Since her move to Evermore, earlier this month. Elle-Mae had been trying to get settled in the City, she was now calling her home. Even though, she knew a little bit about it; from her previous ventures about 5 years ago. This time, it was different. As she was hoping to stay here permanently. Since then, she had met a few familiar faces, that were still in Evermore; since the last time she had been here. It was good, to see someone she recognised around the city. Knowing, she could come to few people; if she ever needed anything. But the last time few days, Elle-Mae was contemplating her next few moves; within the society. Especially, as a member part of the Therianthrope Faction. Although, she was yet to officially become a part of the pack.

Elle had been independent, ever since she had moved away to College. And even though, she cherished that independence; trying to figure things out her way. It also hit her, every once in a while; that she still had a lot to learn about being a Lycanthrope. And for that; she couldn’t exactly do it all alone. Even though she had her brothers; surely, it’d be an asset to be a part of the pack. To have, someone else outside of the remainder of her family to turn in times of need. Go to someone for guidance, or advice about the things she had yet to learn.

No matter, how many years had passed since her first shift. The night had still left marks and painful memories. It made her wonder, if anyone else had accidentally hurt someone, during their first shift? Or, if she was just the unlucky case. But,the young female didn’t want to bet on it.

With so many things and thoughts in mind; that’s why she had made the decision to approach to Alpha of the Pack. To, show her interest in wanting to join; being around others like her, she needed more of that. It didn’t seem to take her long, to find the Therian Faction house. Mainly, because Elle-Mae had done some research about it’s location, before going there. Standing in front of the large faction mansion. Elle-Mae stared at the wooden door. Feeling slightly nervous, all of a sudden as she swallowed. Her hand near the door bell; but her fingers hovering. Not yet pushing the buttons from her nerves.

‘Come on Elle, just ring the doorbell! You came here for a reason.’ A voice, scolded her in the back of her own mind.

Finally pressing the bell. She listened to the loud chiming of the bell; echoing. Waiting for someone to open the door. It was a few moments, before the large wooden door in front of her opened. There was a tall young man there, looking at Elle-Mae in curiosity. “Good Afternoon, how may I help you?” he questioned. Elle wasn’t sure, if he was an assistant to one of the Alpha’s, or a pack member. But hopefully, he’d point her in the right direction.

“Good afternoon, I would like to talk to speak to the Alpha, if I may.” Elle smiled kindly- a slight nervous twitch of her lips, caused the smile to falter for a few seconds. In that moment, it slipped her mind that there were 3 Alpha’s, for this particular faction. Due to there being 3 branches of Therianthropes.

“And which Alpha, would that be? There’s 3. Our faction Ambassador Orion Valkyrie and leader of the Kitsunes, Lachlan Remington; Alpha of the Ailuranthropes and Harper Adler; Alpha of the Lycanthrophes.” The young man, took a few moments to point that out. Making her realise, she forgot that little detail. Keeping it in mind, that there were 3 Alphas, in charge of running the Therian Faction.

“Alpha of the Lycanthropes, please.” With Elle-Mae, ending her request slightly. She didn’t think, she should have asked for the Ambassador; as he was leading the Kitsune branch. And Elle-Mae wasn’t part of that group of faction.

The young man stepped aside, letting the young woman inside of the faction house.  Not saying much more, afterwards, but just simply leading her through the hallways of the faction house; before stopping in front of a smaller door. She wasn’t sure, if it was the Alpha’s personal room, or office. But the young man knocked on the door. Opening the door slightly, he poked his head in.Not sure, if he was disturbing her in the middle of something. “Sorry to disturb you Harper, but a young woman wishes to speak with you.” He informed the Lycanthrope Alpha. Maybe, Harper would have herself a new pack member. That’s if, he had to guess the topic of Elle-Mae’s visit.

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The main faction house was a large monstrosity of a mansion with dozens of rooms, half that in bathrooms that were fully kitted out, and two kitchens. Every time Harper walked into the place she was assaulted with sights and sounds and smells that made her feel at home and at the same time on edge. As a wolf, she enjoyed the activity, enjoyed having all of her pack members close by and socializing together. As an Alpha it was hard to keep her cool with all three of the species mingling, little ones scampering around and all of them under one roof the blonde had to fight to keep herself from giving orders. From snapping at the little ones to slow down, or watch their roughhousing out of concern for there health and well being. It was doubly hard with the other Alpha’s in such close quarters, given how things were shaping up with Orion being Alpha of Alpha’s it was difficult to reign in her natural instincts.

