"I'm all in baby" was the last thing he had said to her before heading away from her house, he wondered how things had changed so quickly between them and yet it felt like this had been a long time coming. They'd known one another for years, been friends for most of that and in time she had become the single person he reached for first. She was the first one he wanted to talk to in the morning and the last person he wanted to wish goodnight. It was hard to imagine his life without her. 

Watching her rush off to her room he headed out the door and started walking the distance to Han's place, thankfully it wasn't too far. He didn't waste any time as he headed in, grabbed some clothes from the chest of drawers and piled them into his duffel bag before looking around and grabbing his blanket off the bed, he was used to traveling pretty light so it didn't take him long to gather up the essentials. He wasn't really sure what their next few days were going to look like but he felt optimistic, which wasn't something the young star was used to. He wondered if the feeling would last. 

He scrawled a quick note to Han not to expect him home for a few days and then headed out, grabbing his keys and getting into his car. Before long he was pulling up outside the house once again. He got out and checked the state of the car, making sure all the lights were working and none of the tires looked like they were on their last legs, he didn't want to risk breaking down in the middle of the trip.

Knowing the door was unlocked he headed inside just in time to see her coming down the stairs. She looked so much brighter and happier than she did the first time he saw her today and he felt his heart lurch in his chest in response "You look...shimmery" he commented a little bluntly, but the sentiment of what he was thinking was there.

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She ran her hand over his dark locks gently and grinned when he said she crashed hard "I felt like I did crash hard for sure..." Honestly she wasn't sure if she dreamt the whole part about going to Disneyland, and maybe the dating part too because everything was a lot yesterday but she called him baby and he responded really well so maybe that actually happened.

When he told her he could just drive her home if she wished, the aurazin whined and say "I didn't mean that, you know what I mean..." Astraea didn't want to wake up, she wanted to stay here and just... stare at him. "Did you have a good sleep? You drove all night... you must be so tired... my poor baby" Ever since the celestial gave her the right to call him with endearment terms, she has not stopped.

"We have to get up right..." Still did not stop her from groaning of course. "Ugh... I just hate that we have to get up but..." Disneyland is waiting. Astraea pulled her body weight and grinned sheepishly "Do you know you smell really nice? Is that cologne or just... you?"

Her hands felt nice against his hair, he smiled softly and tilted his head "Well in your defense, you probably needed it..." after everything she had been through she deserved the chance to rest and he was glad he was able to give her that. "I do? Cause it seems like you completely forgot about our adventure for a moment there" he grinned slightly because he was looking forward to getting back on the road, he had some more energy now.

"I'm okay...I crashed too not long after we got here" he commented in a soft voice "I thought about sleeping on the floor but then you pulled me down and locked me in" he chuckled under his breath "You have an iron grip for such a little thing" he hadn't imagined their first night after beginning to date would be like this but he couldn't complain either. "I slept well..." even in a slightly dingy hotel and the bed wasn't super comfortable...being in her arms felt warm...comforting.

"We do...if we want any hope of making it before sundown" he was hoping they could make it before the evening so they wouldn't have to spend another night on the road. He slowly pushed himself up to rest on his elbows "I guess it's just...me" he mumbled softly, he wasn't wearing any cologne. Before long he pushed himself too his feet, running his hand through his hair which was disheveled "We should probably wash up and go....pretty sure the receptionist was thinking about calling the cops" not that he could really blame her given the situation he supposed.

When he said she deserved it she couldn't help but grinned sheepishly when she thought about the kind of week they all had. It's been a long week for the aurazin but he made it so much more enjoyable. "I was too tired and you... were bringing me somewhere... I thought it was too good to be true and a dream is likely to..." She grinned sheepishly. She realized she had to force herself to wake up and so she did, her hair was messy as she tried to comb them using her fingers.

"You shouldn't have to sleep on the floor... Next time... you don't have to get two rooms, save your money, going to Disneyland for me is already more than I could ever wish for Sunmin... We can afford to share a bed" She didn't find anything wrong with that. Actually, the old her from a few years ago might, because of how traditional and conservative she is, but not this Astraea.

