College wasn't something new to Jihoon. It wasn't his first time enrolling in the campus but it sure feels weird and surreal after a while. For the past year, he has done nothing but train and train. It was the only thing he did under the supervision of Yeon's friend; someone who he also grew accustomed to, Daehyun. The niveis was generally cold and aloof, but it didn't take the valkyr long to make him warm up to him with his bright personality. Despite being dismissed for his efforts plenty of times, Jihoon never gave up. Why was he training with Dae for a year? Because one night everything changed for him. Quite literally. He was no longer human and he knew he had to control himself in so many ways, including the way he walks and do things because he had to learn to tone down his own strength for the first two months. 

Dae actually had to knock him out a lot because he couldn't succeed the first time. If there was one thing Jihoon did not like and grew to fear, it's being knocked out by Daehyun Stormwind. The other male has a scary aura to him sometimes it actually scared the wits out of him. Yeon came visiting every once in a while too and once the two of them decided Jihoon was ready to rejoin society, the first thing he did was make his way to the city both lived in and enrolled himself in Evermore University. It's the closest thing to normalcy for him. He already moved in a while ago and today was supposed to be the day he joined a campus tour with the rest of the freshmen. 

At first he wasn't sure if it was nerves or he's just plain excited at the idea of being able to go back to his life, but now he finds himself walking towards the administration and filling out a few things needed before making his way to the fountain by the building entrance. They were told to gather there and wait for the guide to arrive with the rest. There were not many of them, less than a dozen but it was probably because he joined at the second semester of the year instead of the first like the others. He's a late student. Jihoon was busy staring at the fishes in the fountain and even made faces at them, not realizing he was close to falling in.

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She couldn’t help but laugh when he pointed out that Dae was a strange one but also that he was a bird before proceeding to stumble over his words and babble a little, it was kinda charming in a way “Well then I guess I’m also a bird” she commented and shook her head in amusement, though she’d never really referred to herself as that. She pursed her lips and raised her brows when he talked about how Dae was with Yeon “It’s hard for me to imagine that guy being hung up over someone” she commented and shook her head in amusement “I feel like I need to meet his Yeon guy at some point” she was very curious to know his type.

“I see” she responded, how small of a world it was that he happened to know the same person she did. Especially when that someone was Daehyun who happened to be the kind of person who didn’t keep many people close “How attractive are we talking? Like a 9?” she questioned playfully she was sure Dae was handsome enough to attract someone of that caliber if they weren’t put off by his grumpy nature. “I hope he does” she murmured softly, as selfish as it was, she didn’t know nearly anyone in this city and it would have been nice to have someone familiar by her side, someone she could trust without questioning it, because trust didn’t come easily to her by now.

She shrugged slightly when he asked if her life was better now “It can’t have been worse than before, everything I went through…I’m not going to say it was easy but in the end it led me here, I think there must be a purpose for that” she had to keep her chin up or otherwise she would get caught up in all her doubts and insecurities “We’ve all been through hard times though…everyone handles them differently” she pressed her lips together “You seem like the type who pushes through with a smile” he did have a really nice smile after all.

He blinked a few times when she said she's a bird "You're… a bird?" That sounds so weird and wrong but at the same it makes perfect sense. She's just like Dae? A niveis? "Wait… are you just like him?: He went closer to lean in so he could whisper properly, enough so others wouldn't hear "Are you… a niveis too?" He couldn't help but find how ironically funny all of this is. Niveis are so rare so to find someone else who is just like Dae is… something. "You totally should meet Yeon, he's drop dead gorgeous kind of guy that makes you wonder how does this guy even exist? Dae's head over heels for him too." After seeing them both together, it wasn't really hard to see why it's like that. 

When he was asked how hot he was, Jihoon cleared his throat and hummed while thinking what rank to give him "A solid 9 for sure… he just has this sex appeal about him, you know? And he's always so polished… always around someone so rugged and grumpy like Dae kinda surprises me. I knew him way before Dae did but after seeing how they were, I think I understand why they match well. If you see them, you'll understand too." Was he one of their biggest shippers? Definitely. Of course someone like her would've had a story prior to coming here "I feel like everyone in Evermore had a story… most of them are people who weren't even born and bred here… we came here because it's the safest place for us." 

He hopes it stays that way too. Jihoon couldn't help but blush when she pointed out he seemed like the type who would push through with a smile "I seem like that, don't I? Maybe I am. Maybe smiling is easier than to show the real emotions, you know? But my smiles aren't fake… that's one thing I know. What about you? How do you cope?"

Seeing the confusion and surprise on his face was worth referring to herself in such a strange way, a small smile appeared on her lips as he discreetly moved closer and asked her like that “Mhmm” she confirmed and then pressed her finger against her lips to indicate he should keep it a secret. “I should huh?” she giggled softly “I feel like it’s only right to meet the legend who has somehow managed to change him” she commented and smiled, she was glad someone had managed to get through to him because god knows he needed it.