The blonde didn't have to visit the main house very often, only when she needed to talk to Orion or something with the whole faction was brewing. Lately, everyone had been on edge which meant she was needed at the big house, tending to meetings and idle things. Most of the wolves lived in a couple of cabin like houses closer to the tree line, which was where she would rather be but duty called.

Sitting in an office off the main hallway Harper sorted through the mail, flipping the junk in the trash and setting aside things she knew she needed to look at. Just as she came across a handwritten envelope that made her nose curl in disgust the door opened. Eyes widening at Kevin the Alpha took a deep breath in, catching the scent of a female wolf she didn't recognize. Putting the mail aside she told Kevin to let the young woman in, watching as the female came into the room. Kevin shut the door almost immediately and she could hear him retreating down the hall, a smart move given there was a new wolf in the vicinity who had requested an audience with the current Alpha. The situation could only be one of two things: either a challenge for leadership or a request for entry. One would end in violence and death, the other in a marking and oath of loyalty.

Harper sized up the young wolf, her eyes flooding a brilliant ruby red as the Alpha asserted dominance with a quiet growl. “State your intentions and if you make a wrong move it will be your last.” Normally the blonde was pretty laid back and even keel but until she knew this wolf's reason for requesting a meeting her instincts demanded a show of force.

As Elle entered the Alpha’s office. There at her desk, was sitting a young female. Looking to be around the same age as Elle-Mae herself. The female herself looked slender, petite. But Elle knew better than to an understate a wolf. Especially an Alpha. Even if Elle, had heard of women Alpha’s was the first time, she was seeing one with her very own eyes. Bowing her head in respect to the Alpha before her. Elle-Mae spoke softly. “Thank you, for agreeing to see me.” It was quiet the relief, that she didn’t send her away; when the young man told her she was here to see her.

Hearing the growl coming from her, sent a slight shiver down her spine. Elle raised her hands up, showing she meant no harm. She could feel herself becoming submissive. “I promise, I come in peace.” Elle-Mae spoke, as she looked at the Alpha. Keeping eye contact. Not moving from her spot by the door. Despite being trained in self-defence and Karate. Elle didn’t like physical violence for no reason; she only resorted to such, if she had to defend herself. Otherwise, she wouldn’t harm anyone. Or wish to hurt them in any way. Seeing the woman's eyes change, into a ruby red like color. Elle-Mae remained in a very respectfully, submissive pose. She didn't wish to challenge anyone for the position of Alpha. The young Woman, knew that would probably be a death wish.

“My name is Elle-Mae Lovett, and I have just recently moved to Evermore and would like to become a part of your pack.” Elle started to explain. “I haven’t been around my kind much, and I would like to change that. There’s still a lot I am trying to learn and I thought...being around others that know more than me, would be helpful.” Despite the fact, that she had been here in Evermore 5 years ago. Elle never joined the Pack; before her stay was only on a temporary basis. But now she had moved here permanently; it was different. And Elle-Mae felt it was the right time, that she’d be around people like her. Her heart was beating inside of her chest loudly, feeling a bit nervous. Elle, never done anything like this before. So she wasn’t entirely sure, how others went about request for an entry to their pack. But the young Therian was loyal; and loyal she would remain, if the Alpha would choose to accept her and welcome her to the pack.

The young woman who entered looked to be around Harper's age, the pair of them about the same height and build which meant whoever she was she had training. Wolves, as a rule, looked lean and thin, their strength hidden in slender tendons of muscle and sinew. The moment she bowed her head in submission and respect her instincts eased up, the Alpha relaxing enough to allow her oceanic irises to push through the red. Rolling her shoulders and flexing her fingers Harper took a deep breath, managing to get herself to loosen up. Whoever she was the visitor had no intention of challenging her, only to speak on one thing or another.

