It was that wonderful time of the year again. Winter. And Christmas was fast approaching. Evermore was looking more festive; with decorations around the city. Lights helped light up the city; as it was getting darker earlier with the season. The Celestial couldn’t help but admire how the city looked; more appealing for the winter season. Among her Christmas shopping; Artemis had found time for taking photos of how the city looked this year.

After an encouraging talk with Phe; Artemitra had decided to get her work more out there. Instead of just having side-jobs. The process was a long one. Artemis had attended an art gallery; asking if anyone of them would be accepting new artists and what it would take for someone to display their work there. The Brunette Celestial got asked to put together a display case. Deciding to focus on the theme of Winter. Artemis had been compiling shots of everything to do around that theme; including how the city looked decorated for the festive season.

Bundled up with warm clothes; Artemis was standing in the shopping centre court-yard. Photographing people in the festive spirit/scenery around them all. There was a Christmas Tree, near the fountain with beautiful lights and decorations. It had caught her attention. So she tried to pay some attention to the tree. Artemis always seemed to have a good eye design and scenery.

Checking the current compilation of photos; Artemis was checking for their quality. To make sure that anything blurry and not up to her highest standard wouldn’t be in the final selection. She stopped on one particular photo; in the crowd of people behind the Christmas tree; she saw a familiar face. Lucius. Another Celestial and an old Friend. Granted; their relationship was quite complicated. For a while, their friendship had been ruined; after harsh words and feelings had been hurt. It had taken the Celestial some time, to get over the ordeal, and to slowly move past it all. But there was still some fixing that needed to be done. The last time they had spoken to each other; had been at the Isle of Skye, when they were all in their cells. Artemis had no idea what he was up to the last few years of freedom. She was aware he lived somewhere in the city; but they never managed to bump into each other. Maybe she could still catch him? Artemis decided to take the shot; squeezing her way through the crowd of people; keeping her eyes peeled for the Celestial; she had been wanting to catch up with.

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Artemis couldn’t help but wonder, how bad or good this reunion could go; if she so much as approached the other Celestial. She knew how Lucius was stubborn and sometimes cold. Having seen that side to him, on a few occasions. But that didn’t stop them; from having the rather complicated friendship that they had. Come to think of it; there were only a few people in her life; that she had complicated friendships with. The star was just one of them. Most of the other people in her life; didn’t have such a complex and confusing past with. And that felt like a breath of fresh air.

Feeling the cold breeze nipping at her skin and ruffling through her hair. Artemis tried to look over the shoulder of a few passers by. So she wouldn’t lose track of Lucius. Eventually coming into the same pathway as Lucius. The Celestial reached over. Tapping him on his shoulder. 

Holding her breathe a bit nervously. The Brunette waited for the male to turn around. For a few moments, time stood still as she was waiting. What would she even say to him? She didn’t have much of an idea, to be honest. “Umm hi.” she finally spoke, when they were face to face. Artemis could feel the palm of her hands heating up. Okay, she was more nervous than she originally would have thought. “It’s me...Artemis.” Giving half a nervous smile. He didn’t seem to have changed; just like all of the Celestials. Unless of course, they changed hair styles ect. He pretty much looked the same. Just dressed more modern.

The Brunette knew she was taking a big shot, by approaching Lucius. She had no idea, how things would work out. Mainly because things had been awkward between them at the Isle of Skye; a time where some bitterness was present. But Artemis was over that incident. It had been a long time. Lucius looked shocked to see her. Okay, maybe he wasn’t expecting her by the looks of it.

“Yeah, it has.”Artemis nodded, at his question. It felt like an Eternity really. But it wasn’t really. “You look like you’ve been keeping well.” Artemis paid the fellow star a compliment, with a slight smile. As he mentioned slapping him. The Brunette shook her head slightly. “I don’t think, that’d make either of us feel better.” Artemis said honestly. “I am not, that bitter anymore, to think about slapping you either.” Artemitra had enough drama in her life few months back, in regards to her ex fling Erythreus. She didn’t need more in regards to Lucius too. With her turning over a new leaf, moving on certain things in her past, was a process. So moving on past, the complicated part of their friendship was one too.

