Learning to look after yourself is something Kaelyn learnt from a young age. Never having anyone caring for her. Nobody that matters. Just her. At the orphanage where she grew up nobody really cared for her, just wanted her for her powers. For her mind. Always being the best thinker. One to come up with different plans and strategies on the spot. Quick on her feet. Making Kaelyn a natural when it came to learning how to be a con artist. Back then it started off as a way the orphanage did to get money. Training the children of how to pick pocket, steal a few valuables so they can then sell it off for money. Using them for their own advantage. Kaelyn not knowing the full extent of all before she turned 18 where it all came into light. Finding out what she is. It all making sense, why she always felt like an outcast all her life. Not being the same species as everyone else. To when first finding her powers the people at the orphanage started to ‘use’ her for her abilities so she could become an asset. Where in reality it was so Kaelyn could help them into bigger cons, for more money. Leaving there soon as she could, escape it. 

Kaelyn’s childhood and life was far from a fairy tale. Choosing to live a lonely life. As the years pass the Instar Diviner feels that she’s losing hope. Is this all her purpose is? To live a life alone. Stealing from the rich so she can then feed and fend for herself. Not having a stabile or normal income as everyone else. Moving ever so often to escape the prying eyes of those around her. Like many people of the supernatural does. A never ending cycle. It was one of the downfalls for being an immortal, wishing that she could have a normal human life. To age normally and one day die. Now Kaelyn was thinking what is the point of it all. It wasn’t so bad now. After meeting Riley, things started to change for the better. So Kaelyn’s not feeling so alone now. Company. It was a strange thing after spending many years alone. Refreshing. Even with all of Riley’s personality and habits so to speak, used to it by now. Her mind often wondered to what if could have been like if she agreed to talk to her cousin. To hear him through. Find out of her past, the reason why her parents abandoned her when she was just a baby. Maybe Kaelyn was afraid to admit that she was scared of abandonment. Thinking that she’d let him in and he’d then leave. Used to people leaving on her. Always feeling that she was never wanted.   

It was getting darker this time of the afternoon. Making it easier to go out an pickpocket a few people. Since they can’t see you coming along with it being rush hour. Everyone hurrying back to go home. It’s more harder to do it in broad daylight so she tried to do it at a time where it’s too dark to see. The Redhead had already had pick pocketed a few people going onto one of the lasts for the night. Enough money to pay for some days worth of food. As Kaelyn was reaching her hand into the males back pocket grasping the wallet to slip it out, for the person not to notice. She suddenly felt a strong grip grasping onto her list as she was brought to a halt too. Feeling a the male twisted her around so they could face one another. She took a large gulp as she looked into his eyes, full of shock knowing too well she'd been caught. Sensing the man was someone more than a normal mundane. “You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future.” The words echoed from the male, the typical speech used when arresting people. Able to know what was ahead of her and happening now. She was being arrested, pick pocketed the wrong person.

What happened next all happened in a blur. The Instar Diviner knew too well not to act out or try to provoke. Offering her hands out to the police officer before he would force her hands behind her wrists. Hearing as he made some calls before being guided to his car, seeing as he was officer off duty. It weren’t too long till she was guided to the front desk before taken to a room so some documents could be done. Along with her fingerprints to be taken so it could be documented. Searched where they were able to find some cash she had stolen, along with some cards and her phone. Vaguely remembering before being forced to have a mugshot taken. Holding of a sign with her name, inmate number.  As it was getting later, it would mean everything would be moved till tomorrow. Leaving the Redhead to be locked inside a prison cell for the night. Taking her back to the nights in the orphanage in the small room, similar bars on the windows. Leaving her alone with only her thoughts keeping herself company. Blaming herself for how foolish she was. All these years having a clean streak and now she'd been caught. It was even too late to call anyone.

Her thoughts went to Riley, would she notice that she was gone. Would she come looking for her. Tracking her by her scent and all. Kaelyn weren’t too sure. All night she spent trying to think of what to say to the police officers. How could she explain what she does. Along with the documental details. Would they be able to see that they were forged. It weren’t till morning when one of the prison guards told her she was able to make a phone call. Kaelyn had no one to ring. The modern day was still strange for Riley. Whereas she had no other friends to call. A name came into her head. One she had been pondering whether or not it’ll be a good idea to contact. Would he answer her call or shut it down just like to before when she practically slammed the door into his face. The Redhead was guided to one of the phones, lined up behind people. Waiting to take her turn. Watching as the room full of strangers had their eyes on her. Thinking she didn’t belong here, looking out of place. It was true. She was out of place and hated it there. Not wanting to stay any longer than she has to.

