Artemitra was known for keeping herself busy; whether it was helping around the Celestial castle with cooking or cleaning, spending time with her friends/getting to know her new home more, or simply investing more time in her photography. The brunette always found something, to keep her mind occupied. And lately, she has been needing more of that. Anything to try and tear her mind away from the darkness that had been playing mind games with her. Keeping things to herself/keeping busy to work away her frustrations was her thing. And with her lack of sleep, there were days where she was mainly running on caffeine and busy schedules, to keep herself awake. 

Today was one of those days, where she was pouring her time and attention into her work. Lately, she had been in search of a bigger break, when it came to her photography. One of the local Evermore studios had offered to show-case her work; so she was putting something for the showcase together. Because of its significance, she was taking her time with it. It included Evermore at Wintertime, whether that was the festivities that had passed, gathering of people and the slow return of Spring. With the Castle being rather quiet, Artemis was away from her bedroom and working in the living room of the castle. A few snacks in a bowl, and a cup of coffee by her side. Whilst she was surrounded by her work, laptop for choosing more pictures, and different selection of pictures; that she was putting together on a large canvas; for the show-case.

The Celestial hummed to herself slightly, looking at the canvas. Her lips pursed. Having been staring at it, for the last few 10 minutes. She felt like something was missing from her selection of photos. But she wasn’t sure what it was. If she stared any harder; she might burn a hole into her work with how hard she was staring. Sound of footsteps snapped her attention back to reality. Glancing over her shoulder, to see who was coming. By now, a few Celestials that had been home today, had been looking for Ophelia, more or less. But Phe wasn’t home. “Good Afternoon.” The brunette greeted, with a polite smile. “Phe’s not here, if you’re looking for her. I think she’s got meetings today.” By now, she seemed to presume what certain Celestials would ask. So she thought it’d best to warn yet another fellow Celestial, that their Wayfinder wasn’t home at the moment.

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Lately Atticus has been trying to split his time in different ways. Trying to be in different places at the same time with the responsibilities he has. Both professional and personal too. With being the guardian to Ophelia making sure that she’s protected and providing his knowledge and guidance too. Helping out whenever he could or needed. He never liked to overstep his welcome, something he always made sure not to do. Things were all different now in the modern days, with everything all changed. Something he could never wrap his head around was being able to reach each other through technology. Phone calls and texts were something that still amazed him but made his life a lot easier. Able to rest easy knowing if Ophelia and other people needed him it would take matter of seconds compared to what it used to be like. Other than being at the castle he would split his time to the Art Gallery that was called Thorn Ivy. The Art Gallery that he and Aurelia both had a partnership. It was something he was expecting when first coming to the city but the one that felt most right. A place where a lot of his old works were hung up along with his Tatiana, his daughter's workds. Able to get the sense of a compliment whenever he would look around the gallery even if at the moment his mind was at a blank for any new works. Needing to look around for some inspiration and what was causing his mental block. 

A few weeks he found himself in a bit of a predicament with his daughter turning up at his door not wanting for Aurelia to find out. Finding himself in the middle. Starting to build a father-daughter relationship with Tatiana even if it meant lying to Aurelia and others too. His life was more complicated than he first thought or hoped. With how his ex and his daughter were one of the people who had a hand in keeping his people locked up. Yet he knew he couldn’t turn his back on them even after finding out what they did. They were his family, his blood. Waiting till he could find the right time to bring it up to Ophelia not knowing how she’d react, not wanting to let her down, still part of him didn’t feel worthy of being a guardian. Still self-doubt lingered overed him.The Celestial headed back to the Celestial castle where he half lived having recently bought an apartment in the city which was where his daughter was hiding at. Wanting to check in with Ophelia if she was in and wanting to check in with other Celestials. He was still trying to prove himself to other Celestials how he knew it would be a while, with how Ophelia had warned him at first how it would be more difficult to gain others' trust. Atticus understood completely knowing that many were still not fully recovered from what happened those years ago. That it couldn’t easily go away and that they don’t trust so easily anymore, putting up walls. There were a few Celestials he’s not gotten around to speaking to thinking now was the right time to. 

Soon as he arrived he headed straight to the kitchen fetching himself a cup of coffee. Almost automatically out of habit. He was happy that they always had coffee on tab with how everyone all shared the same coffee addiction. Sometimes he would slip a bit of whiskey in his coffee but Aurelia would moan at him, how she’d often make remarks to his drinking problems. Something he was trying to get better at now his daughter was around, wanting to be better for her. After getting himself a coffee he looked around seeing a few Celestials were dotted about. Atticus went through into the living room spotting someone he’d not seen before with their head buried in a laptop. Noticing how she seemed deep in thought, spaced out almost.  seeing how she was staring at the screen, at the same things for minutes without looking away. After a few minutes, the curiosity got the better of him wanting to see what she was stuck on. “You know if you keep staring at that screen any harder you're going to get square eyes” He chuckled pointed out as he walked over her. Seeing she already noticed and greeted him, telling him Opehleia wasn’t here without him even asking. “Oh okay, thanks that saves me looking for her” He thanked nodding his head knowing where the Wayfinder was. “What are you working on?” He wandered over to see the Celestial and was working on putting together some photos noticing her work. Photographing wasn’t his strong suit preferring the physical art over one's with taken by camera. Yet he always admired all the work and it’s beautiful to capture all. 

His joke about getting square eyes, made the Celestial lightly laugh. “If I haven’t gotten them already.” But it did feel like, if she kept staring at her laptop and the canvas harder; her eyes just might fall out of their sockets. She registered the look of surprise across his features, when he hadn’t really asked about the Wayfinder. “Sorry, I know you haven’t really asked. But everyone seems to be asking about Phe’s whereabouts today, so I thought I’d spare you the trouble of asking.” The Brunette felt the need to explain her thinking; even if her fellow Celestial might have figured out as much. But it didn’t hurt to tell him, right?

The Brunette was trying to figure out who the elder male was. Judging by the way he looked, he seemed to fit Ophelia’s description of Atticus. “You’re Atticus right?” She guessed, with a friendly smile. “I am Artemitra, but almost everyone calls me Artemis.” Now was a good time, as any for proper introductions. Considering they were still new to each other; even if she knew about Atticus. Artemis hadn’t exactly met the Guardian properly, until now. But if he was half as busy with Ophelia, then she couldn’t really blame him. Everyone had their duties.

Glancing back at her work in front of her; Artemis heard his question. “I am trying to put together a decent portfolio/canvas to display my photography, for a showcase at a local art gallery.” She glanced back at the male. “It’s mainly Winter theme, transition into spring.” Of course, she had heaps more photos; but that would take her away from the theme for the showcase. The closer her deadline got for the showcase, the more nervous she felt. Would the gallery like her work? Would they want more? What would the viewers think? It felt like it had taken her forever to get to this step, in her photography career. The Celestial didn’t want to blow it. And part of her was hoping that bigger and better things would steam from this, if the show-case went well. 

“I keep thinking that something is missing from the selection of photos.But can’t seem to figure out what it is.” Artemis said honestly. Maybe that’s why she had been staring at it so hard, like she waited for the answer to jump out at her. But what she needed was an extra pair of eyes for some help. As obviously her staring a hole into her canvas and laptop screen, wouldn’t help much.

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