The term is still new to Autumn. Almost as new as the city she now finds herself in as well as the new clan she's part of. After spending so long with only her grandfather and a few men on a fishing boat as company, the sudden expanse of people is a touch overwhelming for the young Niveis. She's nothing if not determined though, so on Anivia's suggestion she's been attempting to meet others. It's an exciting prospect, there being others like her.

That's not to say that anxiousness isn't still a thing, which is why she's been standing outside staring at the door of the building she's in front of for a solid five minutes. The mountaintops are cold, but she finds the cold nice now. No longer does the biting wind cause her to want to bundle up for dear life, leading to her wearing a t shirt that shows the icy blue markings on her wrist instead of her heavy winter coat. It's another minute before she finally gets frustrated with herself enough to raise her hand and knock on the door. It's a dojo so she could probably just walk on in, but it just feels more polite to knock. She waits until she's sure the sound has gone through the building before opening the door and stepping in, taking a look around.

"Uh.. hello?" Her voice echoes through the dojo as she walks in. She's not sure if Anivia told him to be expecting her or not. "I'm looking for Rhydian Snow." When the sound of footsteps catches her ear, Autumn turns toward them and gives a smile and, frankly awkward, wave.

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Rhydian froze as he heard his name being called in his mind he knew it was probably the new girl he had been told about as he walked to the window above the door " door is open ill be there in a moment " a slightly irritated tone escaped with his voice as he walked back to. his desk placing the new bottle of scotch on the table as he made his way towards the stairs making his way towards the door

Rhydian sighed as he noticed. she hadn't walked in yet as he walked out of the door as he looked up at the fresh layer of snow beginning to form "I haven't got all day you know are you coming in or not * Rhydian turned as he picked up a wooden staff placing it on the wall by the door " and I got your new papers" he headed inside

Autumn, perhaps surprisingly, doesn't seem perturbed by his demeanor. She spent 3 years on a fishing boat with a bunch of grumpy guys so she's used to the irritated tone and grumpy demeanor. She does come in when invited, stopping once she's inside so she'll remain out of the way as he begins picking things up.

"I take it you're Rhydian then? I'm Autumn." Considering he's not facing her she doesn't offer a hand to shake, instead standing with her hands in her pockets. "Ah, thanks. It'll be nice to not be dead anymore... officially at least." She's not sure what getting her new papers might have entailed and frankly she's not going to ask. She figures it's a good idea to keep some plausible deniability and considering how antisocial Rhydian seems, that's probably for the best. "I won't take up much of your time, I just.. was supposed to try and meet people. I've never really been part of a tribe before so this is all pretty new to me," he may notice she's keeping a distance there, maintaining space while she looks around. Basically she's trying to be unobtrusive.

Yes, I am Rhydian Snow your. Autumn Murphy a new member of the tribe  "  Rhydian picked up the file with her original documents "your a little smaller then I thought " he handed them to her as he took a seat  "  I'm Anivias right hand if you need anything you can either send me a message to myself or Mikaere as we are the usual two that are here to train everyone its good to keep your skills up dead or not " he smirked a little.

You will get used to it I was in your shoes a few years back have you found your new quarters.  I know there are a few vacant quarters. Still, everyone here is very welcoming but be careful about technology the Nivels are not as up to date with technology as most " Rhydian rose to his feet as he indicated to follow as he leads her to the main training area " this is. The main training area Mikaere is trained in many forms of combat and myself deal with as they call it now days Mixed martial arts my day street brawling. Rhydian. walked to  the hanger that  his jacket was on " would you like me to lead you to the quarters

Well it's really no surprise that he knows who she is since he has papers for her. He might find her being unfazed about his general demeanor to be odd, but honestly living for several years with a bunch of fishermen gets you used to it. He notices his comment about her size causes her eyes to track down herself and she seems to be frowning a touch. "I'm normal sized..." in all honesty she is a touch on the short side, but her frankly offended face is just funnier than anything. She does happily take her papers from him when he offers them though, taking just a second to flip through them and see what's in there. "Ahh, yeah you have a point. I could probably use some... coaching about all of... this." This being her new powers which she only has a very basic grasp on. Not surprising considering how new she is but still something she'll need some guidance on.

