Katrina didn't do family. Being a Celestial she really had no experience with family. She had no parents, no siblings, forget the aunts, uncles, and cousins. So why did she agree to meet Sapphire's brother? She no idea why she did. She knew that her feelings for Sapphire were getting intense and strong but she also knew that these things take time. So she wouldn't be saying any L-word just yet. She had the perfect moment if she could just wait for the moment. She had the perfect date planned for her.

But when Sapphire told her that her brother was in town and she wanted to meet up. It sounded like it was important to her. Anything Sapphire thought was important she cared about her. 

Katrina spent hours on making sure her outfit was perfect. Her hair was curled and gave a sense of flounce when she walked, finding the perfect medium-lengthed black dress. She thought it hugged her curves nicely. She knew she was older then Sapphire and she wondered if that would bother her brother. Age didn't matter too much to her but Sapphire did. If Sapphire's brother didn't like her maybe it was game over for their relationship and it was getting to Katrina.

Putting on her black heels she then took a glass of red wine and then began her journey to the restaurant where they were going to meet. She talked to the hostess and was brought to a seat in the back. It was a quaint booth and she sat on one side feeling worse then she did for client interviews. 

Sitting, she ordered herself a glass of water so she could drink and maybe calm some nerves. She didn't want to be drunk before they showed up so she tried to stay calm and all she could do was wait. 

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Sapphire was excited yet nervous about her brother to meet Katrina. Plus she wanted Jett to meet someone really special to her as he was also special to Sapphire by blood as they were family. Katrina was something special to Sapphire which made her happy about her being in her life. As she got ready, Sapphire made sure her small dress fixed her perfectly as she also let her hair lay down her back as she also put on her heels. She sighed as she grew more and more nervous as the time was getting closer as she had texted Jett to meet them at the restaurant to make it easier since Sapphire didnt know how long it would take for her to get ready. 

The phoenix finished getting ready before telling her dogs to go to their crates so they wouldnt misbehave which they wouldnt do that since she trained them to behave but she didnt know how long the three will be out so she put them in and gave them treats for the night. Sapphire soon grabbed her purse and keys so she could drive to the restaurant. She would of flown but didnt want to cause any suspension with the humans that didnt know about the supernatural world. Sapphire headed out of her house and to her small car to head to the restaurant. 

Once she parked her car and got out, Sapphire smiled as she locked her car and headed inside. The hostess smiled and showed her to the booth, which Sapphire's smile grew bigger as she saw Katrina. "Hey Kat." She said as she sat down next to her and kissed her lips softly as she smiled more. "I guess great minds think alike." She said as she winked at her. "You look amazing Katrina." She said as she smiled at her.


Jett stood in front of the mirror as he switched between a white grandfather s shirt and light blue one as he had decided on a black jacket and trousers as his mind wandered over who his half sis Sapphire wanted him to meet and why that specific restaurant. as he chucked the Blue shirt on the bed as he put on the white one as his cell phone pinged as he walked over to his bedside table as he opened his cell phone to see a text from Sapphire as he pressed reply 


ok ill see you there and is it a tie sort of place or not 


He pressed the send button on his phone as he thought about it as he pressed reply again " Hey ill bring a tie any way just in case he pressed send back as he picked up his black tie and jacket as he made his way. to his door remembering to pick up his wallet as he left his apartment 

Jett stepped outside as he looked around the street the sun had just set on and the night was clear and the star began to pop on like someone pressing a switch as he smiled gently he walked towards the pavement as he lifted his arm to hail a cab. Which soon. pulled up in front of him " hey mate can you take me to this address " Jett showed his phone with the address as he got in closing the door 

the view of the city was completely different from the cab as he smiled thinking how much of a change it was and how rare it was to wear a suit to the fact he couldn't remember the last time he wore a suit even though he hated wearing the suit as he sat back closing his eyes as his techniques he learnt while changing did come ion very handy 

5-10 minutes passed as the cab pulled to a stop as he gave the cash to the driver " he nodded cheers keep the change " as he got out he looked at the restaurant as he gulped a little as he walked up to the front door being greeted by a hostess " hi yes table was booked under Rizzoli " as the hostess nodded Jett was led to the table where his sister had already arrived with another woman " Hey Sapphire " he smiled gently 

Katrina was as nervous as a trembling tree in the winter's wind storm. She felt herself shaking to the core, meeting family was an important step to her and she didn't think to take this lightly. When she saw Sapphire, her heart skipped a beat. Seeing her radiance of her beauty walk into the restaurant she felt like she was far out of her league. 

When Sapphire sat beside her and gave her a kiss she kissed back and a smile came to her face. Her nerves were still there but she felt herself calming a bit just being next to her. When she mentioned their choice in similar outfits she smiled and giggled. "I guess they do, but I don't think your brother wanted me showing up one of my outfits from the 50's or hell even an outfit from the later 1800's." She said with a laugh.

When he walked into the restaurant she smiled. Seeing him there she wondered how the whole thing was going to go down. "Hello, I'm Katrina." She said extending her hand, she couldn't stand up in the booth area she was at but she wanted to be as friendly as possible. Even though her hand probably looked like a blowing leaf.

Sapphire noticed her message from her brother and chuckled before looking back at Katrina as she smiled. "I think he wouldn't care what you wear, Kat." She said as she smiled as she then noticed her brother. Sapphire stood up and hugged her brother. "Hey Jett." She said as she then smiled and moved so they can sit back down in the booth. The phoenix guard smiled as she watched Katrina introduce herself as she could also tell that Katrina was nervous by her hand shaking. Sapphire leaned over to Katrina and whispered into her ear. "Its okay Kat. I promise that he is nice." She whispered as she also knew that her half brother could hear her using his enhanced hearing due to being an Ailuranthrope.

The phoenix smiled as a waiter soon came by and asked her and Jett about drinks. "I would like to have a glass of white wine please." Sapphire said as she looked at the menu to pick something to eat as she would steal some glances at both her brother and Katrina as she slipped her hand into Katrina's under the table after they shook hands. Rubbing her hand with her thumb to try to make Katrina more comfortable as she smiled at her. It was a special moment for Sapphire as her brother was meeting her girlfriend, it was alittle nervous about them meeting at first but Sapphire started to think about how she would tell him that Katrina is her girlfriend and also how he would react to her being with a girl. Even though its 2020 and most people dont care what gender you are dating, Sapphire was still nervous about this as she wanted to make Katrina more comfortable around Jett since they are the two important people in her life.

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