Daniel had been at university for a few months and he'd decided life here quite suited him, there was a free and youthful atmosphere that fitted with him well. He'd made a lot of friends already, studying sports tended to help with that, he'd met a fair few of the cheerleaders along with people who just liked to hang out at the sports field. That didn't leave him a lot of time back at the dorms so he did sometimes try to make time to check back to the room every so often for Seojun.

The grumpy male tended to keep to himself though and he was usually off chasing one of the redheads in the girls dorms who he liked to remind Daniel often wasn't his girlfriend. The human liked the experience of being single at college though, it left him the freedom to hang out with whoever wanted, and with his roommate rarely being around it wasn't exactly hard to sneak people in here and there.

That was all due to change today though, he'd known for about week they were planning to fill the empty room in their shared apartment. And of course as soon as they told him the guy's name he had totally stalked him on social media, he was pretty cute he had to admit. Mostly he was trying to ensure his new roommate wasn't going to be as miserable as the other one because it would be nice to have someone to drag to parties with him. He had just gotten back from practice, heading up the stairs and into the room before noticing that new guy's stuff was already in his room but there was no sign of him.

Daniel raised a curious brow and turned back towards the main room wondering where he could have gone, he headed out of the hall and peered curiously before heading out towards the shared bathroom. He couldn't hear the sound of the shower running but when he pushed on the door to open it, it was locked it "Is someone in there?" he questioned curiously, he usually went for a shower after practice because usually no one else was around this time of day, either at class or study hall. 

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Enrolling in the mid semester while most people have already started to adapt in the university a semester prior was not easy if you're new to the idea and furthering your studies to tertiary education. Fortunately, for Jihoon, he has already graduated once, he is taking this as his second chance to study what he wants. Before, he was influenced a lot by dance and modern art, so being accepted into Juilliard was a dream come true. He was meant to have a bright future, even Yeon said so when he signed him a few years ago. But unfortunately for the valkyr, he couldn't go back to that life either. It has only been over a year and a half since his 'death', he couldn't attract attention to himself. Even though Yeon finally relocated to NYC since his headquarters was there, Dae was still around in Evermore and Jihoon has been under his care for a year now. 

Jihoon already moved his stuff in the empty room that he guessed was his before heading off to shower and cool himself off. It has been a tiring day for the valkyr, especially when he initially got lost for the past 40 minutes in the campus trying to locate the administration office. He had heard from a student nearby telling him he has a lot ahead of him once they heard who his roommates were, it had him wondering if they were notorious or the opposite. By the time he heard the door clicking, indicating someone was going to enter but the door was locked, Jihoon stopped daydreaming and shook his head. 

Thankfully, he had just finished washing up and the thought of someone surprising him like that probably had him clutching his chest. Hey, he was turned as a valkyr because he died, at the generosity of his friend, it didn't mean Jihoon is already used to this life. "Um, yeah" he shouted back and got out of the shower, he wrapped a towel around him and realized something was missing. "Fuck…" His clothes. How the hell did he manage to forget his own clothes before entering the shower? "Old habits die hard, goddammit Jihoon" he cursed silently to himself and realized he was used to having his own bathroom so nobody really witnessed him half naked just stepping out of shower state because it's his room. That's not the case here. "Hey… are you still out there?" He unlocked the door and peeked his head out, the towel was actually for the hair so it barely covered his private parts either.

Daniel was watching as a few people were heading by in the halls, between classes or on their way to the cafeteria because it was getting to close to lunch, he had been thinking about heading down there himself but then he was reminded of how unappealing the food really was. He could get take out but that seemed excessive for lunch. When he heard an unfamiliar male voice return his question he arched a curious brow, perhaps this was the new guy after all “Do you know how much longer you’re gonna be, cause I wanna grab a shower” he commented as he leaned against the wall next to the door.

“Preferably before I get hangry” he commented as he pulled out his phone and opened social media to scroll through it. It made him chuckle when he heard the sound of the other male scrambling inside the bathroom which made him wonder what he was up to. Then he heard him curse and couldn’t help but raise a curious brow. He turned his head, looking up from his phone for a moment when the door opened. Admittedly, he wasn’t expecting his eyes to fall on a half-naked male barely covered by a tiny towel when he turned his head.

He could blame the surprise for looking the other male up and down with an amused expression, well he was certainly well-built that was for sure. “Nah I left 5 minutes ago” he commented in response to his question and pressed his lips together “Looks like you forgot something important” he commented and grinned slightly before shrugging off his jersey and offering it out to him “It’ll do better than...that” he pointed to the tiny towel as he tried not to laugh because it was so proportionally small on him.

