Ery had been feeling pretty beside himself since the first sign of snow. Snow meant that the holdays were approaching and holidays never meant more to him than a drinking binge that normally pissed his entire family off. Winter time was hard for the Aspect of Death, he always traveled to the past, remembering his last day as a free human. He'd been hunting in the woods for a bounty of meat to feed his family when an arrow he shot zipped through the tree's and pierced that of a Vampire's shoulder. He'd ran   as fast as he could to check on the man, only to stumble backwards when he saw his mouth stained in blood. Back then he'd chalked it up to illness, as the plague had been washing through Erythreus's home town at the time, but when the male ripped the arrow from his shoulder and merely smirked at Ery, he knew right then he was in grave danger.

It was the last moment of freedom he'd had in his human life. He had gotten into an argument with his parents, parents who loved him way to much. That was his excuse anyways. Now he'd give anything to go backwards, and tell them he was sorry. As he stared out the window of the manor, the Aspect grimaced as his gaze landed on the forest entrance; he had been thinking about going hunting for old time sake, but the memories it brought back to him, usually kept him so crippled that he couldn't simply put one foot in front of the other to leave. Today was no different than any other, the Aspect made his journal entry, put his bow back up, defeated by his past. After showering, the Aspect of death decided to head out. He had been trying desperately  to cut back on the booze and being a womanizer.  It saddened him that this day like every other, had ended up with him deciding he was still to haunted by his past to go out hunting, so after pitting his bow back up, the Aspect headed out and caught a cab into the city.

The Ailwards and Celestials still weren't much closer to making amends. He knew there were few who had built secret relationships in the shadows of the hatred the two species held for one another, but that wouldn't suffice. As he arrived to the more mundane part of the city, Erythreus paid his taxi driver and began walking. He hadn't been out and about in a while, at least not for the sake of fun, and with any luck, Erythreus would make the most of this day, and go back to the manor with something exciting to talk about. He'd decided to go to the mall. He couldn't remember but one other time that he had been there. The last time, the Aspect was stared and pointed at, and people whispered, likely because of how he dressed, but today he wouldn't pay it any mind. He'd been walking through aimlessly when he bumped into another male who seemingly walked with the same sense of direction as himself.

"Sorry about that..." he trailed off, staring at the male for a few moments before running a hand over his face. Perhaps he was seeing things, but if he wasn't mistaken, he had just ran into one of the very Celestial's he'd had on his mind for the past few weeks. Their faces seemed to haunt his every waking moment. At least the ones he could remember from back then. He knew a lot of them had suffered the consequences of something they hadn't directly done themselves, but to ensure safety, they had all be penalized. "Lucius?" Erythreus then asked out loud, he was almost sure that was the Celestial's name. He had to be sure. If it were him, then he wasn't sure what he'd possibly say next. But, after all this time, he hoped the hatred didn't run as deep as it once had. He and Alva's encounter had certainly gotten off to a rocky start.

The Christmas decor looked nice at least, the Aspect silently thought as he gazed around. Ery shook hishead amused when he saw someone dressed up as Santa Clause. He was sat up in front of a sign that said North Pole, with a Winter scenery behind him, taking pictures with kids, who had parents to pay for it.

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As the snow came down, Lucius stood by his window watching. Christmas the season for family and friends is the worst holiday for the star. The only thing he can possibly make things better was the man that still keeps comes around.  At this point, Lucius just accepted the human to come around. The star does not know why the other likes him the way he does but he does not mind it after a while. Today, however, he wanted to go out and just walk around maybe to get air. Lucius got his leather jacket along with his wallet, keys, and phone and walked out the door unsure what will happen today. 