Freyja pursed her lips and grinned slightly when he said a 9 “Nine huh?” she licked her lips and grinned slightly “So basically a 10 if you were actually into him then” since personal taste definitely covered base for at least 1 part of the rating. “I didn’t see Dae going for a pretty boy though, he always seems like the type who’d prefer rolling in the dirt” she giggled slightly, curious indeed, she was definitely going to have to quiz Dae on it next time she saw them.

“We all have our stories, even if they’re small” she responded and offered a half smile, running a hand through her hair “but there’s something about this city…it’s just a feeling that comes over you” it was magical honestly, that was the only way she knew how to describe it and she had to admit she was pretty fond of it. “Smiling definitely helps, people find it hard to see through that unless they really care” and most people didn’t, they saw the surface but nothing beneath it. “I’ll bet that smile of yours can blow everyone away” she’d murmured softly.

“As for coping…I guess I just question whether things could be worse…in almost all cases, I can think of how it could be” she nodded slightly in thought.

Dae wasn't the type of person who would like to get himself involved with people in general. From what Jihoon has seen, which was quite plenty considering hie he's almost always attached to the hips with Yeon and was also the one of the two responsible to care for him while he was transitioning and getting used to the valkyr life for the first year, the niveis was whipped for his friend. Everyone could see the way he looked at Yeon, and vice versa. Honestly, Jihoon was their number one shipper too. He was wondering when they'd finally confess to each other instead of beating around the bushes with each other. 

"The legend himself is very charming so I feel like you'd either be crazily attracted to him or just admire the way he does things." He knows he does. He chuckled when she concluded it would be a 10 only if he was actually into him "I mean to be fair, a fine specimen will forever remain a fine specimen no? I don't think it matters much." But yes, probably a 10 if he was actually into him. "Oh just because he looks polished doesn't mean he isn't dirty, Freyja… trust me… he can be dirty." He shuddered at the memory of him stumbling across the two being very… intimate. 

The valkyr could feel his cheeks getting warm because of the compliment she gave, he rubbed the back of his neck shyly and grinned "Really? You think so? My smile blow people away?" And with that, he smiled more. Jihoon is a naturally bright person. Even after his death, it doesn't change the person he is. "I think you have a beautiful smile too… you have eye smiles too… not everyone can have that, you know. It makes you more genuine than you already are" which he was pretty sure she is. "Hey uh… are you hungry? Do you want to grab a bite? Why don't we go to the cafeteria?" But he then heard some people talking how inedible the food was and bit his lip "Okay maybe not the cafeteria…"

It really was interesting to see how much Dae had changed and while some of it had seemed to only turned him colder, there were parts of him that seemed warmer too, something she hadn’t expected honestly, after all, everything they’d been through would drive the average person insane. “Well now I really am curious” she commented in a playful voice and raised her brows “Do you have any photos of him?” purely for study reasons, she really was quite curious what kind of person that Dae would want to change his whole world for.

“I’d better stay in my lane though, can’t go around trying to steal Dae’s man” she teased softly, even if he was handsome she could stay away from him considering he was just one person in the whole world. Besides, someone like that sounded pretty high maintenance honestly and Freyja was much more casual of a person “He might be pretty but I’m much more about someone who can make me laugh” she murmured softly, was that too much to ask? She didn’t think so.

She nodded enthusiastically when he shyly repeated her compliment “I don’t know, there’s something about it that just screams….sunshine” she mumbled softly, that was the only way she could think to word it. She did giggle when he said she had a nice smile too “Eye smiles huh…I guess when I’m happy my whole body gets involved” she naturally flashed another because it felt nice to be complimented. The moment he mentioned food she naturally realized how hungry she was, they’d basically talked their way all the way through the tour so far, paying barely any mind into what was going on “We should probably try it once right…so we know whether to avoid if for the rest of our time here or if there’s anything redeemable” she grinned playfully “We can always run off to find something better after” she’d seen plenty of the campus already.

Was this how it felt to talk to someone so pretty? Jihoon couldn’t remember the last time he interacted with someone like that. But then again, after a while of living in solitude with minimal interaction with the outside world, he craved it all. He’s a sunshine, he needs to be surrounded with people.

Jihoon cleared his throat and tried to hide the faint blush creeping up his cheeks. “I’m glad we have a common friend…” He was pretty excited to find out that they know someone who meant similarly to them. He showed her a picture of Yeon photographed at an event, exuding the regal aura as if the world is his. “He is pretty… and hot. Hotter than what a regular person would normally prefer…”

When she said she wanted someone who could make her laugh, he chuckled because that sounds like it’s pretty on point for her character. “You would definitely be able to bag someone like that. I feel like it won’t be hard.” It wouldn’t be surprising, the valkyr felt like she craves a companion even more for it. “If the person loves you, they’ll make you laugh.” Someone like that would want to make sure they’re the source of their significant other’s happiness.

