Daniel had been at university for a few months and he'd decided life here quite suited him, there was a free and youthful atmosphere that fitted with him well. He'd made a lot of friends already, studying sports tended to help with that, he'd met a fair few of the cheerleaders along with people who just liked to hang out at the sports field. That didn't leave him a lot of time back at the dorms so he did sometimes try to make time to check back to the room every so often for Seojun.

The grumpy male tended to keep to himself though and he was usually off chasing one of the redheads in the girls dorms who he liked to remind Daniel often wasn't his girlfriend. The human liked the experience of being single at college though, it left him the freedom to hang out with whoever wanted, and with his roommate rarely being around it wasn't exactly hard to sneak people in here and there.

That was all due to change today though, he'd known for about week they were planning to fill the empty room in their shared apartment. And of course as soon as they told him the guy's name he had totally stalked him on social media, he was pretty cute he had to admit. Mostly he was trying to ensure his new roommate wasn't going to be as miserable as the other one because it would be nice to have someone to drag to parties with him. He had just gotten back from practice, heading up the stairs and into the room before noticing that new guy's stuff was already in his room but there was no sign of him.

Daniel raised a curious brow and turned back towards the main room wondering where he could have gone, he headed out of the hall and peered curiously before heading out towards the shared bathroom. He couldn't hear the sound of the shower running but when he pushed on the door to open it, it was locked it "Is someone in there?" he questioned curiously, he usually went for a shower after practice because usually no one else was around this time of day, either at class or study hall. 

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He nodded quickly as if he was questioning his integrity. To be fair, Jihoon has never really rejected people. Not really. He has only declined offers, not so much for rejecting said person outrightly. He is far too nice to say no. “Of course, I would. Is there any reason why I shouldn’t? You’d return it back instead of keeping it to yourself, right?” he teased, there was no way Daniel would be able to do that anyway, not when they obviously live in the same space. How are you supposed to hide something from your roommates? An object anyhow, when it comes to secrets, Jihoon himself is guilty of that. You can’t tell a human what you are, they’re not supposed to even know supernaturals exist and live amidst them. Dae’s warning kept circling back to the newborn who sometimes found it annoying that it’s slowly becoming an alarm. “I’m not really a party guy, are you? You look like you know everyone… those kinds of people always mingle around at parties, right?”

Even before this life, the valkyr often kept to himself because he didn’t like to suffer headaches and unnecessary hangovers. Not when every day is an evaluation day for him, not when he has to keep practicing because he’s not perfect. That kind of mindset would’ve eaten him alive, so he was trying to get out of that now that he had the chance to pursue his other dream without any worry. “It must be tiring to have something to control you like that…” Dancing used to be his passion, god he still loves it, but at some point in his life, Jihoon realized his perfectionism and strict routines made it exhausting, almost as if it’s slowly becoming a chore and not his usual hobby. That was scary. “Maybe, we can have both matches, lacrosse, and football, it’ll be fun I think. But we’ll need teams.” He was sure it was easy to find football teams since Daniel is already part of one, but he wasn’t sure if any of them played lacrosse here. “Is there a lacrosse club here?” He might feel tempted to join one if there was.

His eyes grew double the size as his mouth gaped in awe after hearing that their roommate, the rumored to be hot-tempered one, had a girlfriend. “Of course he’s taken, guys like that always have girls with them” he chuckled, he wasn’t surprised. “Is she a student here too? Do you know her?” Seems like there is drama here too. It wasn’t until he caught the friend zoning part that Jihoon bit his lip because well that must’ve hurt. “Yeah, thanks for giving me the heads up, I think if I brought it up accidentally and you didn’t tell me she’s not really his girlfriend, he would’ve ripped me to shreds.” Somehow, Jihoon had a feeling that it wouldn't be impossible. Who knows if his other roommate is a human like Daniel too? Is Daniel even human? He smelt like one, he acted like one, but not every species had telling features to them. He had to snap his attention out of it, why are you even eyeing your roommate, you’re not a hormonal teenager, he scolded himself. Did he have a peek when Daniel came out halfway wearing his shirt? Yes, so he caught a glimpse of the upper half too. “I have no idea, honestly. I don’t go out much and I don’t know the neighborhood as well as I think you do. But I do intend to stop by this one bakery.” He rolled up his sleeves slightly and stretched his limbs before pulling out his phone, “I don’t think it’s closing until 2 more hours, will… Seojun want to come with us?”

