before I moved here" he answered with a sigh. "My father was a priest, and I used to follow him around from one village to the next, I was meant to step up and take his place. I do my best, but i'm not as sweet as I probably seem. You're probably the first person ive ever wanted to help like this.. trust me, ive struggled in my faith a lot lately." he added.

He figured that if maybe he opened up to him a little, then it would be easier for Sunmin to do the same. "How long have you been in the city?" he asked, before reaching him what he figured would fit him, "There's this, and then whatever you wanna take .. really you can have whatever you need" he stated, handing him a hoodie, some style-ish looking jeans, and a solid colored black t-shirt, with a semi decent pair of sneakers. Bap went into the mini fridge to see if there was anything worth throwing into the microwave, he was rather hungry now himself. And while he couldn't get to any blood right now, he could possibly carve the cravings by eating some actual food. "Are you hungry?" Bap asked, and leaned against the wall, gazing to him, as he waited for him to either shut him down and refuse anymore help, or for him to realize it was perfectly fine to admit that sometimes, everyone needed at least one person to lean on. And, while this situation was a little more unique since Baptiste barely knew him, it was still from the same compassion it would have been from if they had known one another for years. 

Sunmin looked back at him with a slightly blank expression when he said he was a Valkyr, he knew that the supernatural existed, of course, it had been confirmed he was one but he hadn’t really managed to figure out how to do research on what was out there yet “Like a vampire?” he asked with a curious brow, well that would explain the strangely pale skin and the speed he supposed. Weirdly he didn’t feel that freaked out by the knowledge, which he probably should have been but since finding out he was an actual fallen star, nothing seemed to measure up now. “Well you have to eat or you’ll die right?” he commented and bit on his lip “Does it kill people?” the idea of drinking blood was making his stomach turn a little just from the thought of the metallic taste and how it would be thick. He paled a little feeling nauseous and shifted on the spot “I don’t really know, I guess you could call me a wanderer” sounded better than homeless anyway, he just kinda stayed wherever seemed like the best bet for the night.

“Some people say the weather is a blessing but I find it mostly to be a curse” he commented with an annoyed grunt, he didn’t like feeling trapped but he did know his own wellbeing had to come before his own stubbornness, he’d made that mistake in the past and had a very uncomfortable night because of it. “Well cause most people look the other way and pretend they don’t even see me I guess, easier for them to process or something” he shrugged, he was a person with some semi-interesting stories to tell to anyone who would list but more people, he found, just didn’t care. “You often make friends who sneak into your property?” he commented in a joking tone, admitting that he was in the wrong and knew that, but what were his other choices, after all, get soaked and have no way to dry off?

He glanced over at the dark-haired male, studying his appearance for a moment before he looked away “No I like coffee I just haven’t had it in a long time” he admitted with a sheepish grin, the natural reaction in him kept wanting to make sarcastic or slightly hostile comments at the other male but he was doing okay at holding his tongue because he did seem to want to help and he had been honest about everything so far, including what he was which was an answer most people didn’t want to give. He had to admit he felt exhausted because he was pretty sure he was coming down with a fever and it wasn’t like he had a warm bed to rest in for a day or so until he got better. He was going to have to fight through it “Oh no that’s okay, I don’t really like to sleep when others are around” he admitted with a shrug, he was a little paranoid and didn’t know what he might do if they startled him “Besides the coffee will wake me up” he smiled and nodded a thanks as he pulled the cup closer so he could wrap his hands around it to warm them up.

Sunmin lifted one leg to cross over the other so he was sitting like a child might on the carpet at school while he listened to the valkyr talk about his upbringing “Well I can’t say I can help much on the faith part since I don’t really believe in that but” he shrugged slightly “If you’re worried about something I’m actually a good listener” and it was probably the least he could do in exchange for the coffee and the chance to stay indoors and keep warm while waiting for the storm to die down. Rain really was a curse. “Not much to do in the world but listen for someone like me” he tended to watch everyone else’s lives roll by, they all seemed so busy and wrapped up in their lives they never really noticed much else.

“Only a few weeks” he responded with a nod “I guess I was searching to figure out more about myself, who I am but now that I know I’m not really sure what I do next” he shrugged slightly, he had a brother, a twin, someone who seemed nice too but it didn’t feel like some family reunion when they met, he didn’t feel some instant connection with a stranger, it just felt like meeting another new person. He wondered if there was something broken in him because all he’d ever wanted was to know someone who was like him. Sunmin looked through the pile of clothes and eventually grabbed a t-shirt and hoodie which were far too big for him but worked for keeping warm “Thanks” he spoke softly “You don’t have to be so nice though, I’ll be out of your hair the moment the rain stops” he got by himself, he didn’t want to be getting in anyone’s way which is the very same reason he refused Hanseol’s help too. At the mention of food though, his stomach rumbled rather embarrassingly loud and he grimaced slightly “Is it that obvious?” he asked with a defeated sigh, he tried his best to always give the impression he was okay but the sickness was definitely getting to him, he coughed a little before heading behind a split in the room which he could duck behind to change.

The blank expression on the other males face, confirmed exactly what Baptiste had assumed from the get-go. Which was that he didn’t know hardly anything about the supernatural. Without meaning to, Baptiste chuckled at his question, and crossed his arms, giving him a slight nod. “Well, sort of. People think we’re the same kind of creature because like Vampire’s, us Valkyr’s need blood to survive, but.. We’re more of a protective species, as to where Vampire’s are a predatory species” he explained as briefly but as to the point as possible. “I guess we have a lot of similar traits, but there’s still a huge difference” he added. Baptiste could now see a set of eyes full of curiosity glancing at him. It was normal he supposed. He was sure anyone would have questions. “That’s correct. I’d die if I didn’t feed every once in a while. I have never and will never feed from someone innocent, I tend to aim for the drunks, sluts, thieves and in general, just bad people. I know my language isn’t really appropriate for the place we’re in right now, but i’d be lying to say I’m stable in my faith” he admitted, and shrugged a little. 