How could he forget to bring his clothes with him? And not just that, how the hell did he forget to also bring the towel? He should've known they wouldn't really provide towels in the bathroom, it was all the things you have to bring by yourself. Clearly, he forgot the way the living arrangements work, and how different each dorm is. So now he is stuck wondering if he could speed away to his room with a hair towel barely covering his private parts. There was a problem though, one, someone is outside and he cannot risk exposing his identity, especially if the said person is a human who has no prior knowledge regarding the supernatural. He remembered what Dae and Yeon told him, what the niveis specifically warned him about not exposing himself. 

"I'm done… I just… am not really in a good position to be walking out right now…" he could feel his ears getting red, what is this? Is he really doing this? He was either too busy trying to make sure the towel covers him in that area to cover his chest or he doesn't mind at all, but still this is pretty embarrassing. Whoever this person is, he is definitely sarcastic and has a sense of humor. And handsome, devastatingly handsome that's for sure. Jihoon wasn't blind, he could see an attractive person when he sees one and this guy is definitely one of them. For a moment there, he nearly lost his focus because he was actually eyeing him but once he realized he had more pressing matters to visit, the valkyr cleared his throat and took the jersey reluctantly, that's kind of him. 

"Yeah… I forgot my towel… and my clothes… note to self, bring everything with you when you go somewhere, including your phone." Especially the toilet. Who knows what could happen? He looked down at the towel barely covering him and then back to the male before him, "Is it really that obvious?" He excused himself to put on the jersey and came back out a few moments later. "Thanks for the… jersey, I'll return it to you later." He could feel his palms getting sweaty and realized he didn't introduce himself so he extended his hand out, "I'm Jihoon."

Daniel was honestly trying to hold back the amusement he was getting from the situation this guy found himself it, it was honestly kinda endearing and while he appreciated that it was embarrassing for the other guy, how could he not be entertained by the view of he world’s tiniest towel wrap. It certainly didn’t leave much to the imagination for sure “Yeah they cheaped out on towels cause everyone kept stealing them...they should have given you a few of your own when you started but you need to keep them with you” he rolled his eyes, he wished he could say he was surprised but it was definitely the kind of thing people would grab and horde for themselves.

He chuckled and scrunched his nose playfully “Does that towel even cover the back?” he questioned playfully as his eyes scanned over him, he got the feeling it didn’t which meant his ass would be exposed if he tried to leave the bathroom “Don’t sweat it, you can just drop it back to my room later, I need to do laundry anyway” he commented and offered a small smile as he reached out to take the other male’s hand and shake it slightly “Daniel” he introduced himself and smiled “Korean name right?” he commented and smiled “I was raised in America but my papa calls me Dahyun sometimes” his Korean name.

“Dorm 112 right?” he commented and raised his brow playfully “They told us we were getting a new roommate this week but I have to admit I didn’t expect to meet you like this” he commented as he jerked his chin towards the hall, offering to shield him as he guided him back towards the place they would now share as a home.

This was not how he envisioned today would go. Not… this. He had a feeling he's going to end up remembering this for more days in the future, the embarrassing incident where he was only covering his private part with a hair towel. A thin one. At least this guy was kind enough to lend him his jersey. When he told him they were supposed to be given some towels when they first started, Jihoon frowned and huffed softly to himself, "Well I surely did not get the memo or anything whatsoever… but thanks for telling me. I'll be sure to keep my towel on me at all times in the future" so stuff like this would not happen again. He could only handle one embarrassment to last a lifetime. Sometimes, he wonders if that was just an exaggeration or it's real. He's starting to think it could really be the latter. 

His cheeks flushed a bit when he asked if the towel covered his back, it caused his hands to go straight to covering it instinctively even though it's now covered by a jersey. "Ah Dahyun, hope and happiness?" He chuckled, it sounds like someone did their research before naming their son with that. Most Koreans name their children with certain names hoping they would later grow up to embody those exact traits. His name meant good, fun and believe in oneself, which he practically grew into ironically. "I was born in Korea but my adopted family are Americans living in San Francisco so I moved here when they adopted me." He raised his eyebrows in confusion when he said the number to his own dorm until what came after, "Oh- you're my roommate?" 

He knew he had two roommates because it was 3 people under one unit. He still has yet to meet either of them because he just moved in but today the universe seemed to have plans for the young valkyr. This was eventful, he never thought he'd have to carry this incident forward. Jihoon genuinely thought he wouldn't meet him again. He followed with his help as they scurried over to their unit, the same place they now share a place called home. Talk about making first impressions. Once they closed the door behind them, he let out a relieved sigh and gave him a thankful smile, "Do I have to worry about the other roommate?" Which is code for how he is.