She blushed when he mentioned she had an iron grip "I like snuggling in my sleep... it's either a pillow... or blanket... but a star sounds nice too, honestly" She teased. She bit her lip and stared at him in confusion for a while because well if that's not a cologne... then he just naturally smells nice. "Why would she call the cops?" She asked, she didn't know what went down yesterday.

He smiled softly “Is it really that hard to believe that we’d go on a trip together?” he questioned curiously “I guess we thought about several before but we never actually…started planning” Sunmin wasn’t really the kind of person who planned honestly, he preferred to be spontaneous and do whatever he felt like. Hence why they were here now “Maybe we can make more trips in the future…” he’d like that, it would give him something to be excited about.

“Well, I guess your sleeping self agreed with you…” he mumbled softly, she had reached for him and he hadn’t fought it. Honestly it was nice having her there, feeling her small frame against his, the way she gripped onto him like she needed him there…it was a new but…comforting experience for him. “I just didn’t know what you’d be comfortable with…this is all new for us” they’d fallen asleep in the same room before but that was different from sharing a bed.

He smiled “It was nice…” he murmured softly and it sounded cute when she said she’d like to snuggle a star too “So if you’re okay with it then…we can just share…” he wasn’t usually so nervous about these sorts of things, with others it had been trivial, but everything with her felt different.  And the last thing he wanted to do was make her uncomfortable. “Well…you know I walked into a motel carrying you…you were asleep…I guess anyone could make assumptions from that right…” he bit his lip softly.

"It's not hard to believe, that's not what I meant... but it feels like jt's a dream come true for me... I am not used to this remember?" He
wasn't wrong, he was never a planner but she is. "I can plan enough for both of us, don't worry." The thought of having more trips in the future made her all giddy and excited because what does that mean? Does it mean Sunmin wants to go out with her some more in the future? How nice.

She giggled when he said her sleeping self agreed with her because of course it did, she was a bit embarrassed since it was a very unconscious move but she didn't feel guilty, because she... might have wanted to hug him even in her sleep. "Well at least now we know the boundaries we have slowly established... you and I can share a bed... we can hug, that is fine... besides... I like physical affection, remember?" It wasn't hard to appease the aurazin.

She couldn't help but laugh when he told her the whole deal about how others perceived them because he carried her unconscious form inside a motel "Well if it helps I can clarify to the receptionist that I'm very happy being carried by my boyfriend" She teased and shook her head before heading to the bathroom. She didn't take a long time inside the bathroom, once she washed up and was all freshened up, she did her hair and came out after 20 minutes dressed in a cute blue top and flowery skirt. "How do I look?"

He smiled softly “So you’ve never taken a trip like this before?” he was curious, perhaps she had gone to places here and there as part of her work but she probably never just left to do something fun right? He hadn’t either, he never really had the luxury to just go and do frivolous things before…but now he had a stable job..a home…he could afford a little happiness. “I’m more of a fan of just waking up and deciding to go” he commented in a playful voice.

“Got it” he mumbled softly and smiled slightly “This feels a little weird huh?” he commented thinking about how much had changed between them but also how little too…they could still talk with each but there was a sense of intimacy that wasn’t present before “A good weird…” like his chest felt a little fuzzy and nervous because he’s never experienced it before “It might take me a little while to…adjust” but the smile on his lips said he was happy.

He scoffed slightly “It’s none of her business anyway…guess I look like someone shady huh” he grumbled slightly, he didn’t need to prove himself to anyone but the person he was taking care of. “I did try to wake you up but you seemed like you were about ready to just stay in the car all night” he commented shaking his head playfully. While she washed up in the bathroom, he sorted through his backpack for some clothes to wear.