"Nope, not yet. Anivia mentioned them but I haven't really... settled in anywhere yet. I'm glad you have this option though, saves me a lot of headache about renting somewhere.." not that she minds paying but when you don't have any "formal" schooling, it makes it quite difficult to get a job. "Don't worry about the technology thing, I'm just as clueless as anyone else about it. I can work the very basic stuff but anything more complicated and I'm lost. I'm learning though." She joins Rhydian as he takes her through the building to show her around, looking around as he leads the way. "Well I'll probably have to pay this place a visit... or two. I have no idea how to fight." That was not something that was deemed important for her grandfather to teach her - quite the opposite in fact as there was a fear of learning how to fight would somehow lead to her powers exploding. "Yeah, if you have the time. I haven't seen them yet so I'm not really sure where they are.."

Follow me " Rhydian walked back into the snow as the latest blizzard began" at least you will never be able to get lost in a blizzard again " Rhydians left wrist turned a icey cold as he made his way into the centre of the encampment stopping at 2 drop of points of picking up lists of supplies and wanted items " you will find that your emotions will play slowly in controlling your abilities you will be able to defend yourself, but you never attack in anger "Rhydian allowed ice to form into his hand as a boe staff. your mind is only your thing that will stop you " Rhydian melted the ice as he began walking to the apartments "I do not know how you became Nivels but whatever happens do not t let it consume you

Rhydian continued to walk " feel free to look around both homes if you think it is too many people may allow you to jointly live with them, but it is entirely up to you " Rhydian walked towards a cabin. Next to the mountain ridge, it was a big two-bedroom cabin with open fire and good wifi. as he reached the door, he pushed it open making his way briskly to the light switch as he turned around " any questions ask and feel free to look around

Autumn turns to follow Rhydian back out into the cold, subconsciously bracing herself for the blast only to be perfectly comfortable in the biting wind. It's still strange. "Yeah, that will be nice. I'm still getting used to not needing a coat when I go out now." He may notice her smile some at his joke. Her eyes are steady and focused as she watches him form the bo staff in his hand, her head tilted slightly to one side as he melts it again. "So far the only time I used my powers were instinct. Just... getting myself to safety. As for how... I drowned. Nothing there to really consume me I think." Unless you count her not liking storms, but there was no foul play involved.

Her boots crunch lightly in the snow as she follows him, her steps light and the falling snow almost immediately covering her tracks. She blinks as she takes in the sight of the cabins sitting there. They look cozy and quite well maintained. "Since most of you live elsewhere, is this just temporary housing?" She shakes her boots off before she enters the cabin, closing the door behind her to block off the snow from entering. It's roomy, especially compared to what she's used to. "How much to stay here?" Autumn is obviously young, but she seems quite practical. She's not wandering far since she's talking to him, but she is taking her time to look around the main room and any that are right there adjoining.

Rhydian chuckled as he stood by the door " Try walking around Russia in jut a t-shirt minus 50, but you may want to wear a cold-weather coat just incase any humans wonder up here" Rhydian froze as he thought about the night he turned and how he lost everything before taking a deep breath. In essence, well at least you weren't thrown in the ocean with cement shoes they weigh a ton.

Rhydian smirked as his wrist turned icey blue as he swept away the water particles from the snowmaking it disappears " handy little trick it is like we never walked in with snow on our boots " Rhydian sat on the window ledge as he looked at Autumn " what did you do before you turned? He watched with interest ", and there is no cost all Anivia asks is that you help out around the camp and if you need anything let me know as I can get hold of things quickly furniture gaming consoles you name it  " Rhydian patted. Down his jacket for his cigarette as he took one out and offered one " also if you wish to. go to the city I have hideaways  you can use 

Autumn shivers at even the thought of it, letting a soft chuckle escape and watching as her breath still manages to puff in the cold air. "That sounds.... horrible frankly. I've been to Russia, it was cold enough even with a coat. I'll look at getting a new one once I get settled." Her old coat kind of got ruined in the sea and she hasn't had a chance to get a new one yet. Not really sure how to respond to his half joke, Autumn remains quiet and watches him, eyes solemn.

She is thankful for the change in topic as they walk in, grinning as he just melts the snow away. "That's pretty neat. Definitely would've helped me before to keep things clean!" The more she experiences about what they can do the more excited she grows to learn. She wanders while Rhydian goes to sit on the window sill, remaining half turned toward him so he knows she's paying attention while she looks around. "Oh, I worked on a fishing vessel in the arctic sea with my grandfather. We traveled a lot and he was a very private person, so it worked quite well for us." At least it did before the storm. She still has no idea how she managed to get out of that boat as it went down. "Anything that needs to be done, just let me know. It's the least I can do to repay all of you for this," she turns to him with a smile, lightly shaking her head at his offered cigarette. "As for stuff, I should be able to get by on the money my grandfather left until I can get a job. The city is so different from what I'm used to... I think I prefer it up here. Thank you for the offer though."

