West of The City (Celestial Territory) (13)

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Alternative Chances (Amoura and Zane)

He remembered taking one last look at her, how she blankly stared at him, then departed as if she had better places to be. He could recall…

Started by ✓ Zane Parker

2 yesterday
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Embracing The Shine (Artemitra and Ophelia Only)

The Brunette couldn’t help but feel slightly nervous. It wasn’t often that Artemitra felt nervous. She didn’t have a reason to. Being at th…

Started by ✓ Artemitra Astrid Bluemoon

30 on Thursday
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Finding Home (Ophelia and Katrina)

It was almost coming up to the third year the celestials had spent in Evermore city and while Ophelia still often held her breath, things w…

Started by ✓ Ophelia Dreyvalian ~Admin~

4 on Thursday
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Thornbrook Markets || Wade & Atticus

Evermore was a strange place. No one spoke with an accent, the culture was cold and dry, the murmur of the city was mechanical, and the cre…

Started by ✓ Wade Luca Thornbrook

4 Jun 8
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And then she met a Wolf... (Zane & Amoura)

It seemed like Amoura spent most of her time cooped up in her apartment over the pass couple of days.  Living in Evermore has been an alrig…

Started by ✓ Amoura Laveau

10 Jun 6
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Meeting of The Guardian and Wayfinder (Ophelia and Atticus)

There’s so many things that he should have done differently, regretting all his mistakes. Knowing well that he couldn’t go back to change i…

Started by ✓ Atticus Kieran Thornbrook

21 Jun 3
Reply by ✓ Ophelia Dreyvalian ~Admin~


Help Wanted (Aaron and Amoura)

When Amoura first purchased her studio, she never thought it would flourish as much as it did. Her paintings she had put out maybe two days…

Started by ✓ Amoura Laveau

0 Jun 2


Let It Shine (Open to Ophelia and Hanseol)

It hadn’t escaped the wayfinder’s notice that the celestials both in the castle and outside of it were under experienced. She couldn’t blam…

Started by ✓ Ophelia Dreyvalian ~Admin~

22 May 27
Reply by ✓ Ophelia Dreyvalian ~Admin~


Coming Home In Ruins || Slade & Dom ||

“BLASTED...STUPID...OF ALL THE IDIOTIC…” His voice carried, loud expletives and grumbles echoing off the buildings as the male stumbled dow…

Started by ✓ Knox Waylon Xavier

4 May 9
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A Library of Thoughts (open to all)

Something that intrigued Katrina was this city. Scotland was such a different country and land. She sometimes missed what she was used to b…

Started by ✓ Katrina O'Sullivan

2 May 5
Reply by ✓ Katrina O'Sullivan


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