Learning to look after yourself is something Kaelyn learnt from a young age. Never having anyone caring for her. Nobody that matters. Just her. At the orphanage where she grew up nobody really cared for her, just wanted her for her powers. For her mind. Always being the best thinker. One to come up with different plans and strategies on the spot. Quick on her feet. Making Kaelyn a natural when it came to learning how to be a con artist. Back then it started off as a way the orphanage did to get money. Training the children of how to pick pocket, steal a few valuables so they can then sell it off for money. Using them for their own advantage. Kaelyn not knowing the full extent of all before she turned 18 where it all came into light. Finding out what she is. It all making sense, why she always felt like an outcast all her life. Not being the same species as everyone else. To when first finding her powers the people at the orphanage started to ‘use’ her for her abilities so she could become an asset. Where in reality it was so Kaelyn could help them into bigger cons, for more money. Leaving there soon as she could, escape it. 

Kaelyn’s childhood and life was far from a fairy tale. Choosing to live a lonely life. As the years pass the Instar Diviner feels that she’s losing hope. Is this all her purpose is? To live a life alone. Stealing from the rich so she can then feed and fend for herself. Not having a stabile or normal income as everyone else. Moving ever so often to escape the prying eyes of those around her. Like many people of the supernatural does. A never ending cycle. It was one of the downfalls for being an immortal, wishing that she could have a normal human life. To age normally and one day die. Now Kaelyn was thinking what is the point of it all. It wasn’t so bad now. After meeting Riley, things started to change for the better. So Kaelyn’s not feeling so alone now. Company. It was a strange thing after spending many years alone. Refreshing. Even with all of Riley’s personality and habits so to speak, used to it by now. Her mind often wondered to what if could have been like if she agreed to talk to her cousin. To hear him through. Find out of her past, the reason why her parents abandoned her when she was just a baby. Maybe Kaelyn was afraid to admit that she was scared of abandonment. Thinking that she’d let him in and he’d then leave. Used to people leaving on her. Always feeling that she was never wanted.   

It was getting darker this time of the afternoon. Making it easier to go out an pickpocket a few people. Since they can’t see you coming along with it being rush hour. Everyone hurrying back to go home. It’s more harder to do it in broad daylight so she tried to do it at a time where it’s too dark to see. The Redhead had already had pick pocketed a few people going onto one of the lasts for the night. Enough money to pay for some days worth of food. As Kaelyn was reaching her hand into the males back pocket grasping the wallet to slip it out, for the person not to notice. She suddenly felt a strong grip grasping onto her list as she was brought to a halt too. Feeling a the male twisted her around so they could face one another. She took a large gulp as she looked into his eyes, full of shock knowing too well she'd been caught. Sensing the man was someone more than a normal mundane. “You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future.” The words echoed from the male, the typical speech used when arresting people. Able to know what was ahead of her and happening now. She was being arrested, pick pocketed the wrong person.

What happened next all happened in a blur. The Instar Diviner knew too well not to act out or try to provoke. Offering her hands out to the police officer before he would force her hands behind her wrists. Hearing as he made some calls before being guided to his car, seeing as he was officer off duty. It weren’t too long till she was guided to the front desk before taken to a room so some documents could be done. Along with her fingerprints to be taken so it could be documented. Searched where they were able to find some cash she had stolen, along with some cards and her phone. Vaguely remembering before being forced to have a mugshot taken. Holding of a sign with her name, inmate number.  As it was getting later, it would mean everything would be moved till tomorrow. Leaving the Redhead to be locked inside a prison cell for the night. Taking her back to the nights in the orphanage in the small room, similar bars on the windows. Leaving her alone with only her thoughts keeping herself company. Blaming herself for how foolish she was. All these years having a clean streak and now she'd been caught. It was even too late to call anyone.

Her thoughts went to Riley, would she notice that she was gone. Would she come looking for her. Tracking her by her scent and all. Kaelyn weren’t too sure. All night she spent trying to think of what to say to the police officers. How could she explain what she does. Along with the documental details. Would they be able to see that they were forged. It weren’t till morning when one of the prison guards told her she was able to make a phone call. Kaelyn had no one to ring. The modern day was still strange for Riley. Whereas she had no other friends to call. A name came into her head. One she had been pondering whether or not it’ll be a good idea to contact. Would he answer her call or shut it down just like to before when she practically slammed the door into his face. The Redhead was guided to one of the phones, lined up behind people. Waiting to take her turn. Watching as the room full of strangers had their eyes on her. Thinking she didn’t belong here, looking out of place. It was true. She was out of place and hated it there. Not wanting to stay any longer than she has to.

