"I'm all in baby" was the last thing he had said to her before heading away from her house, he wondered how things had changed so quickly between them and yet it felt like this had been a long time coming. They'd known one another for years, been friends for most of that and in time she had become the single person he reached for first. She was the first one he wanted to talk to in the morning and the last person he wanted to wish goodnight. It was hard to imagine his life without her. 

Watching her rush off to her room he headed out the door and started walking the distance to Han's place, thankfully it wasn't too far. He didn't waste any time as he headed in, grabbed some clothes from the chest of drawers and piled them into his duffel bag before looking around and grabbing his blanket off the bed, he was used to traveling pretty light so it didn't take him long to gather up the essentials. He wasn't really sure what their next few days were going to look like but he felt optimistic, which wasn't something the young star was used to. He wondered if the feeling would last. 

He scrawled a quick note to Han not to expect him home for a few days and then headed out, grabbing his keys and getting into his car. Before long he was pulling up outside the house once again. He got out and checked the state of the car, making sure all the lights were working and none of the tires looked like they were on their last legs, he didn't want to risk breaking down in the middle of the trip.

Knowing the door was unlocked he headed inside just in time to see her coming down the stairs. She looked so much brighter and happier than she did the first time he saw her today and he felt his heart lurch in his chest in response "You look...shimmery" he commented a little bluntly, but the sentiment of what he was thinking was there.

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When he asked how she stayed patient with him for as long as she knew him, she chuckled in response "Because in some way... I realized after a while I kinda wanted to stay. At first I tried because I'm an aurazin, I'm conditioned to look at your best even when nobody is... but you interesting man almost made me want to give up. Keyword being almost. I didn't give up and persevered, because the challenge you give me was too much to go home empty handed." And it worked.

"The very reason why you're not approachable is why I approached you. This guy who seemed as if he would bite anyones head off for even simply staring at him... do I want to cross the line and go there?" Spoiler alert, she did. With her head held high. "Oh come on you love me, I make your days more interesting no?" And that is why the cafe has a good combination between her and him. "Bet you wanted to figure me just as much as I wanted to figure *you* out?"

When they pulled over and got inside the diner, she hummed softly to think where she hasn't been to. "I have. I sometimes visit historical places... you'd find me watching Opera in Rome or France, running around like I'm actually on my honeymoon... One day I want you to follow me... experience it all."

He glanced over at her for a moment, it was honestly strange to him to hear someone talking about him with such contempt, so openly but he had to admit that he liked it, he liked the way it made him feel "Do you think you saw something in me that others didn't?" he questioned in a soft voice, he wondered if maybe the colors he showed made her see more in him or whether it was all down to the person she was and how she never wanted to give up on anyone "and in the end you managed to find the crack huh?" his walls were always up high, it was easier that way, then he didn't have to worry about the disappointment that came along with it.

He laughed "You almost sound like you wanted to get yourself into trouble" he teased softly, perhaps he had played right into her hand but he couldn't help himself, she really was the kind of person that drew everyone in, he was no exception to her charms and perhaps he felt special and important knowing that she had chosen him to be the one she sought out "I never know what to expect with you" he responded to her words, like using that word so freely without even thinking of the connotations, he thought to himself briefly "What can I say, you managed to catch my attention and hold it" he commented and smiled, he didn't regret it.

He followed her inside the diner, heading up to the counter until they found the two of them a booth to seat themselves in. Before long he was sitting beside her and eyeing the menu for anything that seemed of interest "It must seem so strange to be just...in one place at one time and then in another" almost surreal, he'd only ever been through a portal once in his life and memory stuck with him so clearly "That's a long way to go, do you think we'll make it?" perhaps he wanted her to fill him with confidence the way she always tended to.

When he asked whether she saw something in him that others didn't, she pursed her lips gently and grinned "I think I saw everything others didn't... there's a whole side of you that I don't think others had the chance to even look at." Which was a shame because Sunmin is a charming lad. "And because of what I am... I can say I'm a very good judge of character, your colours... despite not being able to read you like I do others, the colours said plenty. But honestly, I don't need your colours to tell me what kind of person you are, you gave me a chance and I took it." She chuckled when he said she managed to find the crack in him and kissed his cheek "I found a mouse hole... and snuck in and never came back out."

