While a death experience can affect a person to shield from the world, protecting oneself from all life’s dangers it can also push you the other way. In a more adventurous direction where you’d like to experience everything as there is only one life and if you die you die but at least you’ve lived life to its fullest. There are no indications on which way a near death situation will push a person but with Cassandra adventures and danger had always been a part of her life, and it didn’t change after seeing her fiancé murdered or being caged for over half a century.

This need for adrenaline was usually fulfilled by her work as a firefighter. Running into burning buildings and sorting all sorts of crises on a daily basis calmed the need for adventures some. However the blonde only worked part time and was always up for some spontaneous trouble. The more stupid and dangerous the better. One would think that after seeing all those accidents she would practise what she preached and live safer, but no living on the edge was addiction. Maybe as a result of losing her fiancé, the dangerous escapades was the only thing making her truly feel these days. Letting out the feelings that had been buried alongside him and only came out when adrenaline rushed through her body.

Celestials was a mortal species compared to others. Making them almost human in that department except sicknesses and age. Cass didn’t want to die but the death fear was what made her come alive at times. Work had been calm the last shifts and a week off was approaching, without any trouble planned. The fearless adrenaline junky had tried to convince some of the celestials to go with her on a camping trip but without success. Many already had plans while the others didn’t feel too tempted to leave the comfort of electricity and a 24/7 open store, which was understandable after decades in a cage.

So Cassie decided to go on her own, making it a work out trip to come one step closer to the captain position. She hugged the fellow stars goodbye, assuring them that she’d be fine and that they didn’t have to worry, before packing the tent and other necessities into her car and starting the drive to the forrest. A few hours later she had reached her destination and started setting up camp. She had just finished building the tent when she heard a load roaring. As she turned around the blonde was faced with a big angry brown bear standing on its hind legs waving the front legs madly at her. Her heart pounded faster and her breath elevated but her firefighter training made her able to stay calm and think. What was there to do? She vaguely remembered that one should try and look as big as possible but she was a fairly small sized woman. Her celestial magic could pause the moment up to 30 seconds but it wouldn’t take her far enough. Her thought spun going in thousands of different directions trying to find a rescue but there was none.

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It had been a long time since camping out in the woods, she had spent the night away from the city into the mountains scenery, somewhere that she could think to herself and get away from society. Nature was where she felt comfortable and it gave her a chance to redeem her thinking and plan things a week ahead. Being new to Evermore had its perks, of course, there were dozens of places to choose from to explore as well as meeting new people across the new city. The previous night, her tent was set up near a river bank underneath a canopy of trees, it was still quite chilly out and snow was on and off through this month. She packed warm clothing to ensuring she wouldn’t get cold.

Packing her things up the next morning as soon as the sun rose in the sky, the clouds parting and letting in sunlight through the canopy of trees, she made a flask of coffee before she kicked dirt into the ongoing fire that she made last night, taking a sip of the warm coffee, she grabbed her large backpack and placed it on the back of her. She quickly tied up her hair after setting down her coffee on the ground for a second, once she did her hair, she quickly grabbed her coffee mug and began to walk through the thick bush. Pushing through the thick bush, she didn’t care for any bugs, but in the distance, she heard a large deep growl, thinking that there was a bear near where she was or another creature was around. She always carried a dagger with her whenever she went through the woods by herself for protection and also for food purposes, quickly sculling the rest of her coffee, she placed it back in the backpack, she jogged to where she heard the bear or whatever it was.

There was no scream and she thought there were no humans around other than herself, but as she saw in the distance, it was a large grizzly bear and a woman being faced with. Her eyes widened before she slowly crept forward, her eyes drifting to the blonde woman, she didn’t know who she was but she was going to help her. She mumbled a small protecting spell against the bear so it wouldn’t attack, allowing the bear to swing forward at the woman in front of the creature, but missed her just by a short mile, she quickly ran ahead and continued to mutter the protection spell, the grizzly bear noticed the brunette woman running to the other woman's rescue. Clearly, it didn’t help the bear's behaviour, it went straight for Florian but she ducked and landed with a soft ooft sound before she went ahead to grab the blonde woman’s arm, dragging her out from the bears attack circle.

‘’Let’s Run!’’ She shouted before she tightened her grip on the woman’s arm as she ran through the bush with her, frantic that the bear was going to chase after them, she wondered how the bear changed its behaviour but anything could have happened to startle the creature. ‘’Are we clear?’’ She panted as they ran on for a few more minutes, taking different directions as they ran, hoping the bear didn’t follow, hiding behind a large pine oak tree, she turned her head to see that the creature didn’t follow. ‘’Phew,’’ she sighed as she wiped the sweat from her forehead, her eyes flickering over to the blonde woman. ‘’Are you alright?’’ She asked her with a small smile grazing her features.

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