Daniel couldn’t help the wry smile that appeared on his lips when the other male questioned why he shouldn’t lend something to him “Oh dear rookie, you’re gonna get eaten alive here if you aren’t careful” he teased playfully, it was honestly refreshing though because Jihoon’s whole attitude and aura was so different to everyone else. “I’m perfectly polite though, anything I borrow I always return” he also wasn’t the kind of guy who tried to borrow money from others but he knew plenty of people on campus who did, broke college student life and all. “I’m probably the very definition of the party guy” he teased with an effortless smile “You know they’re actually quite fun when you have someone to hang out with” he raised his brows as though to suggest he could come along with him.

“It was, didn’t really see it at the time but I swear nothing else mattered to me” it was exhausting and also unhealthy but he didn’t see it at the time, now he distanced himself he realized just how much control he had let it have when it came to him “The funny part is that I don’t even know why anymore, I guess the idea of winning was just…” he made an explosion gesture as though to suggest it made everything big. “Teams shouldn’t be an issue, I’m sure plenty of the football guys would love to give something new a try” they were all pretty competitive and loved a challenge. He pondered for a moment when Jihoon asked if there was a lacrosse team “I’m sure there probably is, swear this place has every sport they could squeeze onto the list” the other male didn’t have a stocky build but he could see he was well toned enough to comfortably play sports.

“If by taken you mean completely drooling over her whenever she’s around, sure” he chuckled slightly, he’d slyly suggested the other male should just tell her how he felt in the past but he’d gotten promptly scolded to keep his nose out of his business and given up, sore topic, he could respect that he supposed “Can’t say anyone could blame him though, she’s pretty as hell” he commented and nodded “She’s been around a few times, fiery girl but somehow...sweet too” he chuckled, impressive really “But yeah...of all the topics to tease him about, that’s the one to avoid” Seojun probably really would do some damage if he got annoyed from that particular topic and he didn’t want to be around to have to clean up after that.

After he finished getting dressed her stepped out into the hallway and tilted his head “A bakery huh?” well the good news is that Daniel would eat pretty much anything so whatever Jihoon had in mind he could be counted in. He came closer to inspect the map he had up on his phone and nodded “I’ve never been to the place but that’s the downtown area, pretty easy to get to from here” he stuffed his hands into his pockets and headed towards the door “Seojun probably won’t be back until late, he has a job of some sorts, though I’m pretty sure it must be something to do with the mafia because he won’t tell me a word about it” he laughed and jerked his chin “Let’s go rookie” he teased playfully.

He raised his eyebrows questioningly when he said that out loud, what did he mean by that he’ll be eaten alive if he’s not careful? He’s guessing it’s a figure of speech, which does still make him blush in embarrassment because well damn, that made him look like a total amateur as if he’s never gone through the life of a college student. “I’ll be careful” he nodded, or at least that’s what he’s trying to tell himself he’ll do. “It’s not exactly my first year in college, not really the… uh, freshie? Is that what you call them?” He’s been through college, hell he graduated already and was on his road to becoming a professional dancer in the showbiz before that was taken away from him.