“How have you been?” She asked curious. Artemis was sure, they both had plenty of stories to share. It had after all, been a long long time. Since they had a decent conversation without arguing about the past, like they had done a few times.

Over the centuries of being alive; the Brunette Celestial had stayed pretty much the same. Only the capture of her and her kind; had changed her to some degree. As she suffered from trust issues, for the main part. And held a lot of resentment. But the Celestial had tried to get over it. It was a work in progress. She had to admit, she was doing a bit better since reuniting with Cora, and Erythreus; the second time. Maybe even meeting the Guard Zandra, was a step. As the female guard was nice and understanding. Much to her surprise. Sometimes, it was a wonder how she managed to mostly keep to being ‘herself’ with all that she went through. But the Celestial, wasn’t one of those people to pretend she was someone else.

“You were always too stubborn to change.” Artemis smiled slightly. It was part of his charm. Him being the stubborn, ass he could sometimes be capable of being. Was, well Lucius to a tee. But he had some good qualities deep down. Not many people had what it took, to handle him though. You either liked him,or you didn’t. She rose a slight eyebrow, laughing. “Well if punching yourself, might not be a good idea.” Not that it was a good idea, for her to do that either. “If this was me talking to you a few centuries ago, I might have.” It was true, the younger version of herself; back when she was hurt and bitter, most likely would have clogged him one or two.

The Celestial nodded. “Being alive is certainly a good thing.” She agreed. With them having freedom and their lives back. It was best not to take things for granted. At least, she tried not to.”Yeah, I think I can relate to that on some level.” After all, coming face to face with Ery, and Cora again; had been the hardest thing she faced since living in Evermore. And on some level, not the most pleasant in some respects. Especially as the first meeting with her ex, hadn’t been one she wanted to remember. “But that’s life I suppose. Curve-balls are thrown at anyone. Especially Supernaturals I suppose.” It was just a matter of how one would handle any challenges thrown their way.

“Even though I had some up’s and downs, which I suppose is typical for anyone. I’ve been good. I am finally progressing more with my Photography; as I am working on commissions for an art gallery.” It was a big step up, from any random photography jobs. It was harder, but worth it. “I’ve actually met someone, a while back.” She admitted. With Phoenix on her mind a lot of the time. He was bound to slip out into a conversation sooner or later.

Over her centuries of existence, Artemitra had a tendency to care for people; whether they were wrong for her or not. You could say, that Lucius was one those...not so good, at times. But still a friend.

“That’s one word for it.” She was amused, as he called it his charm. But Artemis knew, it was one of those things that made Lucius whom he truly was. You either loved that about him, or it drove you crazy till you wanted to slap him silly. Artemitra learned to tolerate that side of him, as everyone knew she could be quite stubborn herself. Making it easier to cope with stubborn people around her, in that aspect. “Well, maybe a little bit. But I am still sorry for the past.” Artemis said softly. Even if she did agree, his past self deserved it. Maybe her younger self acted out in anger. It took a toll on her, holding grudges against people.

“Oh? You run into Malva?” The brunette questioned. So it wasn’t just her and Ophelia that run into the Aspects in the city. Of course, with Ophelia being their leader, she was more likely to run into the Ailwards more often, than the rest of them. Laughing a little at what Lucius said, about life throwing things at him. “Well, unfortunately that’s reality….even for Immortals like us, you better get used to it Lu. Life’s not going to leave you alone, whether you like it or not.” It was a simple fact, she had learned years and years ago. Even when she wanted to crawl up and escape from the’d still creep up on her life. It was reality. Good, bad...the unexpected, it’d always be a part of their life. No matter what or who they were. No matter where they’d be.

She smiled softly, at his genuine comment about Phoenix treating her right. “Well thanks, that means a lot.” Artemis saids softly. “So...what about you? Find someone special?” she teasingly nudged him, with her elbow.


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