When it came to her turn, Kaelyn started at the numbers on the phone. Was she ready to call the only family she had left. To grovel at his feet. In fear she would be locked up. Knowing already it can be a long sentence if all her crimes she’s committed throughout the years from stealing comes out. Taking a deep breath she pressed the numbers into the phone. Having memorised it before from the piece of paper he had given her when they last met. To when he tried to persuade him to talk to him. Kaelyn memorised the numbers, stuck in a constant battle whether to listen to him through. Now it was happening, not the way she’d expected it to be live. As people says there's no time like present. The wait was antagonising as she waited for an answer. For the call to be directed through. Hoping he hadn’t changed his number over the years.

It weren’t too long till she heard a confused hello through the other side of the line. Ready to face her fears. “Wyatt it's me Kaelyn. I’ve messed up and I really need your help. Please come to Evermore City Police station. I promise I’ll tell you more then I’ll hear you out” She pleaded, letting him hear the fear in her voice. Afraid to be stuck in there for any longer. Promising she’d make it all up if he helps to get her out of here. The anticipation of waiting was worst. Would he bail her out or leave her here, that was the big question.

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Wyatt clawed behind him in attempts to reach for the person who was currently trying to end his life, but it was pointless. Instead he pushed his weight further backwards in hopes of knocking the man off balance and even that was proving difficult because his opponent was much bigger than him. Wyatt had to admit that cutting off his ability to speak and making it impossible to cast was about the best way to render a diviner like himself rather useless. Even trying to focus on telepathically sending anything large enough to crash into them and knock the intruder away was problematic.

He gasped for the air that wouldn't come and could only hope his cousin was able to teleport out in time to get away from anyone else in the house. The idea that he wouldn't be around to help her stay safe hit him in the gut with a crushing blow, but then in that same instant she appeared in the room with wild eyes as she took in the scene. As the pressure of the wire was broken thanks to her, Wyatt whirled around and gave a swift right hook to the man's jaw before kicking him in the chest and sending him head backwards over the couch. Another man came running into the room and straight for his cousin, but Wyatt quickly rooted the man to the spot as if frozen just before he could reach her with arms outstretched. His hues moved to hers while a quick fit of coughs took him over from the whole ordeal. "My house. Now. Go." There was no time to pack. Apparently the people after them were three steps ahead and they couldn't wait any longer. Getting her out was the first priority.

As Kaelyn teleported, Wyatt continued to hold the man in place just as he heard the back door of the home kick open. He wasn't exactly sure if this next decision would prove helpful or harmful, but they were still in the dark about who was after them and as far as he could tell, the best clue was now standing in front of him under his control. Wyatt's head swiveled around as the man who had tried to strangle him lifted himself with a slight wobble off the floor. His eyes looked vacant, yet murderous, but it reminded him of the same expression the men who tried to follow Kaelyn from the cafe held. 

A woman and another man came running towards him from the kitchen where he had heard the intrusion just a moment beforehand. Wyatt grabbed hold of the one he kept like a stone statue which immediately broke the spell. He instantly tried to attack the diviner, but Wyatt teleported them out of his cousin's home and into his own. They both landed hard on the floor since Wyatt could barely keep hold of the attacker in their trip, but it hardly phased the man as he immediately came at him again like a rabid animal. Wyatt was barely able to contain him with the same magic he used before to hold him in place. His eyes landed on Kaelyn who looked confused at seeing what was happening. "There's binding rope in the closet," he said, nodding towards the door where he kept all his magical needs. "Grab it. Let's see what this guy can tell us."

She was used to living her life on the run. It’s something she’s always known and was the usual for con artists like her. Yet this was reminding to her one of her closest calls she’s had. It was around the same time she had first met Wyatt. She’d found out her fiance at the time was someone who was not a good person, a murderer at that. Her being here stole all his money and did a runner at the time, choosing to give it all to the poor. A heroic act but one that made her feel always on edge at the time. Still days now she’d often worry if he was trying to hunt her down. Luckily for her he was just human. With years passing since then, making her know this wasn’t him. Making her wonder how many targets she had on her back putting those she loves in danger. Panic filled her body hearing her cousin being attacked downstairs. It’s already too late. She’d hoped that they would both be able to make a swift exit with no complications but it’s all too late. All Kaelyn wanted to do was for them to get out of her home and to escape her attackers. Hurrying downstairs Kaelyn followed where the crashing was coming from. Already able to sense that her home was in the process of being destroyed. 

Kaelyn knew her cousin too well. Used to his selfless acts to put everyone else in front of himself. That he was shouting for her to leave but she wasn’t going to do that. “I’m not leaving without you” Kaelyn shouted as she came through to where Wyatt was trying to fend off a group of attackers. Watching as he was throwing firsts and putting up a fight. Kaelyn knew that her cousin could put up a good fight and that he was good at it, he was far better with his fighting skills than her. Waiting to see Wyatt was able to handle trying to fend off the people long enough for them to be able to have enough time to distance themselves away to flee. Or if she’d need to use magic to intervene. Right when she was trying to help all she could see was one of the attackers heading straight to her. For once she felt herself frozen, not being able to move. This time it was all different and I was not able to react. Thankfully Wyatt helped to snap her out of the trance stopping the man and protecting her. Wyatt was coughing in front of her, trying to get words out whilst trying to catch his breath. “You promise you’ll be right behind me?” She pleaded still not wanting to leave him behind that they would follow in with their plan of making it out together. 

