It was your typical Saturday evening; Artemitra was at the Pure Country Den hanging out with a few friends that evening. Since she and Ridley had been working hard, on a project as a surprise for her adoptive brother Kane. Artemis felt, that they needed a well deserved break and have a little fun. So here, the girls were at the bar along with a few other friends, that she had made in Evermore, since her relocation there after the fall of Isle of Skye.

The Celestial had her brunette hair done up in loose curls, wearing a simple evening dress. The dress simple; but highlighted her slender hourglass figure, fitting her perfectly. It was one of those evenings, that she had decided to dress up. The Den was always buzzing, filled with people and merriment. The place, had always gave her a warm, homey feeling ever since the first day she stepped foot in there. It was different than any other bar, in the city. Which is one of the reasons why she had liked it so much. Not just the good company, but the entire atmosphere and the selection that was offered on the menu.

With a few drinks in their system, the girls were all giggly about something. It had been a while, since Artemitra was feeling more relaxed; not looking over her shoulder all the time. And for a while, she had been free of her night terrors. Which was a rarity. But, when that happened. Most of the time, they creeped back on her with a vengeance.

The sound of the door opening, caused the young woman to glance towards the door. Seeing more people flooding in. Among them, someone she did not expect to see. At first, she didn’t recognise the handsome stranger, when he was partially blocked from her view. When he was fully more visible. The Celestial had to do a double take. Her eyes shooting towards his direction, once more. Her chocolate brown eyes slightly widening in shock.

Artemis knew that face. She knew that stranger. Well, in some respects...she didn’t know him as well; as she would have liked to. Given the fact, he was supposed to be dead. But here he was, looking the same as the day they had first met. It caused her chest to tighten, as the memories replayed in her head. Almost on a loop. Finding herself unable to breathe, for a few moments.

It wasn’t your usual meeting and a memory that never left her mind. Mainly because of the guilt. He had been a stranger, that had jumped in front of her. Willing to sacrifice his own life, when she was on the run with her people; after the fall of Isle of Skye. The remaining of the guards, that were around. Had been chasing the Celestial’s down; when he had saved her life, quiet literally. But at the cost of his own. She never did, figure out. Why he was even willing to jump in front of her. He didn’t know her; yet he saved her.

Artemitra felt, fixated in her seat. Speechless...almost like she had seen a ghost. She was shocked, surprised...speechless...the guilt bubbling inside of her once more. As much, as she wanted to come out and say something. What was she supposed to say? She could hear, her friends calling her name. Trying to snap her back to reality.

“Artemis?” Feeling hands on her shoulders, shaking her slightly. “Mitra! Artemis...hello? Mitra…” the shaking got bit more heavier. Making the Celestial jolt slightly...accidentally knocking over a glass of red wine, which spilled onto her dress and down her legs. Artemis closed her eyes, in embarrassment.

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Since moving to Evermore Phoenix had run into the woman who had changed him, Aurelia she had gone on about some bar in the middle of nowhere. In Therianthrope territory nonetheless, he was slightly hesitant about entering Therianthrope territory considering a bite from one could cause some serious damage to his kind. Though Aurelia had assured him about Kane’s good nature, so he decided he would check the place out.

After all, Aurelia had said middle of nowhere, maybe he could find a small ‘snack’ before he hit the bar. He was rather hungry and his eyes were starting to glaze over solid black with hunger.  Sitting up on the bed he swung his legs over the side of the bed pushing off of the bed, to go and shower. Stepping out a while later he smelled of his usual old spice body wash. After he dried himself off he dressed in a pair of black jeans and a simple dark navy blue t-shirt that hugged his upper torso, he topped his outfit off with his usual black leather jacket and thick heavy boots.

Looking his cell he texted Aurelia for the address again, punching it into his maps he memorized the location. Looking up and out the window it was dark and he grinned oh how he loved the darkness the fact that he could hide and meld into the shadows. Phoenix learned the more he drank blood the stronger he became, the faster he became, there was no describing that feeling or that rush it was one that needed to be experienced yourself.

