College wasn't something new to Jihoon. It wasn't his first time enrolling in the campus but it sure feels weird and surreal after a while. For the past year, he has done nothing but train and train. It was the only thing he did under the supervision of Yeon's friend; someone who he also grew accustomed to, Daehyun. The niveis was generally cold and aloof, but it didn't take the valkyr long to make him warm up to him with his bright personality. Despite being dismissed for his efforts plenty of times, Jihoon never gave up. Why was he training with Dae for a year? Because one night everything changed for him. Quite literally. He was no longer human and he knew he had to control himself in so many ways, including the way he walks and do things because he had to learn to tone down his own strength for the first two months. 

Dae actually had to knock him out a lot because he couldn't succeed the first time. If there was one thing Jihoon did not like and grew to fear, it's being knocked out by Daehyun Stormwind. The other male has a scary aura to him sometimes it actually scared the wits out of him. Yeon came visiting every once in a while too and once the two of them decided Jihoon was ready to rejoin society, the first thing he did was make his way to the city both lived in and enrolled himself in Evermore University. It's the closest thing to normalcy for him. He already moved in a while ago and today was supposed to be the day he joined a campus tour with the rest of the freshmen. 

At first he wasn't sure if it was nerves or he's just plain excited at the idea of being able to go back to his life, but now he finds himself walking towards the administration and filling out a few things needed before making his way to the fountain by the building entrance. They were told to gather there and wait for the guide to arrive with the rest. There were not many of them, less than a dozen but it was probably because he joined at the second semester of the year instead of the first like the others. He's a late student. Jihoon was busy staring at the fishes in the fountain and even made faces at them, not realizing he was close to falling in.

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She had to admit that coming to college seemed like a strange thing for someone like her to do, she was supposed to be the leader of the niveis, that was her purpose but Freyja couldn’t help herself from wanting more. She had never been the kind of person to settle and after losing so many precious years of her freedom she wanted to reach for the things she wanted with both hands. So she had decided that despite how complicated and difficult it might make things, she was going to reach for the things she wanted with both hands.

And that started here, on the campus of Evermore University, a notebook in hand as she looked around at the group of people who were here to start their semester, they were all latecomers who for one reason or another had been given permission to start their course a little late. She was so glad to be able to start right away and not have to wait until another rolled around, she was itching to start learning. She looked at the group of people around with a curious expression, wondering what journeys they were on. She even greeted a few and asked them their major out of curiosity while they waited for their guide.

It was out of the corner of her vision that she spotted a guy, in his own little world, staring into the fountain intensely. She reached her hand to cover a giggle when she noticed that he was pulling faces at them and trying to get their attention. She was just heading over to say hi to him when she saw him start to topple forward and naturally she reached to grab his hand so she could tug him back from falling in “Careful! You don’t want a swimming lesson before you even finish enrolling” she teased, once she was sure he was steady she let go for a moment and smiled, he was really cute “Hi” she spoke softly.

Things were interesting, it felt like he just stepped into another dimension even though he was just away from the real world for a year and a half, staying at Dae's place the entire time while learning self control so he wouldn't harm anyone. He really did think it was hard to do that but then he realized that he might have been blessed with self control so things got much easier than expected. Jihoon has always been forward and ambitious with what he wanted, that's why he went to Juilliard and not a business school the way his father wanted. It was also the reason why he won the annual dance competition twice in a row during his studies, one of which secured him a ticket to get an admission into what could probably be described as one of the best arts colleges. 

He did everything on his own, and he succeeded with it. All the nights he starved and worked himself to the bone didn't go to waste. Not even after he died and returned as a valkyr. Despite having stayed in Evermore for a year and half with Dae, he never stepped a foot outside because of what the niveis told him but now that he finally could, Evermore still felt foreign to him. Jihoon was so deep in his thoughts while fooling around with the fishes in the fountain while everyone else was conversing with each other, and of course he was so close to falling into it if it wasn't due to someone grabbing his hand and pulling him back. Once he was steady, he got up and turned around to face the one who saved him from being soaked from head to toe, and god she was pretty. 