When it came to her turn, Kaelyn started at the numbers on the phone. Was she ready to call the only family she had left. To grovel at his feet. In fear she would be locked up. Knowing already it can be a long sentence if all her crimes she’s committed throughout the years from stealing comes out. Taking a deep breath she pressed the numbers into the phone. Having memorised it before from the piece of paper he had given her when they last met. To when he tried to persuade him to talk to him. Kaelyn memorised the numbers, stuck in a constant battle whether to listen to him through. Now it was happening, not the way she’d expected it to be live. As people says there's no time like present. The wait was antagonising as she waited for an answer. For the call to be directed through. Hoping he hadn’t changed his number over the years.

It weren’t too long till she heard a confused hello through the other side of the line. Ready to face her fears. “Wyatt it's me Kaelyn. I’ve messed up and I really need your help. Please come to Evermore City Police station. I promise I’ll tell you more then I’ll hear you out” She pleaded, letting him hear the fear in her voice. Afraid to be stuck in there for any longer. Promising she’d make it all up if he helps to get her out of here. The anticipation of waiting was worst. Would he bail her out or leave her here, that was the big question.

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Wyatt frowned to his cousin as she asked for more clarification on the threatening note that had arrived at his door. He shook his head and spoke softly. "I don't know." He hated it. He hated not being able to figure out who was doing this to her. Magic was no use as the tracking spells never worked and he didn't know what else to do. The endless nights he'd spent over his books had yielded no other tracking spell that could forgo the anti one that had been put on the letters. It wasn't like they could go outside of the coven and contact the police. Most of them were still human and getting them involved was never a good idea. He had thought of suggesting the help of the other ambassadors, but who was to say it wasn't one of them or someone close to them? Perhaps a close friend of the old coven leader.

He shook his head to clear it of the conspiracies that were always forming in his mind. Just at the moment, the waiter came to the table and placed their food down. Wyatt stared at his plate and suddenly didn't feel very hungry. He picked up the soda and left the flatbread, taking a sip of the drink instead. "Since we haven't gotten any closer to figuring out who is doing this, I'm thinking we need to change strategies." Wyatt met his cousin's eyes, knowing she wasn't going to exactly like the idea. "I think you should stay with me at my place till we find out what's going on. Send Riley away for a bit." Before she could begin to protest, he continued on. "Listen, you have me continuously looking into ancient magic that's been lost to time for a reason. We want to strengthen the coven. There isn't really a safer place to be then my place right now. I have endless amounts of texts and spells at my disposal. Maybe the best offense is a really good defense, Kae. We're running out of time and options and I'm not letting you out of my sight till we figure out who the hell is terrorizing us." 

He reached into his bag and pulled out an amulet which he'd gotten from Italy on a trip to some of the ancient cities that yielded a few excellent grimoires and artifacts. "Here." He slid the necklace over which had an onyx stone hanging from a gold chain. "Wear it, please? I imbued it with a few spells that will help with protection and tracking if... something were to happen. I know it's not up to your high standard of fashion, but do your cousin a favor and just wear the thing for a bit. It'll give me some peace of mind." He could see the distaste already in her face which made him smirk slightly. She was stubborn. It ran in the family. The grin quickly faded though as the reality of the situation fell heavy on him again. "Where's Riley now? Have you still not told her about all this?"

Kaelyn did want to find out and get to the bottom of who was sending her threatening notes. Not wanting to leave for it to get any worse. Having enough of people trying to target her the people close to her because some people are unhappy that she was given a leader target. Kaelyn didn’t know why political alliances a titles mattered so much to people. Feeling that she would need to prove herself to gain the support of others who may oppose her. At least the other ambassadors were on her side and supported her with all in some way been in the same situation as she’s found herself in. “So we can’t use a locator spell to find who may be sending the letters” She wondered looking over to her cousin but knew that he probably have already tried different ways to try to get any information that now they were having this discussion still he’s not had any luck yet. “Some people have nothing better to do to target me, these don’t even know me” She sighed rubbing her temples for a moment already having enough wanting for this all to go away. 

Coffee was always a necessity for both her and Riley something they nearly lived on that and some booze. She always liked coffee that's freshly made in coffee shops, soon sipping her coffee before taking some bites of her panni that Wyatt ordered. Noticing that he was not eating any of his food, seeing how her cousin was just starting down at it instead. “You not hungry cousin” She wondered motioning to his untouched food which she was already picking at hers. Kaelyn was always one to stress eat or pick at stuff most of the time if she’s feeling peckish. Rileys bad habits now rubbing onto her.  She didn’t like the idea of sending her girlfriend away not wanting for that to happen. “I don’t want to send Riley away she’s safer with me or you rather than somewhere else. She’s still paranoid thinking her brothers are still out to get her with if we were to send her away it’ll only make it worse” Quickly turning away his idea of sending her girlfriend away. “We can move back in with you if that's you want but not keep us apart” In a way she was trying to meet him in the middle someway. One of the plans and strategies she had thought of was to look into ancient magic, enlisting the help into Wyatt for him to look up it. Now looking back at it, it was quite a difficult job with how both of them were struggling to find anything. “Maybe we have to catch them in the act, be right under their feet without them knowing” The thought popped into her head thinking maybe they don’t always have to look on the supernatural side of things. “We could get our hands on hidden cameras and different gadgets” It could either be a good or stupid idea. 