Bap arched a brow, confusion washing over him for a moment after going back to the question he forgot to answer. “Does what kill people?” he asked, likely just having a blank moment. He was sure the question was more simple than it sounded. “A wanderer huh? Well, at least for right now, you’ve wandered somewhere safe” the Valkyr smiled genuinely, knowing Sunmin was homeless, which tugged his heart a little, but he knew putting someone in that situation on the spot, was the worse idea. So, he decided he wouldn’t ask blunt questions or pry. “Yeah we’re in agreement about the weather. Fall seems to be my favorite time, the colors are great, and its not too hot nor too cold. It’s the only time of year where I spend almost literally all of my time outside, day and night” he admitted, chuckling a little. 

“Yeah, well there’s not a lot of people ive ran into in this city myself who seem to be helpful. No such thing as friendly deeds in this generation and time. But, a few of us still exist” he added, referring to himself he guessed. He was sure any other priest would have called the cops. Truth be told, all the other priest and pastors that Baptiste had met in this city, all seemed uptight and arrogant, which was sad. They were the people that people like Sunmin should always feel comfortable going to in a time of crisis. The Valkyr smirked at the question, shaking his head amused “Not too often. There’s a first for everything though right?” he asked, a crooked grin adorning his features. “And you really wouldn’t be the first who’s snuck in here. I didn’t call the cops on the last one either, although I probably should have, it was a couple, looking for a place to… what’s a proper way to say it?” he asked out loud, but gave Sunmin a look that probably said enough, and chuckled, shaking his head, remembering that night like it had only happened yestrerday. 

Baptiste could sense that Sunmin was holding back a lot. But, he wasn’t about to tell him not too, especially if the Celestial was used to replying to people with nothing but sarcasm. He was happy that Sunmin realized he really was just trying to help him. “Well if you’ve not had it in ages, that’s all the more reason to enjoy it” he smirked, and ran his hand back through his hair again, finding it impossible to keep it in place. Folding his hands together and placing them in his lap, Baptiste studied the male for a moment, he really did look exhausted, but still, he didn’t seem to eased about sleeping while Baptiste was there. IF that meant Baptiste leaving, then he would do so, just so the other could sleep properly, because if he refused to sleep here with Bap around, then there was no way at all that Baptiste would convince him to come stay a few nights with him, just until he could figure out something more stable. Baptiste then smiled, and gave him a nod “Fair enough” he said simply, not wanting to push it. 

The Valkyr grinned when Sunmin crossed one leg over the other, and sat like a child. Being bisexual, meant that Sunmin being gorgeous hadn’t went unnoticed, and the way he now sat, made him a little cuter if possible. Shaking out of those thoughts, Baptiste placed a finger to his chin, truly not even knowing where he could start if he did decide to vent a little. “I guess coming out has been the worse thing ive had to do lately” he admitted, and there it was, that feeling of shame, which meant Baptiste still wasn’t entirely sure about his sexuality. All that he did know, was that being with a male felt more comfortable than being with a female did, and he had hurt Elle because of this, and for that, he’d hate himself for a while. “Then there’s the whole thing with my faith, and i didn’t even start struggling in it until I slept with my ex, then turned him to save his life, then he just up and left. Poof. Like none of it even mattered” 

“Yeah, that can be hard. We spend so much time finding ourselves, that it completely consumes everything, so when we’ve finally found what it was we were looking for, there’s nothing left to do. It can be a pretty miserable feeling” he expressed, chuckling a little. He had went through that himself when he had first came out. He spent long enough exploring that part of himself that when he finally made up his mind about who he was, he became bored of his life, which had sent him right out into the night, where he’d gotten a taste of the dark side and nearly lost himself to it. Bap rolled his eyes, and shook his head “You’re not in my hair. That would be implying you’re bothering me, and truth be told, the company is nice” he admitted. This wasn’t just helping Sunmin, it had turned out, that being able to talk to someone who’d listened, had also helped Baptiste. 

Bap carried on pulling food from the mini fridge, while the other hid himself the best he could to change “It wasn’t until your stomach growled, it’s okay .. It’s just food, if it’s here, why not eat it?” he asked “Really it’s not a bother.. Sounds like you just need someone stern to tell you it’s okay to accept a little bit of help” he added, and heated up the chicken cassarole that he was sure had been brought over by one of the women who went to church here, which meant it would be delicious. From what he’d experienced, you could never go wrong with a dish cooked by a church member. After finishing up, Baptiste had made two plates, and asked for forgiveness as he pulled a bottle of rum out from behind a bunch of books on a shelf. “Like I  said, I have a lot of flaws of my own” he chuckled, but drinking a little would kill the urges he felt to feed from someone. It had been quite a while since he had, and he was beginning to feel a little undone because of it. 

He figured he could make a night of things, because the storm didn’t seem to be going anywhere. And, unless someone had a confession to make, then no one would be coming to the church. Baptiste had the keys, and the doors were locked, so he knew they’d be safe here for the night. After carrying the food, drink, music, and dragging all the donated clothes out of the boxes to toss in the floor, Baptiste returned only to lead Sunmin into the room he’d created a huge pallet in the floor in, covering all the clothes with a single sheet, so it didn’t look so tacky. “I just figured things would feel less awkward if there was music going, and a room to sit in that didn’t seem so… spiritual” he chuckled a little, before changing out of his suit jacket and shirt, into a solid colored tank top. The Valkyr knew he was going a little overboard, and couldn’t help but realize that maybe he had been a little lonely for too long now. “If you don’t drink, that’s perfectly fine, but if you do, by all means” he made a gesture to the bottle, saying it was there if he wanted any. 