Walking on the streets Lucius kept to himself. He has never got himself to be normal, ever since what happened, he didn't want to get his guard down. Lucky for him the only face from the past he remet and was cool with was Malva. He is still unsure if he can trust her again but time will tell. Not for him to know he will be meeting another face. Something within him told him to be on guard as he didn't understand why until someone touched him. That's when he heard a voice that made time stop for him. Was it just Lucius or was that a voice he has not heard in a long time. Turning around to face the male his blue eyes just stopped as everything inside of him stopped as well. It was Erythreus, Aspect of Death. Just what he wanted to see once again, why was it now they are slowly showing their faces again? Malva did mention they wanted peace, Lucius could not say no to her but the blonde male might be a different story. 

"I was beginning to think your Aspects ran away from this city," Lucius said coldly but calm. He could not say it was nice to see the other as it was like with Malva. The bittersweet feeling he had once run through him once more.  "it's been sometime Erythreus." Lucius said confirming he is who the blonde is talking to. Christmas does bring people together, a phrase only Lucius never believed in until now. The phrase is so true.

Getting the Celestial's to agree to peace had been much harder than Erythreus every anticipated. He knew Arti was finally in a forgiving state of mind, but the others? He wasn't sure that'd happen anytime soon. Alva had only proved that theory. While she had greeted him with a very rude attitude, she had slowly warmed up to him that day in the library, but made it clear not to expect much more out of her anytime soon. Ery knew it was all about timing, and he often prayed that time would hurry it's self and present just a little bit of peace between the two factions. He had this gut feeling, that soon enough, they were gonna need to work together. Whatever had happened to their longest serving Guard, Vladimir, only seemed like the calm before the storm. He just knew that they were in for much worse, as if losing Vlad wasn't enough.

He could see how distraught the male before him became the second he realized who Ery was. The Aspect of Death released a sad sigh and stuffed his hands into his pockets, hoping to avoid making the male think he was here to harm him .. again. They still seemed so afraid of the Aspects, and it was painful for someone as soft and humble as Erythreus. "I'm not here to start anything Lucius. It is Lucius right?" he asked, just to confirm, but he was sure he had remembered several of their names from the past. Arti and Alva played a part of his past personally, then some of the others, stuck with him, because of how bad he felt for doing what they had to do to keep the world safe from Celestial power.

"I would hope not. I mean, I hope this can start to feel like home... for all of us" he said in response to Lucius saying he had thought they ran away from the city. When he said it had been sometime, the Aspect of Death nodded slightly "that it has, and I hope with that time, came forgiving. I can't expect you to forget, I just want to move on. I think it would do us all some good if we're on the right side of things, sooner than later" he started, getting straight to the point, as he knew all too well that he may not be able to keep Lucius's attention long. For the most part, they tended to steer clear of Erythreus, and Reus in specific. They had made the toughest decision back then, and Ery was right there when the cages were locked with all the Celestial's inside them.

He had hoped he wouldn't be hated forever. But, if that was the case, then he'd just have to figure out how to keep existing in a world where others feared him. In a world where he was meant to bring peace. It was rather hard to do with an entire faction hating him. With them being inside the mall, Erythreus didn't imagine it was appropriate to say anything more with people around, humans who could hear, that may not know of the supernatural. After scanning the surroundings, Erythreus saw the food court, and figured the least he could do, is offer to buy them lunch. "Are you hungry?" he asked, and sighed to himself at the group of kids just beside them yelling and laughing so loud that he could barely hear himself think. "Ill buy" he added, and waited for Lucius to either get more mad that he was asking him to stick around for a little while, or for him to decide Erythreus might be worth listening to, even if he didn't stay long.

While he waited for an answer, Erythreus got some coins out of his pocket and tossed them into the wishing well beside where he and Lucius stood. He didn't make a wish, because he thought that was stupid. Erythreus leaned against the wishing well, and ran his hand through the water, looking at his reflection, sighing to himself as he reflected on that very tragic day for the Celestial's. It often was the very reason he couldn't move on with hs new role in life.He first needed to be forgiven for his old life.