She narrowed her eyes playfully at him and shrugged "I never said I don't think about trouble... I judge whether the trouble will be good for my future or not, and fortunately for you, I just wanted to get to know you before I get chased out. You're not so scary... After I've known you. Not the big bad wolf you ought to be." Even if he does resemble a wolf, now his demeanor reminds her of a cat. "Is that a bad thing? To not know what to expect with me? I promise you I'm not a scary girl..." She doesn't bite. But it must be daunting for him to give her his trust after only trusting himself his entire life.

Once she made herself comfortable in her seat, her eyes glaze over the menu, trying to find what she wanted to eat "I'm so hungry I swear I could eat a horse..." but she settled for a double cheeseburger with fries in the end, paired with a strawberry milkshake. "I think we'll make it... we're immortals." If that was anything to go with. "I've never been to Vegas though... or Disneyland... United States is just foreign land for me. The last time I was here was during the American Civil War, and that was also the last time I set foot on earth..."

He knew that was just the kind of person she was, the sort who always wanted to see the best in people and would continue to search for it, it made him feel like he was worth something if someone like her was willing to have the patience to break the surface "I know a lot of it is my own doing...it must be hard to be around someone who tries so hard to keep everyone at arm's length" he supposed he had failed in that regard with her but she made it very hard to turn away. When she leaned in to press a kiss to his cheek he froze for a moment, he could smell a soft floral scent of her perfume and her lips felt warm against his skin "You only needed the smallest opportunity" he whispered softly.

He didn't think such a small gesture had ever made him feel quite so flustered "I think for a long time I wanted to be seen as that, if I was scary...standoffish...then people would avoid me and I could continue to go about my day" he looked down for a moment "On the streets people come and go so fast, it was smart not to get attached" since he came to Evermore he had been adjusting to the new path which he was now set on. "I like the not knowing, figuring you out is a little like an adventure" he commented and offered a small smile "The only thing that scares me is letting you down" he wanted to be the person she saw in him.

He couldn't help but laugh when she proclaimed how hungry she was "I guess that happens when you decide to sleep for 3 days straight huh?" he wasn't starving but he still ordered himself some cheese fries and a strawberry milkshake from the waitress. He grinned when she ordered the same thing "Excellent choice" he complimented playfully, she already knew it was his favorite after all. "That's...wow" he was honestly surprised considering his whole existence had pretty much centered itself in America "I'll bet things have changed a lot since then huh? Do you miss the past or think the present is better?" she'd lived through so much of it after all.

"If you must know yes... it wasn't easy to be around you because you often wanted to push me away before I even do anything, it was so frustrating. But I worked through and got past that barrier and here we are" it was worth it. Every moment of it was worth it. She saw the way his expression changed when she kissed his cheek, but it didn't seem like it was a bad change since he whispered so softly. "I'm an opportunist baby, that's what I am..." She whispered back just as gently. She liked the expression on his face, it says something she wanted.

"So for a long time you wanted others to see you as this scary guy but what changed with me? It changed a lot, honestly it still surprises me that you want to do things the opposite of what I thought your character wanted to do. It's overwhelming but I like it... not every change is bad" and in this case, his change depended on her and how she treated him. She had a feeling the fallen star just wanted to be cared for and she understood where he's coming from. "Have you figured me out? How's the progress? Still complicated or?" She teased playfully. She swore her breath hitched when he said the only thing that scares him was her being disappointed by him or let down. God it felt so nice to be cared like this.

She blushed instinctively when he called her out because she hasn't eaten for days. She gave him a playful scowl and scoffed "I refused to eat that's why, so what to do if not hibernate to recuperate my energy after days and long nights of crying?" To her it felt logical. Things have changed drastically from the last time she was here. "I think everything about the present is better compared to the past..m honestly, the future is always meant to he better because we're trying to improve. Back then we had so many wars... and during then, it was very hard for me to navigate. Now it's better... what about you? Would you have liked to fall back then instead?"

He chewed on his bottom lip, he didn't like the idea of being a bother to her, because she had come to be so important to him "Most people would have given up after the second attempt" he had counted before honestly, sometimes people could overlook his behaviour once but twice was enough for them. "Clearly" he mentioned softly when she said she was an opportunist, how else was he able to explain that kiss.

He considered her question for a moment, wondering what had changed with her when compared with everyone else "I guess...I didn't want to fight against someone who was clearly determined to win me over...even if I thought she was crazy for it" he chuckled and shrugged slightly "is it a good change?" He wondered if she liked knowing she had changed him in some ways, he had come a long way since he first came to Evermore, that was for sure.