It was strange, the blonde considered her immediate reaction and at that moment realized how fully she had accepted her position. While her rise to Alpha had been an accident, a desperate act of defiance against a male who hadn't been able to take no for an answer, she never thought she would come to acknowledge her stature so completely. A year or so ago her instincts wouldn't have been affected in such a way, wouldn't have urged her into a clearly commanding position so early on. Though the more she thought about it the more it made sense. This was her pack and after everything that had happened with Elijah and Orion, the protective streak that had put her on the outs with her once mentor had grown exponentially. Now each decision she made was with her pack in mind, for their safety and comfort.

Her stance and posture became more calm and loose, easing back in her chair as she information was relayed to her. Once the girl stopped speaking the blonde waved to a chair, “Please, sit.” Reaching up she ran a hand through her hair, curling one of her legs up as she considered the female wolf now sitting across from her. “It's nice to meet you Elle-Mae, welcome to Evermore.” Managing a small smile she mulled over what she could sense of the other female as well as her request. “It has been a minute since we had a new pack member and you will excuse our hesitation and guarded demeanor. Strange things have been happening in the city and it has us all on edge.” The blonde wasn’t going to apologize for her show of force, it was an Alpha instinct and one that would be keeping herself and her pack safe.

“I'm Harper by the way. One of three Alphas on the Counsel that represent the Therians in the city. Lachlan is over the cats and Orion is over the fox pack. Thought recently was all have banded together under Orion.” Given the new position, Orion had gained the wolf thought it was important to give Elle all the details on how things worked in their faction since things were way more complicated with all the different branches working as separate entities but as one faction. Since the meeting with the Alpha’s thing had gotten easier, less strained, and more geared toward cooperation. Her relationship with Orion was improving and she hoped they could move back into the easy and close friendship they had once had.

Tilting her head to the side she studied the female wolf a little more closely, from the way she sat to the beating of her heart that was loud within the room. Finally, Harper smiled, chuckling a little, “Calm down. I haven’t turned a wolf away yet and I’m not about to start now. Do you have a place to live?” First and foremost she wanted to make sure Elle had a safe place to stay, then they would go over some of the finer points of joining the pack.

Whilst Elle-Mae had a bit of a tongue on her and quiet the feisty/opinionated nature at times. Especially if people got on the wrong side of her,and irritated her. The girl was very respectful to other people. Even those of higher status than her. Wether they were her elders, or an Alpha. It didn’t matter, that she didn’t know the young woman. Elle wasn’t about to be disrespectful. It’s not like she had any reasons to be, or to try and defy Harper’s authority. The position of an Alpha, is not something that Elle even wanted in the future. She had enough to worry about in her own personal life, and job. It would add too much stress on her plate. Not to mention, possible be a death-wish if she went up against a more experienced Therian. It’s not a route she was ever planning to go down on.

The Therian felt a bit at ease, as Harper herself became a bit more relaxed. Knowing now, that Elle had good intentions. Smiling softly, she walked over to her desk, taking a seat in one of the chairs nearby. “I do apologize, if I am disturbing you from your duties or anything.” She was aware her visit might have surprised her, and maybe interrupted whatever she had planned for the day. As Harper welcomed her to the city. It made Elle smile softly. “I am no stranger to Evermore, but thank you. The city has changed a bit, since I was last here.” Elle herself heard about the strange happenings around the city. Which was a concern. “It’s quite alright, I understand.” Elle-Mae said with a nod. Every Alpha would be cautious of a new Therian, with what was going on. And not knowing, if they would have good intentions or bad; if they sought out an Alpha.

“It’s lovely to meet you, Harper.” Elle said softly, as the female in front of her introduced herself as one of the Alpha’s. Listening to her confirm that there were indeed 3 Alphas in their faction. It was a relief, to have someone explain that bit to her a little bit more, especially as it was something that always confused her.

It was probably clear as day, that Elle was indeed very nervous right now. It seemed to amuse the Alpha in front of her, which in turn made her laugh slightly. “Sorry...I am a little bit nervous. I haven’t been a part of a pack before...and I don’t think...I’ve really officially met an Alpha before an either.” Elle admitted, rambling slightly due to the nerves. Hearing her question, the young Therian nodded her head softly. “Yes, I have a small apartment in the City. It’s not far from here either.” Elle said softly. “I can write down the address for you, if you need it.”  She offered. Not sure if any of the people in their faction, might need it. But if they needed to reach her, then it was one of the ways to do so. Apart from emails or phone calls. But it might come in handy for the Alpha to have her home address.