With no time to act, Kaelyn knew what she needed to do. Using the element of surprise for her next trick, something that was her favourite part of her powers. In her mind she pictured Wyatt’s home in the woods, seeing it clear in her head. Like magic she disappeared in thin air. Appearing inside of Wyatt’s home. She’s always loved to teleport, using it to her advantage but his time to escape. The Redhead was eagerly awaiting the sign of her cousin hoping he wasn’t going to do anything more reckless. Yet knowing about him she couldn’t count on it. As more time was passing the more worried she was becoming, hoping and thinking what was taking him so long. Then soon followed a crashing sound, quickly looking to see somehow Wyatt had appeared but brought one of the attackers with him. It wasn’t a swift entrance seeing the attacker was going wild making her scream almost. “You brought one here?” Glaring at her cousin, why he’d made it more difficult for them. Hearing as he was yelling for her to get the binding rope she’d quickly ran to where Wyatt kept all his magical stuff. Quickly grabbing the binding rope, using her magic to wrap it around the man. Binding it to him where he wasn’t able to escape the ropes grasp, making him powerless. “Why can’t you never take the easy way out?” 

Wyatt rubbed his throat where the man in his cousin's house had wrapped the wire around his neck, feeling the ache that still lingered there on his skin. It hurt to swallow and the burn in his chest from the fits of coughing to breathe was still dull. He looked to Kaelyn for a moment instinctively to make sure she was alright and despite her clear annoyance that he'd taken the time to bring one of their attackers to his home, Wyatt knew it was only because she was worried about him. Strange to think that only some years ago the two had no communication at all and now he would do anything to make sure she was safe. 

He glared at the man who was now seated and bound by the roping Kae had taken from his supply. Everything about him seemed rabid. Even bound and with no possible way to move, the intruder still attempted to come for Wyatt by pulling and twisting in a feeble attempt to get free. The fact that he was causing himself harm didn't seem to phase the man at all. The vacant look was deep in his eyes as if there was only one thing on his mind and that was to get his hands around Wyatt once again. Though he couldn't exactly pinpoint what kind of spellwork it was, he knew this was some type of dark magic.

Wyatt could feel the energy in his amulet vibrate against his chest the closer he got to their current house guest that remained tied up. He looked down towards it and lifted the pendant between his fingers, instantly feeling the energy pulsing from it. "This is some bad juju," he said under his breath before letting the charm go and folding his arms over his chest, his brow pulling together from all the confusing thoughts going in his head. "I feel like this is somewhat pointless to even attempt at asking but, who sent you?" The question was completely ignored as the man only seemed hellbent on breaking free. Wyatt snapped his fingers in front of the guy's face, but there was zero reaction outside of his general need to still maul the diviner to death.

"It's like he's a zombie or something. Have you ever seen anything like this?" Wyatt turned to his cousin who seemed just as confused as him. "The guys following you from the cafe were the same; a bunch of robotic animals. It's like they were programmed for one thing only." He tilted his head slightly as he studied the man before circling the chair to get a closer look. "After the crash, it was like they were knocked back to the waking world again. Somehow the trance was gone." Wyatt had seen a handful of cursed people in his life, but these were far too many and all at once. It was either the work of an entire coven or one very powerful diviner and either of those was not something he was wanting to be the truth. "I don't want to say it out loud cause it will sound just as ridiculous, but is this has to be some type of mind control cursed magic?" He glanced at the cases full of different books, scrolls, and grimoires knowing there was plenty of knowledge in them, but probably nothing that would answer the many questions he had. To him, the best solution would be to find a way to get this man out from under the deep spell he was in now and from what he knew, a good knock to the head was the only way that worked. He glanced to the dusty shelves once more and picked up one of the large geode rocks he had on display. "Well, here goes nothing." Wyatt took aim and hit their captive in the back of the head, rendering him unconscious. He looked up to Kaelyn and shrugged as he placed the rock back down. "Guess I should've hit that other guy back at your place a little harder." 

She’s still in disbelief of all that's just happened in matter of moments. With attackers breaking into her home. The one place she thought she felt safest at was no more safe. Remembering the sound of her valuables all crashing to the ground, smashing into little pieces. Not even needing to look to know that her home and belongings were ruined. Kaelyn knew it was Wyatt all over not to think of a proper plan beforehand. Seeing how that's happened now, now they had one of their attackers in Wyatt’s place. The place they’d escaped to thinking they were safe. “Did you really have to bring one of them with you?” Almost sounding like a broken record. In truth she was tired of it all. Wanting for this all to be over. For all of it to be over. Back at the start she thought taking over the leadership for their coven would be easier than it’s been. She didn’t think that there were so many people who were against her taking the title. Yet she knew there was a reason why she was picked. Others just had to accept it but others were taking longer to accept it than others. At least she knew she had a few people who stood by her side. Wyatt and Alexandra were the main two that she knew she could count on, with others two. Right from the start she considered Wyatt to be her second in charge. Truthfully without him by her side she didn’t know what she would have done. Lucky to have his help and guidance, especially how much she needed at the start. Normally she’s one to run away at the thought of taking on responsibility but this was all different knowing this was something she couldn’t escape from. 

