The term is still new to Autumn. Almost as new as the city she now finds herself in as well as the new clan she's part of. After spending so long with only her grandfather and a few men on a fishing boat as company, the sudden expanse of people is a touch overwhelming for the young Niveis. She's nothing if not determined though, so on Anivia's suggestion she's been attempting to meet others. It's an exciting prospect, there being others like her.

That's not to say that anxiousness isn't still a thing, which is why she's been standing outside staring at the door of the building she's in front of for a solid five minutes. The mountaintops are cold, but she finds the cold nice now. No longer does the biting wind cause her to want to bundle up for dear life, leading to her wearing a t shirt that shows the icy blue markings on her wrist instead of her heavy winter coat. It's another minute before she finally gets frustrated with herself enough to raise her hand and knock on the door. It's a dojo so she could probably just walk on in, but it just feels more polite to knock. She waits until she's sure the sound has gone through the building before opening the door and stepping in, taking a look around.

"Uh.. hello?" Her voice echoes through the dojo as she walks in. She's not sure if Anivia told him to be expecting her or not. "I'm looking for Rhydian Snow." When the sound of footsteps catches her ear, Autumn turns toward them and gives a smile and, frankly awkward, wave.

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" and we can use our ability to defend ourselves only to defend we do not entice a fight there a few that do not wish to fight that is perfectly fine but its good to have the skill " Rhydian took a sip of his coffee as he felt an off shape in his seat as he pulled the object from under him he discovered the axe he mentioned, " recon you can hit the dartboard "  he placed the axe down on the table  Mikaere is a very talented teacher he has many combat forms I am not familiar with myself where myself I grew up in the streets, and I fought to survive to eat  " Rhydian placed down his cup as he thought about the years growing up. "

Rhydian rose out of his seat as he walked over to the window opening it as the snowstorm began to blow through the window " what made you happy  Autumn  " he folded his arms as he looked towards Autumn as his wrist began to turn blue as a teddy bear began to be formed out of the snow or "then evaporated the snow teddy before he motioned the snowflakes to move like e a wave " whatever you want to imagine you can at your finger typed " Rhydians closed his face as he thought about what  Esmeralda would say seeing him now apart from the drinking she would be glad to see him helping as he opened his eyes he saw her face shaped in the snow as he shook his head he motioned the storm to lead it outside before closing. the window 

"That's a bit relieving. I'm really one of them that doesn't want to fight so if I don't have to..." Autumn has never been a violent person, in fact she'd spent all her life running from any potential violence that might occur. "But you're right. It's better to have the skills in case something comes up." Her eyebrows go up as Rhydian pulls the axe from his chair and she can't quite stifle her snort. "Well I guess you found the axe... and no, I probably couldn't." She does grab the axe from off the table, looking between the sharp implement and the dartboard on the wall. She's never thrown an axe, only ever using one for chopping wood before. "My grandfather kept me away from all of that. He always said it was better to run than risk someone getting killed..." She's well aware that she doesn't know the full story, he hid many things from her that she'll never know about now.

His question seems to surprise her and she looks at him with a somewhat confused expression. The teddy bear causes her to smile, the dichotomy of rather tough looking man holding an ice teddy bear amusing. "All I have to do is imagine it? Somehow I thought there'd be more to it than that..." She gets up from the table, axe still in her off hand, to give herself a bit of room as she watches what he's doing. After a minute she closes her eyes, somehow finding the ice not wanting to come to her as easily as the flames did when she was younger. She hasn't been able to recapture that feeling in many years so it's no surprise that her new element wouldn't either. Even so after a minute she can feel the cold beginning to form in her hand and when she opens her eyes she has a snowflake hovering above her palm. Not quite what she was going for but hey, it's better than the nothing she'd managed before. He probably notices that she doesn't look quite happy with it, but she watches as it slowly disappears at her silent urging. "It's harder than it looks..."

Rhydian chuckled as his tribal markings turned icey blue as an axe made out of ice form in his hand “ throw it against the dartboard really gets ride of stress “ Rhydian threw his axe as a crunch sound echoed as the axe made contact with the board “ it will do the exact same damage “ Rhydian sat on the arm of his seat as he looked at Autumn  “ it is true but also not living in the world makes you naive when I was a phoenix I grew up on the streets and I had to fight to survive but im pleased you have had a peaceful upbringing.

Rhydian chuckled as he looked at her confused face as he smiled “ ok test me ask me to make something anything comes to mind “ he watched as he minds ticked over as he folded his arms and the ice axe evaporated as he watched Autumn close her eyes “ remain calm let the water form in our hand and mind and let it turn to ice “ he watched as attempted failed “like a phoenix how did you summon the flames you can do the same with ice “ he smiled as he watched the snowflake hover in her palm “ good shot i didnt manage till I fully lost control but you are learning it the easy way so im glad”.

Throwing the ice axe at the dartboard isn't quite what she expected him to do but it doesn't surprise her too much. After the teddy bear, that seemed a bit more likely. The crunch is rather satisfying, though she doubts it would personally lend her much stress relief. She tends to find it in other ways, like a cup of tea or a long jog. "It was peaceful... but it wasn't very settled. We moved at least once a year for a long time. My grandfather was an Initia raising a Phoenix, we didn't have the luxury of staying anywhere for very long." It definitely has made her ignorant to much of the ways the world works but she seems like quite the fast learner and, more than that, like she's willing to learn. That will go a long way.

His little challenge brings a small smirk to her face and she thinks for a minute before she answers him, "Alright, how about a replica of a battleship?" She's seen the little models of the ships in a bottle all her life and, having spent many years on one herself, she rather likes them. She turns sad eyes to him when he starts to mention how she did things as a phoenix and quietly takes a seat again, lightly picking at the bottom of her shirt. "Well... I didn't. I never summoned flames as a phoenix, at least not on purpose. It's why we were in the arctic, it was a last ditch effort to smother them." It had worked too, she hadn't been able to conjure so much as a little heat in that blistering cold. How fitting that the cold environment she'd escaped to would now have seeped into her blood. As the snowflake slowly melts away from her palm she looks at Rhydian again with a slightly raised brow. "Well it gave me a headache to do that much so if this is the easy way that's a bit scary... glad I didn't have to hurt anyone for them to work though." She does hope it gets easier. Perhaps as she acclimates to her powers it'll become easier.

Rhydian chuckled as he looked to Autumn “ would you mind showing me a picture  as battleships weren’t around when I was a phoenix “ he closed his eyes as he   began to form the outside of the battleship from images he had seen on tv  he opened his eyes again “ if you want  inside detail i'll need pictures “ he took a seat down  on the couch as  he  paired his hands together clicking them  

“Ok” he thought to himself as he thought about a  scenario” what if you were cornered  in an alley and the only way  out was through your opponent and they are armed yes  you could fight but there is a risk to you  what would you do  “ he looked serious as he asked “  you may not want to fight but  i insist  you learn with Mikaere  just to make a simple baton everyone in the tribe  knows how to make a weapon to defend themselves luckily  no one has  had to use it  yet “

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