The skies above Evermore were grey and murky with darkness threatening from the north it left little doubt that there would be a storm overnight. From the highest floor of one of the tallest towers at the cities center a lone figure watched the weather as it shifted and moved. From a speaker music played quietly in the background as the figure remained perfectly still. After a moment he let out a sigh, muscled shoulders as he finally moved, turning away from the floor to ceiling windows that revealed a view of the entire city and the mountains and fields that lay beyond the cement and concrete jungle.

Jackson Blackford was a formidable figure to those that didn't know him. Despite handsome features and good looks, his stormy blue eyes were cold and hard. When he worked it was easy to put on a face and he was charming enough when he wanted to be but in the solace of his home and in his usual day to day outings, Jackson could sometimes be confused with those he put behind bars with his rough exterior.Tonight he was casual in jeans and a flannel shirt, his blonde locks left to do as they would. He walked away from the window and to his desk where folders lay strewn across and his laptop lay open to his case he was building.

This one was difficult but not impossible. The guy he was working to get solid charges on was a sleeze but he was a grunt for a powerful group that intimidated anyone they wanted kept quiet. Some went missing. Winston Bay could barely be called a member he was so low on the totem pole but he did some of the dirtiest work and was one the most dangerous men in the Evermore Underground for Humans. Jackson eyes narrowed as he brought up a picture of the man and, like a scene from a movie, lightening flashed and a moment later a crash of thunder followed. The DA chuckled and slammed his laptop closed.

The plan was simple, get Winston in custody with solid charges and get him put away. Strike a deal and get more names from Winston that would put men worse than him away. Winston played a part in the disappearances of women from all over Evermore, some barely old enough to be called women. They were never seen or heard from again. If there was one thing that Jackson could do with his time as District Attorney for the city it would be to shut down human trafficking. This grunt, Winston was just the start. Bringing a glass of rich amber liquid to his lips, Jackson finished the glass and set it down on the counter.

He had gotten word from some of his 'friends' around the city that a kid, Felix Morris might have just the right information that Jackson was looking for to get his hands on Winston and who knew who else. Digging into Felix had been easy enough. He was a part of the Therianthrope faction, one of several supernatural factions that resided in the city. Jackson's lips curled coldly as he thought of the supernatural. Jackson had nothing against the supernatural, it was more bitterness than anything else. He was the lone human in a family of Initia; both parents and siblings having the abilities as generations of their family had.

Grabbing his helmet, Jackson slipped on a leather jacket and ensured he had his credentials and tucked his gun into the holster on his lower back. Unlike most humans, his bullets were a special kind, adapted to effect various supernatural beings although, if needed, they would also hurt humans as well. The youngest DA the city had ever seen entered into the elevator and headed down to the private underground parking. Despite the storm there still wasn't rain. With a swing of his leg he mounted his bike and kicked it with a single start before roaring out into the city.

The ride to the university was quick, Jackson knew the way well as he had attended a few years here.Knowing his way around, he found the classroom he was looking for quickly and let himself in despite the professor being mid lecture. Closing the door silently behind him, Jackson leaned against the wall. Several students from various levels of the amphitheater style classroom looked over at him before returning their attention to their professor who was also starting at Jackson in confusion. Jackson's lips offered the smallest of smiles and he nodded. The professor continued their lecture on law though so gazes remained on Jackson a little longer.

As the professor taught, blue eyes surveyed the class  until he found who he was looking for. Jackson's eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at the criminal justice student who had multiple ties to an infamous crime gang within the city. The class was almost over when Jax had arrived and within 15 minutes a bell rang and students began making their way down and out of their seats and began filtering out the door Jackson stood guard by. Pushing off the wall, Jackson's eyes found Felix's again...

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To say that Felix’s life took a very drastic 180 from the path that it had been on is no understatement. Back when he graduated he was on the fast track to joining up with his family, becoming an official part of the gang, taking on that life. Even despite how many people wanted him to take a different path - his mother, his father, his uncle even if he’d never admit it, his honorary sister - he’d never imagined that there was one for him until that other path had essentially hit him upside the head.

He’s even still close to them, of course he is they’re his family. So to see the therian sitting in a criminal justice program is a strange thing to be sure. They’d been surprisingly supportive and proud of the direction he’d decided to take his life, almost entirely thanks to Orion’s interference, more so than he’d expected of them. Perhaps he’d underestimated just how much better they wanted for him his whole life. Either way he’s finally on the path to achieving it, now it’s just a matter of staying on it.

His pen scratches softly against the paper in front of him as he takes down notes from the lecture, one of the few students not doing so with a computer. That’s because he writes just as fast as they type and he also wasn’t raised with one so he just prefers it this way. It’s close to the end of class, his last one of the day, and he rather likes this particular one. Ethics in law, something most people don’t think about when they first go into the program but something he’s been encountering for most of his life. That tends to happen when your father goes to jail as much as Felix’s has. Even so he can hear the occasional crack of thunder from outside, smell the building of rain all day in the air, and it’s making him restless, forcing him to focus on what the lecturer is saying over his own desire of heading outside to take in the storm. 

With his attention so divided, the opening of the lecture hall door is enough to finally break his concentration. His pen comes to a stop and, like many of the others, he turns to see who would be interrupting class so close to the end. A single brow raises when he catches sight of Jackson Blackford, why on earth the city DA would be here he has no idea. Maybe revisiting his alma mater? Really the only reason Felix even knows who the man is is due to the newspaper articles and exposure he’s gotten for being so young getting the job. He turns back in his chair before Jackson’s eyes can lock with his the first time, preferring to refocus on the lecture since the instructor just spoke right though the slight interruption.

As the final bell rings and people begin packing up, Felix just grabs his backpack and sticks his notebook in, heading for the door even while zipping the old, beat up bag up. It’s only once he raises his head that Felix notices that the DA is staring directly at him, nearly prompting a sigh from the therian. He comes to a stop in front of him, noting the way he pushed off the wall as he neared, so this definitely has to do with him. “Whatever my uncle did now, I am not interested in testifying.” Then again it might’ve been his father. Either way. Realizing that might’ve come out with more bite than intended, Felix breaks the joke with a small grin, holding his hand out to the older man. “How can I help you?”

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