“It feels wrong to drink here, but it’s one of the only things ive found to help with the .. cravings” he said a little hesitantly, not wanting to scare the Celestial, or have him think he’d rip into him. “That and food, regular food helps too, it just takes a lot, and people look at me all weird when they see how big of an apatite i have” he admitted, chuckling dryly before digging in. “There’s a program ran by the members who go here, it don’t pay much, but it might be enough to get you a hotel room to stay in” Baptiste started, figuring he would ease himself into explaining that, because while he knew his intentions were only pure ones, he didn’t want to make Sunmin feel as though he was being too extra about things, perhaps after he’d eaten, and warmed up, he’d be more willing to talk about things like that.

Sunmin could accept the fact that vampires existed or rather valkyr, that seemed to make the most sense out of everything because everywhere you turned there were stories about vampires and while they weren’t all the same there were the same set of rules in all of them “Well as long as no one is getting seriously hurt then it seems okay to me” though that crazy speed that came out of nowhere was kinda nerve-wracking he had to admit. “Feeding on them” he spoke softly when he asked what he meant by it killing people, it would be harder if feeding did kill people because that would be an incredibly painful reality. When he said he’d wandered somewhere safe Sunmin nodded slightly “I like spring, feels like the light at the end of the winter tunnel and the flowers” he smiled softly thinking about the bright flowers that sprouted out of the ground as the season turned and all the trees lined with blossom as they turned over for the year.

He did give a slight smirk when the male said he didn’t befriend those who snuck in too often, he coughed when the elder male explained what it was someone had snuck in here for “Romantic” he spoke slightly sarcastically because he couldn’t think of anywhere worse to decide to have sex. “Well all I wanted was a nap, I promise” he commented as he held his hands up a little in defense. He actually was looking forward to having coffee, it was something he sometimes got himself if he got any extra money and wanted a treat but lately, things had been hard which meant less money for things like that. He sipped a little at the bitter-tasting liquid and then sighed out a little contentedly, he did enjoy a warm drink, it definitely helped to warm him up after all the time spent out in the cold.

He sat there happily with the coffee cup between his hands as he listened to Baptiste talk, at first he was a little confused about what he meant by coming out but before long he put the pieces together and realized he meant having feelings for the same gender after he talked about his ex being a he. The young male tilted his head to the side a little “Surely love is just love in whatever form it comes” Sunmin had never understood that need for rules on who you could and couldn’t be with, he didn’t really see a difference, some people were attractive and you felt like you wanted to be closer to them, it felt natural. “People are unpredictable and do a lot of things to hurt each other” he spoke softly “Most of the time they don’t even mean to” which is why he tried his best not to rely on others too much, at the end of the day they would always think of themselves first so he should too.

“I think if you think you know yourself fully, you’re probably kidding yourself” he explained with a shrug of his shoulders, sure you might know who you are right now but tomorrow you might experience something that makes you entirely different and so it was an ever-moving chain of development. “Look for the next thing and the next next thing” he was always searching for something and while he owned very little, he found purpose in searching for what came next in his life. When Baptiste said he wasn’t being a bother the younger male nodded “Okay” he spoke gently as he fidgeted a little. “I don’t like feeling like I owe anyone anything” he admitted with a shrug of his shoulders as he came back around wearing the clothes which were slightly too large for him but worked.

He came through to where Baptiste had made a little area on the floor with good and drink and the likes, he came over and slowly set himself down in the area and took the plate of food settling it on his lap before eating a few bites and closing his eyes to savor the taste, he didn’t get to eat a home-cooked meal hardly ever, usually he used the money he earned to get the cheapest thing he could from fast-food restaurants or something from a corner store depending where he was at the time. “I try to avoid things that could potentially cost me a lot of money” he admitted as he looked at the bottle and then back to the food choosing to eat more instead, getting hooked on alcohol or drugs was one of the single worst things someone in his situation could do after all.

“If it helps you not to feel like you need blood, it’s probably a good thing” he noted with a slight nod of his head, continuing to eat the rest of the food on the plate and studying the things the other male had placed around them with a curious expression. His offer about a program to get enough money for a hotel room took the young male’s attention “What kind of program?” he asked softly while cleaning off the plate of every bit of the food and then setting down the empty plate in front of him with an appreciative look, he really needed a good meal like that.

The Valkyr smiled. In a way he appreciated how interested in his species Sunmin seemed, because Baptiste had never talked to anyone about what he was before now. He had known so much pain and suffering, he'd even been alive back when the plague washed through villages, leaving dozens dead in it's vengeful wake, and after all the trials and tribulations he had went through, never had he ever spoken of any of it, especially the fact that he was a Valkyr. So it was refreshing, even if it was a little nerve-wracking. He gave the simple shake of his head when Sunmin asked if feeding on people killed them. "It can. I'm sure each of us has lost control once in our lives, especially when we're first turned. Feeding is something you have to learn how to do, as it's not as simple as picking up a fork and spook and eating a meal. If blood lust gets a hold of me or any of my kind, those we feed on will not have a chance. Ive came close a time or two lately." the Valkyr grimaced, remembering a moment where he had let all sense of control leave gim and simply give in to the night life, and the taste of the dark side that another Valkyr had offered to him. Koona had lured him in and left as quickly, but she'd done just enough for him to see just how tangled up in that life he could actually get.

