Alva Davenwood

Age of Appearance: 24 | Date of Birth: 20th of March, 1892 | Actual Age: 124

Located: Evermore City, Colorado | Status: Immortal | Born: Gasadalur Faroe Islands, Denmark

Family: None Known | Species: Celestial

Distinguishing Marks: Mark of the Pegasus Constellation on her right shoulder blade

Faceclaim: Lily Collins

Denmark is a country known for beautiful landscapes and quiet nights. The Gasadalur Faroe Islands far enough from the mainland that only small tribes lived there, calling the island home. Most were nomadic moving where the environment suited them best, though on a island there was only so far one could go. The tribes worked together while living apart, some were farmers, others had small boats they used to bring items to and from the island or to fish with.

On one such night two fisherman were sitting in a boat casting their nets as a bright light flew across the sky, crashing into the shoreline. Every tribe on the island had seen the light fall from the sky and many believed whatever had fallen was a gift of the gods, something fallen from Yggdrasil, the tree of life. The whole island gathered on the shore line where a crater had formed a bright light shining from within the earth. None had ever seen anything like it and it could only be a gift of a god or goddess from Asgard since surely nothing from earth could be so bright and warm.

The elders of the tribes slowly approached the crater shielding their eyes from the light. As they realized what was within the hole their heads lifted towards the sky sending prayers to their deities. The glow began to decrease as the elders motioned for help in removing her from where she had crashed, a gift far greater than any other.

Days passed and the young woman from the sky lay motionless the only indication that she was alive being from the steady rise and fall of her chest. Day after day the elders of the tribe checked on her, one of their elder women keeping an eye on her and yet everyday it was the same. They prayed to their gods for guidance in the matter of the gift given to them and received no answer. Finally the eyes of the young woman opened a small scream of pain leaving her lips as she pulled the furs of her bedding tight around her and took in where she was. The kind elderly woman spoke in a tone that seemed to ease the young woman from her fear and panic, smiling and giving her name, Freydis.

The young woman seemed to understand what Freydis was saying and begged her not to leave the hut as she said she needed to let the elders know the young woman was awake. Pulling her knees into her chest the young woman waited for Freydis return. Seeing the elder men with Freydis, the young woman shied away afraid of them though she didn’t know why. The elders spoke to her in soft voices calming her much in the same way that Freydis had done and the young woman finally released the tight ball she had been curled into trusting in their words.

Many questions were voice to her but she didn’t know the answers to any of them though she tried to answer to the best of her ability. She couldn’t so much as remember her name let alone where she had come from and the elders seemed to nod with understanding smiles upon their faces as if they knew something she didn’t. They taught her the ways of their people the elders allowing her to stay in each village a few days to learn the customs and people there. Many fell at her feet when they saw her believing her to be more than what she thought she was.

Staring into the nightly fire a week or so after she had arrived a name seemed to tickle the back of her mind. Alva Davenwood. She spoke this name to the elders and they rejoice saying they knew the gods would provide. Alva became a pillar in the community, a symbol of wisdom as many came to ask for her unbiased opinion on matters since she knew no sides. During one particular mediation between two farmers Alva became so stressed she began to glow, pure light and celestial energy filling the hut surprising those within. It frightened the farmers but the light hadn’t harmed them and they assumed that meant the gods were angered by their argument so they dropped it.

Alva found it hard to wake up in the mornings and live on the same timeframe as those around her since she spent most nights unable to sleep. Alva could never understand why that was but the elders told her since she had fallen to them at night maybe that was the time which was most sacred to her. The stars interested her greatly and Freydis’ husband had spent many years studying the stars so he taught her what he knew.

Alva had been on the island for a year when new abilities other than glowing began to manifest and it scared her. One night while walking the shoreline a soft rain began and as she started to run back towards the village she was staying at it seemed to stop, raindrops hanging in the air, it didn’t last long and after the rain had begun to fall once more she questioned if it had ever happened to begin with. The elders of the tribes wanted her to stay on the island so they devised a plan, the sons of the elders were to fight in a tournament and whoever won, Alva would marry. The young woman agreed to this believing it to be the custom of the people she was among and she did wish to stay.

The day of the tournament a ship docked on the island, it was one those of the island knew nothing about. Those on it claimed to be merchants but something about them caused Alva great unease. The tournament began the men fighting well knowing exactly what it was they were fighting for. The so called merchants began to ask those of the village why the men were fighting in a tournament. They said it was because the men wished to marry Alva, the gift of the gods. One of the men knew the story of the falling stars and what they could do.