When she came out, he held his breath for a moment because…wow…how did he get someone like her “Pretty” he blurted without even considering the words, he always liked her dress sense. He shuffled past her before heading into the bathroom himself, washing up, combing his hair and changing into a comfy pair of slacks along with a black t-shirt. After about 15 minutes he headed out once more “Ready to get back on the road?” he questioned with a soft smile.

She shook her head when he asked if she has never taken any trip like that before "Nope... not once in my life... I mean to be fair, I could be a bit spontaneous when I want to go somewhere back then but... it wasn't like this. It wasn't a trip of pleasure like I'm doing with you..." This was different. Back then duty was duty and maybe when she has completed them quick, she can spend a few hours in her pleasure. "Well... if spontaneity is your thing then have at it, mister Spontaneous, I'm more than happy to be there to do things with you... whatever it is" she mused.

When he confirmed it was a good weird she could only beam in delight because to her, it felt just like that. A good weird. "I like this good weird..." But she hoped that both of them, especially him who never did seem to be keen on physical affection, to open his heart and get used to it. At least with her.

She slapped his shoulder playfully when he said he looked shady and shook her head "Don't take it to heart hm? People judge... that's what humans do. To me... you don't look shady at all." And she would clarify if needed. She'd be more than happy to do so. The moment she stepped out of the bathroom in new clothes, she had been waiting for his reaction because it meant a lot to her. So when he commented that she was pretty, she blushed and giggled as she allowed him to do his business.

Pretty, that's what he said. When he came back out she was already finished packing her things and nodded in response to his question "Ready as I'll ever be... come on" She picked up their stuff and hooked her hand around his arm, as if it was the most natural thing to do. "I hope this is okay..." She really liked being close to him so she's hoping it is okay.

When they went past the receptionist she leaned her head against his shoulder and kissed him on the cheek when she knew she was looking their direction "Now she has no doubts anymore..."

He raised his brows because of the way she worded their trip as a trip of pleasure which made him chuckle softly “I guess we can see it as a mini vacation” though neither of them had planned to be off work for a long time, maybe they could go somewhere for longer next time…so maybe there were perks to planning ahead. “Our schedules don’t make it easy to be spontaneous huh…” it didn’t help that they worked at the same place so they were often the ones who were covering for one another.

“Me too” he agreed with her that while it was weird…he didn’t think it would feel that way for too long, they had adjusted to every new change as they got closer, this was just one step further when you considered it. He laughed when she slapped his shoulder “I mean…in their defense I do dress like I could be trouble” and maybe he was trouble at times, he wasn’t always the best influence after all, he had spent so much time on the streets.

Seeing the way she blushed when he complimented her…it made him only want to do it more…he liked seeing the way she smiled like that…like his words mattered to her. Now he was cleaned up he felt more ready to start the day, he grabbed his backpack from the floor and naturally pulled her closer when she hooked onto his arm “I like having you close” he murmured softly in response to her words.

They headed through the reception and he headed towards the box where you could drop your keys but just as he reached it, he felt her kiss his cheek gently and he couldn’t help but smile “Good..I don’t want anyone to doubt how much I like you” he whispered softly before putting the key in the box and pulling her towards the door. Before long they were getting back into the car and heading out onto the road once more. “Favorite music?” he asked curiously, he didn’t think she’d shown him any music before.

"A mini vacation... I've never had one but if this is how it looks like then I think it's time we start investing in plenty of... mini vacations, it doesn't have to be anywhere grand... just us is enough" Perhaps she was a bit lovey dovey with how she's approaching this with him. But the thing with Astraea is that she knows what she wants with people she cares about. And he hasn't expressed how uncomfortable he's being with how she's treating him, so isn't that fine? Isn't that a sign that she could do it because he might like it too?

She gave him a once over and pursed her lips because she could see why people often jump into conclusions upon seeing him, he's not wrong, he's dressed quite rebelliously and it is the society's stigma that men like him are nothing but trouble. Which did make her frown because what do they mean by men like him? "You are trouble... sure... but you're my trouble..." And she happens to like her trouble.