The blonde shook her head giving her hand a little wave to dispel away the apologies Elle was offering her for visiting. "You aren't. I'm here to handle pack business and you are pack business." She grinned, stating the facts quite plainly as was her usual habit. Harper didn't mince words or hide the truth, had she been interrupted to put out by the visit she might have said so but as it was she was at the faction house to handle business that needed tending to and this was just the sort of business the pack Alpha needed to handle. The blonde's head tilted to the side as the brunette offered the information that she had been in the city before, going so far as to state that the city had changed since her last visit. It was a curious comment and one that told Harper a few things that she wanted to delve into further but she wasn't sure right now was the right time.

The smile was back on her face as the young woman admitted to her nerves, the laugh that bubbled up providing a little more evidence to that fact. "No need to be nervous here. You are among friends." The Alpha took in the rest of the information with a small nod, understanding just where she was coming from for she herself hadn't been part of a pack either prior to moving to Evermore. "I've been in your shoes before which I suppose makes me uniquely qualified to help you adjust to being in a pack if that is what you choose to do." The wolf kept her gaze steady, her voice and tone gentle, and her words deliberate. This wouldn't be a choice Elle could enter into without some serious thought or consideration and once part of the pack, always part of the pack.

"Just a phone number, for now, is good. I'll give you mine as well to use whenever you need." She jotted now the number on a sticky note and handed the square of pink paper to the brunette, "Feel free to text or call any time. I just wanted to make sure you had a place to stay, we take care of our own." Harper studied the girl for a few moments, mulling over her words for a few minutes before she opened her mouth again, "I'm always open to taking in new pack members and if that's what you want, I'll call my guy and we can get things rolling with your mark but you need to be sure this is what you want Elle-Mae. I know what it's like to go from being on your own to suddenly find yourself in the midst of a pack; it can be overwhelming and at times suffocating. People constantly around, never a quiet or dull moment, always a pair of eyes watching you or yours watching them, and you never go anywhere alone. It's….a lot."

She grinned, leaning back in her chair remembering all the times she had wanted to scream and run away from the constant murmur of activity and the patronizing grin on Orion's face each time she complained to him about it all. Now, she found the activity and all the noise oddly comforting. Oh, there were times when she needed quiet and her senior pack members made sure she got it but they were never far from her. "It is a lot to adjust to, but when you do adjust there is nothing like it in the world. If you are sure you are ready to take that leap we will get you marked and show you around the pack compound. But this has to be your choice and you have to be 100% sure. No doubts." Her oceanic hues were glued to the young women, measuring her and waiting for an answer or gauging g her readiness. "If you need a few days, take them. It's a big decision. Life changing even."

The Alpha may have been quite precise in wording. But there was a kindness about her; that made Elle feel at ease. Knowing, she was among friends here and not interrupting her from other important matters, lessened the nerves slightly. And for that, she was quite thankful. Having quite a lot going on, around her already. She didn’t need to feel more nervous, that was for sure. Elle could tell, that Harper was seemingly curious about her last visit and experience, in Evermore. Something about the way she was looking at her, told her so. But, it wasn’t exactly a story for today. It was more complicated than she would have liked.

Learning, that Harper was no stranger to situations like Elle was in. Was a bit of a strange relief. Someone, whom would understand her, and what she was going through; maybe. “How long have you been an Alpha? I mean...if It’s alright to ask.” Elle said softly. But she couldn’t help but be curious about how long, Harper had been in charge over the Lycanthrope part of the faction. Harper seemed quiet young, and Elle imagined what a big job it was. To be a leader...or in this case, one of the three leaders for their faction. It must have also taken a lot of courage, and gutts. So, she was a little curious, how much experience she had, in that position.

The young Therian nodded, as Harper just needed a phone number. Pulling out a small notebook, from her bag. Elle jotted down her phone number, before ripping the part of the paper and handing it to Harper, in return for her own. “I’ll keep that in mind, thank you.” Elle said with a slight nod. The young Therian was quiet for a few moments, as Harper was seemingly in deep thought, for a few moments. Considering her request. Elle understood where Harper’s warning was coming from though. It was a big decision. It’s not like, she could take it back. It wouldn’t just be her, anymore. She’d be a part of the pack. More people looking for her. And considering, what she seemed to be going through lately. She also needed to be around her people, more.