The merchants circled the village and set fire to the homes during the tournament causing panic and drawing attention. When they elders realized what was happening they told Alva to run and for their sons to protect her in her flight. The young woman ran as fast as she could, lungs burning before reaching a cliff which overlooked the ocean. Alva’s eyes landed on the village she loved so much in the distance now in flames as the people who took her in fought with those who wished to cause her harm. Three of the merchant men caught up to her with ropes in their hands wanting to take her and she made the only choice that she knew to. Without thinking she leapt from the cliff crashing into the cold water below.

Alva’s vision blurred as the cold began to overtake her as she fought against the current which tried to slam her into the rocking shoreline. Surfacing she did her best to try and swim, her clothing weighing her down and making it a hard feat indeed but she refused to give up. Shivers began to violently wrack her body as her teeth chattered, Alva knew she needed to continue moving, to try and survive but it was far too hard. The cold finally won out and Alva’s eyes closed as she began to sink under the current.

The redhead hasn’t expected to wake up to warmth since she hadn’t expected to wake at all. Thick blankets surrounded her and there was the gentle rocking motions of a boat. Panic began to set in and as she looked over to find a dagger beside the bed, wrapping her hands around it she slowly left the cabin and silently crept up the stairs leading above deck. The fresh air and night sky was almost enough to put her at ease until she realized she had no idea where she was or who had saved her. A thought scared her, what if they hadn’t saved her? What if she was a prisoner? This was the thought that drove her to move towards the edge of the large wooden ship ready to jump.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were in your shoes. You’re still weak and you haven’t anything I want.” Looking towards the sound of the strong male voice she saw a man standing behind the ship’s helm. There was something about the man that almost seemed familiar his skin holding a glow much like her own. The man in question introduced himself as Niram Lamire of Scorpius and Alva immediately felt as if she could trust the man.

As he steered the ship, Alva told him her story and from time to time he would laugh or snort especially when she spoke of those who saw her a some sort of gift from the gods. In returned she had assumed he would tell her his own sorted tale but he had no intention of doing so. Instead he explained to her what she was, telling her that he was such the same and he was taking her to someone who could answer all the questions she might have.

The two were on the ship for a very long time and within this time Alva learned much from Niram the man teaching her how to defend herself having survived for some time with people hunting him. He told her that there were many who wanted them in order to take the power that they had and those kind of people would stop at nothing, Niram having seen Celestials killed. The tales he told made Alva weary but she knew he wasn’t trying to scare her but make her aware of the true world they lived in opposed to the island of safety she had called home.

When they two finally reached a port Niram introduced Alva to a woman named Ophelia Dreyvalian. Never had Alva met someone who so easily commanded attention and held such strength within her. Alva was sure this was how the humans had felt when they lied eyes on her since she was in fact in awe of Ophelia and what she was.

The woman sought to bring her people together and give them strength in numbers. Studying under Niram and Ophelia she was able to learn more of her abilities and to fully understand them. Alva vowed to follow Ophelia anywhere and when a deal was struck with the Ailward she followed Ophelia to the Isle of Skye for the first time finally feeling safe. Everyday she would train with Niram on how to use her Celestial energy to her benefit and protection.

As the years went on she believed they were safe until the day everything had changed. She and Niram were in the courtyard working on her focus when it came to Foresight when the Guards of the Isle turned on them. When she awoke she was in a cage with her brothers and sisters of the sky. Tears sunk her eyes but she refused to let them fall. Everyday the Guards would bring them food to keep them alive but that was it. Her heart began to break at the state the once proud species had fallen into.

When Julius Ramsey was captured she felt a strange kinship with the young man despite the fact that they weren’t from the same grouping. He was still so young in so many ways and knew so little so she had done her best to share what wisdom and stories that she had. Telling him stories of the past was the only thing that kept her sane even when others would break in with rude comments including Niram.

The day the Isle fell she could feel the strength in the Celestial energy mixed with something else. It had been a hard fought battle to escape the Isle of Skye but as it disintegrated she felt no pity or sorrow at the lose of the island and those who had inhabited it. All the Celestial had ever done was try and live their lives and steer clear of those who wished to kill them.

Seeing Ophelia again was a shock to Alva’s system but she was glad to see that their Wayfinder was still alive and still looking after her people. Upon the announcement of their move to Evermore City she didn’t know what to say but her life had been saved by Ophelia’s hand twice so far and she knew it was best to stay close to the woman if she wished to continue to survive.

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