Closing his eyes for a moment and moving his hand the shadows that covered his bedroom seemed to reach out and hug him before suddenly causing him to vanish from the spot entirely. Within the same flash of a second Phoenix was outside on the side of the road, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his jacket he walked. The closer he got to the location the more his hunger screamed at him, he wasn’t sure what it was but something was calling him to the bar.

So, he ignored his pang of hunger to try and figure out why he wanted to go to the bar, after he arrived he opened the door and stepped inside. It wasn’t his usual scene it was brighter, warm, and very cozy he scoffed at the scene. This wasn’t a bar, this was just a hang out one he likely would never come back to.

Shifting further into the ‘Den’ he looked around suddenly feeling eyes on him. When his eyes connected with hers he all but tripped over his own two feet. Making his way quickly to the bar her ordered himself a whiskey neat, downing it quickly. He had been searching for eight years, without much of a trace and yet here she was just sitting there with her friends. He hadn’t been expecting to run into her not tonight of all nights, the hunger he felt almost tripled because of the surge of emotions running through him.

Balling his fists he did his best to ignore the hunger, ordering two more drinks he downed them quickly. Turning he walked over to where she sat with her friends “Well fancy meeting you here, zvyozdochka (Little Star)” He smirked showing off his bright white teeth.

Since his death, he had learned from Aurelia that the woman he had died for was something known as a Celestial, a star of sorts. The term zvyozdochka had played on his mind over and over again over the last 8 years, now here she was and he was determined to talk to her. He had heard some of the guard's side from Aurelia not that he agreed in any way shape or form, nor had it stopped him from going after a few guards who killed him.

Now he wanted to hear zvyozdochka’s story he also wanted her to know that he had killed the men and woman who had been after her. He wanted her to know that she was safe, maybe she already felt safe after all here she was laughing and having a good time in public.

Seeing the handsome stranger, trip over his own feet. He seemed, almost as shocked; as she was. No matter what happened, that night 8 years ago. There were three things, she was positive off;

First, he hadn’t left her mind. Almost like the memory had forever touched her mind and heart in ways, she couldn’t explain. Maybe, it had something, to do with him being so selfless and saving her life.

Two, she felt drawn to the stranger, even if she barely knew him.

And three, he was here...alive. How? She had no idea. But her head was full of questions. Questions about why, he saved her...and whom he was.

Artemis grabbed one of the napkins, from one of the holders. Trying to clean up her legs, from the wine spillage. When she heard a thick, Russian accent. Her heart hammering inside of her chest. God, did his voice sound alluring. Her chocolate brown eyes, taking him in. Feature by feature, with him standing so close. She tried to recall, if he looked as handsome back then. Everything seemed to be a blur, 8 years ago when he saved her life. If anything, he probably looked better now. His physique seemed to be strong and muscular. Even if she was sitting down; he was tall. And would most likely still tower over her, by a few inches if she would have been standing up. Artemitra looked a little stunned; that he addressed her. The phrase that left his lips, caused her to blush. But searching through her mind, for different Russian Phrases. Artemis couldn’t recall, what that particular word even meant. “I...Ya….hi?” Artemis breathed out, after few moments of silence. Sounding as breathless as she felt. Her heart racing inside of her chest. A shy, nervous smile curling on her lips. It was a relief; she was sitting down, for the fact her legs felt like jelly.

How was it even possible, that he had such an effect on her? She barely knew him. Her friends, giggling to themselves. What was supposed to be a greeting, had came of as a question. Artemirta mentally, slapped herself. ‘Way to go Mitra, can’t even greet the guy in proper way.’ “I mean...Hi..” The celestial corrected herself. Her voice coming out bit squeaky, from her embarrassment.  “You haven’t aged a day.” She blurted out, before she could stop herself. The words had just slipped out, without thinking much about it.

Artemitra’s eyes still were glued on him. Unable to tear her gaze away from him. His chiseled strong jawline, those striking eyes….shining bright teeth. Artemis tried not to stare so much. But seeing him, was a major shock. At that moment, it didn’t even click that he might have been a Valkyr. But, something...or someone, must have brought him back from the beyond. As he clearly didn’t look like a ghost.

