Walking through the corridors of the hospital seemed almost foreign for the brunette valkyr. It wasn't the first time for her to set foot there, for sure. However, Cecilia couldn't help but to think it wasn't really ready building up to her to be one of the things she finds a sense of familiarity with. She's been a healer all her life but she'll never truly be able to be one with it again. The Italian has always moved around a lot, and most of the time she wasn't alone, having Gideon by her side since she's literally doing everything he asks her to. But lately, more cases started to pile up. The number of rogues were becoming very worrisome, no matter how much they tried, they could never seen to douse the problem away. If one is settled, in less than an hour, another will pop up again. To say that the Laterza female wasn't aggravated by the metrics increasing this month would be an understatement.

Her trip to Belarus last month to deal with the problem herself went smoothly without any intrusion, she was able to subdue them without much thought, what did bother her was how easy it was. Sure Celia is competent in her work, in both professional and personal identities, but the fact that it took her three days to settle a two week run was suspicious. The brunette valkyr has been trying to get a hold of Gideon since the last two weeks, and only managed to reach him a week ago. He didn't sound right. Admittedly, he wasn't sick, but there was something about his tone and the way he worded it that resulted in the female being very on edge. So she returned to Evermore after a quick sweep around Johannesburg.

When she got back, things weren't what she thought it was, especially not for a city she thought would be slightly protected above everything else that puts supernatural beings on the ball. It had been a week since she returned shortly after her trip, and Cecilia was already bombarded with cases in the ER and spent her nights in the OR respectively. Over the month alone, the general hospital was reported to admit an average of over 4 patients per day, 1 in every 10 that would be a responsibility for the Thoracic department. And everytime she was handed the room, it was the same case over and over again – puncture wounds, extreme blood loss, sometimes even memory loss.

She didn't think much over the other details, only how the marks were recklessly inflicted on. They didn't even target any specific artery which made a mess in her head. Today was the day when she finally got off her 16 hour shift, her white coat tossed over the stand and the brunette ready to exit the hospital after allowing it to be her home for the past week. Instead of driving back home, she stopped by the manor, where Gideon resides at. Celia still hasn't forgotten to check up on the Valkyrie, it's just that she was a bit sidetracked by the current events.

Entering the compound, she parked her car at the entrance and pursed her lips softly, her hazel hues glanced over her phone, wondering if she should give him a call first or not. “It doesn't matter, it won't be the first I've shown up out of the blue” she mumbled to herself and got out from her car. Huffing out the warm air that surrounded them, she adjusted the jacket that was around her, before pushing the doors open, only to be greeted with the spacious living room. The silence were almost eerily similar to the situations where Cecilia reminded how annoyed she was by it. Somehow, she had a feeling she could find the very person she was seeking out in his office or the library there. And so the silver tongued valkyr rushed towards the specific location she had in mind, knocking on the mahogany wood, as she entered his office. “Gid? You here?” she called out softly. There's so many things she needed to talk about with him.

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It was the middle of the day in the middle of the week, a time when most of the Valkyr were either at work or off doing something away from the house. The weather was slowly turning warmer, the first hints of spring arriving in earlier sunrises and copious amounts of rain. The additional sun wasn’t good for the Valkyr abilities but like most others his people were enjoying the added freedom. Not being stuck in doors created a melancholy atmosphere that was never good for a species that fed on others to survive. The added endorphins during feeding provided a bigger pick me up that made the experience all the more addicting.

Swallowing reflexively on that thought the Valkyrie set the pen down and pushed back from his desk, thoughts of his partner flashing through her mind as her scent seemed to swirl up from nowhere. Shaking his head Gideon rose up and decided he needed food, real sustenance to satisfy the sudden hunger that gripped his body. His taste buds were begging for something a little more rich and metallic which was both annoying and frustrating given he had fed not too long ago. Walking into the kitchen he purposely put his mind on other things, trying to push out the thirst and thoughts of a certain Nephilim’s neck.