The two of them managed with their powers combined using spells to keep the man all chained up. Giving them enough time to find and figure out something that could give them any leads. She was trying her best not to be startled by the man, it was quite hard without how he was acting out. Almost un human like. Looking over to Wyatt she could see how his neck was still looking bad, with the red line burn still prominent. “Wyatt your neck, do you have anything I could use on it?” Worrying over her cousin's injury knowing it must be causing him trouble but knowing Wyatt he was too stubborn to admit and say anything. Pulling out one of the nearby stools there was lying about, she sat down on it so she could see what Wyatt was about to do. Choosing to leave it to him to try to pry anything from her attacker. Seeing how he had dragged him here, it was up to him to interrogate. Looking closely she was able to notice the pendant that Wyatt wore around his neck was starting to vibrate. Almost able to sense that it wasn’t good. All she wanted for this to be over. Having better things to worry and think about without needing to deal with all this too. “It’s no use Wyatt” Sighing still they were getting nothing from their prisoner, expecting to be like this. That he wasn’t foolish enough to say anything to them. 

“It’s all creepy, messed up” Wondering why these men were after her, how Wyatt was right, they were programmed to go after her. “I haven’t seen anything like this” Not even in books she had read, had anything like this in it. “Have you?” Kaelyn knew her cousin likes to dabble into ancient and darker magic at times, thinking maybe he’d have more ideas than her. All of it was a lot to take in. “Controlled cursed magic? Like the ones who have gone after today are just pawns like someone is controlling them, like a puperter?” All of it was messed up, all out of their league for a simple city coven. “Wait” Trying to stop Wyatt but she was too late, watching as he used a rock to bash the man's head in. “I was going to suggest we could have saianced him, to figure out what was controlling and possessing him” Pointing out the more magic side of things rather than using brute force. 

Wyatt looked to the unconscious man and then walked over to his mini bar, picking up the bottle of whiskey he favored. He poured himself a healthy glass before taking a very long sip and turning to face his cousin. "We'll try your gentle tactics if this one doesn't work, deal?" His tone was laced with anger and annoyance, but it wasn't because of Kaelyn's suggestion, he was just overly frustrated by the entire situation. A deep breath passed through his lips in some attempts to calm down. He knew he shouldn't take it out on her when she was under just as much stress if not more because of all of this. "I'm sorry, Kae," he said quietly, his gaze moving into the glass for a moment before swallowing the rest of the aged alcohol. "Despite this attack, it is the closest we've ever gotten to some answers on what's going on. Let's try and focus on that, okay? Maybe we can finally figure out what this is all about."

Their guest suddenly groaned from the chair, pulling his attention away from his cousin and setting the glass down. Wyatt stepped in front of the man and saw the blood that trickled down from his head from the blow he'd given him. As the man finally came around, his eyes went wild before pulling at the ropes as he did before, but Wyatt could immediately see the difference in his demeanor. He didn't seem like a rabid animal, but more a frightened captive as what most would expect. "Hey, hey, calm down."

"Where am I? What's going on?!" His voice cracked and seemed to be filled with a genuine emotion. It looked like he was completely broken of whatever hold the dark magic had on him. 

Wyatt looked over to Kaelyn at this new turn of events before looking back to the man as he folded his arms over his chest. "Listen, we aren't going to hurt you. We just want answers. You attacked me and my cousin here and we are trying to find out why." The man looked at Wyatt as if he had three heads. Whatever this magic was, it completely blocked out the person's conscious self while being controlled. "What's your name?"

Their captive looked between the cousins for a moment before answering. "Linus."

"Well, Linus, my cousin here is going to try a little hypnosis on you to see if we can find out who might be trolling around in your noggin." At this, Linus glanced between the two of them like they were psychotic, making Wyatt roll his eyes. "Yeah, I know."

The diviner moved over to Kaelyn to speak privately so Linus wouldn't hear. He had the feeling it would only freak the man out more than he already was and trying to get him under hypnosis would be nearly impossible if he was not going to cooperate. Frankly, Wyatt wanted to just knock him out again and traverse his last thoughts over the past several hours to see if he could find the answers they needed that way, but it was dangerous magic. If hypnosis didn't work, he would of course risk it. "Think you can do it? You've got the better energy for this and I'm pretty sure he'll respond better to you than me." Wyatt glanced over his shoulder at Linus who seemed petrified. "Can't imagine why he'd be scared of me," he mumbled sarcastically and turned back to his cousin. "If you can't find anything, I'll try more... extreme measures. I'll take a visit through his mind and see what I can dig up." He tried to read Kaelyn to see if she could power through despite. It was a lot to ask, but she was strong, that he knew and had witnessed plenty before. 

