It was your typical Saturday evening; Artemitra was at the Pure Country Den hanging out with a few friends that evening. Since she and Ridley had been working hard, on a project as a surprise for her adoptive brother Kane. Artemis felt, that they needed a well deserved break and have a little fun. So here, the girls were at the bar along with a few other friends, that she had made in Evermore, since her relocation there after the fall of Isle of Skye.

The Celestial had her brunette hair done up in loose curls, wearing a simple evening dress. The dress simple; but highlighted her slender hourglass figure, fitting her perfectly. It was one of those evenings, that she had decided to dress up. The Den was always buzzing, filled with people and merriment. The place, had always gave her a warm, homey feeling ever since the first day she stepped foot in there. It was different than any other bar, in the city. Which is one of the reasons why she had liked it so much. Not just the good company, but the entire atmosphere and the selection that was offered on the menu.

With a few drinks in their system, the girls were all giggly about something. It had been a while, since Artemitra was feeling more relaxed; not looking over her shoulder all the time. And for a while, she had been free of her night terrors. Which was a rarity. But, when that happened. Most of the time, they creeped back on her with a vengeance.

The sound of the door opening, caused the young woman to glance towards the door. Seeing more people flooding in. Among them, someone she did not expect to see. At first, she didn’t recognise the handsome stranger, when he was partially blocked from her view. When he was fully more visible. The Celestial had to do a double take. Her eyes shooting towards his direction, once more. Her chocolate brown eyes slightly widening in shock.

Artemis knew that face. She knew that stranger. Well, in some respects...she didn’t know him as well; as she would have liked to. Given the fact, he was supposed to be dead. But here he was, looking the same as the day they had first met. It caused her chest to tighten, as the memories replayed in her head. Almost on a loop. Finding herself unable to breathe, for a few moments.

It wasn’t your usual meeting and a memory that never left her mind. Mainly because of the guilt. He had been a stranger, that had jumped in front of her. Willing to sacrifice his own life, when she was on the run with her people; after the fall of Isle of Skye. The remaining of the guards, that were around. Had been chasing the Celestial’s down; when he had saved her life, quiet literally. But at the cost of his own. She never did, figure out. Why he was even willing to jump in front of her. He didn’t know her; yet he saved her.

Artemitra felt, fixated in her seat. Speechless...almost like she had seen a ghost. She was shocked, surprised...speechless...the guilt bubbling inside of her once more. As much, as she wanted to come out and say something. What was she supposed to say? She could hear, her friends calling her name. Trying to snap her back to reality.

“Artemis?” Feeling hands on her shoulders, shaking her slightly. “Mitra! Artemis...hello? Mitra…” the shaking got bit more heavier. Making the Celestial jolt slightly...accidentally knocking over a glass of red wine, which spilled onto her dress and down her legs. Artemis closed her eyes, in embarrassment.

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“I sure you figure it out, I no think me being round bunch of emotional inexperienced Celestials is smart idea… considering you energy can kill me.” He stated honestly. No sooner had he said the words when she began to explain her story about why she believed the Aliwards feared them. Phoenix knew that Celestial Energy was harmful to Valkyr’s the whole Yin Yang thing day and night. He never really thought that their energy could kill thousands of people, it was a bit of an eye-opener.

“Remind me not to make you angry.” He chuckled and looked over at her “Though I don’t think they did was okay.” If they were trying to protect others he sort of understood but how they went about it didn’t seem okay, when he met Artemitra she was literally running to escape. He died trying to protect her not that it really helped because she was captured again and remained there for a while longer.

 Phoenix balled his fist at his side the idea of anyone betraying Artemitra bothered him though he had no idea why he was so protective of her; it may have had something to do with how he had died. “I know one, she is.. How you say different.” He smiled thinking of Aurelia the woman who had turned him. He was not sure if he should open up that can of worms to Artemitra just yet or not.

Phoenix moved over to Artmitra and wrapped her up in a hug he assumed by the look on the woman's face she could use a hug. After all, he was the one to bring up such a touchy sore subject for her, Phoenix lightly rubbed her back resting his chin on top of her head for a moment. “I no think Aliwards harm you again.” In his own weird way, this was him confessing to her that she was safe now, that he would not let anything happen to the woman he was currently hugging.

After a few moments, the Valkyr let go of the hug while looking around her room once more “You take photos of only people?” He asked trying his very best to change the subject to hopefully something that she would feel more comfortable talking about with him.

As Phoenix referred to the Celestials as Emotional and Inexperienced. The Valkyr had a point. Some of them were young; too young to fully know the power and damage their energy could do. And since some spent most of their young years in captivity; in steel cages. Unable to shine and discover their abilities; they had no idea where to start. Others whom were older, knew what they were doing with their energy like herself, Ophelia, and few select others.It had just been about trying to overcome the fear and using celestial energy again. “I think after what happened, all of us been struggling emotionally...and it’s to be expected.” 2 years wasn’t enough time for 100 years worth of wounds and pain to heal.