He grinned playfully when she scowled at his teasing but it softened out a little when she explained her reasoning for it, naturally he reached for her hand and squeezed it slightly in a comforting manner "I hope you never have to go through that alone again" honestly it felt like a mission for him to ensure she didn't. She might not admit it, but he was pretty sure she liked being taken care of. He listened carefully to her words when she spoke her mind and nodded slowly in agreement, she made some good points "From what I've heard about my people's past...nothing about it was better...at least now we have a chance" though he wasn't trusting enough of the world to say he wasn't worried that things could turn for the worst. That thought was interrupted however when the waitress brought over their food, to which he spoke a small thanks.

"Well good thing I'm not most people" She exclaimed cheekily, honestly there were times when she had asked herself whether this was worth it, whether befriending him was worth all the trouble but she got her answer. "I'm not like any others baby" and somehow it sounded so much cooler in her mind. She noticed she liked using that nickname and has been wanting to use it on him. "I will take every opportunity given to me without hesitation... so keep an eye out, who knows what I'll do to you" She teased. 

Which was funny considering how she's actually the tame and docile one out of the two of them. The man across her is the one who could glare and scowl, leading them to their own personal abyss of death. "I thought that's your type no? Crazy girls" She giggled, because okay fine she admitted that she is a bit unhinged on some parts. "It's a good change, though I want to tell you... that you don't have to change yourself for me if you don't want to. I don't want to feel like a burden... you know? Lovi- I mean liking me... needs to be consensual and casual..." She wanted him to like her for who she is.

"I hope that to be true too... I don't want to go through that kind of pain anymore." It's not something she wants to relieve ever again. When the waitress brought their food, she was the first to take the first bite. But not before thanking the sweet girl of course. She really looked as if she hasn't eaten for days. "I feel worried because you're taking me places but I'm also excited... this feels like a birthday present..." Nobody has ever extended their courtesy like this to her. "I hope I can make you... Happy too. Just as you are making me."

He chuckled in an amused manner shaking his head slightly, he wasn't going to pretend he understood her way of thinking because honestly it baffled him, but he did appreciate the lengths she had gone to "You're nothing like I've ever experienced before" and that's what made things special he supposed. He raised his brow playfully in response to her words "I'm not sure whether to take that as a promise or a threat" he jested softly in return.

He scoffed a little when she said his type was crazy girls "What gives you that impression?" He wasn't sure if he really had a type other than enjoying the company of others in the bedroom for one night, even then, lately he'd barely brought anyone home at all. He tilted his head slightly as she talked about how she didn't want him to change himself "I think a part of me wanted a reason to change...a reason to be better" he had been in a dangerous spiral. When she started saying that word he felt his cheeks getting warm almost immediately "Don't worry...you said I'm a cat right, well cats don't do anything they don't want to do" and he was stubborn enough to put his feet down.

"You deserve so much better than that" he assured her with a firm nod of his head, he believed that much with his whole chest. It was nice to see her perk up over the food they brought over, meanwhile he took a sip of his milkshake and then started picking at a few fries "What's there to be worried over? Am I that bad of a driver?" He teased in a soft voice and chuckled "You can...you do..." he assured her "What's more fun than getting to go on a random adventure?" He kinda loved the spontaneity honestly "You said you don't recall when your birthday is right?"

"When you put it that way... it sounds so much more impressive, you know" to go through lengths he didn't think was possible, honestly she surprises even herself sometimes. She didn't know she had this side to her but here she is. "You can take it as both a promise and a threat." She might even use both. "To you, which I don't think matters that much anyway, you're a guy who can take a threat anyway." He's joking with her and compared to the atmosphere before, this was so different. It was as if she never cried today much less 3 days ago.

She raised her eyebrow when he scoffed at her remark about him having a type for crazy girls "Are you sure? I've seen the way people look and oogle at you, they do not think about the rainbows and how it would be juice to have you at their picnic. I know you have your bedroom company, Sunmin" it doesn't bother her as much as she thought it would. One, he's a free man. Two, who was she to be jealous before anything? She smiled to herself when he said he wanted to be better, she hoped she could be that person for him.

"I love cats. They're adorable creatures" She giggled and pinched his cheek gently "They're also very docile once tamed..." a house cat. Oh anyone can change an alley cat into something else. "Honestly? Your driving scares me because you're fine until you speed on it. I won't deny it gives me thrill though, so not to worry" She knows he's a good driver. When he asked about her birthday she nodded in response while taking another bite "Yeah, it's been so long so I couldn't recall when I was born... which was a bit sad since the date I could only recall until today is my death day, tragic isn't it?"