One thing she was glad of was that Wyatt had chosen to do all this integrating at his place rather than her’s. Not exactly wanting her home to be ruined by whoever these people are than it already is. Kaelyn knew that Wyatt had his own plans and ways he wanted to go around it all. Seeing how he’s started to put it all into action with bringing one of those people here. All she was hoping for was that he wasn’t just going on a wim. “I’m sure you wouldn’t want to have blood spilled in your home right?” She made a sly comment following suit and pouring herself a glass of whiskey after Wyatt. Knowing she’d be in need of many drinks tonight to help settle her nerves. Still trying to process it all. Kaelyn knew that Wyatt wasn’t happy for them to start with a not so deadly threatening tactics. “I just don’t want you to go too far, do something you regret later” Seeing herself in the past when a light diviner goes too far then now able to take it back, not wanting to see the same happen to her cousin. Only blaming herself because he’s only doing it to protect her. She never wanted for him to risk his life to save hers. “I just want for this all to be over” Sighing to herself before taking another sip of her drink. She knew that Wyatt was wishing the same but it seemed like it wasn’t going away any time soon. Only putting her further away from being able to put her soul focus into leading her faction without these unknown people plotting against her. 

Kaelyn chose to lean against a nearby wall letting Wyatt take the lead into integration, since it was his idea to bring their enemy to their safe house. She couldn’t help to be intrigued watching carefully the man's movements. Both of them were already able to see it wasn’t normal activity. Almost like a rabid animal. Thinking that he might have been drugged with something in case they find themselves in situations like these. One step ahead to ensure that she and Wyatt cannot find anything out. “What do you think he’s taken? His pupils are really dilated?” She was no nurse or anything but could see it wasn’t right but after Wyatt had punched him.Almost like there was a switch put on inside him. Something changed. They were able to see the man was more frightened now than anything. “What the…” She started to say, stopping herself that Wyatt would be thinking the same. Kaelyn chose to let Wyatt do the talking, taking charge to get any answers out of their hostage. It wasn’t many moments till the man had given a name, the start of getting somewhere. 

“I should be able to do it” He was right she was more better at mental manipulation. Finding it’s easier to get into someone's head, prying information from anyone. The different tactics she would use for her cons. A reason for how she was able to get away so easily with it all. The redhead rolled her eyes at her cousin who was wondering if their hostage was so scared of him. “Oh yeah it's not everyday you're taken hostage by people and chained up in a place in the middle of nowhere” She muttered sarcastically trying to freak the man out more. Now she was starting to think maybe this man was hypnotised by someone else, brainwashed to carry out the acts. After Wyatt had punched him he seemed to snap out of it. That's all she could think of knowing she’d need to use her powers to be sure. 

Wyatt read his cousin's eyes and could tell she was fully ready to do what was needed in order to get the information they needed from their new guest. He nodded to her and looked back to the man who was still bound in ropes, knowing that in order for them to get any real information they needed Linus to feel at ease, otherwise, they'd have to do it the hard way which meant his way; spellwork that would have him prying in the man's head whether he wanted to or not. That was dangerous magic for Wyatt and their new friend. It was something he hoped to avoid.

Sighing, the diviner walked forward and knelt down to be at a lower level than Linus who sat in the chair, hoping to make him feel like they weren't too much of a threat. "Listen, we aren't going to hurt you, like I said before, but we do need to figure out what's going on. I'm sure you would like some answers too on why you've been blacked out for the last several hours or so, right?" Wyatt read the man's face and it seemed that he was indeed curious as to what happened, but of course still wary of them. Standing, Wyatt walked around and undid the magical bindings, wrapping them around to store away again. Linus cautiously looked between the pair while rubbing his wrists. He seemed a little more willing to play along, but was understandably looking nervous. 

Wyatt moved over to his supply closet and opened it, placing the rope back inside and grabbing some items Kae would need in order to help with the hypnosis session. "Linus, my cousin is going to try and see if she can pull some information out of you that you might not even know is there in your subconscious," he began, speaking over his shoulder as he swiped some of the herbs and crystals from the shelving. "You'll be perfectly fine and we'll get you home right after." At least Wyatt hoped he would be fine. If there was some kind of barrier or block in Linus's mind put up by the diviner who might've been controlling him with a magical curse, who knew what those consequences might be. Still, what other choice was really left to them now?