"Just a little though, won't harm anyone." he added, and gave the Celestial a faint smile. "Ever met another Valkyr?" he asked, but had a feeling Baptiste was his first with the questions he had been asking. Baptiste laughed at Sunmins comment, "Yeah, really though. I mean I guess whatever works" he shook his head amused, he couldn't imagine sexual intercourse in a church. It would feel wrong on so many levels. The Valkyr smiled and shrugged a little "I know. I believe you. For whatever reason I trust you" he admitted, and gave him a warm smile. Baptiste could tell that even something as simple as coffee, was something Sunmin really enjoyed.. He could sense a whole lot, but he didn't dare speak on any of it. He knew it must have been hard for Sunmin. And, to say he needed a nap. and the church was where he had come to do so, meant he had no where stable to live, and it saddened the Valkyr more than he thought it would have.

Baptiste definitely enjoyed conversation with the young Celestial, he had a lot of things to say that generally just made Baptiste think, and that was refreshing, and often something he didn't get out of other conversations. "The world would be a better place with more people as open minded as you" he smiled, giving a nod of appreciation that he hadn't judged him when he spoke of his sexuality. "I always wonder about that. If when a person comits acts of evil against one another, and plain out just hurt others, if they mean to, or even know what they're doing at the time.. It does my mind some good to assume that the world isn't just that wicked.. that there's more to it than people just wanting to hurt one another" he frowned a little, and sighed to himself, reflecting on the things he had done himself to hurt others. "I know in my case, ive messed up plenty, but never meant to" he added, figuring Sunmin might be that way too, it was an assumption, but he seemed to know a lot from how he spoke.

Baptiste smirked, allowing his gaze to travel a little to freely when Sunmin rounded the corner in a new attire. Though the clothes hung off of him slightly too much, they still looked nice on him, and a little warmer than his other outfit. The Valkyr did all he could to let his gaze roam else where, but figured it'd been a little too late, and that  Sunmin would surely know that in this moment, he was checking him out. He was a gorgeous male to look at .. and, while he knew he couldn't touch, looking was pretty pleasing to the Valkyr. Clearing his throat, Baptiste stared down to his hands, or anything except Sunmin to avoid this becoming a  moment that made him feel awkward. "You don't nor won't ever owe me anything. Sometimes  a helping hand can be just that.. but I understand having your guard up a little. You'll get to know me, with any luck.. and you'll see that I want nothing more than to know you're alright" he shrugged, knowing how blunt he came off with that request. But, it was all he wanted .. and not even in return for any help he had already given him, and hopefully would give in the future, just for peace of mind.

Whatever had fallen over him, he couldn't quite figure out right now, but the urges and the need to protect the other male only continued growing deeper. "So as you said earlier, you just carry on looking for the next thing in life.. do you think you'll ever find something to settle you? I mean, do you think there will ever be a time where you're looking for that next thing, and simply stop because you've finally found what it is you're looking for?" he asked, figuring his words were as confusing as they sounded to himself. Baptiste chuckled, and hoped he hadn't confused the shit out of the Celestial. The way Sunmin glanced to the bottle, and decided against it, with his comment, Baptiste nodded. "I get that, but if someone's willing to just hand it to you, I say take it" he gave a sly smirk, but then again, he couldn't blame Sunmin for being wise about things like that.

"Oh it is a good thing, else i'd be tempted by you at this rate" he teased, flashing the Celestial a playful grin before taking a large gulp. "I don't even like alcohol.. or well, the purpose of it is what I don't like.. people lose themselves so often to this crap.. and sometimes you watch genuine, decent people become derailed by drugs and alcohol.. it's such a shame to see, but the streets is full of that.. and the dealers aren't making it any better" and it didn't. Baptiste recalled how many nights he sat in the church alone, just praying for those out there doing wrong, hoping it would have some impact, but it never had. He hadn't given up completely on praying though, that was something he still did every single night before bed, and every morning after he'd wake up. It did the Valkyrs heart a lot of good to see Sunmin seemingly full, because when he had finished his plate, his expression had changed slightly.

After doing the sme thing, Baptiste sat his empty plate underneath Sunmins and layed on his stomach, propping his chin on his fists as his elbows rested on the ground. "Well, there's a lot of programs you could get into that pay cash. What are some of your skills, or things you're interested in?" he asked curiously, figuring maybe he could even find some sort of program that would be based around something the Celestial actually liked. Working a job you don't like, could make someone miserable, and he wasn't trying to add to Sunmin's seemingly already full plate. "I swear, some nights I just wanna throw my hands up and let go for a while. Life as a priest has not been an easy one. It was way easier when my father was around to tell me what to do and how to do it. He paved this path for me, I guess I never thought about walking it alone" he started, feeling the need to vent some frustrations out to someone who seemed like a good listener. "I don't know how to live.. it's a sad thing to say, but I can't remember the last time I had fun without being afraid it would make my father turn in his gave"

Baptiste wasn't really trying tot throw any hints, but then again Sunmin seemed to live life on the edge of everything, so he was pretty sure the Celestial would at the very least, have some tips for him. "Where do you go for fun in this city?" he then asked, likely having a pretty desperate look in his dark optics, because this was the first time he had laid this kind of topic on the table to someone else. Baptiste had never admitted a lot of the things he had said tonight around anyone else. Perhaps there was something here after all. He wasn't sure what that something was but he did already feel some kind of connection to the Celestial, one that made him sad to think he might not see him anymore after this. Hopefully that wouldn't be the case at all though.

Hearing about Valkyr’s was interesting to him, Sunmin didn’t really know anything concrete about any species including his own so every bit of information someone offered him he always tried to take in and remember, you never knew when such knowledge might be useful after all, especially when it came to a species who seemed like they might be dangerous to oppose “Is there a trick to keeping in control?” it seemed from the way he said it that it wasn’t a choice to give in the bloodlust which meant they must try to fight it right? “I haven’t, honestly until recently I didn’t even know the supernatural existed” he cleared his throat “Or rather I knew they must exist but I kinda thought maybe I was the only one” he still wasn’t even sure what he really was because while people kept telling him he was a fallen star, he didn’t have some of the key characteristics of a Celestial.