“How….I thought….how… were….I saw….” Artemitra tried to make a coherent sentence, but her words kept coming out mixed. Unable to actually say, what she wanted. The word, dead...was unable to slip off of her tongue. It was like, anything she tried to say the word, in the sentence. She trailed off, her voice cracking. Of all, the people to meet. He wasn’t, one that she would have expected to see.

Trying to rephrase, the question inside of her own head. Artemis wasn’t having much luck to be honest. Probably looking even more baffled, struggling to find the right words. “How, are you here?” Artemis finally breathed out, after a few moments. That seemed to be the most coherent thing she said to him, in the last few moments. And much better, than asking him if he was dead. No, she couldn’t even bring herself to say that; even if she would have tried harder.

“Wow, cute new guy, sure has you tongue tied.” One of her friends whispered in her ear, in a fit of giggles. None of them, had ever seen Artemitra speechless and babbling over a guy before. The site, was sure new and amusing.

He couldn’t help but smirk as she spoke, he could nearly see the cogs in her head turning as she looked him over. He chuckled as she posed her ‘Hi’ as a question shaking his head a bit, he hadn’t expected to stump her from talking just because he walked over. That was not a reaction he had expected, though he wasn’t really sure what he had been expecting, he cleared his throat to speak but she continued on again. Lifting his right eyebrow as she began to babble and struggle with what she wanted to say next.

“How am I alive? You thought I died? I was dead... and yes you saw me die.” He finished them all for her. “All of the above are correct, I did, in fact, die the day we met.” He stated in a blunt matter of fact tone. Phoenix was never one to sugar coat things not even for a pretty woman.

“Yes, I did die saving you that day.” He could nearly hear her friends suck in shocked breaths. “Shall we go somewhere a little more private to talk?” He had many questions for her, as he was sure she had many for him as well. He held out his hand to her waiting to see if she would accept or not.

He could feel the eyes of the bartender on him, nodding his head in the man’s direction he didn’t say anything else just waited. Turning his attention back to the woman in front of him his thoughts jumping all over the place. He had died saving her, he had been brought back to life and now had eight years worth of information to sort through. He had not expected the conversation with her to go easy, but he also didn’t think he would be struggling with where to start first.

On the outside, he was still very much calm, cool, and collected Phoenix has learned a thing or two since his transformation. Mostly his ability to mask or not allow his ‘human’ feelings to get into his way. His eyes travelled from her to around the room and then the exit, Phoenix never really stopped looking for a way out just in case he was attacked. It was something that he found comfort in always having some sort of plan for himself.

Artemis probably looked like a lost, confused mess right about now. But in all honesty, she had not been expecting for him to show up at the Den. Let alone Evermore, and in her life. She didn’t know, he was alive. But in, a way it was also a relief. She could tell him what she wanted to for so long. Her cheeks heating up, with an embarrassed blush; from her babbling amongst other things.

As he seemed to finish, of her sentences. Artemitra’s eyes were slightly wide. How, did he know what she was thinking? “ kind of stole the words right out of my mouth...or brain more like.” she muttered, with a slight sigh. Whichever phrase was more appropriate; he knew what she wanted to say; even if she was unable to say it. Artemitra didn’t expect him to be so blunt. But then again; she didn’t know much about the handsome stranger, or his personality. He was probably full of surprises; no doubt.

Mitra opened her mouth; but no words escaped for a few moments. Not sure, what to say. It was like, her thoughts and mouth didn’t want to function together properly. This was going to take a while. Hearing how shocked her friends were. “Mhh, a little louder...I don’t think the entire Den heard you.” she said, slightly teasingly. Artemis didn’t think, it was a comment he should have made so out loud; not with so many prying ears and eyes. When he suggested, going somewhere, Artemis nodded. “I think, that’s a good idea.” God knows, they had a lot to talk about. And could use the privacy.

Standing up from her seat, Artemis grabbed her jacket which was on the back of her chair. Slipping it on. Before her hand slipped into his. Not that she really thought about it. It seemed automatic almost, as a response to his gesture. Feeling slight tingle, from the contact of her skin on his. But something about him, made her feel safe enough to do so. Artemis noticed Kane watching the pair of them. Giving the man, she thought of as her brother a reassuring look. Almost to soothe his worry. She knew, what she was doing. Hopefully.

