Artemitra was known for keeping herself busy; whether it was helping around the Celestial castle with cooking or cleaning, spending time with her friends/getting to know her new home more, or simply investing more time in her photography. The brunette always found something, to keep her mind occupied. And lately, she has been needing more of that. Anything to try and tear her mind away from the darkness that had been playing mind games with her. Keeping things to herself/keeping busy to work away her frustrations was her thing. And with her lack of sleep, there were days where she was mainly running on caffeine and busy schedules, to keep herself awake. 

Today was one of those days, where she was pouring her time and attention into her work. Lately, she had been in search of a bigger break, when it came to her photography. One of the local Evermore studios had offered to show-case her work; so she was putting something for the showcase together. Because of its significance, she was taking her time with it. It included Evermore at Wintertime, whether that was the festivities that had passed, gathering of people and the slow return of Spring. With the Castle being rather quiet, Artemis was away from her bedroom and working in the living room of the castle. A few snacks in a bowl, and a cup of coffee by her side. Whilst she was surrounded by her work, laptop for choosing more pictures, and different selection of pictures; that she was putting together on a large canvas; for the show-case.

The Celestial hummed to herself slightly, looking at the canvas. Her lips pursed. Having been staring at it, for the last few 10 minutes. She felt like something was missing from her selection of photos. But she wasn’t sure what it was. If she stared any harder; she might burn a hole into her work with how hard she was staring. Sound of footsteps snapped her attention back to reality. Glancing over her shoulder, to see who was coming. By now, a few Celestials that had been home today, had been looking for Ophelia, more or less. But Phe wasn’t home. “Good Afternoon.” The brunette greeted, with a polite smile. “Phe’s not here, if you’re looking for her. I think she’s got meetings today.” By now, she seemed to presume what certain Celestials would ask. So she thought it’d best to warn yet another fellow Celestial, that their Wayfinder wasn’t home at the moment.

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