Antonia Bélanger

Age of Appearance: 19 | Date of Birth: 11th March, 1894 | Actual Age: 123

Located: Evermore City, Colorado | Status: Immortal | Born: Paris, France

Family: Anastasia Bélanger | Species: Celestial

Distinguishing Marks: Mark of the Pisces Constellation

Faceclaim: Danielle Campbell



Unlike most Falling Stars and definitely unlike her sister, Anastasia, Antonia did not shoot across the sky and fall upon the ground to be found by humans and taken care of. She had neither saved anyone by landing on Earth, nor did she become a light to a mortal in need of guidance.

When Antonia fell in the middle of deep forests just a little away from the main city of Paris, she was not found by anyone for days. The young female lay upon the marshy land, soaked in dirt. Dried leaves stuck onto her skin like tattoos. She was born a child of nature. She stayed unconscious, motionless for weeks, maybe even months till one night her gaze fluttered open, revealing one of the most soulful set of deep blue eyes that sparkled under the dark sky.

She had no recollection of who she was, and how she had ended up there and for a couple hours she crawled on her feet, weak from what she didn’t know but unable to muster up any strength. Hence, it wasn’t exactly the ideal situation she found herself in when the brunette came face to face with a large bear, baring its hungry fangs at the petite female. Before her life had even begun, Antonia knew it was going to end. And as she shut her eyes tightly, fearing the inevitable, an arrow shot through the air like a ray of hope and the beast fell on its knees with a loud growl.

When Antonia found no one attacking her, she slowly opened her eyes. And her gaze rested upon the most handsome looking man she had ever seen - not that she had seen many, but something drew her instantly towards the male. She got lost in his dark hues. Antonia found herself speechless, only mumbling a ‘thank you’, before her body gave away and she fell unconscious, right in time for the male to catch him.

Desmond Gale was a man seeking vengeance. An experienced wild-animal hunter, looking to right the wrongs that his parents’ murderers had done. He had spent years trying to avenge his parents’ death and even after he had killed the Lycans that had torn his father apart and flung his mother across the woods, the human was not satisfied. He wanted his parents back and was willing to go to any extent to revive them.

On that cold March night, Desmond had just been turned down by a Necromancer who refused to bring his parents back to life and was walking down the forest in an attempt to get rid of the frustration of it all. And that is when his eyes fell on the most beautiful looking red-head and he knew she had already captured his heart just with her doe eyes. He spent no time in shooting an arrow in the sky, watching it wound the beast that was about to pounce on her and like the savior he was, he carried the unconscious female back home like a prized possession.

It did not take much long for the female to wake up. The next morning she awoke to find herself in a house, but what made her heart skip a beat was the sight of her knight asleep on a small chair beside the bed. There was something about her that drew her in and she couldn’t help but chuckle when he finally awoke and with a dashing smile, accepted her thanks.

Except, when Desmond, as he introduced himself, asked for a name, the Fallen Star had no idea what to say. She didn’t know who she was, and she definitely didn’t know how she ended up on the forest floor. It was like she had just dropped on the Earth, with no previous memories to fill her mind. The only thing she knew was the mark of the Pisces Constellation etched upon her lower arm. It was the only mark of identity she had.

Luckily enough, Desmond was a man who could never turn down an adventure. Neither could he turn down the gorgeous female he had started falling for and together the two decided to travel the country for her lost identity. And the star knew that even if she couldn’t remember her past life, the future with the man of her dreams was as good as it could get. Together they decided to find her identity and a way to bring his parents back. Only a couple days after they had turned up in the old French city of Lyon that a name finally floated in her mind.

“Antonia,” She had told Desmond between one of their shared kisses just outside the Cathedral. “Antonia Bélanger.” She said her name was and Desmond simply smiled, “Beautiful.” He kissed her once more and like the two souls deeply in love, they continued on their journey together, moving towards the town of Lourdes.

However, Desmond’s will to avenge his parents rode him hard as days passed and he found nothing that would lead him to reviving them. No Necromancer would do a mortal like him a favour and he didn’t know of anyone else who could possibly help him. During this time, Antonia had begun to show strange powers and her skin had an eminent glow. He feared he had impregnated her but Antonia was certain it was some sort of specialty that came with her new-found powers.

Soon enough they began to find explanations behind these powers. An old Fae far in the city of Marseille knew about the Celestials. She told them everything about Antonia’s species and informed them about the Wayfinder, Ophelia Dreyvalian. But one specific information that struck out most was that one could kill a Celestial to harness their power and reverse something in a timeline.

Antonia at first did not worry much about this little information. She was certain her lover would never harm her, but when she found herself waking up in the middle of a forest one day, tied to a tree and helpless, she knew she was wrong. Desmond had been driven mad with the will to bring back his parents. He didn’t think clearly anymore and the insanity reflected in the very eyes that Antonia had fallen in love with. She begged and pleaded, cried for him to return to his true self but he only threw his head back in a maniacal laughter, telling her that this was him. And this was all a game of fate. He proclaimed that fate had given him answers to the questions the very night he had found her. “Fate handed me the key to my parents’ revival in a silver platter.” He said, his voice void of emotions, “And I was a fool to not see it earlier.”

Antonia’s lips quivered as she cried to her lover to let her go, she insisted that they would find a way to bring them back without her having to die in the process and even when Antonia reminded him of their love, he was far too deep into the oceans of insanity to swim back up. He was blinded. Maybe that is why he didn’t notice Ophelia creep up behind them and just when he was about to force a blade through Antonia’s heart, a sharp pain ceased Desmond as he fell to his knees, clutching at his chest where the knife the Wayfinder had stabbed him with pierced through. He only had a few seconds to register what had happened, turning his head around to meet his murderer before falling limp on the ground - dead.

Ophelia took the heartbroken Celestial in her shelter and brought her to the rest of her kind, introducing her to Anastasia who was supposed to be her sister - a star fallen from the same constellation. However, Antonia was too deeply wounded to care anymore. She spent her days alone, crying herself to sleep and finding herself in the middle of woods, staring into nothing but the leaves that reminded her of her lover and his betrayal.

So when Ophelia proposed the clan stay in the Isle of Skye, Antonia had absolutely no issues. She continued to live the same way. The Ailwards’ betrayal had also not come to her as a shock when she found herself trapped in a cage one night. She had been deceived so deeply that no treachery could affect her anymore. Antonia was sure that she would spend the rest of her life in that cage, probably an eternity in the darkness. She had given hope and Ophelia had disappointed her.

She spent days thinking the Wayfinder had abandoned them, and that betrayal ran deep, almost intertwining itself with the wound her lover had left. It seemed to her that anyone she dared trust, anyone she saw as her saviour, would end up crashing all her hopes and betraying her in the most heinous way possible.

But that changed when Ophelia came to rescue the Celestials. That was the one thing that finally surprised Antonia and something clicked in her once again - an urge to rebuild herself. When she found herself outside of the dark cage, watching the Isle come undone like shooting stars in the sky, she found the will to live once more. She knew she had to be wary to not let anyone in other than her family - The Stars but she was willing to make a life in Evermore as Ophelia had suggested.

It was like Ophelia returning to save them repaired some of the trust issues she had and Antonia found herself convincing her sister to settle in Evermore with the rest of the Celestials. So while Anastasia looked forward to vengeance from the Ailwards, Antonia decided to rebuild her life. After all, she had an eternity ahead of her and wallowing in sorrow didn’t seem like the best thing to do anymore. She wanted to fight. She wanted to feel. And she wanted to stop running.


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