Seeing his eyes glancing over to the door. Artemis looked to the door too. Almost in worry. Was he expecting someone? Or was something after him? “Are you okay?” Artemis asked, glancing up towards him. “You seem, bit….distracted by the door.”

Artemitra couldn’t help but wonder, what the conversation would turn out to be like. Maybe, it’d bring them both some answers; that they were both searching for. As they made their way to somewhere more private. Artemis was replaying the questions inside of her head. One by one. But she wasn’t about to unload it all on him at once. Once she found her words again. The Celestial looked up at him. “I..I honestly have no idea where to begin. When you….died…” she choked out the word. “ sorry it happened. I didn’t expect you to jump in front of me,and have your life be snuffed from you in the process.” Artemis felt the need to apologize, as she felt guilty. “Nor, did I expect to….well this…” Artemitra breathed out. Her eyes still fixated on his. Trying to read him; but it was like he was good at masking his emotions. She wasn’t able to get a read his expressions that clearly. “I don’t even know who you are...what’s your name?” Artemitra asked him softly. It seemed like a good place to start. Maybe 8 years too late, to learn his name. But it was a start.

He laughed as she joked about him being much louder, and taking the words out of her mouth. “I mean I could be louder, I’ve nothing to hide.” He said with a half smirk. As she took his hand he gave a soft squeeze and gently tugged her in the direction of the door. Hearing her question about the door he simply shook his head no, “It is a habit I have I suppose, always making sure I know where all the possible exits are. The Front door, the 6 windows,  the Rear door, The stairs which I assume lead to more windows, and the fireplace in a pinch.” He stated simply.

Opening the door for her as they stepped out into the cool night breeze, he looked to his right where she stood looking down at her. He let her speak though he really wanted to cut her off, but he didn’t have it in himself to be cruel to her. “Poslushay, Malen'kaya Zvezda, Ty ne prosil menya prygnut' pered toboy, ty ne govoril im ubit' menya. Da, ya umer, da, menya vernuli kak eto...” Gesturing to himself “Oh… right… umm you don’t speak Russian…. Umm basically uh…” He tried to make sure he was translating correctly. “Look Little Star, You didn't ask for me to jump in front of you, you didn't tell them to kill me. Yes, I died, yes I was brought back as this...”

He paused for a moment, trying to tread carefully with his next words. “I am a Valkyr now, which makes me stronger than I ever would have been as a human. It also means I got the chance to find the girl that my human self died for to get to know her, or at least learn her name and story to why I was killed.” Though the truth was he already knew her name and some of the story about why she had been running from his mentor and creator Aurelia.

“My name is Phoenix Nikolai, Most call me Tuck or Tucker because of my middle name. I kind of hate it to be honest. My step dad called me that because he hated my first name as much as he hated me.” He shrugged his shoulders. “The day my new life began I was chasing down a target, and I so happened to run into you in the woods instead.”

He thought back to that night it had been so cold but his adrenaline was pumped up so high because of his chase that when he saw a pretty girl being chased down he couldn’t help but jump in the way. Though the cold of the air was nothing in comparison to the cold that he felt as he bled out on the snow bank. It was a long cruel process, but after being dead for a short while Aurelia had shown up and saved him. Maybe his death was the reason he enjoyed to feed the way he did, whatever it was he wasn’t planning to stop.

There was almost something, comforting about his laugh. It was strange, being able to joke around with a stranger she barely knew. But, for some reason; the Celestial could feel at ease around the Valkyr. “Let’s not, freak out the entire Bar, shall we?” Artemis replied to his remark. Feeling him squeeze her hand; made her palm of her hand tingle slightly. Holding onto his hand, she followed him outside. Raising a slight eyebrow; as she listened to him explain. “Well...personally...I wouldn’t go upstairs. The owner of the bar lives above...I don’t think the fireplace, would be a good escape either...unless you wanted to burn yourself.” The Celestial looking concerned. She didn’t think, he’d be that suicidal trying to escape through a fireplace?

