Audrina had been nestled up in Nik's arms when the air in her lungs seemingly began to slip away, causing her to pant as she jolted awake in a cold sweat. Her hands shook and sweat rolled down her forehead, while her heart thumped against her chest rapidly. Would this ever end? She feared that the things she had done in her past, would always find a way to catch up with her. Audrina wasn't the innocent cute rich girl everyone saw her for. In fact, no one knew who she really was, not even Nikolas. And that very thing was beginning to break the Diviner down in ways she was sure she wouldn't be able to pick herself up from. 

Her past always found a way to worm it's way in between her and whatever it was making her happy, so here she was, yet again, trying to run away from it all. Nikolas had been the only normal thing for Audrina in years. Ever since she had been taken away by Jacob, and tortured in ways no female could ever forget, she'd simply forgotten how to trust genuine, decent people. But, Nikolas had found a way to show her she could trust him. Even though he didn't know her story, or who she was, he had simply swept her off her feet. 

For weeks now, Audrina had been debating on telling Nikolas the truth, and peeling off the mask she wore around him, a mask that made her seem like a strong, independent woman who needed nothing from no one. The layer underneath that though, was that of a broken shell. Audrina had been in prison, laundered money, gotten involved with a car dealer ship that traded her counterfeit money for real money, which put millions in her bank account, and also put her behind bars. And, while Audrina hadn't ever killed anyone, that was her next dirty deed. She was going to kill Jacob and just be free of him once and for all. However much wrong she had done, she often found herself thanking the heavens above that she hadn't committed murder. Doing that, wouldn't have only had her right back in prison, but also she would have became a dark Diviner. 

Sighing to herself, Audrina quietly got out of bedm and went to the bathroom to splash some cold water on her face, deciding to push those thoughts to the back of her mind for now, in order to have a decent brunch with Nikolas. The maids were near being done with the enormous amount of food they always fixed for brunch, so the blonde Diviner shuffled around quickly to get herself ready for the day. She wasn't sure what she would say to Nik, when all of this started coming to light about her past, but .. she was happy that she was at least now in the headspace to let him in a little more. 

Once she was ready, Audrina re-joined Nikolas, whom still slept soundly in her bed, or at least she assumed he was still asleep. Either way, she was ready to start this day with him, and hopefully not in a way that would end everything the two of them had built with each other so far. 

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The Dhampir had been quiet, just laid with Audrina thinking about how his life came to be after moving to America. When he felt her jolt herself to the awaken world he looked down feeling something was not right about her.  He wrapped his arms around Drina to tell her to know he is here without saying anything at all. Nikolas given her kissed on her temple, he didn’t know how sweaty she really is. What could he say? Nik didn’t like to upset her or anything but one for sure there is something he is missing but he does not know what got his Drina so scared enough for her to react the way she did. 

Nikolas pretended to be sleeping to give the Diviner room to breath and have her thoughts to herself. When he opened his blue eyes, watching her get up from his arms seeing her go to the bathroom. He sat up seeing how troubled she really looks didn’t feel right to Nikolas. Something was wrong and he had no idea what is going on within her mind. He laid in bed once again when he saw her about to walk out as he closed his eyes being in the same way she left him pretending to sleep one again. He respects her privacy no matter if he walks into the room my mistake her will turn around and walk back out waiting for her to say the word. 

After a new minute, he left the bed move a little when the blonde joined him. Nikolas opened his eyes to see her looking at him as he smiled. “Hey, Beautiful. You got up before I did that is something I didn’t expect at all.” Nikolas said with worry in his voice. He can’t tell her he watched her and saw how troubled she looks even if she still does look troubled. “How did you sleep?” he asked sitting up with a yawn waiting for her to answer him.

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