Silence was nothing Cassandra was drawn to. Neither was the passed she was all for living in the moment. The past wasn’t all too happy. The blonde had gotten a couple of happy years but most had been spent locked in a cell waiting for whatever the aspects chose to do with them, hoping the way finder would come. It was hard to believe it was just 3 years ago but at the same time it felt like a life time ago. It was an adjustment to get back to a normal life after being captivated for so long. To be able to go wherever you wanted was a blessing one hadn’t appreciated fully until that privilege was gone.

All of the celestials put that time behind them in different way. While some seemed revenge on the aliwards others tried to just move forward and build a new life. Cassandra wasn’t actively seeking vengeance for the years that had been taken from her. She could understand that they where eliminating what they believed was a threat. Her medication had been the rushes of adrenaline that made her come alive. Her work offered a daily dose and she was never late to suggest crazy field trips or stunts. That along with being around the other celestials, who in the years of captivation had grown close, was the pieces that formed her puzzle. Only a few had left the group and was out experiencing the world but most had chosen to stay in the safe haven Ophelia had offered for them, a castle in Evermore city where they had fled to once the island of sky fell.

The blonde hadn’t had anything to go back to, her fiancé had been murdered during her captivation and the firefighters she had been calling her family were all retired or dead. So staying with the Wayfinder and the others was a natural choice. Also she was curious about their abilities, she had always suspected she wasn’t human, not being able to remember the first 25 ish years of life wasn’t exactly normal. Over the years she learned about her species and the other species the could be encountered in Evermore.

It was a brand new world they came out into. Not only had her own identity taken a new turn during the years at Skye but technology and values had developed. When she had descended to earth and decided to become a female firefighter it had been a rarity and not a good one. Now women was encouraged and the gear things she’d only been able to dream about. The celestial went back to working for the fire department but only part time, she wanted to make sure she had time to look out for her celestial family especially after the aliwards arrived too town.

So even tho she was good at living in the moment the past caught up to her at times. Their safe haven had been intruded by their tormentors even tho they hadn’t tried something yet their presence had destroyed the illusion of safety, and Cassandra wasn’t the type to just wait for the aspects to go to war.

The athletic female had climbed up the roof of the celestial castle, laying there to stare up at stars still up there in the sky. It was her favourite place and she always came there when she needed to think. Before she knew it night shifted to day and she’d been up there for hours so the footsteps that awoken her from her thoughts was probably one of the other celestials checking up on her. ”Hi” She said smiling up at the sky not turning her head to see who had joined her.

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Ophelia truly couldn’t believe sometimes that a full three years had passed since they first came to Evermore city, it always shocked her because of how short-lived her stays in cities had been in the past, for a species who spent their lives on the run a few months was a luxury and a full year was practically unheard of. But when she brought the Celestials to Evermore it was to try and find them a life where they could put running in the past, the city offered protection unlike anything they’d seen before and it allowed them to flourish.

It hadn’t been easy to adapt, not only did they have a modern and technologically advanced world to adapt to but they also needed to keep relations with the other factions and it had taken her 2 entire years just to get their names officially on the peace contract. It had been worth it though, to see stars who learned how to use their powers, to start their own lives, get jobs, make new friends and generally feel like they actually got to live their lives rather than spend them consistently looking over her shoulders.

Ophelia had one of the highest rooms in the castle, mostly because she loved to sit by the window and look out at the night sky when she couldn’t sleep, which honestly, was pretty often because she always had this tendency to take on the world’s problems and concern herself over things she probably didn’t have the time or patience to worry about. The woes of being a leader she supposed, other people’s problems felt like your own.

She had been looking out the window tonight when she heard the sound of someone up on the roof, thanks to the climbers on the walls it was pretty easy to get up there and she knew how much the other stars enjoyed watching the night sky, it brought her peace too so sometimes she went up there herself. She had left them be for a fair few hours but when she realized someone was still up there hours later she decided she would head up to check on them. She headed out onto the balcony and climbed up towards the roof to see Cassandra sprawled out, laying against the roof. She tilted her head but laughed as she climbed up fully and sat down beside her, hugging her knees to her chest “I swear there is no better view to watch the sky from than on top of my room, I hear so many people climb up here” she grinned slightly, she didn’t mind much, it seemed to make everyone happy.