Lucius was one of the stars that do not trust the aspects with one inch of mercy. Why should he give them a sense of reason for what they did? He given Malva respect as she is a woman and Lucius is not about that life to treat a woman like that. Not like most guys, however. She and he has questions and given the other time to answer. Seeing the aspect of death in front of him made him see death himself. It was not good on his part at all but Lucius can't control what he can see. 

When the male spoke his name Lucius nodded with no word more to say. At least the other remembered his name at least. The last thing Lucius wants is a fight but if the other says it's true he does not want to start things when Lucius will want to prove so watching the other will be his best choice for the moment. 

The Star knew the city is for everyone but seeing two aspects on two different days is not comforting if he would like to admit. Hearing the other wanted to move on knowing Malva said the same thing but in a different way. "I don't forgive that quicky. It has to be proven in order for me to allow that." Lucius finally spoke up. He is sure the other could understand where he stands. Malva was different from the male that stood there Lucius remembers him standing watching everything unfold.

He just stood there feeling everyone walking around the two males wondering why they are just looking at each other standing there. If the male wants to make amends minds well let him talk. "Fine, let's talk over food," he said. The star watched the other as he knew some give wishes to the well in order for them to happy in life. Wishes are just empty promises but to some, it's more. Lucius knew he needed closure from the past but will it let him? It would be today or it won't. He will never know.  

Erythreus found enough comfort in knowing that his siblings / the other Aspects, at least a few of them, were trying to make amends as well. He knew not all of them wanted peace, just as he was sure not all Celestial's wanted peace. Some of them likely wanted revenge for the years of their lives they felt that the Ailward's stole by caging them up, while others simply just wanted to move on and forget it all. So, it didn't surprise Erythreus when Lucius said he couldn't forgive that quickly, and with an understanding nod, the Aspect of Death sighed in relief when he agreed that they could talk over lunch.

"I know it will take longer than having lunch together, for you to realize I only want peace. I know not all of my family are on board with that, as much as i'm sure some of your own want revenge more than they want peace, but I do think if they see us working on it, that they may eventually fall in line" he wanted to hope so anyways. Erythreus had been appointed leader to the Aspects, which meant that these decisions laid in his hands specifically now.

As they began walking away from all the prying eyes and curious glances, Erythreus browsed the selection of cafe's and  fast food joints, stopping at an old fashioned drive-in. "We can go in here if you'd like. They run it pretty well, old fashioned music, milk shakes, and burgers" the Aspect gave a nod, grinning some before swinging the door open for Lucius to enter first mouthing the words 'my treat' as he waited to step in behind him. "I see time has treated you well" Erythreus complimented, seeing how built the Celestial seemed as opposed to back then. Not to say Lucius didn't have muscles and all back then, but he had certainly gained some since the last time Ery had saw him.

Erythreus knew how bad he was with socializing, and his social skills hadn't evolved with everyone elses over the years, so now he just hoped he didn't offend the Star as they attempt to talk over a meal.

Living in the past a little is one thing that is keeping Lucius from being open-minded. The blonde male should be thankful he already had a run-in with Malva before. Lucius will never touch a woman and he will always try to make that clear. Lucius sighed knowing the right thing to do is to hear him out and see how reasonable the male wants to say. 

"Wanting peace is different than making sure the peace will be on the surface," Lucius said knowing no there is no full peace but people can try which is why the star is giving the male some slack. "Your not the first Ailward to tell me how sorry you are. Guess you can Malva made some exceptions about the situation though I didn't plan to talk with either of you here we are," he said the truth, his plans were to avoid all of them the best he could it backfired in his face. 

As the walked, Lucius, put his hands in his pants pockets, he didn't like to make a scene no matter where he went looks like he brought the attention like always. "Sure, I have never been here before," he admitted, the way the blonde listed what they sell tasted good to him. The star walked into the building hearing the music made him nostalgic. "Well, I guess you can say the trends deserved all the credit. Taking care of myself is, what people tell me, is important." Lucius really didn't want to admit he learned the hard way thought many situations in the city since he got the nerve to walk into the world and start living. "I can say the same thing." 