She was on the shorter side and looked kind, especially with the smile she offered, her hair is where his eyes got fixated on though, her blonde locks made her look even prettier if that was even possible. "And I'm Jihoon-" he didn't even realize he had already introduced himself while he was still mesmerized by his savior. The valkyr shook his head and cleared his throat upon realizing what he just did, "I mean thank you… uh thank you for saving me. It wouldn't be very nice to go through the touring when you're soaked…" he rubbed the back of his head awkwardly and shuffled slightly, he actually thinks he just developed a crush. On his first day. "Hi" he waved enthusiastically, "Are you a freshman too? Sorry of course you are, or else you wouldn't be here… no- you could be the tour guide who knows…" he covered his mouth using his hand and grinned sheepishly, "I was rambling… wasn't I?"

The first thing that came to mind when she saw him was just how...effortlessly happy he looked, it honestly made her a little jealous because he had one of those faces she knew would just light up a room and make everyone around him smile. He was lost in his own world with no concern to her and yet he had still been able to bring a smile to her fact and that was honesty impressive. It made her curious about him, she wondered if someone with looks and charm like that might be a performer? They had a good performing arts program here at Evermore university, she remembered the guide bragging about it when she came for her first tour.

She widened her eyes and tilted her head when he immediately introduced himself after the pulled him back from falling and bit her lips slightly to smile “Freyja” she returned his words before giggling slightly “You’re welcome” she commented and put her hands in her pockets before looking down into the fountain “The fishes seem more interesting than learning about the old guy who founded this place anyway” she commented as she peered down into the fountain and smiled softly. When he kept talking she stayed quite, looking at him with an amused but patient expression before biting her lip when he said he was rambling.

“A little” she commented in a soft voice “But yes...I’m a freshman...starting in the middle of the semester because I like to live dangerously” she teased softly “Are you new to the city?” she questioned curiously “I’s a lot to get used to, figuring out a whole new living situation in a place you’ve never been before” honestly she found it a little daunting and she was a little nervous about how things would turn out, she hadn’t got to meet her roommates earlier but she had managed to find a guy in her room so that had been an interesting experience.

God she was so pretty. His head has been ringing with words filled with compliments and nothing but admiration. He never thought he would actually get into this type of situation the moment he laid his eyes on her but alas, that's exactly what happened. It was hard for him to take his eyes off her but equipped with his usual bright smile, he managed to make it look natural and not so awkward while beaming at her. Apparently it was possible for her to look even prettier when she smiled. "Freyja… that's a pretty name. Isn't that the goddess of love, fertility, and war from Norse mythology?" He was rusty with norse mythology studies because he found egyptian mythology to be more interesting but it doesn't mean he wouldn't know who the popular gods were. Did he just make fun of himself in front of her? He was supposed to say thank you but had introduced himself instinctively out of the blue. 

Well, at least she introduced herself too and because of that one slip up, he now knows the name to match her appearance to. "Admittedly fishes have better stories to tell than one white man who found this place and got all the glory attributed to him when the rest of the founding council also helped build this place." Jihoon had hoped she wouldn't find him weird or… eccentric. Or maybe that would've been fine, she looks kind enough to not judge people that much. "I ramble a lot when I'm nervous or taken aback… it happens." He rubbed the back of his head awkwardly and grinned sheepishly, this was not the kind of first impression he wanted to show her. But it was already done, so what could he do about it? "I'm a freshman starting in the middle of the semester too" he beamed, so there was someone else like him. 

When asked if he was new to the city, he pursed his lips slightly before shaking his head, "Not really, I've been living in Evermore for about a year or so with a friend of mine, or I guess you could call Dae a guardian. He's so cold and prickly… like a cat" he chuckled, "I had a few things to settle and decided to go back to my studies because I was bored." It wasn't a lie. He was a performing artist who is holding a Juilliard's degree, and had won their annual competitions twice which meant he should've been the lead for a showcase somewhere. If he wasn't dead anyway. "How are you finding Evermore? I hope it's not too much, the people here are guarded at first but… they're pretty nice. Better than the bunch I've met back in NYC or San Francisco. Unless your roommates are terrible… then that cannot be helped."

He was handsome, maybe not in the traditional gruff-looking guy way, but he had this charming expression and bright eyes that liked to hold your attention. But she was sure it was his smile that had everyone falling head over heels for him. She giggled when he recognized that her name was from Norse mythology, she always loved her name honestly and everything that it represented “It is” she commented softly and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear “Though she was also in charge of battle and death” she grinned slightly, take that as you will she supposed, Freyja liked to think she was somewhat of a warrior so it worked.