Kaelyn was a little confused as Wyatt went to get something out of his bag she thought maybe it was another one of the letters, threats to her or others close to her. Instead it was an amulet, looking at it closely, she saw that it was an onyx stone. Kaelyn could see and hear how much Wyatt was worried for her safety. In the short amount of time in the last year they have bonded and become more family to each other. She was still all new to the whole family aspect to be wanted and loved in a way she’s never been before. Having spent the better part of her life by herself alone always feeling that she was unwanted and unloved. Taking her only till now to find all the missing pieces trying to put herself back together. “I will cousin if it would give you some peace of mind” Giving him a soft smile reassuring him that she would look after herself. Taking the amulet putting it on, holding it as she looked down to take it in more. “It is beautiful even though it's not my usual red emerald pendant” Not something she would have picked out but knew that the stone holds magic instead of what it may look like. With the question before turning to where Riley was she almost looked to the empty chair beside her used to having Riley with her whilst her and Wyatt have their usual lunch catch up and meetings. “Oh she’s with some Aspect, Virideus. He’s teaching her some basic english skills” Remembering where her girlfriend was. When she meant basics she meant right back to preschool learning how to read and write with how Riley wasn’t alteriate but that was how she was raised mostly on how to be a wolf rather than live as a human. 

Wyatt nodded as Kae told him her girlfriend was with one of the Aspects. If ever there was a safe place to be in Evermore, it was with one of those beings. No one would be stupid enough to try and go against them and if they were that stupid, they'd have to be pretty powerful. He didn't think the people who were harassing them were any more than just a couple of disgruntled diviners. Or so he hoped. If it was someone or someones who were more organized and that angry, there was no telling who they were up against. It would be easy to call on the rest of the coven, but of course they had no idea if any of them were the ones sending the letters. What if it was a rouse? A way to get he and his cousin thinking ill of their own members just to weaken them in some grand scheme meant for something more?

The fae shut his eyes tightly and opened them again to be rid of the thoughts. He hated all these conspiracies he was coming up with. It made him doubt the coven. If anything, he was happy she had agreed to come stay with him, even if it was just for a couple nights. The letter had stated whatever was to happen was to be tomorrow, so if these threats were really to become a reality, he'd be able to keep an eye on her. Lifting the soda, he took another sip of the drink before deciding his appetite was definitely not going to show. Eating wasn't exactly at the forefront of his mind. "Let's get you a bag packed and then we'll head back to my place. I don't wanna use our teleporting powers unless it's absolutely necessary. If you have to get away, really quickly, even if I'm..." Wyatt left the rest unsaid. "We'll just do travel the mundane way for now."

After paying for the bill and getting their food wrapped to go, he lead his cousin to where he'd parked, offering to drive her to her car. The city was still buzzing at the lunch hour and traffic was still bumper to bumper. As they sat at the light, Wyatt turned to her with a small smirk. "Ya know, I've never seen where you and Riley stay. My brain imagines some abandoned mansion that looks like it's from the Victorian era that you've made grand again," he joked. He'd never in a million years thought Kae would go for someone like Riley. Not that he didn't like the therian; He enjoyed her spunk and resilience, but more so that his cousin seemed so into the finer things in life and Riley had come from nothing, needing to get everything to survive in life herself. Perhaps it was that they bonded over the most despite their different tastes. Regardless, Wyatt was happy she was happy and he knew the love they shared from the look on his cousin's face every time she spoke of her girlfriend. 

Kaelyn did like these weekly coffee trips, way they were able to keep up to date. Especially all with what was happening these days but today was not on good terms. By now both of them have grown tired of all of the constant death threats that it’s all gotten out of hand. Since finding out they were now targeting her girlfriend, she all wanted for it to stop. Kaelyn could see how Wyatt was as happy as she was that Riley was spending more of her time around Virideus. At least they knew she was safe and protected when the two of them wouldn’t be around to protect her. “I think Virideus thinks of Riley as a daughter which is funny because she’s a grown woman and all” She grinned finding it all amusing but she was happy that Riley was going out and exploring. With how she knew Riley was always over paranoid thinking that her old family was out to get her, even with how much she told her that they were long gone. Now thinking it through, maybe she was being a bit selfish trying to speak for her girlfriend of wanting to keep her with her with how she didn’t know if she was able to protect herself, let alone someone else she cares for deeply. “Maybe you're right, that Riley would be safer with Virideus than she is with us” Kaelyn admitted looking saddened knowing that it would be the right thing to do. At least she knew Riley be safe even more so with how Virideus has a personal guard too, extra protection. Knowing that Wyatt was trying to protect her too. 