He walked from the closet and placed the objects down, mashing some of the lavender and chamomile herbs together in a metal mortar and lighting the oil mixture to help calm Linus as much as possible. Frankly, the Brookes could use it too. He handed Kaelyn the bowl to waft the smoke tendrils over Linus as he placed the smoky quartz and crystal quartz stones inside the mix to hopefully balance the energy. The rest was now up to her and he didn't want to interrupt. Grabbing the glass of whiskey he had yet to finish, Wyatt topped off the drink with more of the smooth alcohol and leaned against the wall, sipping and watching with the hope that they could finally get results.

The Brookes cousins were known to be skilled Diviners. Kaelyn could remember back that Wyatt said it had to do with their bloodline reaching back right to the start when the Diviners were created. That it all was passed down to them. So it all came easy to both of them. How she was able to learn spells without a proper teacher, how it came to all naturally to her. In the past she’s even created a few spells or two, she was sure that for Wyatt it was the same. For both of them having read too many old books and grimoores to count. Kaelyn knew how her cousin enjoyed learning and finding anything that came to ancient magic and artifacts. She too enjoyed collecting rare and valuable items some she had stolen on her travels. For her area of expertise that she’s been working on that only Wyatt knew about. It was something that was complicated and can be quite a risk for any Diviner. That only the most powerful, olden and dark Diviners can only do. Yet she was in training, teaching herself with the constant of books with dark and olden magic that her cousin had obtained for her through their connections. 

Kaelyn knew that it was all down to her if they wanted to finally get to the bottom for all they had been put through in the last few months. That Wyatt had done his own job already putting his life on the line, risking it all to bring their attacker here so they could lock him up and get information from them. “We got to do what we got to do right?” Looking over to her cousin checking one more time if this was what he was ready for. How he knew she’d yet to perfect her powers for it that she could put herself at risk and Linus too in the process. Trying to tap into soemones mind was not an easy thing to do to say the least. They both knew that this was the only other way how all of their other motivaives they’ve done before have barely scratched the surface. That they weren’t ones for torututre it wasn’t of their nature, plus she couldn’t risk anything or anyone coming in the way of ruining her reptiation as an ambassador. Spending so long trying to build it up to bring others to her side. She wasn’t ready to risk it all, if anything goes wrong there were other things they could do to save their own backs. 

The Diviner was surprised the least to see that Linus was ready to cooperate with them. How it was all so strange and confused her and Wyatt more. Making them want to get to the bottom of it all sooner. “He doesn’t seem like the attacker type now, it’s he’s a different person” She pointed out looking over to the male in front of her, that Wyatt was thinking the same as her. Kaelyn waited for Wyatt to get Linus ready along with all the things that she’d need to perform the spell. Whenever she would start her own training he would help to prepare all things she needed. Whilst she would set up a circle of candles in the room that would surround both her and Lunus. Using her powers to set a light to all the candle flames. “I guess it’s now or never right” She mused a little with how much tension there was in the air how they all are anticipating what's going to happen. Kaelyn stood behind Lincus placing her hands on each side of his head, closing her eyes she blocked out everything and everyone around her. Putting all her focus into tapping into the males mind. How it was proving to be more difficult than others whose she’s practised on, it felt like there almost was a barrier onto his mind to stop others getting inside. Scrunching her brows in confusion as she carried on harder, to tap into his mind.

Wyatt was not one for patience, especially given their circumstances. He let out a breath and sipped on his whiskey while trying very hard not to move from the spot and let his cousin do what was needed. It was easier said than done. His hues stayed fixed on Kaelyn as she worked her way through the maze of Linus's mind, seeing the extreme concentration it was taking. Wyatt wasn't one for as much finesse in the way that she was and having her be the one to take the lead on this was probably a lot better than his alternative methods. The spellwork he had in mind would probably just end up turning Linus into a vegetated state for a few days if not a coma and even though he was desperate, wrong was wrong. Had it not been revealed to them that this was not of the man's doing by his own free will, Wyatt would've gladly delved into that magic if only for revenge.

He sipped the aged liquor and couldn't help the impatience which was naturally him sometimes. Pushing off the wall, he began to pace. The scent of the herbs filled the air and he tried instead to focus on that instead of the anxiety of the situation. The lids of his eyes closed as he stopped his strides and took a few deep breaths, inhaling the herbal and oil mixture to remain calm. The flames' light of the many candles danced behind his lids which helped him zero in on that instead of the uneasiness in his gut. Wyatt put the glass to his lips again and took a large gulp. 

It had been working in those few moments, but the sudden darkness made his eyes open. His hues moved about the room in confusion when he saw all of the candles had gone out leaving only wisps of smoke in the air. Wyatt quickly looked to his cousin who seemed to be in some kind of pain, Linus looking no better. "Kae?" Taking a few steps towards them, a sudden strong energy pulsated from Linus and knocked Wyatt off his feet. The glass of whiskey he held shattered on the floor and he fell, rolling across and into the wall. The world spun for a moment as the back of his head collided with ground, but he shook it off and stumbled to his feet to get back to his cousin.

