The clock seemed to stand still for Baptiste lately. Time had became a drag ever since he'd found out Roseline and Noe were in Evermore. They could only be there for a few reasons. 1: To hurt Elias, because that's who Baptiste had fallen for. or 2:  To hurt Baptiste himself, which seemed unlikely since they could drag it out slowly, and make the pain much more real by hurting someone the Valkyr loved. Bap had been struggling in his faith ever since he came out about his sexuality, and even more so when the person he came out about, vanished from the city. Baptiste had really fallen for Jason, and then out of no where, right after Bap brought him back as a Valkyr, Jason left. 

Today had been no different. The hands on the clock seemed as though they weren't moving at all, and Baptiste was just ready to leave the hospital. The Valkyr had started running an outreach program in the city, a program that helped any and everyone who felt lost. Lost souls were something Baptiste seemed to be good at dealing with. He always knew the right things to say, and he seemingly had always given them good advice. The ones who followed his advice, had turned their lives around for the better, and those who hadn't? Well, he would just continue working with them. If anyone knew that there was always another chance to redeem yourself, it was Baptiste, and it's the main reason he had even began his outreach. He visited the hospital to have prayer with families who had sick relatives, children etc, or those who were there grieving the lost of a loved one. He also visited  the city's different faction's territories, willing to pray for anyone who would listen. 

Baptiste had quite the appearance however, for a priest. No one seemed to believe in him anymore, except for the few loyal individuals who came to church religiously, and while they had told Bap not to let others opinions bother him, those opinions were starting to cripple the Valkyr. It mattered to him what others thought about him. But, he knew in a sense that the others were right as well. He couldn't continue living by what everyone else thought of him. Baptiste had finally made his last rounds in the hospital today, his journey here, ending with a cancer patient. After praying over him and the family, the Valkyr left, thankful to get away from the smell of blood. It was the only bad thing about the hospital, between the humans, and blood bags, he never escaped the scent of what he always starved for. After making his way to the gym, where he always seemed to go after visiting the hospital, the Valkyr happily swung his gym bag over his shoulder and locked his car up before heading inside. 

The gym gave Baptiste a way to vent and release all the stress and sadness he felt from everything he constantly witnessed within the walls of the hospital. He quickly changed from his suit, to a pair of shorts and a tank top, adding his wrist bands, and sneakers to top it all off. Music played at an audible level in his ear phones, and the Valkyr decided on approaching the punching bags first. Bap always have these bags hell. He had nearly busted every single one of them, and had started making donations to help replace the things he messed up. On the opposite side of him, a female caught his eye. It wasn't rare to see woman working out and staying fit, and it was a rather attractive quality, but what was rare, was to see a female handling the bags better than most of the men in here. She seemed to  have had a lot on her mind, or maybe she was just fierce when it came to staying in shape. Either way, Baptiste was impressed and as if there was some magnetical force between them,  Bap's feet led him over to her. 

"You show no mercy huh?" he asked, offering a friendly smirk at her before laying in on the bag beside of her. "Haven't seen you here before" he then said in a husky breath as he hit the bag a few more times,  "Are you from around here?" the Valkyr asked before punching the bag with one hefty swing, breathing heavily as he sent it sliding to the other side of the railing that it hung from. People stared at him for a moment, since it took the average human a lot of time to get their bags to even budge a little, let alone making it slide all way across with one single hit. "I'm Baptiste.. or Bap is shorter" he finished off, eyeing the rest of the equipment, trying to decide what he'd do next. But, a small part of him was dying to get this girl in the small area closed off to those who wanted to spar and do hand to hand combat. Even if she did look like she could kick his ass, Baptiste was willing to rise to the challenge. 

Bap could definitely sense some loner vibes coming from her, and while he knew what it was like to be a bit on the reserved side, this was a gym. It wasn't odd to see perfect strangers strike up conversation, and then end up boxing one another for the sake of the challenge, or simply just for a little bit of fun. The way that her outfit seemed to hug her curves, let Baptiste know he hadn't became such a hermit after all. Her skin was flawless, and her dark colored optics were the kind you could get lost in. The Valkyr tore his gaze off of her, hoping he hadn't drew to much attention to the fact that he had so boldly checked her out from head to toe. 

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Baptiste watched her in awe. He had seen many fierce females come and go in this particular gym, but he was sure the one he had decided to so boldly approach, would give any of them a run for their money. Her combinations were beautifully executed and maybe even a small part of Baptiste, was tempted to ask for some tips. He had gotten rusty where it came to psychical work outs. He couldn't necessarily count his time with Elias as working out and getting in shape. The Valkyr scolded himself silently for even allowing his train of thought to crash into a dirty x-rated wall just then. Sighing, he carried on with his own routine.

Baptiste smirked. It appeared his hefty swing towards the bag did the trick, except,, it didn't earn him the attention he wanted. Instead of her even giving him a go to hell look, the rest of the gym looked at him like he was a mad man, while she continued hitting her bag, as if he didn't exist at all. "Just you in your own little world over there. Got it" he chuckled jokingly. Truly though, he would rather avoid ever having her come at him like she did that punching bag. The Valkyr was shocked enough that she had even said it was nice to meet him, and just as he assumed she would do, she went right back to ignoring him and punching her bag.

