"I'm all in baby" was the last thing he had said to her before heading away from her house, he wondered how things had changed so quickly between them and yet it felt like this had been a long time coming. They'd known one another for years, been friends for most of that and in time she had become the single person he reached for first. She was the first one he wanted to talk to in the morning and the last person he wanted to wish goodnight. It was hard to imagine his life without her. 

Watching her rush off to her room he headed out the door and started walking the distance to Han's place, thankfully it wasn't too far. He didn't waste any time as he headed in, grabbed some clothes from the chest of drawers and piled them into his duffel bag before looking around and grabbing his blanket off the bed, he was used to traveling pretty light so it didn't take him long to gather up the essentials. He wasn't really sure what their next few days were going to look like but he felt optimistic, which wasn't something the young star was used to. He wondered if the feeling would last. 

He scrawled a quick note to Han not to expect him home for a few days and then headed out, grabbing his keys and getting into his car. Before long he was pulling up outside the house once again. He got out and checked the state of the car, making sure all the lights were working and none of the tires looked like they were on their last legs, he didn't want to risk breaking down in the middle of the trip.

Knowing the door was unlocked he headed inside just in time to see her coming down the stairs. She looked so much brighter and happier than she did the first time he saw her today and he felt his heart lurch in his chest in response "You look...shimmery" he commented a little bluntly, but the sentiment of what he was thinking was there.

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She chuckled softly and hummed in response to his answer, because it does sound like Sunmin to know what to say but never knowing the right thing to say "Ah yes you usually have plenty to say to people, especially those who pisses you off but I came to your rescue every single time. God knows I do not want another customer to file yet another complaint against this particular worker of the day" she teased. Still, she finds great pride in doing that.

She raised her eyebrow in surprise when he made her that promise "Sunmin you do realize that is quite a big promise you're making right? You've never been one to be big on promises like this, I think you're excited, as excited as I am" She giggled, it does seem to be that way honestly. "Disneyland on the weekend does sound nice though so I guess you're halfway making that happen already." 

The thought of having her dream person come to life just never really crossed her mind because how does she get someone like that anyway? Even before becoming an aurazin, Astraea has never thought much about her prince coming to her rescue anytime soon, because some person does not exist. 

"Of course I have daydreams about what my future relationship would be like... just not in the way you think I do? I mean... I pictured someone who would make me happy through anything... everything..." which is already quite the general way of saying things. "Why do you ask? Are you looking to be that guy?" The thought of it was making her smile. "You must be tired too... you came straight after work and consoled me all evening... and then drove... you're going to drive all the way to California too" She was in awe at how he's making all these efforts for her. Just for her.

When he picked a day for her birthday, she grinned and tilted her head cutely to the side "Why May 28th? Spring huh?" She quickly finished her food and beckoned for him to leave with her by taking his hand into hers, the way his hand and hers fitted well always made her smile, it felt just right. She made sure to leave some tip for the waitress as well before leaving the diner and getting inside the car. "You're amazing, you know that? Not many... would be crazy enough to do this just to make their girl happy but you..."

He chewed on his bottom lip “People get on my nerves a lot” and he wasn’t patient when it came to people acting stupid or unreasonable. Thankfully Astra was usually there to step in and diffuse the situation before he got himself in trouble. Sunmin pressed his lips together when she pointed out that he was making big promises “I think if I believe it can be great…it will be” they deserved a good trip where they just got to enjoy themselves, they’d both struggled through many hardships, they needed this.

He scoffed when she called him out for being exciting “Well it can’t be any worse than the same old city every day right?” plus he heard there was good food and snacks there and he would never turn that down. He was curious to know where her head was, they’d never really crossed the line of talking about relationships before, though Astra would often gush about the movies she watched or the comics she read, which wasn’t the same as reality. There wasn’t any living up to stories like that.