“True” she commented as she sat down on the edge of the fountain and peered down at the koi fish that were minding their own business as they swam around the pool “Koi fish are a symbol of good fortune so maybe if we asked them really nicely they could grant us some” she commented and pressed her lips together, honestly she was going to need all the good luck she could get to figure out her life here in Evermore. She tilted her head slightly when he explained he rambled when he was nervous “Are you nervous about something?” she wasn’t all that much, she was hoping this tour didn’t last too long though because she wanted to get to work on unpacking. She beamed too when he said he was at the same level as her “So we’re the outcasts huh?” she grinned “We should make a pact or something” she teased softly.

She laughed when he said he’d had a friend who took care of him but that name certainly did ring a bell, she shook it off though because there was no way they were thinking about the same Dae right? Jihoon definitely wasn’t a niveis so she couldn’t see why Dae would be taking care of him anyway. “Bored huh?” she laughed softly, well that was an interesting reason to begin studying, on her part she had discovered most jobs in the city required you to have some form of education and so she had been pushed onto this path so that she could make a living here. “It’s a lot busier than what I’m used to” she commented and pressed her lips together “But I kinda like being surrounded by people” she spoke softly “I haven’t actually gotten to meet my roommates I’ll get back to you on that one” she teased and grinned.

“What about you? Did you meet yours yet?” she questioned curiously.

Has he ever felt this way when he was in high school or university? Crushes? He's had a few, but they were pretty minor and not the type to make Jihoon go out his way to actually ask them on a date that is serious enough to establish a relationship on. And most of them don't even last as long. Perhaps they were looking for someone who wants more than he does. He never held any ill will after the break ups, of course  that's just him. But this girl, whoever she is, the male wants to know everything about her already. The valkyr was tempted to slap himself and convince that this is not a dream. "Right, Goddess of War too, how could we forget how brave and strong a woman can be" he chuckled nervously, way to make a fool out of yourself, he scolded internally. He glanced down at the koi fishes swimming happily and grinned, "I think my wish came true already. Somewhat." 

Meeting a beautiful girl who also turns out to be pretty nice? That's basically a jackpot over there. He reminded himself not to get too ahead of this in case there's going to be some rejected confession that rhymes with 'she has a boyfriend'. If Dae was here, he was sure the niveis would've teased him for the next century. Thank god he wasn't. "I'm not… I mean not really nervous, I just don't know how to stay still. My nerves keep me up… a lot." He blames the adrenaline and with his senses being all enhanced now after his new supernatural status, he tends to forget how to keep them under wraps the way Dae instructed him to, even after a year and a half of training. He could already hear the elder male nagging about his lack of self control and discipline. "What kind of pact?" If all outcasts are nice and pretty like her then he may as well be in that bubble forever. Pretty girls obviously caught his eye and had him fixated but nice girls? It gets him hooked. 

"I can't just stay home and do nothing. Or I can get a job… but I still wished to learn something I never had the chance to, back then. So I guess you could say this is my second chance at taking another degree." Which is ironic considering this is Jihoon's second chance overall. "Your former place was quieter? Well Evermore is always bustling with people. Everyday is a busy day here, even the quietest part of the city." His grin grew slightly upon hearing she likes being around people, "Of course a girl like you would be an extrovert" he chuckled. "Let's hope your roommates don't know voodoo or don't pull any extreme pranks, I think if they steer clear of those two, you should be fine." When asked if he met his yet, Jihoon shook his head, "I'm the same as you. I barely got my stuff moved in before I had to rush here. Heard they're pretty… outgoing though." That could either end up well for him or the complete opposite. 

As the campus guide asked them to start moving, he beckoned her to move forward as they walked together side by side. "What course are you taking?"

She giggled and tucked her hair behind her ear when he complimented how women could be brave and strong, it seemed like he had been raised right to be so respectful “Scary too, if you read about my namesake, she’s pretty terrifying” she grinned slightly, she liked it though, it felt like it encompassed who she was in a way. She couldn’t help but be curious when the make said that his wish already came true and she smiled softly, it seemed like maybe his wish was something small if it could come true so quickly “Well then you must be pretty lucky” she commented and smiled gently “I’ll make a wish too” she murmured as she closed her eyes and silently wished for her time in university to bring her new adventures.

She smiled softly when he said he didn’t really know how to stay still “Sounds like you need one of those fidget cube things” she commented and pressed her lips together, he was pretty cute she had to admit, especially with the way he smiled, she swore his whole face seemed to light up whenever that happened. “Why a newbie to the university pact of course” she teased and tilted her head playfully “We could be one another’s backup know in case you get invited to something and don’t wanna seem like a loner” she was sure she could make some friends but you never knew when you might just want someone else’s company and Jihoon seemed like good company to keep to her.