“When I was in my old… school, parties were heavily frowned upon” he quickly held both his hands up and cleared his throat afterward, “I mean, no I was not raised in a conservative household nor was my school located there, it’s just that I was filled with a lot of disciplined people? Admittedly, there were a few who took on medicines… drugs, and whatnot, but parties weren't really their thing because they got caught.” And the last thing you want to do is get lectured by your instructor, that’s a pain. “But that was before I met you, so I guess I have someone to look for if I ever wanted to get into the scene, right?” Daniel seems harmless enough anyway, nothing would go wrong with trusting his roommate. If Jihoon can’t trust this guy, then who can he trust here?

Based on what was told to him, his other roommate is a grumpy guy who would rather not be disturbed. So he was planning on keeping their interactions or interruptions minimal. He could relate when he talked about it becoming somewhat unhealthy because it was their life. Some days, he did want to return to that honestly, a life when all he had was just dance and dance. It’s his passion for a reason, his way of escaping the world when he wants to. A way for him to just get out without getting weird looks from people. “I’ll go check out if there’s a lacrosse club and maybe we can muster up a few teams to give it a go, I’ll show you my refined skills” he winked playfully, the valkyr was pretty confident on a few of what he could do, namely cooking, dancing, and of course, lacrosse. Everything else? He’s probably terrible at them, but that’s because nobody’s perfect, right?

Yikes, that does sound like a sensitive topic he should try his best not to bring up around Seojun. Friend zoning is harsh for them. “I hope… things work out well between them?” It sounded more like a question rather than a statement because Jihoon wasn’t sure if that’s the best thing to go within their situation. “I passed it when I was getting here but it was still closed at that time so I didn’t get the chance to try their goods.” Was it fine not to bring Seojun along though? Honestly, he was a bit worried that the roommate he still has yet to meet would have bad impressions on him and he didn’t want to shed a bad light on himself. “Mafia?” That sounded more real than it is not, which is seriously making the valkyr think twice about a lot of things. He led Daniel out and while walking down the hallways, he cleared his throat and glanced over to him, “Are you sure it’s fine if we don’t tell him about the bakery trip? What if he wants something from there too?”

Daniel supposed there was a difference between such a prestigious school and one like this in Evermore, it wasn’t a world famous university or anything like Julliard but he honestly enjoyed the culture here and the chance to get away from the life he had before “Freshman” he responded and chuckled slightly “But whether you like it or not, you’re in your freshman year at this college” he teased and shook his head slightly. “Frowned upon huh?” he chuckled and shrugged “Well you’ll get in all sorts of trouble if you try to hold one in the dorms but there’s plenty of people who live off-campus” Daniel was friends with a lot of people so he usually got invited.

He chuckled and nudged Jihoon’s shoulder with his own “You’ll soon learn to ditch that uptightness and have a little fun, I promise” he’d definitely met a few of a similar type, preferred to spend all their time studying and would decline every invitation but eventually they would get curious enough to partake a little. “What about you, did you try any...medicines?” he teased purposely emphasizing the words he had used. “I swear you’re the only person I’ve met who talks about joining clubs on their first day” he teased and grinned, it was pretty cute though, the way he seemed so focused on getting to experience everything, perhaps Daniel could learn a little from him.

“Well then I’ll look forward to it” he responded with a coy smile, he could already tell the other male took good care of himself so he was definitely curious to see how he would be on the field, Daniel definitely found people who were good at sports attractive at least. “Me too, maybe then he’ll lighten up a little and stop threatening to throw my clothes out the window” he rolled his eyes, being roommates was definitely challenging but over time the two of them had come somewhat to an understanding.

“A joke” he responded when Jihoon rightly seemed concerned about the mafia comment “I hope a least, whatever he does for work he’s very secretive about it though” it made him curious but he knew better than to ask because firstly, Seojun was able to come up with answers for anything on the spot and secondly, he would just tell him to butt out of his business. “It’s fine, we can pick him up a pastry” that would be more than enough he was sure “Besides, I want a chance to get to know you” he shrugged nonchalantly,

He chuckled when Daniel pointed out that he was still a freshman in college despite it not being his first time, which made Jihoon raise both hands up in defense playfully "Freshman it is, guess I'll go through it once again but maybe this time, I'll have the opportunity to focus more on fun instead of being the overachieving." That was what he thought of when he came here. Parties being held off campus seems more likely, if he had friends, which he only had a few to count with one hand right now. At least in Evermore. "All my friends thought I'm dead and you're the one of the few I know in Evermore though the two I've lived with can probably hold a big party." Dae and Yeon really do know how to party, that much he knows. The hedonistic nature of those two, god knows who could measure it. 