“The world would be a better place if people could realize it’s not their damn business to impose their views on others” he grumbled the words a little under his breath because it definitely bothered him how people could know absolutely nothing about someone and their lives and yet still think it was their place to tell them what they could and couldn’t do or how they should. That was one of the many reasons Sunmin tended to keep to himself, any judgment he gave himself was deserved but other people had no role in advising his choices. When Baptiste assured him he didn’t own him anything he nodded his head a little in thanks for understanding, Sunmin had spent most of his life in the darker side of society which meant he was very much drilled with the idea that nothing came for free but perhaps on this one rare occasion it was simply a stranger wanting to help. “I’m tougher than I probably look” he commented softly when he said he wanted to know he was okay, he knew he looked very young but he had lived a full 21 years as an adult and he was smart enough to fend for himself til now.

He crossed one leg over the other as he heard the other male ask about his wandering habits and whether he thought he would settle anywhere “It’s not like I’ve ever actively avoided staying in one place” he responded and shrugged his shoulders slightly “But needs must comes along and reminds that I don’t age” and before long people realized that and he needed to head somewhere else. Looking as young as he did he didn’t have that many years before it started to become obvious he looked much younger than he was “So unless there is a way to magically make everyone forget me” he shrugged slightly, honestly he didn’t tend to look that far ahead because if he made plans and got attached to them then it would hurt so much more when the inevitable happened and he needed to move elsewhere. He grinned slightly looking down to the floor and then back up at him when he said to take the things that were handed to him “It’s easier said than done, to get out of that paranoid mentality” he was so used to there always being a catch or something which could later be used against him.

“I’ve seen what it’s done to a lot of people in my position” he commented nonchalantly, not that he was the type to never drink or anything like that but he just didn’t want to get himself into a very unhealthy, very expensive habit and so he saw it wiser to abstain “Though drugs are much worse and once someone turns to those for coping” he grimaced slightly, it was safe to say he had never seen a happy ending in those cases, not for those who couldn’t afford healthcare or to go to rehab. Sunmin arched a brow when the other male said there were many programs out there which allowed you to get money “I’m decent at graphic design” he responded and shrugged his shoulders slightly “And I’m good at physical work, I spend pretty much all my time on my feet and I’m used to climbing and stuff” most of the work he did was manual labor, helping people to move things around their yard, mowing the lawns, washing windows, all those kinds of things people didn’t wanna do themselves.

“Well, one choice you made doesn’t have to define you right? You’re free to make whatever choice you want to now, I mean it’s 2019, if the world hasn’t moved forward by now then I fear it never will” he pressed his lips together, Sunmin didn’t believe in the whole cookie-cutter system that society set up which placed people in their certain boxes and gave them little freedom to escape them. He never had any parents to influence who he would be and he had always led his own path and despite some struggles, he was alive and well, why did anyone else have to be any different? “It’s okay to do things for you, you know, it is your life after all” he’d never let other people stop him from doing what he wanted to if he was honest, he carved his own path in life and made others move out the way. When he asked what he liked to do for fun Sunmin chuckled under his breath “I go up” he responded and grinned slightly to himself “I like climbing, it’s thrilling to me and the views pay off tenfold” he nodded a little “Other than that, the library, I’m one of those people who learn for fun” he enjoyed learned new random skills he could find tutorials for online.

Baptiste had truthfully never had a single soul to just sit and talk to about what he was, how hard the cravings could be, and how much t still bothered him to this day that he'd went from a priest following in his fathers footsteps, to a Valkyr who had to feed on human blood in order to live. Sunmin seeming interested in what he had to say, delighted the Valkyr enough to keep talking. "I suppose some of us have tricks and what not to remain in control. For me it's about my faith .." he grumbled those last wrds, because his faith had seemingly slipped through the cracks, and Baptiste couldn't really go as far as saying he had went out of his way to fix it. Ever since he had met Jason, on to Elias, Baptiste felt like someone entirely new. Certainly not the man his father had raised him to be.

"To remain in control.. It's about common sense really. As a new born, you're likely to mess up and kill people by complete accident, but you stop yourself there and admit you can't do it alone. rather than continuing to try on your own until you keep messing up so bad that it starts to feel normal. That's how blood lust seems to take over. Ive not fallen victim to it, because I only feed from those who are to drunk to remember it the next day" he chuckled, he knew that sounded pretty messed up, to feed on a person who wasn't even capable of giving consent. But, he had found most of them to enjoy it. Females nearly moaned as if he were making love to them every time he'd feed on one. For a while he assumed they were just drunk enough to believe something else was happening, until he fed on a sober person.

The Valkyr quirked a brow, and felt a little bad for Sunmin to hear that he had assumed he was the only supernatural being in existence "I can't imagine what a bomb it felt like to learn how much more existed out here.. Have you gained knowledge f all the species around here yet?" he asked curiously, and allowed his eyes to close for a moment. Baptiste often reflected on the day he fainted and woke up in the hospital, only to hear that he had a malignant growth in his spinal cord. There had been no easy fix, nor cure. Instead, the Valkyr had been given a couple more years to live, and that was it for him. Roseline and Noe abducted the frail human that he was and made a meal out of him every day until Baptiste drew his last breath, his body succumb to the sickness finally, but Roseline had been so obsessed with Baptiste, that she brought him back. He could still feel the sting of the pan from the Therian bite he received before he could make it out of that holding cell Roseline and her psychotic brother kept him in.