Once they were outside; Artemitra hugged her coat around herself. To help herself keep warmer. The night air crisp. When Phoenix began to speak; The Celestial looked slightly puzzled when he began to talk in Russian. Having a slight hard time keeping up. ‘Yikes...I should have learned more Russian, 180 years ago.’ She thought to herself. It had been so long, since she had spoken Russian and knew anyone from that country; that she struggled to remember; even the little bits she had learned back then. “Well, no...I know a little bit. But right now, am struggling to remember to even remember that.” Artemis admitted with a embarrassed blush. Was it his presence, or not speaking Russian in so long, that she had forgotten? Or a mixture of both, maybe. “So, you might want to stick to English.” Although, she had to admit. Listening to him talk in Russian….there was just something, different about that. She wasn’t sure if it was the language...or just his own voice; that made it sound good.

It was true; Artemis didn’t ask him to jump in front of her; nor did she give that order to have his life taken away. But it didn’t stop her, from feeling that guilt and sadness. Kane was the one, whom had tried to help her deal with the grief and guilt. “Why...why did you?” Artemitra asked him. “I mean, most humans see danger...they run. They don’t jump in front of it.” But, no. He was the right opposite of that. It wasn’t that, she wasn’t grateful. On one level, she could appreciate him being her saviour...but his life being lost; that was what made her feel guilty.

Her brown eyes; looking up at him. Scanning him over; almost like she was making sure that he was truly standing in front of her, in one piece. It made her wonder; if it was actually real. Or was she in a dream? Artemis sure, could hope it was all ‘real.’ As she didn’t want to wake up-and find that he was still gone. Learning, that he was a Valkyr. The same species as Genevieve and Euphemia. It made her wonder, if it was fate they were brought back together, somehow?

“’ve been looking for me?” Artemis asked, as he expressed his desire to get to know her. Sounding half surprised, half unsure if she was right in thinking that. But, that desire was mutual. As the Celestial longed to get to know him; now that he was standing in front of her.

Artemitra smiled at him gently. Her brown eyes, holding a soft twinkle. “Something tells me, you already know my name. I already know, what I am.” Who knows, what else he knew about her. “But, since we’re on the subject. I am Artemitra Bluemoon, or as most call me Artemis.” She introduced herself to him, a warm smile on her face.

Hearing his own name, The Celestial smiled softly, to herself. Even his name, sounded unique. “Well, you don’t really look like a Tucker, if you ask me. I mean, it’s not a bad middle name….but Pheonix….that suits you a lot more.” The Celestial blushed slightly, realising she was beginning to babble again. How was it, that he could have such an effect on her? Or was it the alcohol that was running through her system, that made it even more so? The fact, that his stepfather hated his true name, and even him; caused her heart to clench. Artemis’ eyes twinkling with slight sadness at the news. “That’s….sad to hear. I am sorry...I can imagine, it probably wasn’t be hated by him.” The Celestial was probably very apologetic, right now. Both for his death, for the situation he got himself into, and his past with his step father.

Someone living above the bar meant there was an exit up there as well, which he would file the information away for later. “I doubt I would burn myself, but the fireplace in a pinch would offer me a….umm …” He stopped for a moment trying to make sure he was using the right words. “a way out.” Though she probably thought he meant climb out like a normal person, he would just use it to port himself out with the shadows. His thoughts turned back to her when she asked that he stick to English. “I shall try” He knew his English wasn’t the best so he would try, but Russian was much more natural for him.

Why did he do it, it had been pure instinct for him nothing more just adrenal and instinct. He looked her over did he tell her the truth? Or did he shield her from that? He wasn’t sure so he opted to give the truth, he was a very blunt man and didn’t hide things not usually “I was working a how you say? Job? when I entered woods following someone I came across you and others. You about to be attacked so I protected you, instinct I guess? Adrenaline who knows but it happened and you are safe because of it, I don’t regret.” He knew his English was likely a little broken as he spoke more Russian than anything usually.