He chuckled to himself before lifting his gaze to her and smiling slightly "Maybe I'm better with words than I thought" he commented and then shook his head "Who am I kidding, I still have no idea what I'm saying half the time" communicating had never been one of his strong suits, he knew the words, but saying them in a way that people connected with what he was trying to convey was harder. "True, threats are like annoying flies to me by now" he commented shaking his head slightly.

She seemed happier now, he wondered if he was part of that or if it was simply because she was away from that solitary environment. Perhaps a bit of both? He hoped he could be part of the influence at least. "Well I never denied taking a girl or two home with me" he jested back to her and rolled his eyes "But isn't someone's type more than just who they want to sleep with?" it was an honest question, considering he'd never really tried the whole dating thing properly, at least not in a very long time anyway.

He frowned a little when she pinched his cheek, which he supposed only made him seem even more like the metaphor she was using on him "They can still bring out the claws at any moment you know" he warned her, shaking his head in an amused manner. "I don't speed....that much" he defended his driving and bit his lip, okay maybe the numbers liked to creep up on him when he wasn't paying attention. "Just see it as us getting there sooner..." he commented in a defeated manner. He continued eating his food between their conversation, biting his lip when she confessed she didn't remember her birthday "Have you ever thought about just...,picking one for yourself?" she seemed like the kind of person who liked having something to celebrate.

"You're not the only one who has their tongue in a knot you know, I'm... well you can already see how bad I am at speaking when I'm flustered. I stutter every 5 seconds for the sake of it..." Communication wasn't easy for Sunmin, as his good friend, of course she knew that. It wasn't hard to see that. He struggles to pick his words most of the time and often times, she would come to his rescue and take over. The same thing happens at work all the time. She's grateful that he never reprimanded her for being nosy though.

She was still marveling at the fact that he was able to take this very sad day, the one where she was grieving every year alone, and turn it into something memorable such as this. He confessed and they're pretty much... dating now, aren't they? They're on their first date. "You changed the trajectory of my life Sunmin... I've never felt this happy before and we haven't even arrived yet..." She bit her lip and chuckled when he said he never denied taking a girl or two home with him "It depends, I don't have much of a type honestly... I may look like it but I'm a simple girl, I just... want someone to care for me, someone who can make me laugh, someone loyal, is that too much to ask for?"

This was her first time dating and clearly it was his first time too. So they were both learning their ways around this slowly. And together. When he let out a defeated sigh and admitted he speeds sometimes, she shook her head in chagrin. She was halfway finishing her milkshake when he suggested her to pick a date "I... don't know when. Why don't you pick one for me? I'm sure it'll be more special because it's coming from you." Maybe she was a bit of a pushover but this was all genuine.

He couldn’t help the soft chuckle when she said she stuttered a lot whenever she was flustered “I’ve never had a problem with finding something to say…it’s finding the right thing to say that’s harder” it was easy to make others dislike you or push them away, being mean was easier than being kind, especially with people you didn’t know well “You’ve saved me more times than I count from exploding on a random customer” mostly the ones who insisted they wanted to speak the manager when they didn’t get the answer they wanted.

He wondered how she was feeling, he didn’t want to overwhelm her and he even wondered if it was a little selfish of him to pick this day of all days to tell her how he felt…but then it wasn’t like he had come here today with the intent of any of this, it had just happened to work out that way. She reassured him by saying he changed the trajectory and that she felt happy “Then I’ll make it my mission to make it the happiest weekend…ever” perhaps that was a bold statement but she deserved nothing but that, after everything she’d been through.

He raised is brow but smiled softly, it was cute how she described herself as simple and said she only wanted someone to care for her and stay by her side “So you never had daydreams about what your future relationship might be like?” he was sure that she did and honestly he was curious to know how she pictured things. He finished up the last of his fries, looking out the window he realized it had gotten really late since they left Evermore “We can probably drive for another couple hours but then we should check it somewhere to rest” he commented, after all he didn’t want to get too tired and put her at risk.

He stared at her for a moment as though to try and magically read what he birthday should be before pursing his lips “May 28th” he decided fitted with her, she seemed like she would be born in spring…there was something about her that reminded her of it.

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