Much of the things in Cass life she had Ophelia to thank for. Both her freedom and new home and even tho she didn’t always agree with her rescuer she’d loyally stand by her through whatever storm was coming their way. The younger celestial feared that the peace was short lived because even if the town offered more protection and anonymity, giving them a chance to blend in and make friends, it also posed a threat with more wills trying to compromise. She didn’t want to be a mood killer and predict bad things but she couldn’t help but wonder if the aliwards would really just lay off after all the efforts they’d had to capture and keep them locked up. However Cassandra kept up a good act infront of the other celestials, there was no need to alarm them and make them feel paranoid as well if they finally had gotten some well deserved peace.

Adapting came naturally it was how she survived and as she was laying there looking up at the sky and all the thousands of twinkling stars she wondered what life up there had been like. Just like the others she only remembered a her name and which constellation she’d fell from nothing else. Did she have a family up there? did they miss her? She guessed she’d never know.

It didn’t surprise her that Ophelia kept tabs on them. She was good leader who always were available if you wanted to vent problems and really tried to see it from all points of views. The perfect best friend. Cass wished she was that kind of persona as well, someone others could rely on even tho it was a burden to carry everyone else’s concerns as well as you own. She knew she had a long way to go. Her sharp tongue and fierce spirit usually getting in the way.

”So that’s why you insisted on a room on the highest floor” the celestial questioned laughing turning her head to look at the brunette who had climbed up to join her and now sat beside her watching the stars. Just like Cass Ophelia seemed to enjoy it, being calmed by their brothers and sisters up there in the sky. It had been a while since they had sat like this just the two of them. The blonde had had very few one on ones in the castle and usually just hung out with the celestials as a group. These rare moments alone with the ambassador needed to be treasured. ”Do you think it will last?” The blunt star asked looking Ophelia in the eye not wasting any time on smalltalk. Cassandra liked having the big questions asked first and then do the smalltalk.

She made herself comfortable, tucking her legs underneath herself and shifting a little while her eyes remained on the sky, her gaze was captivated by the twinkling lights which always gave her this pause for thought. If they came from up there, were the stars looking back at them and if so, were they able to guide them like she felt they could sometimes? Or were they really just burning balls of rock which somehow create a lifeforce when they fell. Somehow she felt like they would never know but she found the idea of there being some kind of guide up there comforting and therefore that was what she believed.

“Who doesn’t like being up high?” well people who were afraid of heights she supposed but she found all stars tended to like being closer to the sky, some sort of homesickness for a life they didn’t remember perhaps. “Besides, whenever my dreams are driving me insane and I keep waking up, can’t complain about being able to go to the window and getting this view” it overlooked the castle gardens too and if you looked into the distance you could see the moon reflecting in the water which was beautiful. The other night there had been a storm and while she was glad to be indoors during it, it did make some spectacular views in the night sky.

When Cass spoke quite bluntly her question, Ophelia chuckled under her breath because she noticed the blonde was never one to talk around a topic, which she preferred if she was honest, it was better to know where people stood rather than guess what might be troubling “Peace?” she responded guessing that was what she was referring to “No, I don’t think our people are ever truly going to be able to live a life where there is no risk to our lives” that wasn’t for lack of trying, that was because she was realistic about the greed of others “But I do think that coming here was the right choice” it had been bold sure, but the Ailwards couldn’t stand against them here without upsetting the other factions, ones which they had worked so hard to strike a peace contract with.

It was nice having a physical place to call home, an actual building as safe haven, it made it more real. However it wasn’t something that felt necessary for Cassandra. She was used to defining her as being around the people she called family, however the circumstances looked like. During her 70 ish years the blonde had had 2 homes her fire station family and within that her own little family along with her lost fiancé, and then the celestials. Most part of her life the cage at isle of Skye had been her home, which was kind of sad. 

Staying in Evermore gave them new opportunities but also posed a new risk. Their own property, the castle for example was a new possibility for them to build something of their own. All of them had gotten their own room which they could paint or furnish as desired. For some it even turned out to become a hobby, but Cass room still looked as when she moved in 3 years ago. She hadn’t even bothered to buy curtains. To be fair the star spent very little time there, but it wasn’t the entire truth behind the choice. What was the point in decorating it if they had to flee in a month or year?

”Thank you for your kinder Ophe” She said letting her eyes leave the sky and meet her leaders. It was one of the things she respected most about the wise star. She didn’t try to keep things from them even if it could’ve calmed them, she always spoke her mind. She reached for the brunettes hand and squeezed it softly in response to her words about coming to Evermore. ”I think its time to decorate my room, maybe paint the walls, would you like to help?” 