“Of course I looking for you, I did die to protect you, wouldn’t it be natural to search for the woman? make sure she did survive? that my uh… sacrifice wasn’t in vain?” He asked, tilting his head off to the side. Finally, she gave him her name and nodded “Ar..Ar..Armetira?” He asked stuttering a bit a first the name felt odd and foreign on his tongue, it didn’t roll off as easily as he had hoped. “Tee, is okay?” He asked.

He liked his birth name Phoenix and now that he was reborn as a Valkyr he thought it suit him even more than it had before. “It no sad, He didn’t like me, simple I no like him.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Not your fault don’t say sorry, stop saying sorry.” He said in a firm tone, He didn’t like that she was apologizing for the actions of other people. He gently let go of her hand and put his hands into his pockets. “What you do for job?” He was curious about what had she done with the life she had since his rescue.

The Celestial still looked slightly puzzled. Despite her years of knowledge; she was still learning more about the abilities that Valkyrs were capable off. So she was a bit confused, about his intentions of using the fire-place, as an escape zone.  It didn’t sound like a good idea, to climb up out of it...especially with a fire burning. Artemis tried to shake the confusing thoughts from her head. Obviously, he knew what he was doing when it came to using it as an escape zone.  Still trying to decipher, what he possibly could have meant. It was taking her a while, to rack her brain to remember, what Valkyrs could do. Shadow Magic Maybe? If she wasn't as stunned, like she was. She might have figured it out quicker.

Looking at him, her chocolate brown eyes were still fixated on him. For the most part-not blinking too much. Almost like she was in a daze still; still trying to wrap her head around the fact that he was actually alive. The Celestial nodded her head gently, as he asked if he got his wording right. “ the word.” By the sound of his wording, it was clear he didn’t speak English that much. But Artemis was still able to make out, what he meant. Despite his bluntness; it was clear he didn’t mind risking his life for a total stranger in the moment. “Are you always this blunt?” God knows, he’d probably keep her on her toes, if he was like that all the time.

Wondering what sort of job, had him about the woods and after someone. Was he a hunter or something?

As he tilted his head, Artemis was still gazing at him. Her eyes soft. Indeed he did have a good point. “Well...yeah I suppose….you have a point. I mean...I just….I didn’t expect this. I didn’t even know you were….alive the last 8 years. Let alone looking for definitely, not a normal situation.” She was still trying to wrap her head around this entire meeting. “I’d be lying, if I said I wasn’t curious about you either.” Artemis admitted. Even if he had died, few years ago. It didn't stop her from wondering, about whom he had been.  In a way, she was relieved that he was alive-even though he wasn’t human.

Hearing him trying to say her name, Artemis couldn’t help the slight giggle that escaped her as he called her Armetira. “Well, that’s a new one.” she said smiling softly; finding it endearing somehow. Her name must have sounded more of a mouthful for him, she wasn’t sure if it was just his Russian Accent or her name being so different, that made it sound different. “It’s…’s missing a few letters.” Artemitra told him “It’s Art-e-mi-tra” The Celestial said softly, sounding out her name in bits, to help correct him. “It’s alright Nix, I know, my name is bit of a mouthful.” Without really thinking much about it beforehand, a soft  nickname for him, slipped out. As he called her Tee. The nickname sounded simple. Artemis nodded her head gently. “Tee, is good.” Not minding him calling her that. Knowing, she could cope with that. Not to mention she quite liked it.

His stern voice, caught her off guard slightly. Especially for her apology. “I...sorry..” the word slipped out again. The Celestial mentally slapped herself. “Oh gosh, I did it again...sorry… I have a tendency to apologise a lot, at times...I can’t really help it.” Whilst he seemed more cold about his situation, back home. Artemis was the one whom was more compassionate; and felt sorry for what he had to go through. Despite what he said; she couldn’t wipe that look off of her face-it wasn’t in her nature, to dismiss something like that. She cared. Even if they barely knew each other. Caring too much, was always one of her things. Stranger or not.

As he asked about her, Artemis smiled softly. “I am a Photographer. I guess, I’ve always been a bit more...creative.” Plus, the freedom she had with it. Artemis got to experiment, try out different things. And use her skills for a variety of jobs and projects. It was definitely, more of a advantage, with her line of work. “So...what is it...that you do? Or do?” The Celestial questioned, raising a slight eyebrow at the Valkyr in front of her. Seemingly curious about him; like he was about her.