She widened her eyes when he said he was here to get another degree “You must really enjoy studying” she murmured softly, it was all pretty new to her, she had been pretty disconnected from the world when she managed to escape and she had spent the past few years adapting. Now she had finally made it here but she still had no idea how she would manage to cope with the expectations of university. “Much quieter” she answered and shrugged her shoulders slightly “It’s strange going from a village where everyone knows you to...a city where no one knows you at all” but she didn’t mind that, she kinda liked being able to keep her life private.

“Well they’re quickly going to find out that I know how to prank them back if that’s the case” she responded and shook her head in amusement “Hopefully I don’t have to though, wouldn’t want to waste too much toilet paper” she giggled softly. “Well I guess we should be thankful that we’re getting a tour at all” she teased slightly before noticing the group was moving and heading to fall into step beside him “Culinary arts, what about you?” they were in their own little world and honestly she wasn’t paying much attention to the tour.

He cleared his throat awkwardly when she mentioned she could be scary too, "Ah yes, she's also associated with battle or war, even death, no? She receives those who died in battle too" he knows his Norse mythology, and he knew if the goddess was personified, it could've been the girl in front of him and it wouldn't surprise him at all. She had that soft beauty but something about her air just seems… regal. He couldn't describe it but it's not something he often sees. He wondered what kind of wish she made but hoped that whatever she wished for, would come true. "I don't know about luck, I've never really believed in those." 

If he was to describe his life using luck then it hasn't been that good. Everything he achieved, he did it on his own. Despite believing in mythologies and others, he never thought the concept of luck existed over time. Maybe he hasn't experienced it yet so he didn't know. "You mean a Rubik's cube? I used to play those when I was in school, it helps when you're trying to ground yourself to something without finding yourself running an entire lap. Not that good at it unfortunately, I can never seem to actually solve it in a short time. I'm jealous of those who could solve it in less than a minute." It takes skill and precision, in which he finds them to be quite peculiar. 

A blush found its way up to him when she offered to be his backup contact in case he ever needed company and didn't want to look lonely. "Are you offering to be my speed dial?" He joked, god, if only she knew what she was talking about. Did she even know what that sounded like to him? Probably not. Don't overthink, he reminded himself. Jihoon wasn't good with compliments, so he rubbed the back of his neck shyly when she said that, "Not really… rather than liking to study, I like to do things that make me happy so I had to perfect the skills, don't I? It's always better to be prepared." Culinary wasn't something he had the chance to dive into back then since he had been so busy with his practical lessons in the dancing department. Of course, the valkyr still enjoyed it immensely. "Village? Where are you from?" Not native to the city, that much he knows about, but what about where she originated from? She looks to be of Korean descent. 

At the sudden mention fo toilet paper, the male couldn't help but snort, "You know that trick is so old school, right? Do people still actually do that? It feels like too much effort." Granted that it was pretty classic. His eyes lit up almost instantly upon hearing what course she would be taking, so he's going to have her as a classmate, okay maybe now he's believing in luck, after all. "Well what do you know, classmate, we'll see each other more often. I'm gonna have a minor in f&b management too. My friend tells me it's good to have some type of knowledge regarding business, especially if I'm ever going to handle my own place in the future." Yeon's not wrong, he'll need it for sure.

Freyja smiled brightly, it seemed like he had done his research on Norse mythology which she liked a lot, she had always been fascinated by myths and legends and had taken plenty of opportunities to research them herself “She does, though thankfully I think I’m past the part of my life that was surrounded in death” she was optimistic that her people and her could find a good life here in Evermore, a happy one. “You don’t believe in luck?” she questioned with a curious case in his direction “I mean you got to meet a new friend today right? Surely that’s lucky?” she believed in luck, mostly because it was the only things she had to believe in when everything seemed lost.

She shook her head slightly when he asked if she meant a Rubik’s cube “I feel like one of those would actually distract you more than help” she teased softly and grinned to herself “They’re a little cube with a bunch of buttons and switches on it, no point to any of the functions but it keeps your hands busy while you’re doing other things” there were plenty of cases she had read where they had helped people to improve their focus, it was honestly fascinating to her. “So you can actually solve one?” she asked curiously “I’ve never managed to do one...not even slowly” she pouted her lips a little, she was sure there was a method to solving one but she’d never been able to get it.