“I’m curious about your…everything…I can’t help but to wonder what you imagined as a better future for yourself…” he knew how much the aurazin loved love, so he had no doubt that every time she pictured her future, it was with someone at their side. “I’m a little tired…but I can make it a while longer” he admitted truthfully “I want to get through the state border before I give in for the night” he wanted to make good time after all.

He bit his lip when she asked why he chose that birthday “You like flowers and flowers make me think of spring…then I thought May because that’s when it starts to get warm…and 28th…well 28 is my lucky number” and maybe he selfishly wanted to have a small part in it. After they finished up, he followed her outside, staring at their joined hands and thinking how surprisingly natural this all felt to him. After he got in the car once more he started up the engine and pulled back out onto the highway “We already wasted so much time…we should do what makes us happy…now”.

"It's okay... you'll get a hand of it I'm sure, besides not everyone is a people person right? I'm enough for the both of us, don't worry" She didn't mind being the mediator between them. She will be the people person for both of them if needed be. She's more than happy to do that. "Sometimes I'm still wondering how you're doing this with a smile... and then I realised you really do care for me deeply and that is why you're taking care of me like this..." Every single time, Astra reminds herself that Sunmin likes her and it makes her heart flutter because it still feels unreal.

She brought her hand up to stroke the back of his neck gently as a form of reassurance and hummed softly "I imagined... someone who will go out of their way to make me happy even if it meant an ice cream date at 3 in the morning... going to the park with me in the middle of the night just to cheer me up, watch movies with me when I'm feeling it, comfort and snuggle me most of the time because my love language is physical affection... is that too much?" She wasn't sure if her list of demands were a bit over the top. 

The fact that he chose 28 all because he associated it to his lucky number made her blush and lean in to press a soft kiss to his cheek "May 28th it is then, I can't wait... the feeling of celebrating my birthday for the first time in a long... long while, with my beloved... sounds like Christmas came early" Because it was more than what she bargained for. The feeling of his hand intertwined with hers made her wonder how things could feel so right. 

"Thank you Sunmin... for doing this with me, I really couldn't thank you enough and I know this will be very memorable..." She had leaned her head slightly against his shoulder as her eyes got droopy, she didn't intend to fall asleep but it wasn't said than done. Especially when she just finished crying for a few days straight.

He chuckled “I don’t really have a choice around you do I?” he raised his brow, everyone seemed to be drawn to the aurazin, she was like a beacon that pulled everyone in, she could be just standing there for a moment and suddenly some random mom would be striking up a conversation with her about who knows what. It was jarring sometimes. “I do” he commented and gave her a stern look “And you should know that by now…we’ve been friends for how long?” his tone was teasing a hint of offense because how dare she suggest he didn’t care.

He glanced over at her when he felt her hand against his neck, it felt nice to see her reach for him so easily, there had been times in the past where he’d sensed in his chest that she wanted to but held herself back and now he was sure he was right “It sounds nice” he commented when she said she wanted ice cream at 3am and spending time close. Sunmin wasn’t super experienced when it came to physical intimacy, not in the way she wanted, but he was willing to be open to it “And if that’s all you ever asked for…honestly I’m surprised you haven’t found someone long before now” he mumbled softly.

He was surprised when he suddenly sensed her closer to him, turning just a little as she placed a gentle kiss to his cheek, it felt warm…her lips were soft, that much he could tell in an instant “So what do you want to do to celebrate your…birthday?” he was curious to know what she would choose, especially because she hadn’t gotten to have a birthday in so long, it was special in a way, to have a day to celebrate her.

“You’re welcome” he commented in response to her words “You should probably thank me after I get us there in one piece though…this car has never been on such a long journey” and Han was probably gonna call him all panicked in the morning when he realized Sunmin was gone. He was grumbling about the elder star and how he acted more like a mom than a brother sometimes until he heard the soft sound of her snoring and glanced over to see her laying against the window, eyes closed and breathing softly “That’s it princess…sleep well” he mumbled softly.