Was he always this blunt? He hadn’t realized he was being blunt “I say what I mean.” He stated was it wrong of him to do so. He wasn’t even sure how to be any different he was the way he was he shrugged the thought away as she described how to say her name properly. He mouthed it first and copied what she said “Tee much shorter.” He stated. Phoenix smiled when she agreed to his nickname and gave him one of her own. “Nix is fine.” He agreed to hers as well.

When she began to apologize again he internally facepalmed at her words. “Habit must be broke” He nodded as they continued to walk down the street. “I only say sorry when need to, other than that I never say sorry.” Phoenix didn’t realize just how cold he came across to people but having a life like he had it was not that big of a shock. A mobster father, a stepfather who hated him, a brother who got everything, and a trained killer on top of it all. It was no wonder he even had feelings left after all of that.

“Photos?” He smiled and used his hands to imitate a camera as they walked along “I work for my father, well… umm... Worked? For him, now nothing… No job.” Phoenix had just relocated to Evermore recently he didn’t know anyone who might be able to offer him a job where his skill set could be put to use. He only knew his Creator and that was it, and most mundane jobs would bore him to no end and well with his blood addiction being in a mundane job was likely not the best option either.

“I will find job, one day just not today.” The money he had acquired while working for his father was hidden well at his flat. He had enough money to last him a long while before he would need to find an actual job. If he was hard up for cash he knew where his father kept his cash stashed away, a trip back home for money wouldn’t be too hard. “Are you good?” He asked going back to the topic of her job. “Maybe I could see your work?” He asked. They may only just be getting to know each other but she seemed as though her job made her happy so that was a good as any place to start.

It had been a while, since Artemitra had known someone so upfront and blunt. Most of the people she knew, weren’t as sharp tongued. The Celestial wasn’t entirely too sure, if that was a good thing...or a bad one. For a moment, it left the young looking female speechless. “Well…..aren’t you something?” The words slipped out, with a breath she didn’t even realise she was holding. No doubt, if she would choose to spend more time with him; he’d keep her on her toes. A soft smile, on her lips as he attempted to say her name again. But still he settled for Tee.

His comment about breaking habits, caused the Celestial to furrow her brows slightly. His words coming off slightly cold; as he claimed he ever rarely apologise unless it was needed. “Well, it’s probably one of those things; that are easier said than done.” The Celestial pointed out. It wasn’t always, like she did it to intentionally annoy someone whom didn’t apologise. It was a part of whom, she was. Although, she was well aware of the saying, that someone’s past does shape a person. Him being cold; was the opposite of what she was. Making her wonder, about his own past.

But she also noticed, how there seemed to be some warmth and emotion to him, when he smiled. Almost like he was switching back and forth between the two.

Seeing his hand gesture, she nodded. “Yes, Photos.” As she held her coat around her, hiding her hands in her pockets. The Celestial listened to him talk, as he spoke about his own previous job. “Some family business?” Artemitra rose a slight eyebrow. But being without a job for the last 8 years, was probably not a smart move. “You’re not broke are you?” She asked, looking at him. For a moment, not sure if he got what she meant; if he hadn’t used that phrase often. “Umm...not running out of money.” she explained. But he seemed to be doing well, if he wasn’t in a rush to be looking for a job right now. The Celestial focused back on the road ahead of her; so she didn’t walk into a lamp-post or anything else solid.

His question, caused her to glance towards him again. “That, would depend on your definition of good. I mean, a lot of people do love my work...I always liked the freedom and experimenting behind it.” Artemis spoke with a warm smile. As he wanted to see some of her work, she nodded her head. “Of course. Any time.” she said softly. Artemis was always happy, when someone wanted to look at her work.

“What part of Russia,did you come from?” Artemitra asked, looking curious. Over her years of travelling, she had been to Russia on a few occasions. Maybe even somewhere, where he came from? That would have been, quiet the lucky strike; if that was the case.