She noticed the way he seemed a little flustered when she offered to be his backup and smiled softly when she spoke “Exactly that, though I can’t promise I’ll actually be fun to bring along” she teased softly, it was cute how he seemed so surprised that she would want to be friends with him, but he was already the most interesting person she had met here today. “I get it...the study is necessary to do the thing you want to do” she nodded slightly, it was the same for her, though she could probably use the training too, she’d never really experienced a proper academic setting so she was honestly apprehensive about what to expect “I might have to prod you when I need some study tips” she murmured softly, she couldn’t even imagine getting a degree twice.

“Originally? A small village in Korea, though I’ve moved around a lot over the years” she answered honestly, her loyalty had always been to her phoenix clan and they rarely stayed in one place very long, picking up people from all over East Asia over time. “I have a Korean name’s been a long time since anyone used it” she admitted with a soft smile, memories of a person she had left behind honestly. She blushed slightly when he called her out for thinking tollet paper pranks were fun “I have no idea...I was mostly home schooled so I never got to do any of those...kinds of things” sometimes she wished she’d been raised in more modern times, maybe then she would feel more in touch with the world around her.

“Classmate?” she perked up excitedly when she spoke again, feeling a sense of relief coming over her knowing she would know someone in her class if he was studying the same thing as her “What a coincidence” she commented and smiled “What sort of place are you hoping to run?” she questioned in fascination as she followed the tour guide around but paid very little attention to what they were saying.

Jihoon was still new to the supernatural world since he was a newborn Valkyr. At first, upon hearing what he’d be feeding on to keep living, he was appalled. Because, blood? Where does he even begin with that? But then he realized as weird as it was, it wasn’t that bad. He’ll keep living because it was a second chance for him. And he didn’t think others he met could be a part of that world too so when Freyja said she has moved past the death in her time, he couldn’t help but wonder if she is also like him, not particularly a Valkyr but someone similar. Someone that had ties to the same world he does. He chuckled and shrugged, “Luck is relative… I do believe I’m good-willed to find someone nice today, of course. But I don’t often depend on things like that because most good things don’t last forever since one way or another, it’ll get stolen away.” Take it from him indeed.

“Rubik’s cube is hard to navigate, I agree. I don’t think I’ve met someone who actually likes to solve it in their free time as a hobby. It’ll most likely frustrate you more” he nodded in affirmation. “I’m not completely terrible at it but it’ll take me forever to solve it.” But he would solve it eventually. He has the determination needed to complete them. “If you’d like, we can both try to find ways to solve it faster,” he teased. How did a Rubik's cube even get itself into their conversation in the first place? Jihoon could feel his cheeks flaming up just by thinking about it, how could she say it like that so casually when he’s freaking out internally right now? “Not exactly fun? You don’t see yourself as someone fun? Why not? Ah, you don’t like parties?” One look at her and he couldn’t exactly see why people wouldn’t find her good company, she was nice and pretty, and so far after picking up a conversation with her, he was more entertained than not.

When she said she would have to prod him for some studying tips considering he’s on his second degree, Jihoon chuckled and nodded, “Come to me whenever you need. You’d have my number anyway. You may abuse it for all I care.” He hoped she would, honestly. More time to spend with her seemed like a good proposition. “Small village in Korea? I mean Korea is a vast place, there’s plenty of small villages there” he teased, “I used to grow up for a while in Gyeonggi before moving to San Francisco and I’ve been there ever since.” He didn’t have any memorable friends that he kept in contact with until today from Korea, aside from his adoptive brother under the orphanage’s supervision. He still contacted him until he… well, died. He couldn’t tell him he’s still alive without revealing his identity and that’s a no-no, according to Yeon. He’s living in this world now, he can't break the rules easily.

“I think Freyja is a beautiful name either way, more unique too.” He always thought home-schooled people are generally easy to impress, but they are also easily influenced even if they meet a bad bunch. “Home-schooled huh? Was it fun? Or was getting out more fun?” An extrovert like her couldn’t have found home-schooling the medium she preferred most. When asked what place he wanted to run, he pursed his lips slightly and shrugged, “Perhaps an outdoor cafe. Nothing too constricting. I have to start small. I'm good at baking, but I’ve been picking up other cooking recipes too so if I do well, maybe I’ll move onto the restaurant part. Speaking of cafes, I’m trying to get a part-time job as a baker at one of the cafes, maybe that’ll help me experience-wise. I only have dancing skills if you want to count that. You?"