The two cousins turned away from their conversation away from the letters with how they were in a cafe full of people not the best place to have a secret conversation. With prying eyes and ears. Sipping her coffee as she finished up her food hearing how Wyatt wanted her to hurry up and get going. “It might be more than a bag, a girl has needs and all” Smirking reminding him how she likes having a lot of things. “Relax Wyatt, I mostly travel the mundane way anyway” Giving him a look how she knew he was already overthinking. She never overused her powers, wanting to keep it when she needs it most. With how she saves it for her training lessons with Dakota. Kaelyn waited for Wyatt to finish up and pair before they headed out to Wyatt’s car since he knew she tended to park further away with how she never found a parking space easily when leaving things till last minute. “Or right” Remembering that she never had Wyatt around her own place with how she tended to always go to his place or places to eat out than her’s. “Your a bit wrong on that part” With how her house was more in the heart of the city, keeping it more modern than olden. Things inside her house was partly things she had stolen and other part is what she bought.

Wyatt smirked at her response to his educated guess about their dwellings. "Well, I guess today is the day you prove me wrong because in my mind, it's the two of you living a reclusive and luxurious lifestyle in your gothic castle in the woods until you get bored and venture into the world to rob the filthy rich." After getting through some of the mass amount of traffic, he could see his cousin's car about halfway down the block before hitting the same red light for the third time. Sometimes he wished he'd teleported into the city just to avoid this lunch hour mess, but he knew the lazy way could also prove to be very stupid if he needed to make a quick getaway. With the way things were going for them currently, a fast escape was something they may need at a moment's notice.

"Why don't you get out here and I'll just set the directions in my phone and meet you at your place? This mess doesn't seem to wanna clear anytime soon and you can get started on packing while I'm headed your way. The sooner we are at my place, the better I'll feel." His hues looked back to where she was parked which was just beyond the light that they kept continuously getting stuck at. "Be careful." He knew she was probably tired of him saying it constantly, but he couldn't help it. If something happened to the ambassador of the faction, they would surely fall into a chaos they couldn't afford now that they were finally getting back to finding a peace between the fae and necromancers. Far more importantly, Wyatt couldn't stand the thought of something happening to her.

He watched his cousin exit the car and head down the street with a sigh. A list immediately began to form in his head of all the preparations he wanted to do once they were back to his place. Extra runes. Extra spells. Extra protection. Whatever it took. Wyatt's mind was finally brought back from its drifting as the light changed to green. Inevitably, people behind him and in front started honking as if it would make everyone move faster to get through the signal. Rolling his eyes, he glanced ahead to his cousin who was getting in her car as he finished entering her address in his phone and placing it on the dash clip. 

As his car inched forward, he noticed that two men suddenly moved from the side of the building between the crowds and were staring at Kaelyn as she began to pull away. A slight panic began to form in the pit of his stomach as the men moved into the car parked a few spots behind her, bullying their way into the street to ensure they would be able to follow close behind her. "Shit." Wyatt laid in on his horn as if it could possibly help, but he still had to wait just as everyone else had to before getting through the busy downtown hub. The diviner quickly commanded his phone to call his cousin and waited anxiously for her voice. There were still a bunch of cars between him, her, and the people following. "Pick up..." The ringing finally ceased and Wyatt didn't wait for her to greet him. "Kae! There's someone following you a few cars back. I'm trying to catch up. Don't go home!"

With all that's been going on in the past few months she’s forgotten to make more time for people. Having put aside each time by inviting Wyatt over to her place. With how it’s always been easier to go to his with how rural it is and they just always tend to go to his rather than to hers. Forgetting that she’s not had her cousin yet over to her own home let alone that he knows where she lives. Always putting more of the surprise in for him to picture and figure out what it was like. Letting on how it was much different to his cabin house in the woods. No secret she likes the more glamorous and expensive things, she always have and always will. Liking to outshine other people. She couldn’t help to roll her eyes at his comment of him pointing out how she steals from the rich. Having been told a few times by others she was like the female version of robin hood, back to the time when she gave the money she stole from her criminal ex-fiance and gave to the poor. “You are not going to let me forget how it took me needing you to bail me out of jail to have a proper conversation” She mused, pointing out to something Wyatt never let her forget. “I do more of the stealing, Rileys more of the look out” Kaelyn smirked to her cousin about how it all works. “You know how clumsy Riley is” Sometimes she wondered how it was possible for one person to be so clumsy with how the first thing she said to her girlfriend was commenting on how she’d make the worst robber. Which was very true. 

“Don’t worry I’m more careful with covering my tracks these days” Reassuring him almost to how she knew not to let her conning side affect her leadership position to how she was more careful with making sure she’s not caught. Soon after she became the coven leader she had told Wyatt how she would not be giving up completely her conning and stealing side. It is and always be a part of her and who she is not wanting to lose who she is because of how things may be different. Only just more complicated but she knows that her cousin always worries for her. How they’ve bonded more like brother and sister recently. Sometimes she forgets how bad traffic always tends to walk to places rather to drive with how she’d always end up in the same situation they are in now. Stuck in traffic. “Why is the city always so busy when you just wanna get somewhere?” She muttered complaining almost watching nothing but cars not moving. Already able to tell how Wyatt must be irritated knowing how traffic always irked her cousin. 