“Come on, let’s get something for our tummy before we wage another world war.” He beckoned for her to follow him to the cafeteria and tried to find a decent spot for them to sit. “I think I’m feeling Italian, you can’t screw up a pasta that badly right?” Honestly, it was giving him the jitters. God knows he was trying his very best to be optimistic but can someone actually mess up a pasta? “Wh

Freyja smiled softly as she glanced over at him again “It…makes a good start for the year…” she thought to herself maybe if they shared a friend that would mean they are on the same wavelength and that they could be friends too. Which honestly…would be so welcomed, because she felt pretty alone in the world lately…well for a long time actually and she hated that feeling. She leaned over the table to closely inspect the photo Jihoon showed him and she gasped softly “No way…that guy doesn’t even look real, he looks like a photoshopped model” she widened her eyes “No wonder Dae wants to keep him under lock and key…” she mumbled softly.

She shook her head slightly in response “I hope so, my life lately…has been filled with a lot of sadness, I could use a little happy” not that she was really looking for a relationship right now, that was a lot to take on given she felt barely familiar with this world. But she would like to get close with some people at least…so she could enjoy her time here and have something to feel excited about and look forward to “You’d be surprised how often someone settles for another just because of how they look though…looks can’t buy someone a personality though” and she had met quite a few shallow people in her life.

With a rumble in her stomach she followed him excitedly towards the cafeteria “How did you know I was already on the verge of hangry” she teased softly and smiled, food definitely often dictated her mood and she could have quite the temper if she hadn’t eaten in a while, or had coffee…coffee was a must. She eyed the counters before agreeing with him “If they can’t do well with pasta then all hope is lost for everything else…” she affirmed before taking a tray and heading over to the counter. She ordered the bolognese and received a bowl before long, which she inspected suspiciously before taking it over to where they were sitting.

“Am I a snob because I’m studying culinary arts…or does this look…a little suspicious…” she mumbled softly as she picked up her fork to try it.

Honestly Jihoon was pretty proud of himself to have such good looking friends because they were more than just their physical appearance. If he were to take Yeon for an example, the valkyr is drop dead gorgeous, he could totally see why he made heads spin but he’s a perfectionist who is diligent and hardworking. He knows he’s not where he is without everything he poured into it and that made Jihoon look up to him. It doesn’t help that he’s also philanthropic.

“Yeah, those two are always together… together, you know?” It made the valkyr wonder if there was something else going on between the two but neither would admit anything. “Happy is good…” he nodded, as someone who was given a second chance at life, he too wanted to just focus on the good parts of his life. “No way… good looks don’t last forever though Freyja. Once the youth fades away, what’s left if not their heart? Who would even stay…?” He believes that people should be more than just how they look or else nobody would actually progress in life. “But you’re right… now that I think about it, looks do play a heavy part in most people’s lives.”

Jihoon was pretty skeptical because all the things he heard from his roommate wasn’t really appealing when it comes to the cafeteria but it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. He did look awkward as he brought the tray with him though, his eyes scanning the food they served him. For someone who takes culinary, obviously Jihoon was going to judge everything.

The male poked his pasta with his fork and bit his lip “No… it’s definitely not just you… it does look suspicious… I’ll take one for the team. If I have diarrhea, at least we can tick this off our list of cafe food.” Normally, he would blame her but he’s shy and she’s pretty. There is no way he would ruin this first meeting. He made a weird face after taking a bite, but he didn’t spit them out. After a few tries of chewing, he finally swallowed them. “That is way too chalky to be a meatball…”

She raised her brows and then grinned slightly “They are huh…well Dae is definitely lucky then” she was a little jealous, the idea of meeting someone who fit you so well was appealing she had to admit, but she didn’t have the time to be worrying about little things like that, she had a whole faction to look after and a new life to settle into. She shrugged her shoulders slightly “Why do you think people get divorced and then up dating someone much younger so often” she commented and pressed her lips together, people could be really fickle.

“It’s hard to find people who really get what’s underneath” those were the kinds of people you wanted to hold onto with everything you had, people you could be completely real with. She was naturally the type to assume the worst of others though, after everything someone she trusted had done to her, she wasn’t surprised by other people’s flaws anymore.

She giggled softly when he said he would take one for the team and try the food first “My hero” she jested playfully before eyeing her food again, it really didn’t look appetizing and while she was hoping it would taste better than it looked, the expression on Jihoon’s face immediately squashed her hopes of that. Still, she picked up her fork and nibbled a bit of one herself to double check his statement before biting her lip “Well…now we know never to come here again?” she commented before setting her cutlery down.

“First to find a good place to eat nearby gets to choose?” she commented and took out her phone because there was no way they were going to make themselves eat the rest of this food.

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