Daniel had been at university for a few months and he'd decided life here quite suited him, there was a free and youthful atmosphere that fitted with him well. He'd made a lot of friends already, studying sports tended to help with that, he'd met a fair few of the cheerleaders along with people who just liked to hang out at the sports field. That didn't leave him a lot of time back at the dorms so he did sometimes try to make time to check back to the room every so often for Seojun.

The grumpy male tended to keep to himself though and he was usually off chasing one of the redheads in the girls dorms who he liked to remind Daniel often wasn't his girlfriend. The human liked the experience of being single at college though, it left him the freedom to hang out with whoever wanted, and with his roommate rarely being around it wasn't exactly hard to sneak people in here and there.

That was all due to change today though, he'd known for about week they were planning to fill the empty room in their shared apartment. And of course as soon as they told him the guy's name he had totally stalked him on social media, he was pretty cute he had to admit. Mostly he was trying to ensure his new roommate wasn't going to be as miserable as the other one because it would be nice to have someone to drag to parties with him. He had just gotten back from practice, heading up the stairs and into the room before noticing that new guy's stuff was already in his room but there was no sign of him.

Daniel raised a curious brow and turned back towards the main room wondering where he could have gone, he headed out of the hall and peered curiously before heading out towards the shared bathroom. He couldn't hear the sound of the shower running but when he pushed on the door to open it, it was locked it "Is someone in there?" he questioned curiously, he usually went for a shower after practice because usually no one else was around this time of day, either at class or study hall. 

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He hummed softly in affirmation when Daniel said that, it was unlikely to find any lie in that kind of statement. "Sometimes… It's good that others don't know. You can't know everything, right? Who knows if it'll be detrimental to them…" Like how he couldn't couldn't the human before him right now that he's not exactly… human. Hiding the fact that he's a valkyr would technically be considered a white lie too, right? He couldn't help but blush because what does he even mean by spicing things up a little? It sounded so… ominous. But at the same time, Jihoon had to admit, he was curious to know. 

"Siblingzoned… have you ever done that? I mean being on the receiving end and giving one" He met plenty of people who were friendzoned but to be siblingzoned? That sounds painful honestly. But the valkyr doubted someone like him would have gone through that. He looks like that idelaistic handsome quarterback you'd see in the coming-of-age movies. Only he's not realistic… not with that face. God he is one handsome guy. "There's no need to rush when you're doing your studies like this… you don't want to miss out on the things you wished you would've had the chance to do" Admittedly he's saying this because technically, he did graduate school and he was killed so both scenarios gave him enough input to talk about it. 

"As long as you're doing fine and you're happy… that's enough." Maybe it shouldn't be that easy but shouldn't they at least try to do that? They owed some happiness to themselves. "Apple crumble with vanilla ice cream…" Yeah, his mouth is watering too. The signage was so aesthetically pleasing and before long, he found himself pushing past the entrance door and the sound of the bells rang familiarly in his ears. The smell of baked goods filled the air and the valkyr groaned "I'm tempted to rush to the kitchen…" He dragged him to take a seat and pointed to the pastries displayed at the front "Look…"

Daniel shrugged his shoulders slightly, if it reminded him of one thing it was that people were complicated and everyone was fighting their own fight in their own way, not everyone felt comfortable enough to be open about their experiences and reality and they didn’t have to be, not if it caused them trauma or pain at least “You just have to find that right balance of finding people you can trust…keeping something to yourself alone will end up making you explode” he was the poster child for someone who spent far too long bottling up their emotions.

Daniel laughed and shrugged his shoulders “I haven’t, but I’ve known people who grew up alongside others…you know like a childhood friend they ended up having feelings for? That rarely works out the way both people were hoping for” but it wasn’t anyone’s fault right? People had the right to feel however they wanted about others, even if they didn’t align. “That’s the plan, I’ve got a while to just…live” and he wanted to do that, because what he had been through had drilled one very clear thing into him, you had to live while you were here, because you never knew when it could come to an end “But I still wanna figure it out you know…it’d be good to have some kind of…goal” but it was hard to imagine what he might want to spend the next big chunk of his life doing.

“Well my parents are hoping for a bit more direction than that but” he shrugged slightly, they could wait, there was still time and right now they were busy being proud that their son had gotten into college. He licked his lips at the mention of crumble with vanilla ice cream “I have the feeling being around you is going to be a constant state of being hungry” he teased, he honestly hadn’t expected for a culinary student to be joining his dorm. Daniel followed Jihoon with a bemused expression on his face because of how excited and passionate he seemed “You weren’t kidding about really wanting to come here huh” he took a seat across from him and eyed the pastries he was pointing out “They do smell pretty amazing though” his stomach even grumbled in response.

Looking at Daniel and the dorm he just entered reminded him of the life that perhaps he could've had but also missed out on. It's true that he did lead a good life up until now but the moment he got in Juilliard, life has been pretty unpredictable for him, everything was in a constant state of perfection and knowing just how much of a perfectionist the valkyr could be, it's crazy to even match half of it. Here, it's where he could take his time learning and enjoying what he couldn't. Maybe there was something he could learn from this second chance. Yeon saved him and he should make use of this card the best he could. "That doesn't seem nice… some people might wish it would turn out well, like you know… people who have their best friends? That they end up crushing you eventually? Will that one not work out too?" 

He was curious, though admittedly just like what Daniel has said, it was a rare occurrence to see anything from the high school days being brought up in the future. The whole definition of the past remains the past. The moment his ears caught the word live, he swore his heart was about to jump out. Why does that word feel so sensitive? "Funny how that word is so foreign to me too… how do you define living, exactly?" Is it just enjoying your life? Was that the only basis of it? "I had a goal, and I achieved it… and I was happy. But then I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue doing that now… I think it's like living a different life while being the same person? I'm not sure if that's possible but it definitely feels that way to me." 

Jihoon still loves dancing just as much as he loves cooking. The difference was that he never got to pursue that hobby back then, and now he could, because he realized there's no rush, there's nothing for him to chase. Not the fame nor the name. He'll be a happy baker who could also spend his time being a professional dancer. He chuckled when the human pointed out how hungry he'd be around him "That's the idea. At least I have someone close by to be my food tester. My old one is living a bit far from me, I can't go and bother him, he might actually put me in a freezer." Knowing Dae? The guy would give him a nasty frostbite and scowl. Still, he's a cute cat guy. 

"Let me get you their signatures and specials, sit here for a bit" he exclaimed before going up to the counter, greeting the cashier with a bright smile and starting picking out his orders. After a while, he came back with a tray of pastries and 2 drinks. "I didn't know what you'd like but I hope you like coffee? Their caramel macchiato is the best."

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