Aaron Jeremiah York

Date of Birth: 4th September, 1993 | Age: 25

Located: Evermore City, Colorado | Born: Warwick, Australia

Sexuality: Bi-curious | Gender: Male | Relationship Status: Single

Species: Human | Status: Knows About The Supernatural

Species Rank: Member of the Organization

Faceclaim: Manny Jacinto

Born to Melissa and James York, Aaron’s childhood was filled with fairytales and expectations. From the very moment he was conceived people wondered what the child of a Diviner and a Celestial would be like, would he have magical control like his mother or a timeless glow like his father? Their little town of Warwick in Queensland was excited to say the least, and quickly he had become the most popular child in the entire coven.

Melissa and James met shortly after the male had fallen out of the sky and Melissa caught a glimpse of an object diving straight into the lake she and her friends were sunbathing near. At once they ran to the shore to see what had happened and when Melissa saw a man unmoving, floating in the middle of the waters she had rushed in to save him. In a typical fairtytale fashion, while James was figuring out who or what he was and why he had been shot out of the sky, the two fell in love.

The Diviner coven were eager to understand the extent of James’s powers when they found out he wasn’t a conventional species, but something entirely different - they weren’t sure if he was trustworthy or posed a threat to the members but seeing that Melissa was one of the most powerful Diviners in the coven and madly in love with this man, they decided to welcome him into their fold.
All eyes were on Aaron from the moment he was born, speculations on what he was going to be. People wanted to know more about James and his species but even if the infant turned out to be just a Diviner, the question lied in whether he was going to be a light or dark diviner.

So with all of that in mind, Aaron was trained from a very young age. He knew how to effectively knock someone out by the time he was 7 and could easily wield weapons by the age of 10. Expectations were set on him and he had every intention to carry them. He studied hard, trained well, had good bunch of friends and was generally the kind of person you’d want to be around.

It was all too perfect until it wasn’t. Years passed by and Aaron didn’t show a single sign of being supernatural. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t perform any spells like his mother, neither could he glow or use Celestial Energy like his father. And the realisation slowly sank in that maybe he was just a human.

While at first they dismissed the idea, saying he was perhaps a late bloomer but when his 18th birthday flew by and the male was still unclaimed, not only as a Diviner but as a supernatural entirely, it was time to face the music. And Aaron was not ready. He felt like he had disappointed everyone, especially his parents who were so eager to find out what he’d be.

Every day since, Aaron changed little by little, snapping at everyone, being frustrated at small things. He considered himself a total failure and he could see in his parents’ eyes how much he had disappointed them. The son of a powerful Diviner and an extraterrestrial species was just a mere human. He began to lock himself up in his room, not wanting to meet people, not wanting to face the pity he could clearly see in the faces of people he met.

Perhaps the worst part was how his parents seemed to be so understanding about it. He wished they would have been angry, lashed out, shown their disappointment in words but they were considerate of his feelings and kept trying to make him understand that it was okay not being a Celestial or a Diviner, that they loved him even if he was a human. Aaron was sick of it and one day he lashed out, screaming at his parents and begging them to drop the facade. He told them that he was convinced he had failed them and their act was only making him feel worse. It sickened him how calm his parents.

Without giving his parents time to explain after they started with their sympathetic gestures once again, he walked out of the house, wanting the time away to clear his head. He had had enough. Lost in thoughts, he found himself near the lake where his parents had first met. It brought a sad smile to his face, but also made him decide that he wanted to move out, start over. He could no longer live in this town and face everyone.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Aaron spotted another being walking up to him. He didn’t recognise her when she came and sat beside him but seeing a new face made him want to open up to her. He wasn’t sure what it was but slowly he began telling her about his erratic feelings, without revealing too much about his life. The woman simply smiled and listened until he was done and then shook her head, “Your species has nothing to do with how extraordinary you can be.” She told him, radiating positivity with her words, “Some of the strongest people I’ve seen were humans.”

Somehow those words stuck by him. It was like a wake-up call. Suddenly, Aaron felt that perhaps being a human wasn’t a bad thing after all. The two spent hours talking about nothing in particular until a male came up to them and escorted the woman away. Bidding farewell, Aaron spent the rest of the night by the lake before going back home the next morning with a new outlook on life.

However, what was expecting him back home was an entirely different scenario: His father was gone. At first his mother tried to reason, saying he perhaps went out to clear his head too much like his son but when hours turned to days and there was still no sign of him, Aaron knew something was wrong.

They filed a missings report and a few months later Aaron was called down to the station and informed that they had found his father and he had walked out of their lives willingly. The news shocked the male to his very core, the young boy absolutely shattered by the idea that he was truly not enough for his father. However his mother handled the news way worse, she fell ill and took to bed out of sorrow. She could not believe that her soulmate could walk out on her and their son like that.

If it hadn’t been for the words of the woman by the lake, Aaron would have probably fallen into depression but he remembered her positivity and swore to channel all his anger into something productive. He worked towards bettering himself, picking his grades back up, taking a part-time job to fend for his mother and himself and slowly going back to his old self. He wanted to show his father, if he ever came back, that he was good enough contrary to what he believed. He aspired to be a vet and had gotten into the university of his choice too. He was slowly building himself back up.

However, Melissa’s condition had deteriorated with time. Multiple scans showed that a visible part of her brain was affected from grief and she needed full-time care. Aaron had to put his college plans on hold, opting to study online while taking care of his ailing mother. He began doing odd jobs to pay for her treatment, doing whatever he could find - from cleaning bathrooms to bartending.

A doctor suggested that maybe a change of place would do her good so Aaron packed his bags and used up whatever savings the family had to move to Evermore, Colorado situated in the heart of USA. The job opportunities were a lot more in this big city as well as an excellent nursing home that would take care of his mother. It was costly but Aaron was determined to do everything he could to make his mother well again.

Moving to Evermore was a big step for both of them but Aaron adjusted well to the city. He bagged himself a part time receptionist job at Everectronics and few odd jobs that got him through the month and paid for his mother’s care. His good nature allowed him to make friends easily and one of them was the co-owner of the company he was working in.

Aaron couldn’t understand why but he found himself helping Eleanora with gadgets every now and then. He often wondered how he ended up being the most eligible for the job out of the hundreds who had specialized degrees and were on a high payroll. But he didn’t question it, always eager to help. He did have a knack for science and technology so it all came easily for him and being trustworthy helped keep it on the low like Nora had wanted.

It wasn’t until Aaron had found himself in a dark alley, attacked by a few thugs when he discovered his friend was more than she was letting in on. He put two and two together and came across a secret he wasn’t sure how to deal with. However, with the deteriorating condition of his mother and the financial struggles he had to face everyday, helping Nora felt like he was doing something that mattered to the world and he didn’t want to give that up.

Loyal - Hardworking - Optimistic
Oversensitive - Emotional - Gullible

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