Phoenix couldn’t help but smirk as she said he was something, that was one way to put he thought to himself, his dark optics scanned her as pulled her coat tighter around herself. Maybe she was cold he unzipped his coat and shrugged himself out of his coat and put it around her shoulders, his long thick wool coat was a bit too big for her. Her jacket made his fit her a little better than if she was without hers. The Valkyr didn’t say anything as he put the coat around her, just put his hands in his pockets and kept walking.

“Yes, family business.” He agreed that was the best way to put it into terms for others to understand. English was much harder than he expected. “Broke? No.” He laughed “I have money, enough for a while.” He stated though her question was rather forward. “Want me for my money?” He joked. “Show me now?” He half asked, half stated. It gave them some kind of destination and would get her inside and out of the cold since she seemed cold.

“Sochi” He was born there and moved with his mother, when he was in his teens his father came to the states to be in his life, once he was old enough and sick of his family he went back to Sochi with his father. Phoenix had helped his father until he became a Valkyr he was to inherit the family business. When he died that all changed, his father actually grieved his son. Which made Phoenix sad, he never thought anyone would mourn him.

“Which way to your work?” he motioned to the area around them. “Have you been to Sochi?” Glancing down at the woman next to him “Not many have more come after Olympics” he smiled. “Where are you from?” He laughed when he realized what he said. “Uhh.. land? Where you land?” He made a funny face, after all, she was a star and wasn’t from here.

Feeling Phoenix wrap his coat around her small frame. It left her slightly surprised. His coat was warm, and was coated in his scent. The weather was much colder now, than it had been when she first set out earlier in the evening. “I...thank you….” she said softly. The warmth of his coat, warming her up bit quicker, than her own. “Aren’t you…” she trailed off, realising her question would sound silly. Was he cold? Did Valkyrs even get cold? She knew, the only species that loved the cold were Niveis.

As he joked with her, about her wanting him for his money; the Celestial couldn’t help but laugh. Lightly nudging him. “God, no...what do you take me for?” Artemis shook her head, in amusement. Raising a slight eyebrow, at his demand that came out more half a question. “Now, either you’re really eager...or you just want to keep a girl on her toes.” The Celestial couldn’t help but tease slightly. But, in all honesty-she was kind of grateful it’d get them out of the cold weather.

Sochi indeed was a familiar place. But it had been a very long time,since she had been there. The brunette haired Celestial nodded. “Yes, I’ve been to Sochi….a long time ago. I think it was in 1735, or 1740.” So indeed, it had been a quite long time, since she had been there. “At the time, I was was as beautiful as it was...freaking cold. I also been to Moscow..and…” she pursed her lips, trying to remember the other destination whereabouts she had been in Russia. “Samara...that’s the one.” Artemis said with a smile, when she remembered.

The subject of her work, seemed to be popping up every now and again. “I work from home’s just in this way.” Artemis walked in the westerly direction; towards the Celestial’s territory of the city. She was still in the process of getting herself a own studio outside of the Celestial Palace. So, for now...a spare room at home, served for her purposes...unless she was working from her own room.

Hearing him ask, where she came from. A slight giggle left her lips. Technically; she wasn’t born on earth-but a part of him was right. “Well, you’re half right. Each of us fallen stars, do have a home per say….we all came from different constellations.”  The Celestial had no idea, how far his knowledge about stars and astronomy went. Artemitra lifted up her right arm, sliding up the edge of her coat to reveal markings on her right wrist. Showing it to Phoenix. “This right the Constellation Canis Major. Otherwise, known as the ‘Greater Dog’ because of the Symbol Dog Leapas.” The Celestial explained, with a warm smile on her face. Every Celestial had a marking, of their own constellations where they had come from; it was a reminder of their home. A marking of their species. Seeing how clear the sky was tonight, the stars were twinkling brightly in the sky. The exact constellation was visible clearly. “Look...look.” Stopping the male...she pointed up towards the sky. “Right there...that was my home, before I fell.”

“But, I landed on a sandy beach in Asturias, Spain.” Her Spanish accent coming through, every once in a while. Hopefully, it’d give him some insight into where she had come from.


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