Katrina was excited about their date tonight.
Sapphire and Katrina hadn't been out in a little while and she had planned something most special to celebrate with Sapphire. Katrina had been working a lot more. It seemed summer babies were a popular theme and she was running around town like crazy most days.

Dressing for such an occasion deserved something beautiful. Katrina probably shouldn't have saved most of her vintage dresses, it proved her age but knowing that some of them deserved to be worn again she couldn't help herself. Katrina pulled out a beautiful satin red dress with white lace around the collar.  The lace hanging from her sleeves were bustling with life yet. She always kept her dresses in the most pristine condition and saved them in a trunk now that she had moved to the celestial castle. 

With her hair pinned up and with earrings she sent over a quick text to Sapphire.

-Leaving now, I'll be there soon, remember to dress up, I have something amazing planned. ;) 

Katrina went into her car and started to drive there, the one thing she knew after tonight that cars weren't meant for you to drive in a petticoat. She felt it in all manners of the word. She smiled as she was at the door of her girlfriend's house.

Katrina got out of the car and knocked on the door with a few beats of her fist and now she waited. 

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Sapphire smiled as she looked at the text she got from her girlfriend. She finished up with her hair and smiled as she giggled. "Well I hope I am not too over dressed." She said to herself as she replied back to tell her that she was dressed up and ready for her. Her dogs laid in there dog beds as they watched her put some jewelry on for the night. It has been a while since their last date and she was glad that her brother approved of her girlfriend as it was something that made her nervous mostly when they officially came out as a couple. Hearing the knock, Sapphire smiled and shouted. "Coming!" She said as she got up and told the pups to go to the crates, she smiled and gave them treats before locking their crates and told them to be good. 

She opened the door and smiled. "Come on in my star." She said as she needed to slip her shoes on. "I just need to slip my shoes on and then we will be ready." She said as she smiled and did a twirl for her. "Is this ok?" She asked as she looked at her girlfriend. "You look beautiful tonight." She said as she walked over to her and kissed her deeply on the lips. "I cant wait to see what you have planned." She said as she smiled at her before she went to grab her shoes and slipped them on before grabbing her purse.

Katrina looked at the closed door her heart was beating one hundred miles a minute as she paid attention to the voice that called out. Shen then saw the door open and there she stood, as beautiful as ever. When she came in she watched as she twirled in her dress. Her eyes lit up and got big as her mouth was agape a bit. "You look, outstanding. You will be the best one dressed there." She said as Sapphire complimented her she blushed a little. "It's older from a time long ago but I wanted to wear it. Its going to be a blast." 

When Sapphire kissed her she ran her finger and entwined it in her hair, giving her a little bit more into the kiss keeping her close before she broke it and grabbed her shoes and purse. "I am excited to show you, it is going to be fun that's for sure." Katrina smiled and opened the house door for her before going to the car and opening it for her as well. "Will the pups be alright while we are gone for the evening?" 

Sapphire smiled as she felt her hands in her hair when they kissed as she giggled and blushed. Once she was ready, Sapphire smiled as she followed Katrina to her car as she smiled. "They will be fine. I gave them some chews to chew on for a while if they get bored." She said as she smiled when Katrina opened the door for her. "Plus they will end up falling asleep in a while and might end up still asleep when we get back." She said as she got into the car and smiled.

Once the door was closed, Sapphire smiled and waited for Katrina to get in an drive to their destination. Sapphire couldn't hold back her excitement as she was glad they were able to go out on another date since they both had been busy. The Phoenix knew that Katrina was delivering a lot of summer babies and soon she would also be delivering some fall babies once the summer is over. Plus Sapphire has been training and also keeping alot of business calls to her gaming company making sure that they were running smoothly.

Katrina smiled as she sat in the car next to Sapphire.
She was so beautiful and a long time ago something of a relationship with her would have been frowned upon. She never had any thoughts towards it before but something had changed the more Sapphire and her had hung out made her realize how much she enjoyed Sapphire's company. Tonight was going to perfect, it had been a while since they had gone on a fun date just the two of them. It meant a lot to her that Sapphire and her could meet up despite their busy constricting schedules. 