"I'm not that uptight" that naturally brought up a pout on the valkyr's lips, he wasn't that conservative either. He just never did have the time to spend on anything else back then. A dancer has to maintain a certain discipline after all. And Juilliard was strict enough to keep him on his toes 24/7. He swore his cheeks flushed slightly when Daniel mentioned medicines, that was one way to describe them. "Uh… depends on your definition" Though he could've sounded unsure, he did try once or twice when he was in high school. He didn't make it a habit obviously or else he would never make it into evaluations. "Maybe I'm just enthusiastic about organisations, my former roommate have been keeping me inside the house for a long while ever since I moved here. You have enough idea what it took to convince him I can live alone." 

Jihoon wouldn't be brave enough to call the niveid a worry wart but he is protective over him. "You and me both" he grinned sheepishly, he couldn't wait when he could finally be on the field once again. It felt like it's been forever. It didn't help that before he was let out, Jihoon didn't have the time to spend it on sports outside of regular workouts. He's always busy. "He threatened to throw your clothes out the window? Aren't we at like… the 4th floor?" He did peer down earlier from the window which made him wonder how noisy the dorm probably could have been at night with all the students living there. "Was that an empty threat or has he actually done that?" 

Maybe he has reasons to be worried over the other roommate because god he sounds scary. Though when Daniel told him that Seojun is secretive about his job, he realized the other person must be a supernatural too, and maybe tried to keep their human roommate away from getting into a mess. "So you're using this as an excuse to steal me away?" He teased as they went past the entrance and head down the hill. "You're not really selling me on our roommate though, the more you tell me not to worry about him, the scarier he sounds…"

Daniel nodded slightly “Well first year doesn’t contribute to your final grade so...maybe spend a little less time trying to get 100% and a little more...being yourself” he didn’t mean he needed to skip classes or fail at all, but there was plenty of time to put his nose in a book all night once things started getting closer. “Come to a party with me next time, if you hate it, I won’t make you go to another, how’s that sound?” he offered a bright smile, confident he could make it enjoyable for him. Daniel raised his brows when Jihoon joked about his friends thinking he was dead “Maybe you should call them then” he commented and chuckled, if that was the case he was sure they were worried about him.

Daniel patted his back gently when he said he wasn’t that uptight, perhaps he was right because Daniel definitely thought he could work with him at least, he seemed like a nice person and he could respect him for being so dedicated to his studies, it wasn’t easy to keep that level of focus, especially during a second round. He had to admit, he was expecting the other male to deny he had gone anywhere near drugs so he naturally leaned closer in interest when he said it depended on his definition “You know exactly what I’m asking” he teased playfully, raising his brows as though to suggest he should fess up. He pressed his lips together when he explained that his former roommate didn’t want him to live alone “He’s protective?” he had to wonder if this roommate might have cared for him as more than a friend.

Daniel averted his gaze for a moment when Jihoon asked him if Seojun had really thrown his clothes out of the window “It was one time” he commented and shook his head slightly, they’d refused to speak to one another for weeks after that happened and Daniel was still bitter about it “Let’s just say testing him isn’t a good idea” admittedly he’d been drunk and probably deserved it which was why he had let it go and was now amiable with the other male. “Don’t worry about it though, he only gets annoyed with me because I can be a cocky ass when I’m drunk” he shook his head slightly.

