Since her move to Evermore, earlier this month. Elle-Mae had been trying to get settled in the City, she was now calling her home. Even though, she knew a little bit about it; from her previous ventures about 5 years ago. This time, it was different. As she was hoping to stay here permanently. Since then, she had met a few familiar faces, that were still in Evermore; since the last time she had been here. It was good, to see someone she recognised around the city. Knowing, she could come to few people; if she ever needed anything. But the last time few days, Elle-Mae was contemplating her next few moves; within the society. Especially, as a member part of the Therianthrope Faction. Although, she was yet to officially become a part of the pack.

Elle had been independent, ever since she had moved away to College. And even though, she cherished that independence; trying to figure things out her way. It also hit her, every once in a while; that she still had a lot to learn about being a Lycanthrope. And for that; she couldn’t exactly do it all alone. Even though she had her brothers; surely, it’d be an asset to be a part of the pack. To have, someone else outside of the remainder of her family to turn in times of need. Go to someone for guidance, or advice about the things she had yet to learn.

No matter, how many years had passed since her first shift. The night had still left marks and painful memories. It made her wonder, if anyone else had accidentally hurt someone, during their first shift? Or, if she was just the unlucky case. But,the young female didn’t want to bet on it.

With so many things and thoughts in mind; that’s why she had made the decision to approach to Alpha of the Pack. To, show her interest in wanting to join; being around others like her, she needed more of that. It didn’t seem to take her long, to find the Therian Faction house. Mainly, because Elle-Mae had done some research about it’s location, before going there. Standing in front of the large faction mansion. Elle-Mae stared at the wooden door. Feeling slightly nervous, all of a sudden as she swallowed. Her hand near the door bell; but her fingers hovering. Not yet pushing the buttons from her nerves.

‘Come on Elle, just ring the doorbell! You came here for a reason.’ A voice, scolded her in the back of her own mind.

Finally pressing the bell. She listened to the loud chiming of the bell; echoing. Waiting for someone to open the door. It was a few moments, before the large wooden door in front of her opened. There was a tall young man there, looking at Elle-Mae in curiosity. “Good Afternoon, how may I help you?” he questioned. Elle wasn’t sure, if he was an assistant to one of the Alpha’s, or a pack member. But hopefully, he’d point her in the right direction.

“Good afternoon, I would like to talk to speak to the Alpha, if I may.” Elle smiled kindly- a slight nervous twitch of her lips, caused the smile to falter for a few seconds. In that moment, it slipped her mind that there were 3 Alpha’s, for this particular faction. Due to there being 3 branches of Therianthropes.

“And which Alpha, would that be? There’s 3. Our faction Ambassador Orion Valkyrie and leader of the Kitsunes, Lachlan Remington; Alpha of the Ailuranthropes and Harper Adler; Alpha of the Lycanthrophes.” The young man, took a few moments to point that out. Making her realise, she forgot that little detail. Keeping it in mind, that there were 3 Alphas, in charge of running the Therian Faction.

“Alpha of the Lycanthropes, please.” With Elle-Mae, ending her request slightly. She didn’t think, she should have asked for the Ambassador; as he was leading the Kitsune branch. And Elle-Mae wasn’t part of that group of faction.

The young man stepped aside, letting the young woman inside of the faction house.  Not saying much more, afterwards, but just simply leading her through the hallways of the faction house; before stopping in front of a smaller door. She wasn’t sure, if it was the Alpha’s personal room, or office. But the young man knocked on the door. Opening the door slightly, he poked his head in.Not sure, if he was disturbing her in the middle of something. “Sorry to disturb you Harper, but a young woman wishes to speak with you.” He informed the Lycanthrope Alpha. Maybe, Harper would have herself a new pack member. That’s if, he had to guess the topic of Elle-Mae’s visit.

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Nodding as she listened to Elle’s story it was amazing how similar they were in some respects. While Harper had been raised by humans Elle had been raised in the Lycan culture they both had a troubled family history that had made their change difficult. Thankfully they had both made it through the situations and from what she could see they were better for it. “My parents were in the middle of a pretty nasty divorce and I was the prize that they both wanted. I was out walking in the forest, avoiding them when I got bitten. My change was the same, I ran out of the house as fast as I could and went as deep into the forest as I could get before the wolf took me. It was painful and terrifying but after it was all over I felt...liberated.”