Still they weren’t moving almost she was wishing how it would be a lot easier if they would have teleported instead. Sometimes she tends to take advantage more often than she should. Just habit and laziness, to make a quick exit to and from to what she was able to. Kaelyn was almost surprised hearing how Wyatt wanted her to get out and walk instead and meet up in a bit. “You sure you're able to get out of this traffic” Almost double checking how she knew he was trying not to be apart from her with people targeting her and all. “It’ll take me awhile to pack up my things” Always finding herself never able to pack light wanting to take more clothes and things with her than needed which she knew was bad. “Okay, I’ll meet you at my place in a bit. Don’t worry I’ll be safe cousin” Reassuring him once again finding he was like a broken record these days but she knew he only meant well. She soon made her swift exit from the car heading the direction she’d parked her car which was more further than she first thought it was. Not realizing how far away she had parked from the cafe as it was the last free space she could find earlier. 

Kaelyn was already sending Wyatt her address with how she’s forgotten to give it to him before which was quite bad with how she knew that she ought to have given it to him a while back. Soon she’d reached her car, hers was a 1961 Chevrolet Impala red convertible. Similar to her cousins Impala but hers was red and convertible, with how she tends to go for anything that's red. Quickly unlocking and getting into her car placing her handbag on the passenger seat before checking to see if it was safe to drive off. Making a swift exit out of her parking space all obvious not noticing how she was being followed. Too focused on trying to get out of traffic to go to her home. Having her music turned up as she drove, barely able to hear her phone going off in her back. Reaching her hand over almost dropping her phone in the process before answering it whilst driving to drive. Before she could say hello she was cut off by Wyatt’s panicked voice taking over. “Wait what?” Finding herself shocked then looking in her rearview mirror seeing how there were some sketchy people a few cars behind her. “Where do you want me to go?” She went on sounding a little bit nervous knowing there’s people following her. How she couldn’t easily out drive them how she wasn’t a street racer and all. Thinking that her cousin had a plan how he always did have one hoping this time she was right. 

His mind quickly ran through all the possibilities that could work, but nothing seemed better than the next. The street had finally opened up another lane and Wyatt pushed his foot harder onto the gas pedal, weaving through the traffic. "Just keep driving towards the highway as if you're going home and don't make it seem like you know they're behind you. This might be our only shot at seeing who's been harassing us." Wyatt didn't like the idea of using his cousin as bait in this way, but finally getting a look at their harassers was something they couldn't pass up either. They had earned the right to have some answers and maybe this would be the way to get it; turning their plan against them.

The diviner made his approach towards the car that was following Kaelyn, seeing three men inside. The one driving must've been waiting for the other two who had been watching his cousin this whole time. Wyatt didn't know if they had known she was meeting up with him at the cafe, but as he glanced into his rearview mirror not seeing anyone tailing him, he had the feeling that they were not aware Wyatt was even there. Perhaps that was also a good thing because he had the element of surprise on his side. He didn't know how long they were tailing his cousin and the thought made him even more angry that they could've been watching her constantly without her even realizing it. As far as Wyatt was concerned, it just seemed more and more like they were after her and not him.

Driving alongside the car would be too obvious. If they were spying on Kaelyn, then they of course knew who he was as well. He did get the letters too, after all. Wyatt crossed into the next lane and stayed a car behind the one next to them. He kept trying to make out the faces of the men inside, but not a single one of them was familiar to Wyatt. It was disappointing as hell, but he wasn't going to let them have the upper hand either.

"Kae?" he called to her, the phone still connected with his cousin. "When the entrance for the highway comes up, I want you to act like you aren't going to take it and then at the last second veer onto the ramp, okay? I'm going to get them off your tail." Wyatt waited for his chance before he changed lanes again and was now behind their stalkers. He let a light sigh out before patting the steering wheel of his car lovingly and talking to it. "I'm really sorry to have to do this to you, but this is a bit necessary and all."

Wyatt could see the entrance signs of the highway up ahead and his hands gripped the steering tightly. "Ready?" he called to Kaelyn, preparing himself for the impact. The ramp came upon them and just as planned, her bright red car jerked onto the entryway at the last moment. The men of course tried to do the same and Wyatt pushed his foot down on the gas, ramming his car into their bumper. Wyatt jerked forward as they collided, watching as their car smash directly into the median. The diviner quickly reversed as the traffic behind him slowed from the accident he had just intentionally caused. The smoke coming from the smashed in front of their car was satisfying as he drove passed them slowly, peering inside. The men were all disoriented, but he also couldn't help and notice that they also seemed to be coming out of a trance. In fact, he distinctly heard one of them question who the others were as he stumbled out of the car.