“Exactly, you’re all mine for the afternoon” he teased as they headed out of the university grounds and headed off towards the area where cabs and ubers usually pulled up “You wanna split a ride over to save time or should we go full broke college kid and walk the distance?” he chuckled under his breath. “He’s not so bad, just grumpy is all, you’ll get used to him before long” Jihoon seemed like the type who would keep to himself so it’d be fine.

He wasn't used to just chilling with his studies, even when he was back in Juilliard or hell, high school, he always took it seriously. He had to maintain a proper record with good grades if he wanted to keep his scholarship and whatnot. Besides, it was just good to keep a nice look. "I can try? I mean that's new to me to just lay back and cut down some stuff but yeah I can do it" how hard could it be anyway? Daniel was proposing quite the proposal honestly, he should take this chance to get out of his comfort zone and try to enjoy his second chance at life, right? Or else, wouldn't he just be back at square one? He gave up his career as a professional choreographer, shouldn't he take this? Live a little, he reminded himself. "Alright, you better show me the ropes around here then."Jihoon pressed his lips together and gave him a sheepish and awkward smile when the other male told him to contact his friends, not possible. 

His eyes widened when he leaned in with that amused look, right he had told him that he did try that once or twice, which wasn't surprising considering everyone loves to be experimental back in Juilliard honestly. More than you'd think they would. "Yeah… Why ask a question you obviously already have the answer to?" he retorted wittily, that's a yes on his part. "Have you?" If he's quite the party guy as he said he was, then it's not surprising he hasn't come across it at least once. And he seems to be quite the carefree and fun person too. Like there's not much inhibition. The valkyr nodded in affirmation because to say Dae's protectiveness would be an understatement sometimes "He's a scary guy so I was actually more afraid that he'd break someone's bones even if they were just sending me off home." That could actually happen, it's crazy. 

He couldn't help but laugh when that incident really took place, so Seojun is also impulsive to throw his roommate's clothes from where they lived, which is quite the trip downstairs if he's being honest, considering the building's architecture. "How cocky?" He couldn't imagine if he could be any more cocky, honestly, but then again people's drunken selves are either different or the exact thing they've been trying to hide from others. He wanted to ask if it's really fine to leave their third roommate out of the equation but decided against it in the end, if Daniel said he wouldn't mind then he wouldn't mind, right? "I mean I don't mind walking, is it that far? I thought you're pretty athletic" he teased, nudging him slightly, his newfound valkyr stamina still surprised him until today, he's already had an amount prior to his second life but all he did when he was home was train and cook so it built up. 

"The way you described him makes it feel like you've known him since high school, are you that friendly with everyone? Does anyone even not know you?" He just radiates that kind of energy, something Jihoon is honestly comfortable with.

Daniel found it amusing that it sounded like Jihoon was trying to convince himself he could do it, it was an admirable notion but he was pretty sure the other male would be back to having his nose in a book every night within 2 weeks. “The fact you’re saying that relaxing a little is going to be hard definitely tells me you’re never going to actually do it” he teased and chuckled “But I’m interested in seeing how the attempt turns out” he teased and tilted his head playfully. He chuckled when Jihoon told him off for asking a question he already suspected the answer to “It’s much more fun to get people to confess their dirty little secrets” he teased and grinned “A little here and there, nothing too heavy but you have to live a little” he stayed away from the addictive stuff though.

He arched a brow at the thought of someone that protective “Sounds like he’s more like a brother than a roommate if you ask me” though he didn’t know the guy and had only just met Jihoon it was clear there was a deep friendship between them from the way the other male talked about him. He laughed and shook his head, he had been pissed at the time but now it was just more entertaining than anything “One of those stories that I’m definitely going to carry with me to my grave, everyone’s gonna know about the roommate who got so annoyed he did the classic girl kicking you out move” Daniel scrunched his nose and laughed softly.