Elle nodded her head, understanding it all. “I know, it’s a big choice. Probably one of the biggest, I am making.” She said in agreement. But she had been considering this for a while before she even approached the faction house. It was nice of Harper, to give her a few more days to fully consider it all. “No, I think, I am alright. I have been thinking about this for a week, maybe two.” Elle reassured her. “I am sure,I want to do this.” The young Therian stated. Unwavering in her gaze. Elle was ready, to take that step. And from her expression and tone of voice, she had no doubts. It felt right. Like it was the right decision for her. And hopefully, it would turn out to be like that.

Grinning Harper sat back in her seat, curling on leg up underneath her she considered Elle’s question seriously. “Of course you can ask. It’s not something I keep secret.” The Alpha was pretty open about how she had taken over her pack, those who had been members under Marius knew the situation that had arisen and leads to her becoming Alpha and those who had been inducting into the pack later had been told the story readily. It was one thing she had made sure to stress, her rise to being a leader wasn’t some dirty little secret that needed to be kept hidden. If someone asked about it they were told the entire sordid tale. “I’d say it's been about 3 years now. Give or take a month or two. Doesn’t seem that long and then again some days it seems way longer.”

Reaching out she took the phone number, slipping her phone out of her pocket she punched the digits in and added a new contact into the device. Taking a quick pic of the Therian to add into the contact information she saved the female to her list and added her to the pack group, something told her that despite her warning that Elle think about things Harper was going to be adding a new pack member to the ranks anyway. Not that that was a bad thing, she just had a feeling that this female already had her mind made up and didn’t need any more time to debate the issue. Still, she needed to make the other wolf understand what she was getting into and what she might be giving up by joining the pack. There was a certain amount of freedom in remaining on your own, on not settling down and being able to move from place to place whenever the mood struck you. The call of the pack, however, was seductive.

It was in a wolf’s nature however to seek out the company of other wolves. To want to be a part of the pack and need the camaraderie and closeness of the others. Wolves, as a rule, were not meant to be solitary creatures. As those thoughts crossed the blonde’s mind Elle confirmed that she didn’t need any more time to consider her options, she was ready to join the pack and become part of the Evermore family. Nodding her head with a little smile turning up the corners of her lips Harper rose from her seat, “Alright then. Let’s get you tattoo’d and introduce you to the pack.”

Walking around the desk she opened the door to the office and called down the hallway, “Kevin! Get hold of Tamrin, let her know we need a pack tattoo done ASAP.” Turning back to Elle she gestured her to the right, leading her down the hallway and into a room with a bunch of pool tables and card tables that were currently filled with wolves. “Everyone listen up.” The moment Harper spoke everyone grew quiet, their eyes lowering in respect for a moment before they focused their attention on her. “This is Elle-Mae, she’s our newest pack member. From here on out she is our sister, our friend, our family.” There was a deep growl of assent from the ranks and as Harper turned to address Elle directly her eyes had flooded to a deep ruby red, the color of a wolf Alpha.

She prowled close to Elle-Mae until she was standing directly in front of the female, “Elle-Mae Lovett, do you submit to me as your Alpha?” There was a hush that came over the room as the others in the pack waited for the answer, it was an important part of a ceremony that every new member had to go through. A ritual that would bond Elle to the pack and the pack to her, effectively initiating her into the Evermore Therian Pack.

Listening to Harper. Elle knew the feeling of how few year could seem longer. For her, the last 5 years felt much much longer; almost like every single day had dragged past, in a slow motion. “That is a little while.” she said with a smile. Elle felt curious, about the young woman whom would be her Alpha. Maybe too curious for her own good? She didn’t want to bombard Harper with millions of questions at once, on their first day. But some things were bound to slip out sooner or later. “Did the Alpha rank, run in your family?” Elle asked her. Knowing, some people took over from their family; if they were born into a Werewolf family. But she had no idea, about Harper’s story.

Elle couldn’t deny, that something about joining the ranks was tempting. A new family, outside of her own. Whilst, she knew a few Therians. They were off the other packs; not of the Lycan one. Unless you counted her baby-brother. Elle gave the Alpha a soft smile, as Harper snapped a photo of her, for her contacts. Once that was sorted out. Elle-Mae got up from the chair she was sitting on, following Harper out of her office.