The way he allowed her to hook onto his arm and only smiled softly in return made her heart flutter because this was also confirmation she could do it, and he admitted he liked having her close so that was a big green light. She didn't even realized that she had been purring the whole time they went to his car.

Astraea hummed softly and racked her head when he asked for favorite music "Don't judge but I like Arctic Monkeys... and I like Alexander Stewart so... it's complicated... I love my bands but I am also a sucker for angst."

He laughed softly and pursed his lips “We haven’t even got through the first one yet, what if you’re tired of having me around all day after the first day or two?” he raised his brows playfully knowing she would deny it immediately because she was just that kind of person “Then again, you have worked with me for a long time now and you didn’t try to kill me yet…” he snickered playfully.

He grinned when she agreed he was trouble “How long have you been waiting to say that one?” he commented and grinned playfully, he liked the idea of being her anything though, meaning the most to her…that was something he felt he could only dream of and yet now it was…real.

He shifted a little in his seat as he made himself as comfortable as possible for the drive, eyes on the road “That’s an interesting mix…never heard the second one though…show me some?” he wasn’t judging at all, he was just curious about the things she liked. “I like plenty of genres but I usually come back to rock…Fall Out Boy definitely got a lot of plays” he chuckled softly, he didn’t always have the means to just listen to any music he wanted to but since he had gotten his own phone he had listened a lot.

“There’s something about music that just…helps with everything…you know” the right song could completely change your mood and even your day. He noticed she wasn’t holding his hand like she did yesterday so he reached out for her hand and held it securely.

She gave him a playful scowl and shook her head when he said that "You sure about that? You know I'm the clingy one out of the two of us right? I'm so clingy... I'm surprised you didn't try to throw me out of the car yet." And they've worked for a while alongside each other so she understood that boundaries were formed then. But now it's different... the boundaries they had as colleagues and as friends were different than this. "Are we not partners now? Do we need... boundaries at all?" Was that too much of her? She worried she came off too strong.

"Nevermind uh... that probably came off too strong. Forget I ever said anything" She murmured hurriedly, Astraea cursed internally and sighed, why did she have to open that big mouth of hers and say stuff like that? You're moving too fast, she reminded herself. "You are my trouble..." She added gently, she always loved how he acts differently around her, it made her feel so special.

When he asked her to show him some of Alexander Stewart, she bit her lip before taking out her phone so she could show him. It didn't take her long to scroll down on her playlist and let the song blare "Like I said... it's very angsty... but then again I am me, it's probably not a surprise..." She loved his songs because of how raw it is, and she loves... love. She leaned against the seat and closed her eyes briefly to enjoy the song until she felt his warm hand clasping hers. She fluttered her eyes open and saw how he held her hand and intertwined her fingers into his "You're holding my hands first now..."

He chuckled and playfully cupped her cheeks to make her pout slightly and bit his lip softly “Who says I won’t become the clingy one?” he questioned and quirked his brow “I mean you managed to make me your friend and now here we are…I might never stop falling more” he jested but then bit his lip and blushed a little when he realized the words he chose. He slowly lowered his hands and then played with his hair.

What even were boundaries when it came to them, they were always playing around with one another, they were comfortable and conversation came and went between them easily. She was the only person he didn’t feel weird to sit in silence around, though it rarely lasted long because she’d come up with something to say “No boundaries” he repeated back and then nodded slightly “That’s a big promise you know” especially when she was the one with less…experiences.

He grinned slightly when she said those words over again “Then you should be prepared to handle trouble for a long time…” he wasn’t going anywhere…this happiness was something he wanted to grab with both hands. He listened to the music, drumming one of his hands on the steering wheel a little “Well…I hope that no one would hurt you that badly that a song like that would resonate” though he could understand enjoying slow, sad songs.

He smiled and bit his lip when she pointed out he reached for her hand “No boundaries…remember” he teased as he glanced at her for a moment “Who knows what I’ll do” he added with a grin.

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