The diviner's brow furrowed in confusion. Had they been under some type of spell? He couldn't wait to find out as he put the car in gear and gunned it down the highway in search of Kaelyn. Her car stood out among the others just like she always did and he moved in alongside her, peering into her window. She seemed a bit frazzled, but was fine and that was all that really mattered. "Are you alright?" he asked, looking to the road again. "Let's get to your place and park a bit away. We'll cloak ourselves and walk the rest of the way in. We still don't know if they have eyes on your house or not and we don't need any more surprises." 

Kaelyn hadn’t taken a moment to think of the possibility of people following her. Easily one to forget about the threats that were all up against her. Too naive thinking or more likely hoping that by now all this would be forgotten about that people could move past it all now with how long it’s been now. Yet it seems she couldn’t escape it now, finding herself having to literally escape them. “Wyatt I don’t want to go driving forever, this isn’t grand theft auto” Complaining to her cousin, finding all this ridiculous yet she knew that she’d need to listen to him. Still she wasn’t too fond of the idea of being chased and finding out who's been after her. Thinking that this was a better idea to be handled by the police instead of them. How they weren’t that specialized in dealing with blackmailers and all. Now they were finding they were putting their life on the line. Having a gut feeling that this wasn't going to end well. Almost making her rethink all her moves in the last few days or weeks. Making her wonder how long those people have been stalking her. Whether or not they have been watching her every move knowing she was meeting Wyatt and where. That they were waiting to make their move thinking that they wouldn’t be caught. Like it was an episode of YOU, a show she and Riley had binge watched a while back. With the victim not having a good ending. “How many cars away are they?” Almost trying to figure out how much distance she had to her blackmailers if they were right on her trail. Each time she overtook a car, a car soon followed her each move. Seeing it happening all right in her rear view mirror leaving her with no way to escape. 

She didn’t know how long she could keep it up now knowing she was putting her cousin at risk too. Thinking by now they’ll see that he’s following them too. “Wyatt, what are we going to do?” Sounding slightly distressed as she kept looking back and forth in her mirror, double checking almost that they were behind. Hoping by now Wyatt would have a chance to figure out a planning. Knowing her cousin he probably had thought of a plan how she knew he was good at thinking more on the spot than her. He was more of a stragiesiterd in this sort of stuff whilst she was one take a while to figure things out with more planning. “Urgh they’re not going away” Complaining once again hoping for a moment that they would have given up by now but nope. They were right there following her car. Now she was wishing she had teleported when she could rather than choosing to go by car. Always choosing the risker choice each time. Her eyes widened as she looked back in her mirror seeing Wyatt's black impala seeing how he’d crossed a few lanes but still one behind her stalkers. Almost knowing what he was doing, trying to get a better look. Making her hope he was going to be careful knowing how reckless he could be to put himself in danger to protect others. And that's what he’s doing now. Always wanting to be the hero whatever the risk. 

Right on time she heard Wyatt’s voice coming through the phone that he’d figure out a plan for her to escape. “Okay… wait what you mean get them off my trail?” Worried about what he was going to do, able to hear in his voice that it wasn’t a good one. She continued driving down the highway, seeing the exit he was wanting her to go to was right up ahead. “Ready as I’ll ever be” Still not keen on the idea but she knew there was no other choice. Taking a deep breath the redhead approached the exit at the last moment she quickly pulled on her steering turning to go up the exit. Whilst she did it she kept a check in her mirror to see what her cousin was going to do. Seeing the car behind her followed her and how Wyatt picked up his speed and basically took out the car behind hers, as well as to damaging his car in the process. Not knowing till now how her brother had few off road skills. Fear and worry filled her body not knowing if Wyatt was okay or not since she knew she couldn’t stay behind to witness all the aftermath of it all. All she could do was to carry on driving down the highway following in his plan. A little while later a black Impala with few damages to its front pulled up beside her. “Oh thank god you're okay” Letting out a sigh of relief. “Next time I will kill you for doing that” Shooting him a glare that he knew was coming. Kaelyn listened into his next plan that was more safer how he managed to get the stalkers off her back. “My place isn’t too far away now” Feeling weird out how there were people who could have possibly been watching her house, looking into her and Riley. Invading their personal and private space. 

Wyatt followed his cousin to her home, making sure to park away from the house in case it was being sat on by the people after them. Parking the car, he stepped out and walked around to the front of his vehicle seeing the full extent of the damage. It wasn't much and he'd be able to fix it fairly easily enough, especially with magic on his side, but it still pained him to even see his beauty with the minor bruising. As he knelt down and moved his hand over one of the scratches, he groaned just as he felt Kaelyn walking up behind him. "You're lucky I love you," he said to her over his shoulder.

The diviner stood and turned to face Kae, giving her a once over. She seemed okay despite everything and he pulled her in for a quick hug before just as quickly letting go. They weren't exactly big on showing feelings, at least for each other since their relationship was just starting to define itself, but he would do anything for his cousin now. The fact that she had been given the short end of the stick when it came to their childhoods made him feel like he owed something to her, even if Kaelyn wanted no part of that. Wyatt couldn't help it though. Whatever it was their fathers had destroyed in their own relationship became the legacy of their children now and he couldn't forgive them for that even if they were both dead; or at least that's what he and Kae believed.