Before he knew what exactly he was doing his hands were grabbing bread and meat and all sorts of vegetables while he whistled a complicated tune. It took some time to assemble the masterpiece of a sandwich, with layers of savory meats of all varieties tart swiss cheese and all kinds of veggies piles high it looked like something out of a cartoon. Adding some chips onto the plate to complete the afternoon meal and successfully taking his mind off of the other type of feeding, he sat down to enjoy. Picking up the sandwich he took a giant bite, giving an appreciative moan as the flavors burst over his tongue delightfully. His teeth had just gotten with the chewing phase when he heard a voice calling to him, prompting him to poke his head around the corner mouthful and all.

Celia stood there, eyes wide as she took in his appearance from the worried expression on her face to the quiet way she seemed to be sneaking around the faction house. Quirking a brow in obvious question he waved her into the kitchen, once more sinking down onto the stool in front of his plate he finished the bite in his mouth and smiled. “Celia, wasn’t expecting you here today. I thought you were working?” She’s been pulling long hours at her new job, too busy to stop in except to drop off her reports. The deaths and odd occurrences cropping up in the ER were increasing, forcing them to take action against their own people. Too many were turning, deciding that rush of feeling was well worth losing their souls.

“Don’t tell me more have cropped up?” His voice was somber, tone sad considering he had gone out last night and had to dispatch two fledglings that couldn’t be saved.

Allowing her feet to take her around the spacious old-fashioned victorian looking manor, Celia wandered around the hallways with no problems, her hazel hues glancing towards every nook and corner of the place while taking in the architecture of it. It had a homey feeling to it, which was probably why the Italian always liked stopping by whenever she had the time, which, unfortunately, she does not have these days. Not with so many cases popping out like mushrooms in the ER. Loss of blood, broken bones and everything else that ranged from minor to serious injuries occupied those beds, and let’s not even start on memory loss too.

The patients seemed to have a case of temporary amnesia but even with the CT scans, nothing could be concluded, which gave the doctors a massive headache. That was when the valkyr knew it was nothing that could medically nor scientifically be explained, it was a supernatural matter. Usually, she wouldn’t poke her nose too much on such matters, since she has her own to hold up to, but following the frequent blood loss cases from patients that amounted up to 6 people last week in the eternal city alone, that aroused suspicions. One of the main factors why she spared time to go and see Gideon today, so she could talk to him about it while bringing up the monthly reports that may as well shift to weekly considering the hits, and maybe even catch up with the older male. It’s been a while since they actually had a small talk with one another, too.

Cecilia couldn’t find him in the office nor the library, so when she turned on her heel just down the hallway that leads her to the kitchen, the Laterza female followed the sound that’s barely audible but was there. Finding the Valkyrie munching on sandwich goodness was not what she expected to find. Not at all. Her bright hues widened a bit as she took in the appearance Gideon sported before her, with hands on the sandwich, the brunette gave the other male a judging look that clearly said ‘really?’. Words weren’t needed when it comes to these two, Gideon practically knew her inside and out, having spent the most part of his life with her.

Taking a seat just across the valkyr, she settled herself comfortably on the chair and perched her elbows on the counter. Her eyes never left him, but it was most likely due to the sandwich incident that got her very confused. This was, surprising. Seeing Gideon doing something so mundane surprised her, strangely enough. Hearing his question, she shook the thoughts off her train and remembered why she came. “I was gonna call but decided I never really tell whenever I wanted to drop by anyways. I was working, just finished my 16-hour shift. I couldn’t take more of that. Immortality doesn’t equal that kind of stamina you need in the ER.” Her optics were slightly hollow and an air of exhaustion emitted from the dark-haired female. Even when she’s out in recon missions, she’s never been this tired, which was saying a lot since Celia had a certain endurance that travels alongside her.

Following the somber tone on the Valkyrie, she lets out a heaved sigh and pursed her lips lightly, carefully selecting her words. “Unfortunately, there’s been 3 new ones for the last 27 hours. Gid, that’s an increase. I tallied and we only got one every 24 last week.” The frustration lacing her tone also didn’t help, considering the valkyr possessed quite the temperament that usually only exploded once in a while when her buttons are pushed. “Same wounds. Below the carotid artery, reckless gesture, but not life-threatening to tear the aorta. Which meant, they’re fledglings. New.” She knew Gideon would understand what that means. More are turning and there was no way to control them at once. Rogues were one thing to worry, but untrained reckless fledglings that were most likely to be prone to bloodthirsty tendencies, that was another.


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