Daniel rolled his eyes “Just because I’m athletic doesn’t mean I go out of my way to walk everywhere like a lunatic” he commented and shook his head in amusement, “but we can walk, most of the cabs are busy picking people up to head over to the bars this time anyway” after classes everyone would go out for dinner and then head over to the bars and clubs to drink most nights, it was actually quite strange to be heading in the other direction. He shrugged in response to his question “I don’t find people hard to get along with, everyone’s different but that’s what makes everyone interesting” he commented and shrugged “Like you for example, mister mysteriously goes to university twice but seems happy as can be to do so” he chuckled slightly “What’s the plan after round 2?” he questioned wondering what his goals were.

When he said that, Jihoon could feel a pout forming on his lips because Daniel wasn’t really wrong, the valkyr is hard to stay still in general, he had to do something, hence why he picked up both culinary and dancing at the same time, having no problem when it comes to juggling it in his already hectic schedule. Sometimes he wondered if that made him a workaholic but he soon realized there’s a new definition of that after he saw Yeon. “Me too... “ he muttered under his breath, he wanted to see how well it turns out if he tried it. Anything is possible if you put your mind and effort into it, right? He could feel a lump forming in his throat when he heard the human talked about dirty little secrets and having people confess to it “Should I be afraid to be one of your targets for that?”

God knows he could not keep a secret properly if someone kept egging him on since Jihoon is another who crumbles under pressure if you know which points to poke. “I am living a little” he grumbled, in his defense, he’s doing better than in his previous life. Could he say Dae is a brother figure? Perhaps. “I guess you’re right but don’t let him hear that or he might actually wring my neck…” You don’t want to test the niveis, sometimes he’d prove you wrong or right just for the sake of it. It’s scary. He’s really curious about Seojun, from the stories he heard from Daniel, there was a lot to unload honestly. He sounds both scary and genuine? It reminds him a lot like Daehyun Stormwind, but maybe minus the cold murderous aura.

“But walking is healthy…” That’s what he thought, as a student, Jihoon always did his cardio diligently. He had to maintain his physique and flexibility is a big grade in dancing. While he was walking down the road with his roommate, the valkyr cleared his throat and mumbled something incoherent to himself. “I feel like you can be a scary person if you want to be… you know the type of person you don’t suspect in thrillers? Because they seemed trustworthy and knows pretty much every secret on campus?” Yeah, that one.

“Is it weird to be happy to go to university twice?” He had fun in Juilliard but the thought of having the time to hone his culinary skills that used to be nothing more than his side hobby was more than appealing to him. “After round 2? I don’t know honestly… came here with the goal of graduating again so I can move on and make good use of my skills, and uh… be someone who could contribute to society?” Does that sound naive coming from him?

Daniel noticed the visible change in Jihoon which told him the other male was really worried about him being a target, he quirked his brow out of curiosity “Why? Do you have some deep dark secrets just waiting to be uncovered?” he questioned and tilted his head slightly, well now he was really curious what a guy like this was able to hide. “A little” he repeated after the other male and narrowed his eyes “Are you trying to convince me or yourself?” he questioned with a wry smile.

Daniel chuckled and pursed his lips “Well there’s worse things in the world than having someone who sees you like a sibling” though he guessed this guy was the type to pretend they didn’t have close connections with others, he’d met many people like that and he honestly wasn’t sure how they managed to keep their walls up so high, if it wasn’t so sad he would be impressed. “You really are quite the opposite of an average student” he teased with a chuckle, no one wanted to walk, they’d rather drive or take a cab but of course Jihoon was an advocate for health.

“Oh I can when I want to be” he agreed with Jihoon, he was hard to bring to his full temper but by the time he reached it, you could bet he was ready to tear someone apart for getting him that pissed off “Though people really have to deserve it for me to go after them” he responded and shrugged, he didn’t have the time or patience to be getting sucked into other people’s negativity honestly. “I don’t think it’s weird, expensive as hell sure but if you’re changing your path to something you enjoy then by all means” people had the freedom to do whatever they wanted even if it seemed illogical to others.