Baptiste decided to be brazen, and stepped over behind her bag, holding it in place as she pounded away at it. The music made it hard for people to communicate, but he had the advatnage of super sonic hearing on his side, and he could hear that she'd began breathing more heavily, the more she pushed herself, so within a matter of moments now, she'd have no choice but to at least stop focusing on her bag. That's at least the way Bap's mind thought about it. "So, you're new to the city huh? How long have you been coming here?" he asked curiously. From the looks of it, she really knew what she was doing, and had such a compelling routine, that a person couldn't help but to watch her.

"It's nice to meet you as well.. new girl" he expressed, probably sounding like an ass, but she hadn't bothered giving a name, so it's all he had for now. "You are a hard woman to talk to huh?" he called out over the music, and the sounds of the leather smacking against her knuckles repeatedly. He could sense how reserved she was though, way before stepping over to talk to her, so he knew this would be awkward, even for someone as friendly as the Valkyr. But, when Baptiste set his mind to do something, it got done, no matter the challenges. And, he truly was dying to spar with her. It's as the instructor came in and blew a whistle. "Alright. Same as last week, find a partner, and give it your best" he spoke it deadpan, no expressions to be had on that man's face. Such a serious person. Baptiste thought silently. Those who took the class, had began partnering up, while Baptiste stood on guard ready to fight anyone that approached the female before him, that he so desperately wanted to do some hand-to-hand sparring with.

"What do you say? one round. And, I won't even take it easy on you" he grinned, and took a drink of water from his bottle, probably the worse proposition in the world, but for a female like this one, he had a feeling she didn't like people who took anything easy on her. Hell, he wasn't even sure she sparred or anything, and she was probably just here on the bags to keep herself in shape, but it didn't hurt to try. 

What he noticed about this female from the get-go, was how full of fire she was. She seemed to let the work out consume her completely, and he enjoyed watching her. But, from Bap's point of view, she was relieving herself of something. If he didn't know any better, he'd have assumed she was full of anger. And damn was she flawless as she continued attacking the bag with percise hits, each of them causing someone as strong as Baptiste to grip a little harder, with hopes that his feet would remain in place, and that she wouldn't succeed at throwing him off balance. 

But, she did just what she had set out to do, when she finally threw that last set of uppercuts. The bag, as well as Baptiste was forced away from his standing spot, but an inch or two, which had caused the Valkyr's eyes to widen, and his mouth to jar open slightly. His expression read off how impressed he was though, rather than how shocked he felt at the same time."Damn girl, no wonder I had to beat the others to you" he grinned, referring to the guys he had kinda pushed aside to get in this spot first, even a female who had only longed to team herself up with the only other female here. 

Baptiste shrugged. Its not that he was just out for himself, but there was something about a female like this one that made him lose all rationality. She reminded him of someone who had taken Baptiste out for a night in the town, where Baptiste had tasted a little bit of the dark side that a Valkyr's world had to offer. He knew this girl wasn't a Valkyr, but she really did remind him of the one he'd gotten tangled up in a feeding three-some with. Perhaps it was her fiery attitude. Either way, he was here now. He supposed he'd find out soon enough. 

"Old timer, that's a new one, but i'll take it" he grinned in return, noting the look of dread she had on her face, as if joking with him was something she hadn't meant to do. "Not a people person?" he asked, wondering why she seemed to regret being friendly with him the moment she did. 

Baptiste chuckled, "Warning heeded, newbie" he smirked, and was kind of enjoying the banter between them. "Where'd you learn all this anyways? I'm guessing you were shoved right into a life of training with no choice in the matter. You're pretty damn good though" he commented, giving her a genuine smile. Her last comment made Baptiste arch a brow, "Oh don't worry, I already gather I'm biting off more than I can chew with you.. don't go easy on me, I plan on giving you a full dose of my own skills" he stated, flashing a playful wink in her direction before taking one more drink from his own water bottle. 

"How long have you been living here in Evermore?" his craving for knowledge had began getting the better of him, he was sure by now he was asking too many questions. But, if it turned out she'd allow him to get to know her, then it wouldn't hurt to start off with simple questions. Baptiste lacked friends in general, it damn sure wasn't hurting anything if he happened to gain one tonight. And he wouldn't mind at all having her as a partner in the gym. Hell, she knew things he'd never seen people even try within the walls of a gym, and figured at the very least, he'd learn a few new things. He had been debating for a while now, whether or not he'd sign up for the tournament coming up in the next few weeks, a boxing tournament, and he knew he kinda needed it. 

Baptiste had been riddled by anger for such a long time now, that he had forgotten how and where to harness it all, which caused him to slip up a lot lately when it came to feeding. He'd been feeding on the innocent, and at times lost his self control, nearly killing at least a dozen people in the past few months. Snapping out of those thoughts, the Valkyr gestured for her to follow him so they could get in the wring. "So, what's an old man gotta do for a name?" he asked, while keeping his gaze averted, scanning their surroundings. For some reason, he always felt as though Noe and Roseline were watching him, and it wouldn't surprise him if they ended up being the two sitting on the top bleacher with hoods on. Paranoia struck him, but surely if that was them, they wouldn't do anything to Bap in the public. Right? Now that they were just within arms reach of the ring they were about to be in, the Valkyr took his tank top off and used it to wipe the sweat from his forehead before tossing it aside. 

"Hope you're ready for this" he expressed, with a charming grin, ready to see what she was truly made of. 


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