"Come on." They walked closer to the house and as Wyatt scanned the area, he couldn't immediately see that anyone was watching. Of course that didn't mean someone wasn't there. After all, they could be cloaked just as he and her were about to be as he nodded to his cousin to make themselves invisible to the naked eye. Moving about unseen was easy enough, but getting into the house might not be as inconspicuous. Wyatt reached out and grabbed his cousin's arm to lead her to the back of the house instead since anyone seeing a front door opening by itself would give them away. 

Wyatt could feel the warding around the home just as he instructed Kaelyn to do when they first found the threatening letters. He was happy to see she listened to his precautions, even though he got a roll of the eyes from her when giving her at least a dozen protection spells to help and keep her and Riley safe. Still, there were not many safer places in Evermore right now than his house and he wanted to get there as soon as possible. Wyatt had no doubt that the people who were after them would notice their other team was not tailing Kaelyn from earlier. 

Stepping into her house, his ears perked up for any signs of life, but it was quiet. Stepping into the space for the first time under these circumstances was not the ideal, but he was happy to see she was flourishing with her girlfriend after her move to Evermore and sudden jump to ambassador to the diviner faction. He was proud to see her doing so well, even if it wasn't exactly always on the right side of the law. How could he judge? Wyatt didn't exactly follow the rules either when it came to procuring all of the lost artifacts he collected around the world. It seemed it was a trait that ran in the family. "Nice place, Kae."

She was now fully creeped out with properly knowing that there were people who had been following her. Wondering how long they have been doing it since they knew where her and Wyatt normally tend to go for their weekly catch up at the same cafe. Kaelyn already knew not to park right in front of her house. She wasn’t that stupid not knowing if anyone would be watching her home. Not wanting to fall into their trap so easily. The redhead waited a few minutes for her cousin to catch up knowing that he would be right behind her. Watching as he pulled up behind her car, noticing how soon as he got out of his car he went to inspect the damage he’d done to it. Soon following behind, to see what the damage was to both the car and her cousin. “How bad is it?” Looking anxious knowing how much the car meant to Wyatt how he’d often call it his ‘baby’. “I love you too” Something she’d never said out loud. For years she stayed away from any form or possibility of having a family never feeling a family love until with Wyatt. Seeing how he put his life on the line to save her feeling that it’s right to have some family bonding. With how a few years back she was staying well clear of him. Kaelyn felt herself being pulled into a hug, feeling a sense of relativement knowing that Wyatt was all okay. “You worried me back then?” She couldn’t help to feel worried, how there were people after her and the people she cares about. 

“Do you think they're still following us?” Looking over to him as she had her arms crossed, not being able to help herself looking around to spot anything out of the usual. The two of them started to walk to her house just as she was about to head to the way of her front door and she felt Wyatt pulling her the other direction.  Knowing he was wanting them to head to the back door. Forgetting herself before. Unlocking the backgate is something she’s been doing lately since when she started to get the letters. Remembering how Wyatt had constantly nagged her to up her own home security the only problem she has with it was teaching Riley how to use it without setting off the alarms. Which was not so easy at it seems. Her back garden had a small pool but one that was big enough for the two of them, with a few sun loungers, flowers of all kinds were planted. She always prided herself in her eye for detail when it came to designing of any sorts. Thinking if she had a normal job it would be interior designing. Heading to her side door of her home. Unlocking the door and swiftly disabling the alarm letting Wyatt in and to look around. Already knowing he was dying to see and find out what her home was like. 

Her home was fancy, modern with a few olden twists. With it being quite light and open space. “Feel free to look around. I keep locked up most of my valuable artifacts” Already letting him look around with having nothing to hide. He already knew how she liked to steal things; it was no secret since he had to bail her out of jail and all. “I try to keep things that are unbreakable on show, Riley is quite clumsy” She couldn’t help to laugh remembering having a few disasters to begin with when Riley kept knocking into tables and cabinets by accident. Learning her lesson to keep things locked up. “Did you want coffee or pie?” Forgetting that she should be in a hurry, not thinking about the imposing threats that could be right at her door. 

Wyatt's eyes wandered the space, feeling a small smirk form on his lips. He was happy to see his cousin doing so well and having set up roots in Evermore, even finding someone to share her life with that wasn't family. He knew Kae had more than the normal amount of trust issues people had and knowing that Riley was trusted enough with her heart meant Wyatt liked Riley even more. His eyes fell on a few of the photos of the two together as she recalled the clumsiness of her girlfriend before he abruptly turned around at her hospitality.