"If only. I guess a few guys can dream though huh? I think this world that we live in will always be a dark wicked place, a place where people allow their narrow minded opinions to make up their minds about who people are. If not for that, I think there would be so many more friendships, even romantic relationships. Rumors seem to be the worse around here.." The Valkyr huffed and awkwardly scratched the back of his neck, being part of one of those rumors himself. It had been told to his entire church that he slept with the other priest who had worked there, and it's why he got the job. Most of the congregation stood against Bap when he would have needed them most and he did well to remember their faces in case he would ever lose control with his feeding habits. Baptsite smiled a little when Sunmin said he was tougher than he looked, and threw his hands up in defense "Hey, i'm not saying you can't handle your own, something tells me you're not one to be messed with, but still I'm a worry wart, in an annoying way" he shrugged, chuckling slightly. He understood how it could be to constantly have someone helicoptering over top of you when you were just trying to make it through one day at a time.

Bap smirked when Sunmin spoke of how he didn't age, which would always remind him that it was time for him to go "lucky for you then. I think you live in a city where nearly half the beings in it, don't age either. And, I can surely speak for myself, we Valkyr's don't age either, so i'll always be this beautiful" he joked playfully, in hopes of lightning the mood a little. "That's fair though, I guess once you get into a certain ser of mind, it's hard to change it.. but still, it won't hurt to try..I know not everyne is going to lend you a helping hand because they care, most do it for what they assume they can gain from it, but just give it time.. i'm quite the opposite from all that" he smirked a little, but his words were truthful. Baptiste couldn't recall a moment where he had helped someone because he wanted something back, and still for a reason he couldn't figure out, he wanted to help Sunmin regardless, at least as much as he would allow Bap to help.

"Im guessing that the sad truth of that is, a lot in your position don't have much else to turn to. So, they take every single dollar they can get / find and use it on something that will dull the pain a little" Baptiste understood. He knew a elderly man who sat on the street, specifically on Sunday mornings just so he could get the money he knew Baptiste would hand him. It had become a routine for Bap, and Baptiste even know the man was buying liquor with it, so in a way, Bap had become that man's enabler but he figured if he couldn't help make the world a better place by witnessing to people about God, then he could at least offer a helping hand to those who would take his help, no matter what it was, if he could give it, Baptiste would.

Baptiste thoughtfully put his finger against his chin and thought for a moment after Sunmin listed what he was good at, "Well there's a rich neighborhood not far from here, with people too rich t do any of their own work, i mean they literally pay for everything, having their daughter driven around where ever she wants to go, someone to clean their gigantic home, etc and they pay good i'm sure. And, working a job for cash under the table is a lot better than leaving a paper trail .. at least that seems like a good option for you, but I know them because they come here to listen to my babbling" he shrugged, maybe he shouldn't refer to preaching as babbling but Baptiste was a little fed up with feeling as though he was lost all over again. Becoming a priest was meant to be the life he'd find himself settled and complete with.

"You mentioned you like climbing? There's also roofing jobs during the summer that pay really good. But since it's not summer right now, what do you think about tree cutting?" he knew there was a few different companies around for that too, and with the pursuasive attitude Baptiste had, he was sure he could pull a few strings. "You'd spend a lot of time on what they call storm duty, which means anytime it snows too hard, or rains to hard, etc, and trees get knocked onto power lines or roofs, that you'll be sent out to help cut it down. But, they also send you all over the place just to cut tree's down, so you'd literally never be bored and would always be climbing, just with safety gear" he added, smirking slightly. Hoping his nervous chatter wasn't too annoying. "Oh! and I think the school's are needing someone to wash the bus's.. I don't know, I mean if any of that appeals to you, I wouldn't mind helping you. But i'm curious now, what do you like to draw?" he asked, finding it pretty great that he was good at graphic design. Baptiste didn't have many talents, but the ones he had, he took a lot of pride in.

Baptiste smiled when Sunmin said his once bad choice hadn't defined him, that he was free to do whatever. "I guess you're right.. it just seems like some people didn't move on with time, like you said it's 2019, and people seem to think they're still living in the 1700 he sighed. He could remember what that was like, since he was born two hundred years ago. "I will try to start believing that. You have a great outlook on most things, how did that happen? I mean most people are so gloom and doom about things" And Baptiste was guilty of being that way himself, he was rather broody if he was honest. Bap's eyes widened when Sunmins response was 'I go up' and he was ready to ask what he meant, before Sunmin said he got a thrill out of climbing and the views it provided "You know, Ive never been climbing" he shamefully admitted "Been alive 204 years and can't admit to ever climbing in my life. You know any good places to go? If so, maybe you'll have to show me your favorite place / to climb sometime" he added, grinning micheviously.

"Well you and i have more in common than I thought. I love learning for fun also. When I was younger, I had a sister who was born much stronger than I had been due to my illness, and while she would play with the other kids in the village, I was either at my mothers side learning new things, or following my father to learn new things about being a priest" he grimaced, Marissa didn't cross his mind often these days, but he could still feel that longing fr his sister. She may have been dead, but she would never truly be gone, and Baptiste missed her mother than he liked to admit. "Anything specific you like to read, or research?" he then asked, since he had mentioned how he spent a lot of time in the library. Baptiste laid back and stared up at the ceiling with his hands clasped together, laid on his stomach, sighing some "Do you think your life was easier before you learned about the supernatural?" Baptiste  often thought about this question and never had anyone to ask before now.He himself had lived a much easier life before finding out about supernaturals.

