West of The City (Celestial Territory) (12)

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Through The Night (Open to Jaesung and Hanseol)

It had been three blissful months since that night at the amusement park where Jae had told Hanseol that he loved him for the first time. W…

Started by ✓ Jaesung Moon

8 29 minutes ago
Reply by ✓ Jaesung Moon


It Doesn't Always Rain (Artemitra and Ophelia)

She was moping. She knew she was moping and yet she couldn’t stop herself from doing so. The wayfinder had stayed curled up in a ball by th…

Started by ✓ Ophelia Dreyvalian ~Admin~

20 2 hours ago
Reply by ✓ Ophelia Dreyvalian ~Admin~


My First (Eden and Darragh)

It had only been Eden's first day working in the hospital, where she had ran face first right into her sister; Genevive. Eden and Genevive,…

Started by ✓ Eden Shaw

13 on Saturday
Reply by ✓ Darragh Cavan


Coming Home In Ruins || Slade & Dom ||

“BLASTED...STUPID...OF ALL THE IDIOTIC…” His voice carried, loud expletives and grumbles echoing off the buildings as the male stumbled dow…

Started by ✓ Slade Grimm

0 on Saturday


Let It Shine (Open to Ophelia and Hanseol)

It hadn’t escaped the wayfinder’s notice that the celestials both in the castle and outside of it were under experienced. She couldn’t blam…

Started by ✓ Ophelia Dreyvalian ~Admin~

12 Mar 19
Reply by ✓ Ophelia Dreyvalian ~Admin~

Ailward Aspect

★ Not an Easy Thing to Do (Aureus & Ophelia)

The west side of the city was beautiful, it was peaceful and it was a place most would love to venture or spend a quiet day relaxing in. Ho…

Started by ✓ Aureus Ailward

15 Mar 12
Reply by ✓ Ophelia Dreyvalian ~Admin~


Thornbrook Markets || Wade & Atticus

Evermore was a strange place. No one spoke with an accent, the culture was cold and dry, the murmur of the city was mechanical, and the cre…

Started by ✓ Wade Luca Thornbrook

0 Mar 6


More than a shutter (Darragh + Finley)

 The air was warm, the sun was high and Darragh was feeling pretty good today. He had been settling in Evermore quite nicely since his Cele…

Started by ✓ Darragh Cavan

0 Mar 1


A Day of Rest (Open to Anyone)

The Celestial’s eyes shot open, his brunette locks pushing against his skull, the plush texture of his pillow encapsulating his head in a c…

Started by ✓ Kristián ‘Kace’ Armitage

2 Feb 28
Reply by ✓ Kristián ‘Kace’ Armitage


Meeting of The Guardian and Wayfinder (Ophelia and Atticus)

There’s so many things that he should have done differently, regretting all his mistakes. Knowing well that he couldn’t go back to change i…

Started by ✓ Atticus Kieran Thornbrook

17 Feb 19
Reply by ✓ Ophelia Dreyvalian ~Admin~


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