"Oh, I am glad. I was worried I would have to bring you home at a certain hour. " Katrina said with a wink before starting the ignition and driving to the place. One of her favourite Italian Halls was having a dance of the past. They didn't have a specific decade but it was going to include lots of dancing, dressed up to the nines and a beautiful, romantic dinner. When Katrina parked her car in front of the large building she smiled at her. 

She unbuckled and rushed out of the car to open the door for her and extended a hand towards her. "May I? Princess?" She asked looking at the beautiful woman in front of her. 

Sapphire smiled as she looked at her, letting out a giggle. "Katrina, I am 104 and still look 21 so I can stay out as long as you want me to stay out." She said as she smiled at her. "Plus the girls have been used to my schedule where I dont go to bed until 8 the next morning sometimes, which I have been working on getting a better sleeping schedule." She said as she smiled at her. Her smile never faded when Katrina started the car and started to drive. "Its so nice to finally have some time, just the two of us." She said softly as she reached over and held her hand gently as she drove before she move her hand away so she can drive since she didnt want to cause an accident. 

Her blue eyes looked around out the window as she looked back at Katrina. Affection can be seen in her eyes as she looked at Katrina as she felt her heart soar when she looked at Katrina. Once the car stopped and was parked, Sapphire giggled when Katrina rushed over to her side to the door. Sapphire smiled as she put her hand in Katrina's. "You may my queen." She said as she got out of the car as she smiled and kissed her lightly on the lips before they headed into the building. "This is wonderful." She said as she held Katrina's hand as they walked into the building. 

Katrina looked at her and laughed with her. "Yes, I didn't mean it like that exactly. I just meant about your pups. If they needed you to go home for them, I don't know. I never really had a dog as a pet." She said as she began to drive. When she spoke about alone time for the two of them she couldn't help but turn and smile. Feeling her hand leaving hers. "I am excited as well and I apologize for the lack of dates. These babies seem to come so much these days."

Katrina parked and when she opened the door seeing the way Sapphire seemed to look it was almost too much. She was so perfect, her heart was always soaring to new heights. Katrina smiled as she spoke about her being a queen. Giving her a kiss she returned it and smiled.

Katrina took her hand gently and walked her into the Italian Dance Hall. Katrina smiled as her heels clicked against the white marble flooring. The pillars encircled the dance floor in the middle. While outside of the pillars were tables with red table cloths. Beautiful candles in the middle, each one spread out in such a way that it gave each couple some space. 

She let go of Sapphire's hand and walked over to the hostess. "I reserved a table for Katrina and Sapphire. I also ordered a bottle of your finest white wine." The hostess nodded and heading back she gently took Sapphire's hand. The hostess lead them to a booth in the back wall. It was even more private than the rest. Pulling out a seat for Sapphire, then sitting on her own. The waitress came with the bottle of wine and glasses and then smiled.

"You can order what you like, dance whenever you want this is your table for the evening. Stay as long as you like, order whatever you want. Its all at the discretion of whatever you would like. Enjoy I will be back later to take your order." Katrina smiled at Sapphire. "I hope you like white wine, I can order something else if you would like." 

Katrina reached over and gently kissed her hand. "I wanted today to be special for you!" 

Sapphire giggled and smiled. "Its ok, I have them trained so if they need to go outside, they know how to unlock there cages and use the doggie door to go outside." She said as she smiled at her. "Its ok, I understand. Plus I love hearing about the babies you deliver. And the babies can control when they want to come out so I cant blame you for doing what you love to do." She said as she smiled softly once more as they got to the place. Sapphire smiled when Katrina returned her kiss as she followed her into the Italian Dance Hall. Sapphire's eyes widened at the beauty of the place as both of the girls' heels clicked against the marble flooring. The phoenix guard kept looking as she then felt Katrina's hand leave hers. She smiled as she waited as Katrina talked to the hostess. Following the hostess, Sapphire blushed alittle as they held hands on the way to their table. 

Noticing the privacy, Sapphire smiled as she sat down as Katrina pulled her chair out for her. Listening to the waitress, Sapphire smiled and nodded as she looked at Katrina. "I love white wine." She said as she smiled as she blushed when Katrina kissed her hand. "You know you didnt have to make it special for me. I would love loved anything you did for me even if we sat on your couch and watched movies. As long as I am with you I am happy with anything." She said as she leaned up and kissed her lips softly before she sat back down and glanced at the menu to order. 