Sunmin raised a brow, sitting comfortably as he listened to the other male explain his experiences with bloodlust and feeding “All I’ve ever known is doing things alone” he admitted with a sheepish grin and shrugged, so he’d probably make a pretty terrible Valkyr. “Not all of them, or rather, I don’t exactly know what’s myth and truth” he was figuring it out bit by bit though “And really it was quite relieving” he admitted and pursed his lips a little “Finally made everything fall in line in here” he tapped softly against his temple, knowing the supernatural existed affirmed for him that he wasn’t some lone anomaly in the world.

The young male shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly “People are going to be people, not point getting hung up on the what-ifs when they won’t change their ways, all you can really do is try and move past it” he had learned to do that, he didn’t look for approval or care much what people thought of him, he looked out for himself first and that meant discarding most of his caring for others. Though he could feel that maybe this time in Evermore was different, especially now he knew there were people like him her. He chuckled and shrugged “I know my around life by now” he chuckled under his breath “You don’t need to worry about me, I’m a survivor, an old friend used to call me a cockroach because I always managed to survive things I probably shouldn’t” he shook his head slightly, he was good at looking out for himself and other people he saw being taken advantage of on the streets.

“I think I like the idea of being a healthy young male forever, but I’m not sure I like the idea know, actually living forever” it was a kinda scary thought, to know that the whole world would move forward around you and yet you would stay the same always. He did chuckle when Baptiste said he would be this beautiful forever. “I guess I’m just so used to being disappointed that it feels easier to avoid the situation altogether, you know?” people can’t hurt you if you don’t even give them the opportunity to enter your life. He nodded slightly, he had met many people in his position and they did exactly that, spent all their money on booze or drugs because it was easier than trying to face their problems “I spent most of my life in rented rooms and eating barely anything, it’s not exactly easy but it’s mine” he definitely wasn’t the type who wanted charity from anyone. Odd jobs though, he had been doing those for as long as he could remember, he was good at manual work and was used to spending entire days on his feet, he often had to worry about blisters because he didn’t own the newest or most comfortable shoes but other than that, it was relatively peaceful work.

“Yeah I’ve been working on small jobs for a while, clearing out yards and garages, window cleaning, car washing, dog walking a few times, that was fun” he nodded a few times, he appreciated the suggestions the other male gave him “There’s a few I hadn’t thought about there” he admitted with a sheepish grin, he tended to stick to what he knew because he felt confident doing it but he wasn’t wrong when he said the rich folks tended to have plenty of work to go around. He smiled at the mention of tree cutting, another one he hadn’t thought of “Not sure I really want to be helping the government cut down all the trees we actually need to take care of our planet” he responded and pressed his lips together, maybe it was supposed to be beggars can’t be choosers but Sunmin had standards he wanted to stick by and he had seen so much despicable behavior by people, throwing trash on the ground, wasting food and the likes, which was someone who had gone hungry before, made him a little angry.

When he asked what Sunmin liked to draw the younger male shrugged his shoulders slightly “Cartoons mostly, I like making up characters in my head and then drawing them” he smiled slightly, lately, it was a superhero girl with pink hair which he had nicknamed Tormeline, he was mostly just making stuff up because it was fun to be creative, it wasn’t really something he actively shared or bragged about. When he asked how he could have such a positive outlook Sunmin shrugged “You can either spend all your time angry, pissed at the world for dealing you a bad hand or questioning why things are the way they are” he nodded slightly, would have been easy for him to be angry and really he had the right to be “Or you can stop for a moment and realize there’s a lot of good going on around you too, new opportunities, chances to learn, people, if you wanna be around them” he tended to side on being alone but that was just the person he was. “Well as long as you don’t have a fear of heights” he shrugged slightly “It’s kinda exhilarating, getting as high up as you can and then just looking out over the city, it puts everything into perspective” because it reminded you there was a whole city out there with lives of their own.

“Learning is something people who get it for free take for granted” everything he had learned he had done so by getting on a computer and teaching himself, aside from language and basic math which he just somehow knew from the moment he work. But he taught himself to use a computer, he learned many other skills from finding information online, he played and experimented with the software they had the library. Honestly, one day he really wanted to be able to buy and keep his own computer, that was somewhat of a dream of his. “Not especially, whatever whim takes me on the day” he chuckled “Sometimes I even slack off and just watch cat videos cause it’s fun” he grinned bashfully and the pursed his lips “I don’t think there was ever an easier when I was supernatural myself, I always knew I was different, knowing about the supernatural just told me there was more of me” he shrugged slightly “I’m guessing if you could go back to being human you would?” the other male seemed a little downhearted about his own life, he noticed.

Baptiste was curious about what all Sunmin had heard, when he'd told the Valkyr he wasn't sure what was myth from fact. With a brow quirked in his direction, Baptiste also sat here comfortable, ready to give him insight if he wanted / needed it. "People like to believe the least scary version of things in a lot of cases, so I think there's plenty of false reports on what the supernaturals are like. I would imagine the humans, especially those in the legal field and those responsible for news articles, tell whatever keeps the most peace. There's always layers to their version of truth though. Anything specific you wanna know? Sorry for nerding out .. it's just been nice to talk about it" the Valkyr smiled some, referring to the way he'd been able to finally get things off his chest in regards to what he is, and how he lives as a Valkyr.

Baptiste was listening intently, until Sunmin expressed how one of his old friends had called him a cockroach, and with that, he burst into laughter almost to the point of his eyes tearing up as if he were crying. "Man.. what a nickname. But yeah, those pesky things can survive even a nuclear bomb" and while it was weird, it was true. "But it sounds like you've been through a whole lot more than a person could imagine, just from saying you've survived a lot of things you shouldn't of. Yet you're here making the most of life, so" The Valkyr gave a nod of admiration, remembering a time where he had wanted to give up completely. Roseline and Noe really took a lot away from Bap, and he'd never get that time, nor sanity back, but he was alive.. he supposed that was a good place to start being grateful.