Looking around. She took in the look of the pack house. Before going in the direction, that Harper pointed her in. When they arrived in the room. It was crowded with pack members. Males, females. Older, younger. There was a bit of a variety. Elle-Mae gave a light wave towards everyone, smiling in their direction. “Hey guys..” Elle greeted them, after Harper introduced her to the Therian Pack. Seeing Harper shift, to address her.  Seeing the Alpha’s eyes turn red in color again. The younger head bowed her head in respect.

“I Submit.” Elle-Mae spoke, as her eyes were locked with Harpers. “I pledge my loyalty to you, my Alpha and the pack.” She spoke clearly and honestly. Elle was indeed taking her initiation seriously, and was more than ready.

A light laugh left the blonde as she shook her head, the question was amusing though valid in its curiosity. "No. My parents are both humans. I was turned when I was around 13 or 14. To this day I have no idea who the Therian was who bit me." Grinning as memories of that jaunt through the woods came back to her she couldn't even recall seeing the color of the wolf or any markings that might give the wolf away. Now that she was thinking about it she had never had an impulse if a need to find him or her either, never had the urge to track the person down and demand an answer as to why they had felt the need to turn her. As a teenager she had been terrified of the change but once she had come to terms with the changes in her body she had never looked back. Focusing back on Elle she shrugged, "I was turned when I was young, had never been part of a pack until I found myself Alpha of this one. I haven't really looked back either." That simply wasn't in her nature, acceptance was.

She couldn't blame the young woman for her interest, most of the pack had been with her since the beginning and those who had joined them after had been educated as to her background. It was natural for them to want to know about their Alpha and only fair that they know, after all, Harper wasn't hiding anything. This was who she was, take it or leave it. Ironically many within her pack liked that she came from such humble beginnings, they said it made her fight harder to keep them safe and gave her a unique perspective on things.

Out in the common room, the pack greeted Elle with a mixture of inquisitive hesitancy and polite distance as she was being led around by the Alpha. The moment Harper eyes glazed over to red the rooms atmosphere shifted as if some spell was being cast. It was in moments like this that Harper loved being part of a pack, she could sense every member feel their emotions and anticipation. The excitement that rang through their veins like the siren song of the forest and the call of the wild that burned within their souls, it linked them all together. Tying the threads of their lives together into one tapestry, one heartbeat of a single beast for the pack was life. Never again would any of them ever be alone, never again would any of them take a single step in life without a brother or sister being a step beside or behind them. The pack was one.

Harper bared her teeth the moment Elle made her oath, throwing her head back she let loose with a howl that shook the timbers of the building down to its very foundations. A few seconds later the entire pack joined in, dozens of wolves baying into the sky their joy at having yet another sister join their family. When Harper stopped they all stopped, a wide smile upon the blonde's face as she hugged Elle just as Tamrin arrived carrying the tattoo equipment.

At first, Elle wasn’t so sure, what the other female found so amusing about her question. Only hearing her explanation; only then did Elle realise her question might have sounded silly. But could anyone blame her for being curious? Elle-Mae had yet to get to know the woman before her; so her mind was filled with questions. “ young.” Elle was a little shocked at how young Harper was; when she had first changed. Elle had been 19 getting close to 20, when she first turned. “I imagine, being so must have been a scary time?” Elle knew, how freaked out and scared she was after her first turn. “I know, how freaked out, I was during my first change.” Elle shivered at the memory. But unlike Harper; the Therian bloodline run in her family. Although, she didn’t know about it; before hand until she went through her first change. It took a long time for her to cope with the change, and accept that she was different. Sometimes, she missed the good old days; when things before that were much more simpler. But she couldn’t change anything; it was whom she was...and whom she was slowly embracing; at being. It was a part of her; that she wouldn’t change. No matter, how hard it sometimes could be.

Never in her wildest of dreams, when she first became a Lycanthrope, would Elle-Mae ever imagined; she would be joining a pack. But here she was. About to be a member of a pack; gain a new family. A part of her felt a little nervous, at the prospect. But most of her felt excited and sure, about taking a big leap like this in her life.