Harper had been a pretty even-tempered teen and in the midst of her parents arguing and vindictive behavior she had withdrawn in on herself. Being given her wolf had set free a hidden facet of herself that she hadn’t known existed and in all honesty she enjoyed who she had become. She had become more forward and self-advocating which had helped her break free of her parents and survive what life had in store for her. Somehow being a wolf made her feel more at home in her own skin, as if what had happened to her had been fated and not just a by chance happenstance.

Once Elle had a place picked out the blonde brought over a chair and set it down next to Tamrin, “Straddle the seat and lean forward against the backrest. Keep your hands on your thighs and remember to breathe. First tattoo?” For a lot of Therians the pack tattoo was their first, meaning Tamrin had to be well versed and in handling newbies. Harper had one or two other small tattoos that she had gotten before becoming the pack Alpha and for that reason the pack mark hadn’t been that big of a deal.

Elle hadn’t really expected to meet someone, that came from a similar background like herself. But she was glad for it. At least, her new found Alpha knew a little of what she went through. She could relate. Which a lot of people, from Elle’s past, couldn’t. Not to the same extent like Harper could. Frowning slightly, as she mentioned her parents were in the middle of a nasty divorce. “I am sorry to hear that. It seems like children are always caught in the middle of a divorce battle, like that.” Elle knew how painful the change was. It felt worse than anything she had yet experienced. But changing into a beautiful creature was probably spectacular in the end.

“I think it took me a long while, to embrace that freedom that came with it.” Elle admitted.For a long time, she felt like she was an outcast. A lycan, among mortals. Not knowing how to deal with the new change. Until things calmed down and she felt more in tune with her newself. Did she feel that liberation and freedom, that came with it.

Taking off her jacket. Elle moved her shirt, so that Tamrin would have space to work on the tattoo. Following the instructions. Elle took a seat on the chair. Straddling it. Before nodding at the question. “Yeah, I haven’t really thought about getting a tattoo before. So this is a new experience.” Trying to relax, she set her hands down on her thighs, trying not to be too tense. As she took a deep breath and waited for the process to begin. When Tamrin began the process...Elle gritted her teeth, feeling the first scrapes of the tattoo razor against her skin. It felt like a knife was carving into her arm. But unlike most newbies, she didn’t vocalise her discomfort...even if her face showed it on some level. It hurt a bit more than she expected it to.

The blonde Alpha shrugged, looking around at her gathered pack members and all the collective smiles mixed with laughter that now floated around her. While her start into this crazy supernatural world had been a rough and hideous experience the end results couldn’t be argued with. Training her sky blue hues back on Elle a smile flirted with her lips, “Eh, whatever happened happened. I can’t bring myself to be sorry about it since the end results were for the better.” That hadn’t exactly been her outlook some 10 years ago but looking back on things now it had all led to her life as it was. That in and of itself made all of the suffering and frustration and anger well worth it.

Nodding she pulled up a chair next to the young woman, straddling it with both arms resting over the backrest. “I think that’s true for most people. Suddenly being confined in the body of an animal with new senses, a different perspective on the world, and more power than any individual would know what to do with is disorienting for sure.” It all just had to do with circumstances. The same type of thing or disaster could befall two people but how they handled that situation was dependent upon where they were in their life and what attitude they normally carried around. Despite the fights and bickering, Harper had done her best to see the best in her parents, to find the love that they once had for one another, and foster some grace for their mistakes in her heart.

Chuckling as her new pack member took a seat and prepared herself to receive her mark, she was thrown back to the moment she had gotten her first tattoo. Harper didn’t have many but the few she had had been carefully thought out and planned. Once the needle started dragging across her skin the blonde could see the brunette’s discomfort though she didn’t make a sound. “The first couple of moments are the worst, then your body and mind adjust to the pain and it doesn’t seem so bad.” Licking her lips she watched Tamsin focus in on what she was doing, her eyes completely trained on her task. “So, you have a job yet or are you going back to school or what?” It was the female’s plan to distract Elle, to split her attention between talking and the mark that was being ingrained in her skin by a high powered needle.

“Yeah. I just came to accept that everything happened for a reason.” Elle agreed. They couldn’t change the past. They were meant to become a Therian for one reason or another. Elle had no say in the matter; it was in her genes. It had taken her a while to see that though. But as she got older and wiser; her perspective changed. Much like, she was sure Harpers had too.