Sometimes it was hard for her to believe they had really been here for three years, she remembered the state the castle was in when they had first managed to get hold of the deed and how many hours she spent going around and cleaning the place up, dividing it between a place they could call home and a place they could show tourists around to make money. It had been a lot of blood, sweat and tears to earn their home. But they had it now. It was theirs and she didn’t intend on giving it up easily.

She cracked a half-smile when she thanked her for her honestly “No point in me selling you a fairytale, we all know we aren’t in one” she nodded slightly, that wasn’t her being pessimistic but rather not downplaying everything the others went through in their lives and how it affected them. She had no idea what the future would actually hold but she did have this feeling like they would continue to have to fight for what they wanted.

She looked up at the blonde and smiled when she felt the squeeze against her hand and nodded a few times “Sure, we still have a bunch of stuff left over in the spare rooms, you can pick something out from there” she quite enjoyed decorating actually, there was something therapeutic about just grabbing a paintbrush and going to town. “Have you thought about what you’re hoping for it to look like?” honestly it made her happy to see her want to claim the place as hers, as though it wasn’t just a temporary stop anymore.

Time´s ability to bend and stretch depending on situation had always amazed Cassandra. During her time in captivation time had almost seemed to stop as the days where all the same and were almost impossible to tear appart. However now when looking back it felt like it was just a short fragrance of her 70 ish years since her downfall, not a bigger part of it. It made her appreciate the short moments of happiness and feeling safe so much more. The blonde wished she had learned that while her fiancé was still alive. Her short time with him was nothing she could cherish or look back at with the gratitude it deserved. He’d changed her made her believe in herself and become the confident woman she was today but the memory of him, the lost lifetime together still hurt too much.

The celestial had never been one to have things served on a silver patter. She didn’t have wealthy influential parents. Just like the other stars everything they had they had fought for. Maybe it made it worth more or maybe not. She didn’t think money made people happier, she’d seen far too many fires and accidents tear people appart to believe wealth was all it took for a happy life. When arriving to town and making the castle their own all of the stars had helped renovating. It was one of the firefighters happiest memories. Made them feel more like a family that would keep together through thick and thin.

”Some leaders would” Cass said softly smiling at Ophelia for her courage to believe the could handle the not too bright truth of their future.

”Sounds good, but we are going furniture hunting” She believed they could use a small adventure, and hopefully they would not run into any trouble, but with the luck of a celestial those chances were slim.

Phe wasn’t really sure what kind of leader she was, it wasn’t like she had campaigned to be one or particularly thought she was right for the job but the Wayfinder title wasn’t one you get to choose and she was doing her best with the cards she had been dealt. She aimed to make the right decisions for her people to keep them safe but not at the cost of their freedom, being trapped in cages for years may have prevented them from death but in that time they hadn’t even gotten to live and that was what made her sad. She never wanted to limit her people like that, she could see the pain they had been through.

“True” she responded when she spoke about other leaders deciding to paint this perfect picture of the life they might lead, it just wasn’t realistic in her mind because they couldn’t change the fact that their deaths would cause massive changes to time and therefore make them targets, they were essentially prey in the supernatural world “But I’d rather keep my integrity and trust that you can all make decisions for yourselves” she confessed and shrugged slightly.

She lit up a little when the other girl said they could go furniture shopping and she got to her feet, honestly she could use the chance to get out of the castle and go and do something interesting “I’ll drive then” she responded, she was pretty sure there was a big furniture department store not far from here and they could go look around “Though I suppose we should go take some measurements of the room first” she laughed remembering the nightmare she’d had shopping without taking exact measurements before.

The best leaders were often those who didn’t want the role the ones who had just stepped up to the task given. And maybe it was what made them great leaders, that they didn’t want the power and privileges but also burdens that came with it. Ophelia was certainly one of those people and Cassandra adored her for everything she had done for the celestials and what she continued doing. She understood that it must be hard knowing how to navigate and decide for several people with different people all with different visions for their future. It had driven several great leaders into tyrants but Phe had always been honest with her decisions and the impacts they had. Also she had always been honest with mistakes which Cass appreciated. She didn’t want a perfect ambassador sitting on a pedestal.

The blonde laughed softly as she heard the older star say that she trusted the other celestials in making their own decisions ”Are you sure I mean do you remember last year when I thought it was a great idea to confront an ailward?”

The memory could be laughed at now looking back but right there and then it wasn’t as fun when the celestials tried keeping a low profile. With all the stupidity she saw daily at work she wondered if she could have the same faith in others as Ophelia had. Probably not, all humanly creatures seemed to do idiotic things.