“I think you’ll remember...but in case you forget, I’ll remind you.”  Artemis may have looked innocent. But if people pushed the right buttons; she had a fiery temper. The anger and betrayal of the last 100 years, fueled that anger. One of the Aspects already got a taste of her anger; for more than one reason. It was personal. Otherwise, Artemis was trying to control the chaotic mayhem, she felt inside.

The celestial registered his hands balling into fists; but didn’t comment. Instead, she wondered what would spur that reaction. It’s not like he knew her personally long enough, to be so bothered by the situation. Yet, somehow he was.  “Different?....Depends what you mean by different.” Artemis wasn’t as trusting off the Aiwards as she used to be. So any doubt on her part, of the Ailwards; both the one’s she knew and had been close to, and any others was mostly the situation.

Phoenix hugging her, too Artemis a little by surprise. For the Valkyr to hug her, she hadn’t been expecting that. But she allowed herself to lean against his chest. Her arms wrapping around him. Her head resting against his torso, as she closed her eyes briefly. Finding it strangely comforting, being in his arms. Like nothing could hurt her, if she was in his arms.

Once the hug ended. Artemis let her arms drop to her side. Feeling internally grateful when Nix shifted the subject back to Photography. “No, all sorts of things. Nature, Animals, Buildings….anything really.” Artemitra always liked to experiment, test different subjects and areas. She always enjoyed taking photos of different scenery and the night sky. Finding the colors beautiful. And photos of the night sky, where a reminder. Reminder of her true home, and where she came from.

“It best to confront fear, not hide and shield self from it. It causes more pain if you do.” Phoenix was not really good with emotions, he had been trained to not let them guide him or deter him from his mission or task as hand. It is why he was as good as he was he never let trivial things like that stop him before. Yet when he had seen her in danger he stopped his own mission to protect her, to this day he couldn’t peg why she had been so different for him.

How did he describe Aurelia aka Mama V she was a straight shooter, told it like it was, there was little room to take what she said out of context. When she had saved him and turned him she had made it very clear what would happen if he were to become addicted to blood. Phoenix had never planned to become addicted but he also had not expected to enjoy the taste of blood the way he did now. Some were much much sweeter than he had ever anticipated, this is how he had started; now he sees it as the blood makes him stronger.

“She helped me when I need it.” He said simply trying to avoid getting into too much detail. “She very blunt” He made a gesture with his hand almost like a knife cutting a fruit. His eyes shifting from her work back to her. Phoenix knew that the conversations kept jumping from one topic to another but it seemed neither of them knew one subject that they could remain on for too long.

 “You like night most.” He pointed out from the many night shots compared to day ones.  “Nighthawk like myself.” This observation made Phoenix grin from ear to ear, he was not a daylight person he would sleep his days away if possible and only be up at night. “Do you have more?” He asked wondering if she had books or albums. The Valkyr was genuinely interested in seeing the world from her eyes, it was nice to see a different perspective.

His words resonated with her; ringing inside of her head. Maybe he did have a point. “Easier said than done.” The Celestial said softly. They probably had different experiences; he seemed more tougher, to stand in the face of fear. “But I know, you’re probably right. I am not the best, at facing fear...especially with them living in the city, and everything feeling fresh. Nor am I the best, of staying away from sticky situations.” She admitted. The Celestial had gotten herself, in fair share of trouble over the centuries she had lived. Mainly out of the goodness of her heart, to help those in need. Other times, it was more complicated; like the time, that they had first met. Not the best situation,considering he lost his life for it. Yet, here he was.

She couldn’t help but wonder, whom Phoenix new. Blunt? The only Blunt Ailward that she truly knew, was Cora. One of the Aspects. The pair had been close friends back then; and had gotten into trouble plenty of times, when they were hanging out. But for some reason, she wasn’t sure, if Cora was actually the one that Phoenix was talking about.

It was in situations like this, that jumping from one conversation to another; helped keep her mind off of the past. Anything to distract herself. Yet, they were trying to find some common ground, so they could keep at one subject for longer.

“Well, seeing that I am a fallen star.” Artemis said with a soft smile. “I’ve always loved the night.” She felt more of a connection with the nighttime, than daytime. Even if during the day; she could explore more, see the world up close in the sun light hours. But would always remain the favorite part of her day. As he asked if she had more. Artemis walked over to one of her book shelves...and scanned through the back covers of a few folders...before she pulled out two. One was quiet thick, as it was from last year. The second one was bit thinner.

“There we go.” She handed the folders to Phoenix. “The first one, is mainly nature, animals and architecture I found interesting. The second, is more of nighttime shots.” She explained softly.

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