He didn't dare go much closer as he did before. Trying to forcefully break a link between two people's minds that were locked through a magic bond was beyond dangerous, especially when something or someone else was keeping them linked on purpose. "Kae!" Whoever it was that had some type of control over Linus was back and now toying with them both. It had to have been the person behind it all. Wyatt felt incredibly helpless. With all the spells he'd learned over his lifetime, he didn't dare to intervene for fear of hurting Kaelyn and hoped she would be strong enough to get herself out. If she could at least follow his voice back... "Kae, come back! Snap out of it!" Linus began convulsing and a trickle of blood spilled from his cousins' nose. "No, no, no. Kae, come on, follow my voice back! Get out of there!"

Maybe they were way over their head but it’s too late now, how they were in too deep. Choosing to take it on all by themselves not wanting anyone else to get involved. That it was their own problem. With the threats being aimed at their family, that having anyone else getting involved would be worse for them. Still they didn’t know who they were targeting but they were now so close to figuring it out. Neither of them wanted to give up just yet. How for the first time in months they had gotten a lead and a prisoner at that. Finally able to be one step ahead, they weren’t going to lose that. Even if it meant putting their own life on the line, risking themselves to find out. Kaelyn knew she would be the best one of the two of them for tapping into Linus’s mind. How she was more skilled than Wyatt when it came to making sure that the other person made it out all over. Seeing in the past how one wrong move can be deadly. Neither of them wanted to see any harm happen to Linus with how well he’s able to corporate which had surprised them both. Even more so to push them to figure out what was happening. 

Kaelyn knew that now it all came down to her, that Wyatt had already played his own part now it was her turn. It was no lie that she was feeling nervous to say the least. That it’s been a while since she had practised this sort of magic now it was on the real thing. Yet she couldn’t let Wyatt know that she was feeling apprehensive with it’s too late to back out. All she could do now was to give it her all. Kaelyn knew there was more to why she was chosen as the coven leader over Wyatt, she only just had to find out why for herself. Closing her eyes she focused on tapping into Linus’s mind. Already it was proving not to be so straightforward and easy as she hoped but she expected so. Everyone had their own different ways to tap into someone's mind. It was a very skilled and dangerous thing. For her it felt that she was in a dark room. That it was like an endless room, just nothingness. Like she was treading on water, able to hear water drops. Very dark and onions. Kaelyn felt herself wanting to keep on walking further and further, seeing something up far. Back in reality at Wyatt’s log cabin the lights were starting to flicker more and more with the longer she was spending. Almost with a cold chill and wind coming into the room how she was going against the power of nature with the dark magic. 

Still she carried on walking to see what it was that she could see as she was going further and further to someone's mind. As she got closer she could see the outline of a person till she was right behind them. Seeing a body huddled on the floor, like they were a prisoner. All beaten up and bleeding being held against their will. Kaelyn was able to see it was Linus. All of a sudden another figure appeared yet she wasn’t able to make the other figure out who was approaching Linus. That the man was speaking to Linus, sending him orders. She was able to make now what he was saying. “I want you to send someone a message, to Kaelyn Brookes. The Instar Diviner in Evermore City. I want you to make her life hell. To make her pay so she’ll lose everything and everyone. So she has nothing, just like she took from me” The man threatened making it all clear that he had it out for her. She was confused by it all having crossed and stolen from many people in her lifetime. Kaelyn watched as Linus was injected with some sort of serum, watching as Linus was turned into a different person almost. Like a rabid animal they had once seen. 

Soon as the person who was conspiring against her turned around she froze in shock. Able to see and recognise who it was, someone who thought was long gone. It was like she was frozen there, feeling as if he looked her straight in the eyes seeing her but she knew that wasn’t possible. Feeling herself being trapped there, almost powerless. Whilst in reality back with Wyatt it was all gone wrong. She could hear the frantic calls coming from her cousin, calling for her to come out. It was like she could snap out of it, with everyone else disappearing but she was left in the endless void. “Wyatt!” She called out, trying to run back to where she came from. Before she was snapped into reality. Opening her eyes she could see all the candles had gone out, Linus’s head was down with him passing out. It felt like her head had exploded. Kaelyn turned to look over to Wyatt for him to know what she had seen. “He’s back, he’s back” she repeated, all she was able to make out. Feeling herself becoming unstable. Touching to her nose she could feel blood was trickling down. Then moments later she felt herself losing her balance before passing out with the power she had used took it out of her body. Or had she already done too much damage? 

Wyatt looked over at his cousin who remained unconscious on his bed. She was incredibly still. She seemed a fairytale princess in fact, for how always put together she looked, even when the odds were completely against her. He had always thought it was a way of feeling a sense of control for Kaelyn even when things were spiraling, but it certainly helped to pull in any mark she had her eye on as well in her former life. His mind moved to an old photograph in an album he'd shared with Kaelyn some time ago where she looked very much like her mother. Wyatt wasn't sure how she would react at the time when presenting her with images of a family that she'd never known. To her, they were just strangers in a picture who gave her up and he couldn't really imagine what her feelings would be. To him, these were the people he thought he knew his whole life when really, he wasn't sure how well he knew them at all.