"No," he responded, but just as quickly amended. "Well, yes, I always want those things, but I can find them myself." Wyatt stepped closer to her and signaled his head towards the rest of her house he hadn't seen. "You need to go get ready. Grab a few things. Get some protection charms. Everything you may need to not come home for a few days. I really don't want you to leave my sight until we get this thing figured out." Wyatt gave her an assuring nod before walking passed her and heading towards the kitchen. "I can find my way to the fridge and coffee just fine. Not the first woman's kitchen I've raided that didn't belong to me."

After hearing Kae heading towards the other part of her home, Wyatt's eyes locked onto the refrigerator. He pulled open the door and as the instinct he was born with led his nose straight to the pie, he immediately felt the glands in his mouth react. Pulling out the dish with the flaky crust practically crumbling off the sides, Wyatt grabbed the creamer in his other hand and tapped the door closed with his foot. Seeing the very expensive and boujee espresso machine did not surprise him in the least. He smiled and looked at all the buttons on the contraption, almost laughing to himself at how his simple coffee maker required water, a pod, and the press of two buttons to get his cup of Joe finished. 

Within a few minutes, Wyatt was wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he devoured the slice of pie in record time. He was almost content while sipping on his hot coffee if it weren't for the circumstances looming over him and his cousin. Wyatt wandered into the living room and continued venturing around at the different parts of Kaelyn's house. He shook his head with a grin at some of the expensive things on display, knowing she had definitely relieved someone of their certain belongings. As he peered into a glass case which held a jeweled egg, the sound of the floor creaking made him glance up as the reflection of a man behind him came into view.

Before having the chance to react, Wyatt felt a thin wire wrap around his neck. The intruder pulled the diviner backwards, causing the coffee he held to crash onto the floor. He instinctively grabbed at his throat to pull the wire free, but it was pointless. The shattering of the cup had caught Kaelyn's attention as she called his name in question from the other rooms, no doubt wondering what had happened. Wyatt tried to yell out to her, but it was pointless as he choked on the warning words to get out of the house because he knew there was probably someone else in her room that she didn't know about who was about to strike.

She was proud of her home. It was her favorite place. The place where she feels most safe and happy but now she feels it’s all different. That she’s not able to feel safe or relaxed in knowing there’s people who're targeting her and those around her. Knowing where she lives and goes was something most alarming to her. Kaelyn knew that she didn’t want to go and move, she wasn't the type of person to do that. Having put a lot of time and effort into designing her home to make it perfect and the way she wanted too. Even having Riley’s help in deciding too. Wanting it to feel like her girlfriend’s home too, when Riley’s not living at the swamp hut that herself detests a lot. Yet she knows Riley’s attached to the place and not letting her home in the woods go even if she spends more time in her place rather than the hut. “I hope you like it all, I’ve mostly designed it all myself” She always felt happy looking around her home, at all the little things. One of the things she loves the most was in their living room she had a whole back wall with tropical palm trees printed on it. Giving it more of a feel to the room rather than sticking to the usual plain grey colours that were around the place. Kaelyn knew her cousin was like her one to go around collecting valuable items but more so ones connected to their kind. Since she didn’t think her cousin wanted to dwell into the more illegal side of things. “You just got to look around’ She reminded him yet there were some things she had stolen from some art exhibitions when someone wasn’t looking or the person on security was very bad at their job. It always amazed her of how foolish and blind people were making her job so easy half the time. 

“Right” Nodding her head almost forgetting the main reason why they were here for a moment. “Just to warn you I’m not one of pack light” Yet she knew that he already knew it by now with the times she’s stayed over him before. Thinking she needs more than she really does. “Especially when there’s pie involved” She piped up adding to her cousins weird obsession with pie, sure if they went on a road trip together they’d have to stop at every place to see if they sold pie. Kaelyn went up stairs to her room, leaving Wyatt to raid her kitchen knowing that will keep him busy for a while whilst she went to pack. Grabbing the expensive louis vuitton duffle bag she’d stolen from a rich person's house a few years back. Having a few of them in her collection. Soon she was starting to fill them with clothes and different outfits knowing she didn’t have enough time to plan any outfits. Throwing in some make up and other toiletry bits, that she’d need. With her packed bags in hand she made her way back downstairs where Wyatt was waiting for her. She peeked into the kitchen thinking that's where he’d be but seen he’d already devoured the pie she had kept in the fridge just in case. 

Already able to guess that Wyatt wanted to go and look at her collection. Knowing that he was probably dying to see what most valuable things she keeps on show but not knowing what room he was looking in. Moments later she heard a crashing sound of something crashing to the floor knowing in that instinct something was happening. Able to sense something bad. “WYATT” She screamed frantically rushing to her cousin's aid not wanting to leave him. Soon as she came into the leaving room she saw a wire was wrapped around his throat, the intruders were trying to harm or kill her cousin. Kaelyn couldn’t see who it was but was able to cast a spell to break the metal fire for it to release Wyatt from it’s grasp. “There here’s it’s too late” Looking at him almost in fear that the one place she should feel most protected has been broken into. Not knowing if they were able to escape somewhere or if they were all surrounded and it’s all too late for them with nowhere to go.

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