She smiled softly when he explained how he didn’t put too much thought into luck because he felt like good things didn’t last “I guess the important thing is to hold onto the things that matter for as long as possible” she murmured softly and smiled gently, nodding her head “At least then you’ve got the memories which no one else can have” she treasured all the good things in her life for that reason. “I just don’t have a logical brain to see enough steps ahead” you couldn’t just keep turning it aimlessly, you needed to see several different positions you could move to bring it closer to being solved “So I’ll stick with being amazed by the people who can do it” she teased and shrugged slightly/

“I’ll give you the hypothetical crown already” she teased softly “Though a better test for us would be to play a game of Monopoly, though I should warn you that I won’t lose easily” she was stubborn and good at making decisions when it came to board games. She shrugged slightly when he asked why she didn’t see herself as fun “I’ve always been a pretty serious person, you know, the type to skip out on going to a party because she wants to finish that assignment she’s been working on” she bit her lip in a somewhat embarrassed “Doesn’t mean I don’t like to party on occasion though” she commented softly.

She laughed and scrunched her nose a little “I won’t bother you too much, wouldn’t want to scare off the first friend I’ve made in college” she was claiming him already because he seemed like the most interesting person in this group and if he was her classmate they’d be seeing a lot of one another anyway. She laughed and brushed off his comment “Let’s just say I don’t really have fond memories of my home” she could hardly reveal she was in Korea before it split in two, nor did she particularly feel proud of her home. She smiled softly because he seemed very fond of the place he came from, even if he moved young “That must have been quite the difference for you” she murmured softly, the cultures were very different after all, she found the adjustment hard as an adult.

She pressed her lips together when he asked if homeschool was fun for her “I think I taught myself more from books than what I learned in my classes” she responded and shrugged, women weren’t allowed to be educated back then but she had learned during her time as a phoenix in the tribe as they saw things differently to humans. She was always thankful for the chance to break out of that barrier and learn things, it gave her purpose and determination. “That sounds nice...though could be a bit of a nightmare if it rains” after all, it might chase all of the customers away. “I’ve been working at a little place in the city, mostly it involves cake baking and pastry work” she nodded “But I’ve been hoping to get good groundwork in all kinds” she smiled, she really enjoyed getting to make her own food and experimenting with different recipes.

"Yeah… memories, they last forever, don't they?" That's all he could really hold onto now, his past. This life is new to him even though he looks normal, everything is far from that. God knows the valkyr was still struggling not to panic when the blood sloshed over the tumbler cup when he hit the side. The many times he was jaded because of his new lifestyle, he couldn't even count them. "No? I've never heard anyone admit they don't have a sound mind" he teased, he waved his hands playfully in front of her as if he was doing some kind of magic trick. When she told him she wouldn't lose easily on a game of Monopoly, he raised his eyebrows questioningly as if he was daring her, "That's quite the mouth you got on yourself, you sound very confident, tell me how many rounds of that have you played hm?" He likes board games because he is often alone when he's back at Dae's place, since the niveis is always out and away because of his job. 

He did have a lot of board games though, including a rubik’s cube so aside from cooking and entertaining himself with the television, he played them. But playing by yourself is boring, of course. "I don't party often either, I… never really had the time to do that? Before I moved to Evermore, I lived in a very uh… family oriented home, and went to Juilliard, so a performance academy is as hectic as you can imagine, with almost no free time." Even when there was one, his free time wasn't like others. "I'm a good dancer though, that I can pride myself in." Which meant he could really party given the chance. Jihoon shook his head to assure Freyja she wouldn't bother him, "I'm a boring person,  if you can drag me away from my desk that's good news." Upon hearing she didn't have good memories regarding her home, the valkyr gaped slightly and nodded in understanding, cue to stop asking about that then. 

"Cross-cultural factors set aside, it's actually a good eye opener…" he still misses Gyeonggi, but perhaps he'll be able to go back there in the future. "Ah so a bookworm and not so much of a practical lady? Shocking" he teased, "And here I am bad at book things." He clicked his tongue and shrugged absentmindedly, "Eh, true… but it would still be beautiful so I'll think of the weather factor later." He loves cooking, he actually thought he's a decent cook too, so when she told him she works at a bakery, his eyes lit up, "That sounds nice. If I come visiting, can I get a good friend's discount?" he chuckled. "Do you like baking then?" They passed another statue mark and are now entering the social science wing. A group of people almost went bumping his way but Jihoon managed to evade skillfully thanks to his valkyr enhanced skills.

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