The Howl that Harper let loose; could shake through anyone’s bones. Feeling the floor beneath her vibrating; as the rest of the pack joined in. It was unlike anything the Therian ever witnessed. Feeling their joy, rush through her. It made the young woman smile, at being welcomed into the family. The experience left Elle-Mae a little in awe. Seeing the wide smile on the Alpha’s face, caused Elle to smile brightly in return. Her arms wrapped around her Alpa/leader/pack sister. As she hugged her back. From her, a silent thank you for being welcomed into the pack.

Elle noticed the new arrival. This must be Tamrin. Elle greeted Tamrin, a smile still on her face.

“So, how does this work? I there a special spot for the pack tattoo? Or did everyone pick where they want it?” Elle asked curious. Wanting to know, what to expect with the pack tattoo.

Laughing lightly Harper just shrugged, thinking back to the few days leading up to her first change and then the shift that had rocked her world. "It was terrifying but in some ways it was also thrilling. I had spent days hot and temperamental and itchy, not really knowing what it was that was happening to me. When I finally dropped into the shift and realized what was happening it was freeing." Instead of being caught in the thicket of her parents divorce the blonde had sudden had power coursing through her veins and an explanation to the weird goings on within her body. For a young teen just to have control over something as trivial as your body was therapeutic and fantastic. "The hardest part really was hiding what I was afterwards from my parents. I wanted to get out and run all the time but had to be careful because they were both watching me like a hawk."

Shaking her head she remembered exploding on them both on her 15th birthday, their constant hope that they would catch one another in some parenting sin had been enough. Her wolf had nearly torn through her skin and ripped them both apart, which had prompted a solo weekend road trip into the mountains. That had been her first foray into the world of her wolf, traipsing through the wilds and living as a wolf for a couple of days had been amazing. And a bit lonely. Wolves weren't meant to live solitary lives, the pack completed them and it was in the pack that she had found peace.

The Alpha hugged her newest packmate fiercely before letting go, greeting a grinning Tamrin with a similar hug. Turning to Elle Harper chuckled and held out her left arm, her pack tattoo shining on the back of her wrist in beautiful deep black ink. "You pick where it goes. Some choose places that hold meaning for them while others choose places where the tattoo can be hidden because of work restrictions." All around them the pack began showing Elle where they had their tattoos, emphasizing their Alpha's point. "Take a minute to think about it while Tamrin sets up and I'll grab you some water." No matter where it was put the process involved a bit of pain and pain meant sweat. Water was a necessity.

Once Tamrin was set up Harper handed Elle a glass of water and a grin, "Decided?"

The red head, listened to her Alpha’s experience of the change. Unlike Elle. Harper seemed to have handled it much better. “Seems like you had a bit more of a pleasant first time, shifting.” Elle bit her inner cheek slightly. “I was in my first year of College, when I first shifted. I was at a party, with a few friends. I don’t know, if some people were just being mean for the sake of it...or just drunk. But they decided to get on my nerves; by trash talking about my brothers...both of whom, have their issues.” Both her brothers had anger issues. Her younger brother, seemed to be more prone to mood swings than their half brother. “Being angry didn’t help, when the shift hit. My father, never really warned me and my baby brother, what we truly were. I accidentally hurt, someone that night; that was near me.” She frowned at the memories. Sharing her own experience with the Alpha. “After that, I was too scared to go near my own family, for a year. I tried avoiding people. It took me a little while, to get used to it all, and learn the ropes by myself, if you will.” That was a tough year. Seeing the family was crumbling apart even more; with her mother’s passing. But that was one thing, the girls had in common. Dealing with the shift alone.

Elle felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of her; sharing her own experience with Harper. Hopefully, she wouldn’t be judged for it. But her Alpha probably heard all different stories/experiences from her pack members, when it came to their first shifts.

Listening to her Alpha explain, the tattoo could go a place of her own choosing. Elle nodded. Glancing down at the beautiful tattoo that shone on the back of her wrist. Everyone had picked different and some interesting spots. It seemed to help her a little bit. “Alright.” she said softly. Whilst Tamrin was setting things up. Elle began to think, where she’d want her tattoo. Her first tattoo at that. It wasn’t just a pack tattoo. Since her work was mainly work from home; she wasn’t so restricted. 

When Harper returned, she smiled taking the glass. “I think so. I would like it here.” Elle gestured to a visible spot; below her right shoulder. It seemed like a good spot.

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