The star knew his social skills were not that good since he does not trust a lot of people not even Ash yet since is a sore topic for him at the moment. Attachment is not easy for the star not like it was something important to him from the begining. "So, what has been new for you? I am sure something happened from then and now."

This wasn't meant to be easy, but Erythreus was starting to feel like it may be impossible to get everyone to agree that peace is the best option for all of them. Back when everything had first happened, Erythreus refused to visit the very room the Celestial's were held in. He couldn't even stomach the fact that they had been caged up like that. Alva seemed to come to mind more often than not, and more so than the rest of the Celestial's given their relationship prior to the tragedy that struck them all down, including the Ailward faction, both Guards and Aspects. No one had wanted to do what had been done, but they all did what they had to, for the sake of keeping everyone else in the world safe. Erythreus had always been indifferent. He had a pretty great bond with Ophelia even if it had been in the shadows and in secret, then there was Alva and Artemitra. But, he knew none of that was going to go in his favor with those who still didn't trust him, like Lucius. All he could do is hope that the others would at least hear him out and only make a decision after that. 

"Wanting peace is different, you're right. But alone, we can't make sure peace will happen. It will only happen when we ALL ban together, which means my kind and yours. I also know that's not going to happen overnight, and that you all need time to heal. But, time is the very thing I'm afraid we don't have right now." Erythreus knew the threat against the Ailward faction, and he knew it was much bigger than just them. It seemed that the entire city was under attack. He had been hearing about weird happenings in every corner of Evermore lately, and while he had never paid much attention to the news before, he made sure to read Ambrose's articles every time he published a new one, which also kept people up to speed with what was going on in the city. 

The Aspect of Death quirked a brow at Lucius when he told him he hadn't been the first Ailward to say sorry. "Yeah, well it seems like ive started this ambassador position with an 'i'm sorry' all together. Saying sorry isn't one of my strong suits, so it was hard to even say that. I'm sure that doesn't sound very heart-felt, but i'm an honest man if i'm nothing else" Erythreus knew this wouldn't be a walk in the park. He didn't expect easy though. "I'm sure you didn't Lucius. But, it is refreshing to hear i'm the second Ailward to utter the words sorry. It does me some good to know they're trying, that it's not just me" he shrugged some, making a mental note of the fact that his siblings were putting in the effort he hoped they would. 

As Erythreus stepped in behind the Celestial, he smiled faintly to hear that the latest trends deserved all the credit of his well being. "Ive seen others in your faction who look lost, and seem so out of it. At least you're not defined by the past.. in some ways im sure you are, but you're here, giving peace a chance." he commented as he walked further into the old fashioned diner with a smile bright enough to blind someone. Erythreus was a sucker for places like this. He often missed home, and this was a close as it could get for him. "You're right though, taking care of one's self is the most important trait there is" he added, thankful to still see that some people out here cared about themselves. 

Erythreus found a table for them to sit at, one that had a nice view outside the windows, but also one that sat away from others, so they could talk freely. He was more than surprised to hear Lucius ask what had been new for him. "Well, the dating scene hasn't changed much. I'm still the dumbass hopeless romantic. And bigger news? I'm the Ambassdor for the Aspects. Things have certainly been intense on my end, and my faction is under a lot of stress right now, as am I. This meeting with you going smooth would be marvelous but I don't expect anything to be easy either. And you?" he asked, and glanced up to the waitress who stood beside him patiently waiting for him to order something. "A large vanilla milkshake, a basket of onion rings, and a burger with everything on it" Erythreus never left any toppings to spare, he loved food period. 

"What's new in your life Lucius? What has time given you?" he asked, hoping in some ways that the Celestial had found some form of happiness and peace after everything. 

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