Elle had a feeling, she and her Alpha would get along swell. There weren’t that many females around Evermore, that Elle could say that about. Most of the time, she had always butted heads with the same gender. Maybe it was because she had two brothers; she felt more at ease around the other gender. “Yeah, I think if I try not to think that someone is digging into my arm...then It won’t be so bad.” Elle joked. That’s what it felt like. As Harper asked her questions about what she was up, the Therian felt grateful. A distraction. “I work as a book editor actually, have for ever since I finished college. It kind of allowed me to travel/work from home, most of the time. The publishing firm I work for, moved their main building to Evermore a while back. Most of their workers relocated because of it.” Elle explained. “Plus, my brothers also live in” Her brothers were her only family she had left really; aside from the pack now of course.

As Tamrin hit a sensitive spot on her arm; a slight growl escaped from Elle. Realising she had voiced her discomfort through a growl. Elle looked apologetic. “ just got a really sensitive spot.” Elle of course, didn’t go around growling at people of course.

Harper grinned, knowing undoubtedly that she and Elle were going to become fast friends. Though their starting points had been far from one another they had experiences that had hit similar resonances within them, making their ability to connect unquestionable. It was a nice change of pace given most of her pack had taken a bit of time to open up to her and her to them, which was understandable. When a change in leadership happened so suddenly it was hard for everyone to adjust, though the blonde hoped her more relaxed style made it just a hair easier.

Laughing lightly at the description of what getting the tattoo felt like it only punctuated how differently people took pain. Most people didn’t and couldn’t take the pain of having a tattoo placed upon the inside of their wrist, the skin there was tender and thin which made pressing a needle there extremely painful. Harper hadn’t really hadn’t felt a thing, watching in fascination as the gun had dragged across her white skin and manifested the black mark of the pack. “Just remember to breathe. I’ve known a few people to pass out because they think holding their breath will ease the pain.” Providing a distraction worked to help the wolf focus on something else, her answer quick and thorough.

Elle then detailed out her profession, adding that her brothers were here in the city which provided her a little bit more stability than just the pack alone. “Wow. How did you get into that line of work?” The Alpha had always found it interesting how people had chosen their professions, either by dreams when they were young or inspiration from a friend or just falling into it by pure luck, it all fascinated her.

The growl made both Harper and Tamrin laugh out loud, the tattoo artist never breaking stride despite the aggressive sound. “Relax. If she had to stop every time someone growled or winced or whined, she would never get anything done.” Tamrin had spent a lot of time with the Alpha, the pair of them often sat in the evenings just to chat. Her profession was an interesting one and the wolf was never short of entertaining stories. “Just don’t try and bite or we may have a slight problem.” Shooting Elle a wink to ensure that she knew the comment had been a joke, her sapphire hues looked over the mark. “Almost done. Hang in there.”

As The blonde female reminded her to breathe. Elle made a slight face at Harper’s comment, about people passing out. “Yikes...that can’t be pretty.” she said with a laugh, shaking her head. Not to mention, potentially embarrassing if she passed out, in the middle of getting a tattoo. Elle took a few deep breaths; trying to breathe through the pain. On occasion, she took a sip from the glass of water Harper had gotten for her. The sweat that was on her forehead and back of her neck, was making her dehydrated. 

Almost everyone she knew was always surprised when she mentioned her job. “Guess you can say that I was always a book lover and had a creative mind.” Elle smiled softly. “But, growing up, my parents had a family friend who was looking into self publishing a book. When it came time to read the first draft. I was very much a willing participant and my creative mind went into a bit of overload on feed-back and extra ideas. So I guess, it was always something that I wanted to do since I was young.” She told her honestly. “So when I graduated high-school, I moved away from home and studied in New York. It took a few tries before I got accepted into working at a publishing company. But it was worth it.” With them talking about her profession, time was ticking by much quicker. “What about you? What do you do?” Elle asked curious, wondering what Harper’s profession was, besides running the pack.

It seemed like she had amused the pair, with her growl. Looking slightly embarrassed. Elle was usually in control. “Sorry, that was a one off.” She laughed lightly, hearing Harper’s joke. Elle wouldn’t bite Tamrin. Nor would she want to. Elle was doing her best to hold still, and breathe through the pain, as the sensitive spot on her arm was still throbbing. At least, she wasn’t screaming her head off, at the pain. So all in all, it wasn’t as bad for getting her first tattoo.

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