He drove through the silence for a while longer, heading through the state line into Nevada but when he felt tiredness starting to swoop in, he reached for the sat nav and punched in directions for a nearby motel. Before long he was pulling up outside one.

"I don't know what made you think you ever had one around me, have you seen me? The same girl who followed you back" and she stuck around. For a long time. She resigned to the fact that it would be hard to argue with him, just as hard as one wanted to argue with her, if not more. When she reached up and stroked his neck, it was indeed something she really wanted to do for a while now but was just too afraid to try because it's a sensitive spot for everyone and the last thing the aurazin wanted to do was make the celestial feel uncomfortable. No, not that. 

When he said he was surprised she hasn't found anyone with how simple her requests were, she pursed her lips and hummed softly, she had no idea either "Maybe... because I never tried." How could she have tried? She was... never available to fall in love with anyone anyway. Her circumstances were different. Thank god he had only turned slightly when she kissed his cheek because any more and she would've landed on his lips instead and god knows the girl would not be able to survive the ride at all from the awkwardness and craziness. 

"Honestly... I don't know. I've seen how people celebrate their birthdays but you know it's all cliche stuff, I don't have a lot of resources or references to go back to..." She didn't mind, maybe a cake and a good meal sounds ideal. Perhaps she would've felt bad for not listing to him but Astraea was already in slumberland by the time Sunmin was ranting about his twin brother. Her soft snores filled the car as he drove in silence. 

After a while he finally pulled up outside a nearby motel and the halt in parking made her hit her head slightly against the window, but was enough to stir her as she whined a soft ow with her eyes still closed. She still continued to resume sleeping with her arms crossed.

He chuckled and bit his lip softly “I know…you don’t give up…on anything” she had been so steadfast when it came to wanting to be his friend, she even found topics to talk to him about to try and keep his interest, even when he was sure she felt like she was talking to a brick wall. In the end, it seemed easier to just talk to her than to keep trying to ward someone off who clearly had no interest in being turned away.

He nodded his head slightly, maybe she didn’t want to try, what was the point when you knew things would end in heartbreak right? He looked over at her for a moment and bit his lip as he thought about how sad her situation must have felt. Wanting to be happy but not being able to reach for happiness even when it was right in front of you “Did you ever come close to trying anyway?” he wondered if there had ever been anyone compelling enough to make her want to give in.

He chuckled “Just because it’s cliche doesn’t mean you can’t have it…besides you never got to have them so…” he thought it was normal to want something even if it seemed cheesy and predictable “A birthday cake…presents…” he just wanted her to get to experience some of those things.

After pulling up, he wondered how to wake her before noticing her hit her head against the window, hearing her whine he couldn’t help pursing his lip and smiling because how was someone that stupidly cute. After a moment he undid his seatbelt and opened his door, getting out and going around to her side before nudging her slightly with her on her shoulder “Hey…let’s go find you somewhere to rest properly” she deserved a good night’s sleep.

Now that he has said that, she never realized if she has ever actually *tried* to... engage in a relationship with someone. "I don't have the time nor the privilege I guess but... I admit there has been one or two that made me this close to give in" But alas, it was only a close equation, nothing more because the aurazin did not end up risking it all. Not the way she's risking it all with Sunmin. It's so different. With him, she knows there is no going back and she is fine with it.

All in. The thought of having birthday cake or even a celebration in general made her giddy. The prospect of it was making her excited. And it helps when May isn't far away, she just had to wait for a while and Astraea can be patient with waiting. Kinda.

She was so deep into her slumber that the slight knocking against the window wasn't even hurting her or if it was, she was out cold. Possibly too tired from her torturous week. And she often snores softly when she's dead tired which is what she's doing now. It took him a few tries to nudge her as she stirred slightly, whining softly in response to him waking her up, there was no way her eyes are fluttering with the way she refused to wake up like that. She only pushed him away in his attempts to wake her as she resumed sleeping.

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