well now I'm an opposite phoenix  " he shrugged as he watched Autumn " if you wish  I can take you into the city in the morning  and take you to a furniture dealer if you wish  he offers  next to nothing in prices but good quality  to or I can get it if you have a list  and   get a coffee machine we normally get the odd human get lost, but it is rare, but we   got to try to look human "'

Rhydian  raised an eyebrow as  she mentioned travelling " ever been to Sochi I spent some time there in the 40s it's a lovely place a quiet remote bit like here  really "  Rhydian nodded as  he  watched Autumn " there always looking for mountain guides on the mountains and rangers as  there is at least eight rescues or searches a month and we do have an advantage " Rhydian rose to his feet as  he walked to the door would you like to  head back for coffee

Hah. Opposite phoenix. She smiles at his joke, shaking her head some at it. "Wouldn't that be a mermaid?" You know, minus the fish tail but the comparison still stands. "Yeah, I wouldn't mind looking. I don't know much about decorating, but it would be nice to make it cozy in here. I'm not used to having so much room..." and a coffee maker does sound nice. "Got it. Look human. I can do that." She's been doing it all her life, hiding her markings, pretending to be human when someone new comes around. She can do it here too.

Autumn thinks back when he mentions Sochi, pursing her lips as she thinks about all the different places she's visited. While she never stayed in any one place long she doesn't think she's ever been there, so she shakes her head. "No, I don't think so, sorry. We went all over so it can be hard to remember everywhere but I don't think that was one of our stops." She used to have a list with a picture associated with each town but that went down in the sea. "Oh. That sounds interesting, I suppose we do have a better chance at standing against the cold... if it pays anything I'll have to look into that." The bit of money her grandfather had stored is keeping her afloat for now but it won't be long before she has to make more. She refuses to take advantage of their kindness more than she has. "Coffee sounds great, thanks." With that she follows him to the door, taking another look back at what is now her home.

Now, what do you know about your abilities " Rhydian began to walk into the snow as he looked up seeing a fresh layer beginning to fall as his left arm began to glow as the snowflakes began to slow as he opened his hand a snowflake floated into his hand before he began to walk back towards his hut " If everyone knew about our gifts we would most likely end up as mountain rescue personnel " as he arrived back at his door he looks at the mail slot before entering his place " feel free to come up. mind the    bottles, and I left an axe somewhere."

Rhydian made his way up the stairs as he walked directly towards the kitchen   as he took two cups  of his hooks placing them in front of a half-ready jug of coffee  as he  walked to the fridge taking out a bowl of ice cubes and  milk  as he  chucked three cubes into each cup he took the coffee  pouring it into his  cup and testing the  temp with his finger before adding two more ice cubes  " help your self to milk and  sugar is in the bowel " Rhydian turned the cup  handle towards his guest as he made his way towards  the table   " now how did you end up around here " he took a seat " and what was the bosses  speech " Rhydians mind began to wander as he knew  Anivias welcome was different for each member 

Autumn takes a minute to think back on what she's learned since the day she woke up as a Niveis before she answers him, pursing her lips in thought. "Well, I know about the wings and the breathing underwater," two abilities that saved her in the ocean, "I know we can manipulate and control ice and water to some extent, and I was told we could change the weather to a degree. That's about it though." While she's seen some of these things demonstrated and even done the whole breathing underwater thing, the other abilities aren't things she's actually done. The fresh snowfall is beautiful though she must admit, especially now that she can no longer feel the incredible chill associated with it. The sound around them is muffled as they walk back toward Rhydian's, the snow absorbing all but their voices as they walk up to the door. "Well there are worse jobs. At least that way we could help people. Why an axe..?"

She follows him up, making sure to skirt around any bottles or axes that may be lying about on her way. Mostly she's trying to stay out of his way as he makes himself busy preparing coffee for them. At his offer she walks over to her cup, adding a healthy amount of both milk and sugar before settling down at the table and taking a sip. "Thanks. Uh, well, I was told about the tribe from an elder up around Canada. After I woke up on the beach. They took me in and after I recovered they told me about Evermore." Which means she flew all the way from the arctic to Colorado, not exactly an easy trip. Especially not for someone as young as her. "Well, mostly she told me that everyone would help me get settled and not to worry because I would be safe here..." Autumn still doesn't know Anivia well, but she found the tribe leader to be welcoming, if business like. She seemed concerned about Autumn's well being from the start, despite not knowing her at all. "She also told me about where to find you and Mikaere for help settling in."

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