His eyes drifted to make sure her chest was rising, the few blood droplets which had fallen from her nose glaringly apparent. An audible and heavy sigh passed through his lips before he stood up and began pacing slowly at the foot of the bed feeling helpless still. He had tried to gently wake Kaelyn, but it had been pointless. Her mind was taking its time to find its way back to consciousness and Wyatt didn't want to force it, though the urge to find a way inside her thoughts was keeping him on edge. He wanted to know so badly what she'd seen in Linus's head; If they were finally going to get some answers on who it was that had it out for them.

The thought of Linus made him stop and lean against the doorframe. He stared at the now empty seat where their captive had been an hour or so before. It had been chaotic. The magical force in the room was powerful and heavy, almost making Wyatt feel violently ill. Kaelyn had finally come back around, but of course it wasn't for long as she exclaimed her cryptic words of someone's return before passing out against him. It was in this same moment that Linus roused awake with a start. Wyatt wasn't going to take any chances and immediately locked on the man when he stood up, magically holding him in place with his mind. The weight in the room suddenly lifted then and from the wild and scared look in Linus's eyes, the diviner could tell he was still no threat to them. 

After Wyatt had carried his cousin to his bed, he tried to find any information out from Linus that he could, but the human had not a clue what had happened while Kaelyn was walking his mind. He kept his end of the deal as promised and called a cab for Linus to go home and hopefully they would never see him again. It was of little comfort to him now though. Wyatt turned back to look at his very still cousin on the bed and wondered how long it would be before she woke and who scared her so badly. For now, a somber walk to the whiskey bottle seemed like the best course of action.

It was very rare for her to take a step too far. Normally she was the one to sway others away from doing something so stupid and recklace. For light diviners to dable into the ways of dark magic is so dangerous and unpredicatable. The two of them knew that right now it was the only way around to figure out what was going on. It took them this long to get to where they are right now. Not wanting to lose the only lead they had. Having the one of the people who was against her right in their own hands. It would be foolish to not give up when they were so close. Kaelyn knew that it was now down to her to take over, that it was her own responsibility as coven leader. To know of anything going on and to what could cause a threat to her people. That it’s her job to protect her people and that if she couldn’t do that what type of a leader was she. Since becomin coven leader she’s become a different person in herself. To put others before herself, whilst before her she only had to worry about herself. Not caring of anyone other than herself now it was all different she had a coven to look after and protect. Too Wyatt came into the mix but she knew he was just as protective over her as she was for him. Coming a long way to how they had first met each other for the first time. 

The Diviner felt herself taking a step too far. Finding herself going further and further. Feeling more of a pull to the dark side than she’s ever felt before. With how it’s her first time she’d actually managed to tap into someone elses mind properly. Especially one who was under somone elses control at that. Panic spread over her body seeing for herself who was the one who was doing all of this. The one person who had it out for her. In all her years as a con artist carrying out risky moves and tastics he was the one who she double crossed the most. Managing to escape before she got under his control whilst taking all what was her’s and that she thought she had deserved. Clearing him all out for his fortunes thinking that what someone so cruel and twisted had deserved. Now she was paying the price for thinking that he was long dead but instead he was almost within reach. Kaelyn tried to break the mind control she had on Linus. Trying to force herself in his mind to move yet she stood still. Feeling for a moment she was powerless, already losing the battle that’s not even started. 

The moment she lost the mental link she had between her and Linus she fell uncious. With all her own power she used took it out of her, it was no surprise for it to happen. Yet the blood coming from her nose was what shouldn’t have happened. Had she already caused too much damage to herself? It took her longer than she first thought to wake up. Drifting back to consciousness she looked up and around. Seeing that now it was daylight how when she had started the mind link it was night. She could see a worried Wyatt there at her beside, that he was there waiting for her to wake. “How long was I out for?” She wondered softly, trying to pull herself up a little. Moments later she felt droplets coming from her nose quickly wiping it with her hand seeing it was blood. She quickly took a tissue from the bedside table wiping any blood away. Already knowing that Wyatt would panic about that too whilst for her had almost expected it. “Where’s Linus?” Worried if something was to happen to their person they held catpvie. In the past she’s seen how someone who had tried doing what she had done and it went wrong. For them left incapacitated and a shell of a person not wanting for that to happen to Linus nor wanting for that on her conscious. “There’s something I should have told you from the start, I didn’t think that my past would catch up to me but it has” It was no secret that she had done many wrong things in the past  that Wyatt knew that she was a con artist and to how she was brought up. Yet she had never gone into much detail of all the things she had done till now when someone who she had crossed was alive rather than dead that she had thought for mant decades. 

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