Daniel smiled softly at Jihoon’s vague answer to the question and pressed his lips together “Well the good news is that you’ve got 3 years to figure out the answer” he commented and grinned, by now they had made it a decent way through the streets and the buildings were starting to become closer together as they made it to a busier part of the city “So what was it about this particular bakery that makes it worth the trek?” not that he minded tagging along but it was a very specific thing and that made him very curious.

He swore he could hear the way he swallowed hard the moment Daniel asked him with that curious look, on whether he had secrets to be hidden. "Uh… don't everyone?" Everyone had their secrets, right? Well, admittedly theirs were probably not one that is shrouded with supernatural secrecy and how they're a being who survives on blood. Regular people anyways. But he managed to give Daniel a smile and shrugged, trying to make it seem like he was playing it off. "You" he huffed when the human asked whether he was trying to convince him or himself, before ending up sighing after giving the other male a look "Me. Maybe me too…" 

He wasn't wrong, there's worse things compared to that. "I mean unless you want your relationship to progress further and it was just stuck there as a sibling-like figure, then that's a disaster to the person." Which is definitely not his situation right now with Dae. Don't get wrong, the niveis has this… attraction about him and he was sure Yeon would agree, Jihoon had to affirm Daehyun Stormwind is an attractive bloke, but he couldn't possibly feel any attraction to him, no way. "Is that… good? Or bad? I mean I was a dance captain as well as captain of my lacrosse team so… doing cardio is hardly anything on my daily routine?" He bit his lip sheepishly and grinned, nudging him a bit as he teased, "I'm sure a guy like you can match up." 

Jihoon nodded in understanding when he said people had to be worth his anger, he liked that. Someone who knows his worth. He rubbed the back of his head awkwardly and hummed softly in affirmation, yeah it was expensive to do that but he had to have something to live for again. "3 years… that's plenty, I'll figure something out." It's just like your first year getting into Juilliard's, he told himself, only things are different now… much more different. The situation was not the same either. "It has really soft bread… I wanted to learn from the baker honestly… and their apple crumble is the best, it's making me drool just thinking about it. You really should try it out. It's so warm and refreshing after a vanilla ice cream scoop."

Well one thing was for sure, Jihoon wasn’t very good at lying but Daniel wasn’t going to pressure him to spill all his secrets day one, they barely got to know one another yet after all “Guess they do…at the very least they have things they’d rather others didn’t know” which was slightly different in his mind but could easily tip the scales later down the line. Daniel didn’t like talking about a lot of his past but none of it was a secret either, if someone asked him about it, he’d talk, but he wasn’t going to be the one bringing it up.

Daniel smirked when he admitted he was trying to convince himself he was living “Well from today you’ll know where to find me if you need help spicing things up a little” he left it at that, he wasn’t going to be the one to dictate others on how they lived their lives but he was more than happy to provide opportunity. He chuckled softly “Yeah I guess being friendzoned is bad but being siblingzoned…you aren’t ever getting out of there” he chuckled and shook his head slightly, he couldn’t say he’d experienced it but he knew people who had.

He smiled and shrugged when Jihoon asked if it was good or bad “It’s you, don’t let anyone tell you that it’s good or bad to be yourself, you just are” he nodded slightly, no one needed to explain their likes and dislikes to him “Here and there…mostly out of pure cardio than good choices though” he admitted and nudged him back slightly “I like snacks too much” he admitted and chuckled. “Hopefully 3 years is enough for me to figure out where I’m going too” he murmured and nodded, after all, he didn’t really know exactly what he wanted to do either, going professional was a lot of pressure he wasn’t sure he needed.

Daniel raised his brow feeling his stomach growl a little at the mention of the examples of food Jihoon listed “God that sounds like heaven right now” he continued to walk alongside him, hands in his pockets “Maybe I’ll have to try this apple crumble” he murmured and grinned, he could tell already that Jihoon was going to be an interesting person to be friends with.

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