Morning time always seemed to roll around, much sooner than Hana could prepare for. Being a night owl, constantly obsessing research on the supernatural,  meant that she normally woke up deprived of sleep. The past few weeks, Hana had been wanting to do something different with her time. She already worked for Thaddeus at the INN, but it wasn't enough to fulfill her time. And obsessing over anything whatsoever, just wasn't healthy, and she was sure Ha-joon was starting to notice how much time she was spending on her laptop, and how little time she spent resting. Her lung disease didn't require a good nights sleep, but still.

The sun slowly but surely peeked through the blinds hung up to her windows, causing the human to wince as she tried opening her dark colored doe eyes. Hana wasn't in the mood to wake up right now, but an idea sprung onto her that meant she needed to get a head start with getting ready. Hana knew it was cold, but she still loved the river. She wanted to get a basket of food ready, and take Mickey and Princess with her. Funny enough, Ha-joon had helped her name the dog, way before Sunmin came around calling Hana princess, but now every time she called for her puppy, she couldn't help but think of him. With the roll of her eyes, she dismissed those thoughts, especially since he'd been ignoring her texts, and quickly showered.

Hana took about as long as usual, considering her love for fashion. She never went anywhere without everything matching. Today's color was a neon yellow with hot pink. She looked like a shiny summer day but she looked cute, and that's all she cared about. Being youthful and as sophisticated as she was, Hana refused to look anything less than fabulous.

"Mickey! Princess!" she called, grinning as she heard their small feet padding across the floor to her. Hana bent down and pet them both for a few moments before attaching each of their leashes to their collars which seemingly made them even more excited. Hana trailed away to the kitchen, turning her radio on, and up to the max, which was something she often got in trouble for since her and Ha-joon lived in an apartment, but that never phased her. As the human began throwing different items into a basket, she hummed along to More Than You Know ..finding herself distracted by the song as she began dancing around the kitchen.

The dog's stared in disbelief .. at least that's the expression they each had, and they were probably ready to leave with their leashes hanging off their collar's. But with having a brother who danced, and then all the friends she'd gained specifically through her brother, Hana couldn't lie.. the dance life seemed pretty great, so she often found herself dancing her heart out when no one else was home.

Hana couldn't help but chuckle as the song finished, and reach down to grab the leashes, leading Mickey and Princess out with all the things Hana had gathered for herself, and even the pup's, leaving Ha-joon a note to let him know she had Mickey, since Mickey belonged to him. While she stood on the sidewalk waiting for a cab, Hana sighed to herself, reflecting on everything that had been happening with the Triad and how emotional things have been between her and her brother lately. Sometimes she just felt like running away, and not looking back. She'd caused Ha-joon enough hurt .. and she couldn't bare seeing him hurt anymore. Not for the lies she'd told, and how their parents had betrayed them both. But, they were finally in a better place, so Hana couldn't help but feel like she had a reason to stay after all.

The cab had pulled up while Hana was lost in thought, so she nearly missed it. After hopping in, the driver informed her it would be more where she was travelling with pets, and with an eye roll, she handed him way more than he would have asked for anyways "Keep the change. Someday i'll be famous" and maybe that was true. For all she knew, her fashion brand would be selling out across the world. A girl could dream anyways. The river wasn't far from where she lived, so the drive over didn't take long, and before she knew it, the driver was pulling off to let her and the pup's out. Hana giggled when he said he'd drive her around anytime. Of course it was for the money she had just handed him.

"Come on you two" she smiled and tugged at Mickey and Princess' leashes.  Being just outside the city by the canal made her a little weary, but Hana decided she'd enjoy this day, alone or not. She couldn't help but wonder about the narrowboat she seen in the distance however. It almost looked as if someone might be staying in it, which made Hana a little weary. Either way, Hana reach into her duffle bag, grabbing the portable fold up bed she'd brought along for the dogs, and threw them a few treats along with their chew toys, before sitting a blanket on the ground for herself. The gentle breeze coming off the canal, sent a chill along the human's flesh, making her regret this decision slightly.

When the wind picked up, Hana swallowed harshly. She had done her research on this city before coming to it, and knew there was no way this could be a tornado headed to them. Tornado season  extends from mid May through mid August in Colorado, and since it was Febuary, she couldn't help but feel like this might be something worse, especially as the wind around her felt strangely warm. Either way, she wasn't gonna let anything happen to her and Ha-joon's pup's, and with that, she made a decision she may come to regret later, but Hana ran over to the narrowboat, and twisted the door handle, gasping as it opened. She figured it would be locked, so now that she was basically breaking in, she became fearful of what consequences that may bring upon her.

"He-hello?!" she called out, barely able to hear anything beyond the howling wind outside. "I-It's storming and I was just looking for shelter.. the city is to far for me t-to walk back" she called out again, even if her voice trembled and cracked. She could only hope that whoever stayed here, wasn't a psycho or anything. Lately Hana had been experiencing weird things, especially when she was out alone, and a storm like this in Febuary wasn't an exception.

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“Cheer’s Dot.” He would smile to the lady behind the counter, looking down to the coins in his hand with a frown as he mentally attempted to calculate the amount accidentally doing some parts of the sum out loud. With things being the way they were, money was becoming somewhat of an issue for Iza and as he counted he realised he may not have enough as he thought “I-“ he sighed with annoyance laying the change on the countertop, but the little old lady behind the counter understood and softly smiled to him, pushing the change back to him “On me..” she would say and his shoulders dropped, he was grateful but utterly embraced “I’ll pay you back..” he instead and all she did was nod and smile to him handing him the plastic bag and telling him to get home.

He nodded “You’re too good for this world Dot.” He took the bag, eyeing the daily goods, a day old loaf of and a nice mix of fruit, couple of bananas and apples that yes weren’t in the best condition bruised mostly but obviously still edible. Pushing the small shop door open he opted for the ‘short’ cut home, though in all honestly, it wasn’t at all the shortest way back to his boat, in fact, it was probably one of the longest ways back, however, he enjoyed a good walk being a lover of the outdoors, however, he was just more than halfway home when the weather suddenly changed. “Fu-“ he’d utter the curse word under his breath, taking a glance up to the darkening sky and thickening clouds.

Howling winds, blowing at the older man, he was quick to reach his hand up viciously to clutch onto his boho hat not wanting it to be taken by the blows, the weather grew vicious quickly and he climbed to the deck of his boat but even if he was in a hurry, he froze having caught her smell in the winds and the dogs and hearing her call out into the empty boat.

Towering over the hatch his brow knitted with a vicious frown “What are you doing-!” he seemed to bellow through the wind down at the brightly dressed stranger below deck, even if she had answered his question in the moments before but he only now had he comprehended what she had said, his jaw rolled tight, gritting his teeth.

It began to pour, had this been any other situation he would have told said intruder to do one, but with the weather worsening with each passing minute… what kind of person would he be to send her and her overgrown rats out?

A frustrated grunt left him “Move..” he'd practically order before climbing down below the deck, pulling the door quickly behind him, that being the answer she was allowed to stay. He eyed her, head to toe and obviously, unlike her, he had little fashion sense, his style was what most would call ‘hippy’ whatever was clean went on his back, eyes falling down to the dog “Keep them off my furniture..” he’d mutter moving to the cooped kitchen where he put the sodden bag of goods on what counter stop space was available as Iza’s home was obviously small it was equally cluttered.

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