Bap nodded when Sunmin said he liked the idea of being a young healthy male forever, but not actually living forever. "I get that more than you know. It is kind of scary to think that someday, We will have done everything there is to do, and then everything will lose it's purpose, and excitement, the element of surprise will cease to exist.. you know what i'm saying. " he stopped there, because he was sure the thought alone was bad enough without having it analyzed and picked apart into a list like that. "I guess it just means we always need to find ways to keep life exciting" he added, and shrugged some. From the sounds of it, Sunmin lived his life on the edge of things, which in a way, sounded thrilling, but Baptiste knew Sunmin must also face enough dangers with his lifestyle.

Baptiste also knew what it felt like to wanna close yourself off to people all together, just to avoid the possibility of being hurt or disappointed, especially when you're used to it. "Well, while you are definitely keeping your self safe from it, you're also selling yourself short. But, don't take my words for gospel,  you just seem like a good person, who may be a little misunderstood i'm sure. But we all deserve something / someone special" Baptiste had been through a few relationships to know it wasn't always doomed for disappointment, it was just the whole idea of trusting someone that scared most people from even trying. Trusting someone, was basically just another way to give someone power over you.

The Valkyr grimaced a little at hearing Sunmin speak of the rented rooms he'd been staying in, along with eating barely anything , but nodded in admiration however when he said it wasn't easy, but it was his "and I guess you feel secure in knowing no one can take it away from you." If that was the case, the Bap understood that as well. When you're used to losing everything, you tend to cling onto the one thing that you know can't be taken from you, and in Sunmin's case it seemed like his lifestyle. Baptiste retunred the same kind of sheepish grin when Sunmin lsited the things he'd done, and how the list of things Bap had mentioned, had a few offers that the other male hadn't tried yet. "So you said dog walking was fun?" he asked, surprised in fact. "I'd be afraid of getting bit or something" he blushed heavily, which was odd for Baptiste to do, but to be an immortal Valkyr, admitting to having a fear of dogs, just seemed rather crazy to Bap.

"And to what you said about not wanting to help the government cut down tree's.. screw the government all together. It's corrupt.. pretty much every system within the government." Bap admitted, or stated his opinion at least. You didn't have a justice system worth a damn, you definitely don't have proper functioning school systems, and nowadays, even religion seemed corrupt and twisted. Everything seemed to come down to that dollar sign and it was sickening.

After glancing over to Sunmin, hearing him speak about drawing cartoon's, the Valkyr grinned, but quirked a curious brow. "So if you were to draw me, just from what you've got from me so far, what would my superhero name be?" he asked, chuckling in a playful manner. Baptsite had really been enjoying the other male's company, no matter how they had met. In fact, he kind of hoped that this wouldn't be their last and only time spending time around one another. Sunmin made a lot of good points, and Bap had found himself thinking more often than not around the other male, and that was new for Baptiste. Most of the time, the things people said went through one ear and out the other, because people were either too negative for the Valkyr's liking, or they never had anything decent to talk about, but Sunmin was definitely a different case.

"I suppose ive been angry for far too long now. To hear you say it like that, it seems I could appreciate the small things a little more, even as a priest, ive felt like Ive had plenty to be pissed about.. and my father used to say "God won't give you more than you can handle" so I was even mad at him for a while.. feeling as if he lied to me about those things, and that maybe my faith had been a lie all this time" he pursed his lips, and sighed softly. "But yeah, we could all use that kind of advice .. thanks Sunmin" the Valkyr gave a genuine smile, and a slight nod in his direction. If Baptiste hadn't been spoken for, Sunmin would certainly be the type of male Bap would have went for, not that he even assumed Sunmin liked guys's just how at ease, and how he felt so comfortable being himself around the other male. Not many guys made Bap feel that way. 

"A fear of heights is probably nothing compared to the reward that comes after you get that high up. To be able to see an entire city like that. Im sure it looks like a huge Mosiac.. only the people are the colors .. it actually sounds beautiful" Bap found himself venting a little and chuckled as he realized it. "Sorry I let myself run away with that a little" he admitted and flashed a sheepish grin towards Sunmin, intrigued by him the more he spoke. "Cat videos huh? You'll have to show me a few someday" he gave a serious nod, Bap stayed pretty bored, and sometimes pretty lonely. This had been nice tonight.

"Did that make it easier for you? I mean, knowing there was more like you out here?" Baptiste found that it really hadn't made things easier for himself, but he'd known about the supernatural for quite some time now. The Valkyr twiddled his thumbs in thought for a moment, when Sunmin asked if he'd go back to being a human if he could. "When I was born, I was born ill.. so it's not that my human life had been an easy one either, especially when my .. sister .. was born" Bap cleared his throat after his voice cracked, finding it still insanely hard to talk about Marissa who had taken her own life because of heart break. "My sister was quick on her feet, and loved to play out doors, which only reminded me of how little I could do. While she was out playing, I stayed behind, and learned everything my parents would teach me" he added, before getting to the point and to the answer he meant to give long before now "I guess I'd go back though, now that I think about it.. at least to a time where I had my sister back, then I'd change things, and she'd be here with me now" Baptiste knew most things happen because they were meant to, but how could he see that with his sister dying the way she had?

"How about you?" he asked, not really even knowing what Sunmin's life had been like before he found out he was a supernatural, "Would you go back to a certain time in your life?" Baptiste took a swig from the bottle he'd been clutching in his grip. He had almost forgot about it until he began speaking of his sister, and now that his hands were visibly shaken, and he found himself craving blood more than ever, he decided to chug half the contents of that bottle.

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