”You don´t trust my driving skills ambassador” Cass asked raising a brow pretending to be hurt at the lack of trust when the brunette instantly offered to drive.  ”I came prepared I know practical you would ask for measurements” she winked with one eye and brought up a crumpled note on her jeans pocket waving it in front of her. 

She had made her fair share of mistakes, but that was okay, she had to forgive herself for making those choices or else she would never be able to climb out of her pit of despair. In the end, it had lead them here to this city, now they had signed the peace treaty and things were finally looking up, they had peace, in some sense of the word and while she didn’t believe it would last forever, it was something, a long deep breath where they could finally just stop for a few brief moments. And that was worth more than most would know.

The brunette raised her brows a little when Cass mentioned how she went after one of the Ailwards and she shook her head slightly “Well I never said that freedom wouldn’t come with a certain amount of self-responsibility” she offered a shrug and pursed her lips for a moment “Did it make you feel better?” Ophelia had confronted Aureus herself so it wasn’t like she could blame her for being angry and wanting to lash out at them.

She chuckled giving a half guilty smile when she said she didn’t trust her driving skills “Or perhaps I like the excuse to take out my new car” she countered with an amused grin before getting to her feet and heading towards the door, only for the blonde to pull out her list of measurements “Why does this feel like a calculated plan I’ve been caught up in?” she questioned with an amused grin before leading the way through the hallways and out the front of the castle.

”It did momentarily” Cass admitted chuckling. It had been great seeing that self-righteous smile being wiped off the aspects face, at least for a few moments before reality checked in and she was reminded that they were the species living in hide out with the most to lose. Which only made her more angry at the unfairness. She couldn’t even properly lash out without the risk of exposing them to danger. Over the years the fierce star got over her fury with what had been taken from her, her fiancé and future. Now the blonde had more understanding for the circumstances that lead to their capture. At moments she still felt hatred for the aliwards and their guards for keeping them as pets but it had brought her to her new family the other celestials something she was eternally grateful for.

”Hey I am a good driver” Cassandra claimed pushing Ophelia playfully as she walked behind her. She could see that her ambassador half confirmed her statement about not trusting her driving skills but only laughed at it. She’d been driving the ambulance many times so she knew a few tricks but not all where appreciated by her passengers.

”Maybe it is Phe” the blonde said winking innocently as she followed her leader to her car. ”It has been way too long since we had a proper girls day and roadtrip” 

She laughed at Cass’ candid response which she could respect because sometimes when you did things that were irrational there was a moment after them where it did feel like the right thing and brought some sense of satisfaction, the probably was that it never lasted long enough and led to you feeling empty in the end.

The wayfinder couldn’t stop the laugh that escaped her when Cass shoved her arguing how she was a good driver “Thank god for seatbelts” she jested in response as they headed towards the car, she unlocked it and then before long they were getting inside. She looked over at the blonde and smiled, she was happy they had the chance to do relatively normal things together now and actually live their lives rather than spending it staring at the walls of the castle and wondering when the next threat was going to show up, that wasn’t a real kind of life in her opinion.

“It really has...I think we’ve become hermits” she commented pouting her lips a little before inserting the key and starting the car “You’re on GPS duty, this is your shopping trip remember” the wayfinder was wondering what sort of things she was looking to buy because nothing big was going to fit in this tiny little car.

Cass rolled her eyes at the wayfinder´s comment. ”I’d beat you in a drivers skill test any day Phe” the blonde said, challenging her idol with a mischievous grin. The adventurous blonde was always up for a little friendly competition. She was actually up for most things the other stars suggested. Her profession gave her adrenalin rushes so compared to that her normal life was dull and Cass was easily bored. Sometimes her search for adventures made her reckless but only for herself, she would never risk someone else’s life. Being locked up for decades had had that affect on her. While it had had the opposite affect on some of the other stars who didn’t want to take any risks.

The younger celestial got into the car without further protest and buckled her seatbelt ready to take off. ”Who can blame us after everything we’ve been through” A sigh escaped, she tried her best to leave the passed in the passed and not place any blame. Most days she succeeded and she had come a long way. Nowadays she could control the rush of emotions that always filled her every time she spotted an aliward guard or aliward aspect. ”Well its about time we change that” Cass stated leaning back in the passenger seat.

”I think there’s a yard sale just a few miles from here” The star took up her phone and showed Ophelia the facebook post she had stored. ”What do you think worth a shot?”

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