Katrina smiled at her as she came and sat on the chair.
Looking at her noticing all the smiles and blushes made her heart skip a beat. "I know, but I owe you one. Its been a while and when I saw this, I thought it would be fun to go the two of us." She sat at the table and saw her lean in. Giving a swift kiss their lips touching she smiled at her and noticed the way she looked at her menu.

"I am thinking parmesan chicken. What is on your mind?" She asked looking through the menu. "Pick anything, no expenses spared." She said as she poured the white wine in the glasses and handed one to her. 

"Cheers, to the best thing that has happened!" She said with a smile. 

The phoenix smiled as she looked at her as she smiled. She enjoyed the swift kiss she gave her earlier as she then glanced at the menu. "Everything sounds good. " She said as she smiled and took the glass of wine gently. Sapphire smiled as she raised her glass. "Cheers to being together and finally having time together, just the two of us." She said as she smiled at her. Once their glasses clinked together, Sapphire took a sip of the wine and smiled as she sat her glass down before looking back at the menu as she heard what Katrina was going to order. "Im thinking some Chicken Alfredo." She said as she smiled at her. 

After a few minutes, the waiter came back and asked for their order.  Sapphire smiled as she spoke about her order as she handed the menu to the waiter once she finished ordering. Before Sapphire forgot, "Oh can we have some chocolate cake for dessert please? One slice for us to share." She told the waiter as she smiled when she looked back at Katrina as she smiled at her.

Katrina smiled at Sapphire the way she looked with the candlelight hitting her skin. She was so beautiful and Sapphire had such a good heart. 

As their glasses clicked she smiled and took a sip of the wine. "Not bad, I thought it would be worse, to be entirely honest. You always pay for an expensive bottle but in the end, sometimes it tastes like trash, you know?"

When the waitress took their orders she couldn't help but glance at her. "That was a good idea, I like my sweets though, we may need another piece just to satisfy the sugar craving, plus chocolate who doesn't love chocolate?" 

She took a deep breath with a smile and glanced her way. Standing to her feet she extended a hand hearing the piano tune change to another song slowly. "May I have this dance m' lady?" She asked with a smile wanting to take her woman on the dance floor and let her enjoy the swiftness of the music.

Sapphire smiled softly as she looked into Katrina's eyes as the candlelight lit them up as she could tell that Katrina was also looking at her. Once there glasses clicked, Sapphire sipped her wine and smiled. "Yea I can totally agree with that." She said with a little giggle as she liked the wine as she smiled at Katrina once more. As the waitress took there orders as Sapphire smiled at her. "Well that is a good idea, please bring two slices please." She told the waitress as she giggled. 

Once the waitress left, Sapphire noticed that Katrina took a deep breath as she glanced at her. The phoenix guard looked at her with her eyebrow raised a little as she watched her stand up. Sapphire looked a little confused before she realized that she heard the music change and when she extended her hand. The phoenix smiled as she took her hand as she got up and smiled. "Yes you may." She said to her as she smiled softly at her. As the two headed over to the dance floor, Sapphire smiled as she held Katrina's hand as they walked to the dance floor. 

A small chuckle escaped her lips as she thought about their dessert and having chocolate cake with her girlfriend.
Such a strange and foreign word as it rolled in her head. She always seemed to be alone in life, she had dealt with no relationships in the past, only friendships. Katrina wondered what the world would hold in her future with Sapphire.

"Thank you." She said once Sapphire took her hand, the feeling of Sapphire's skin on hers just made tingles run up her hand and down through her body. When they headed to the dance floor she placed her hand on her lower back and began to spin her on the floor, as the song coursed through the room. Leaning her down she kissed her lips, knowing how perfect she looked.

When their kiss broke she smiled, "I love you." She said the words falling from her lips, not realizing how wonderful they were but also knowing she hadn't planned on saying yet, was it too early?
Helping her stand up she looked at Sapphire. "I apologize, I know its a bit soon, forgive me."

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