Anastasia Bélanger

Age of Appearance: 24 | Date of Birth: 26th February, 1860 | Actual Age: 158

Located: Evermore City, Colorado | Status: Immortal | Born: Marseille, France

Family: Antonia Bélanger | Species: Celestial

Distinguishing Marks: Mark of the Pisces Constellation

Faceclaim: Kaya Scodelario

It was a dark winter night over the city of Marseille, France. Pale white moonlight seemed to be the only thing illuminating the large town, a perfect night for the evil to come out and play. Murders and robberies were frequent in the dark, females often being the victim to such crimes and Merissa Pierce was just another easy prey.

Merissa was the daughter of an old drunkard with an estranged wife, who had run away with a vampire pirate who often visited the bar he drowned himself in alcohol in. Merissa was not unfamiliar with the slurs and abuses of his father, cursing his wife for leaving him with a teenage daughter.

Fed up with her father’s ill-treatment, Merissa, at the young age of nineteen, decided to gather all the money she had saved working long hours in a shack, and leave her father to fend for himself. And it was when she was walking down the narrow alleys, a sack full of coins hidden within the robe over her gown, she sensed that she was being followed.

Before she could think of a way out, Merissa was cornered by three men in black robes, and toothy grins and one of them was quick to twist her arm around, pressing her up against a wall with a knife to her neck. The female knew her dreams were crushed - she would either have to return to her poor excuse of a father and gather money all over again, or she could let them end her life right here, even before she had the chance to start afresh. But the female still prayed that there was a third option.

And miraculously enough, when a bright light shone over them, passing through the sky with its fiery tail, it crashed to the ground like a shining hope, falling with a bang just a few yards away from them. However, instead of a rock, one of the males noticed a female huddled in the ground, strong light radiating from their form which almost blinded the thieves as they scrambled to their feet, in an instant running away from the female they were to rob and murder.

Anastasia Bélanger was indeed a beacon of hope for Merissa as she took the fallen star in with her, buying themselves a room in one of the shabby hotels, waiting patiently for her savior to awake. And it took weeks for Anastasia to finally open her eyes. Pain seared through her entire body when she awoke, stretching her long limbs, her mind just a blank board with no memories to fill.

The female couldn’t recall anything for days, feeling like a nobody, struggling to fit in. Merissa instantly became her teacher and soon enough, a name appeared in the former’s mind: Anastasia. “Anastasia Bélanger.” She told Merissa her name was, but that is all that she could remember. The only other clue of who she was a tattoo etched upon her wrist of the Pisces constellation.

Anastasia and Merissa together scoured through ancient books and whatever they could lay hands on for an explanation of who she was. But not many had heard about a species that fell from the sky especially one that could feel a surging energy within her. Soon, she started developing more powers, her body glowing immensely at random of situations. At one point Merissa swore she saw Anastasia’s body being covered in nothing but radiating energy, but she could only remember blacking out a few moments later.

Over a year later, Anastasia met a tall dark-haired female who introduced herself as Ophelia - A Celestial, fallen star who was brought to lead her kind; their kind. She told her about their species and promised to protect and train her. Anastasia was not too certain about leaving Merissa and travelling the world with the female who was meant to be her leader but after much persuasion from Merissa herself, who told her it’d be wise to not stay in one place if people did hunt her kind, she agreed to go ahead and start a new journey, promising to remain in touch with her friend throughout the time.

And she kept her word, sending letters to Merissa every other day. The two had developed a bond much stronger than sisterhood could describe, she cared too deeply for her. Soon enough, Anastasia met a female with striking resemblance to herself a tattoo same as hers carved into her pale flesh. The young brunette called herself Antonia Bélanger and she was her sister - a fallen star from the same galaxy. With a handful of other Celestials, Anastasia followed Ophelia as she led them around the world, on a journey she’d never forget.

Their adventure however led Anastasia and Antonia to the Isle of Skye where the Aspects had called for Ophelia. The leader was secretive about her mission but Anastasia knew something was not right. On a warm summer night, as she sat down to read a letter from Merissa, who had by now had her own grandchildren was considerably old. She told her about her sickness, that her time was slowly coming to an end and she wished to meet her dearest friend before taking her last breath. Anastasia wasted no time writing to her, promising that she would be by her side till death came for her.

Anastasia at once packed her bags, beginning to leave her chambers when two men knocked on the door. And that was the last thing she remembered before feeling a searing pain at the back of her head and collapsing on the floor. When she awoke, hours or days later, she wasn’t sure, where she was but the steel cage she was entrapped in was impossible to get out of. Across from her, Antonia was locked in a similar cage and a few others lined up in holdings beside her. No one knew what was happening and soon the cage became their home. Anastasia struggled at first, crying to be let go for just a day so she could visit her friend. She howled near the bars, called out to the Guards, but to no avail. She was forced to live knowing that her best friend was taking her last breath somewhere and she was unable to fulfill her promise and be by her side.

They were trapped in it for years, maybe even a century, Anastasia didn’t know. They had no connection to the outside world except for the everyday meal a Guard she recognised from earlier brought in. They knew they were trapped in the Isle of Skye, but why no one could figure out. Ophelia never came for them either and darkness became their only friend. And Anastasia accepted this was the life for her. The pain completely changed her. She turned bitter, cold and not even Antonia could help her. However the younger female had wounds of her own to heal. Anastasia had never felt so alone.

She was a different person by the time Ophelia came to rescue the Celestials. She was almost reluctant to leave. When they gathered on the ground once again, watching the Isle fall to pieces like meteor shower decorating the night sky, Anastasia knew. She knew she felt happiness seeing the destruction. She knew she loathed the Ailwards for taking the most precious moment of her life from her.

So, when Ophelia announced that the Hunters have been growing in numbers and that they needed to establish themselves as a powerful faction, it was certain that they’d be settling in the city of Evermore and hearing about the Ailwards who had also taken refuge in the supernatural haven, she couldn’t be any more opposed to the idea. However, it was only the idea of someday exacting her revenge that made Anastasia agree to the decision. She and Antonia soon found themselves a home within the city and while the younger Bélanger worked towards healing the wounds her lover had inflicted on her heart, Anastasia only focused on making things right.

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