Daniel had to admit this was one of the most entertaining ways he had ever met a person but he honestly wasn’t complaining, turned out his new roommate was ripped, which was kinda surprising given that he looked kinda cute and goofy if you only focused on his face. “Good plan” he teased slightly “Don’t leave it around where someone can pick it up either because you can guarantee if someone forgets theirs, they will ‘borrow’ yours” which usually meant you weren’t getting it back afterward “It’s every man for himself” he teased softly and quirked his brows “Unless you make good friends” those people would take care of one another.

Daniel grinned slightly when the other male had to check whether he was covered from behind and tilted his head slightly, he was sure from seeing the other male that he’d have a nice ass too, which was now covered with his jersey. “My father is nothing if not a little on the nose” he teased slightly but nodded to affirm that was what his Korean name meant “What does yours mean?” he asked with a smile, it seemed like he was more knowledgeable than the human was anyway. Daniel smiled softly “Oh so how old were you when you were adopted?” he questioned with a gentle smile.

“I believe so, not many people are crazy enough to join in the middle of a semester” he commented and chuckled under his breath, it seemed like they would get along well enough, Jihoon already seemed more open than Seojun, it had taken him a while to break the grumpy male’s outer shell. Daniel smiled in response to his relief “Seojun?” he responded to his question “As long as you don’t go around pissing him off he’s fine...just a little grumpy” but Daniel had won him over enough to play around with him a little but even he didn’t push it.

How could he have exposed himself the first thing when meeting his roommate like this? This was not how he pictured their first meeting would go but what could he do now? Daniel had practically saw what needed to be seen and Jihoon was not exactly keen enough to give another show anytime soon. “They will ‘borrow’ mine?” What was that supposed to mean? Judging from his tone, it sounded more sinister than it was. Or was it really that serious for the others to fight over a freaking towel? “Nevermind, don’t answer that. I have a feeling there’s a reason why there’s a sinister tone to it.” “Over a towel…” he mumbled, both in awe and confusion, what a weird culture. “I do like to think I make good friends.” 

Throughout his entire life, Jihoon hasn’t exactly made an enemy out of anyone, unless they somehow just found a reason not to like him. He had plenty of those who were not amused to find out he keeps winning the annual dancing competition for two years straight. He didn’t win the third one because he was chosen as a teaching assistant rather than a competitor. When he asked what his name meant, he cleared his throat and grinned, “Everything positive. Good, fun… and optimistic in a way where they believe in themselves.” He fitted the criteria, but the last part has been dwindling ever since he shed his previous life and opted for a new one because he simply couldn’t return to them. 

How old was he when he was adopted? That question did take him by surprise for a brief while until he recollected every detail regarding it, “11, I think. Around that age for sure.” He remembered being already attached to his family at the orphanage. “No, not many people are crazy to do that indeed.” But he is, of course he is. He couldn’t stand staying at Dae’s place any longer, he was always active so he had to do something to cope. Whatever productivity he could find, he would do it. He bit his lip upon hearing about the other roommate, he doesn’t sound friendly or as open as the male before him, “How grumpy?” He didn’t want to push it but he also wished to know the temperament of his roommates, both Daniel and Seojun. “Is he that temperamental? Would he flip if I accidentally do something? Or is he just a generally sour cat?” Like Dae. Yeah, he missed the blond who would often snark him. 

Daniel honestly found his innocence adorable and he was sure it wouldn’t last forever once the other male got a taste of college life so he was going to enjoy the moment for now. He bit his lip and smiled when Jihoon pieced together scenarios in his head and came to the conclusion he didn’t want to know “Oh it’s not limited to towels, broke college kid energy means all sort of things have to be locked away...ever wake up one morning and notice your frying pan is gone?” because that happened to him, though he had found the punk who stole it and taken it back, Daniel pretty much knew everyone and anyone on campus so it was hard to get away with doing him wrong. “Well you can start with one” he pointed to himself and grinned, he’d look out for the other male, it seemed like perhaps he was going to need it.

Besides he was pretty likable even in the short time they had been talking, perhaps a little clueless but the same could be said about a lot of new students. He scrunched his nose playfully when the other male explained that his name meant everything positive because of course it did, that seemed to fit him to a tee. “Well whoever named you must have been some kind of fortune teller because the shoe definitely fits” he grinned slightly. He nodded slightly when Jihoon explained about his adoption “That must have been a tough age to try and fit yourself into a new life” he responded thoughtfully, he’d been very lucky to always have a loving family but he could only imagine how his life might of turned out if he hadn’t.

Daniel smirked slightly “Bold, I like it” he teased as he headed further into the room, hovering in the doorway of his own space “Don’t sweat it too much, he’s just not really a people person, once he gets used to you, everything will be fine, besides, he’s too lazy to go after anyone unless they really piss him off” he shook his head slightly, if anyone was dumb enough to push him that far they probably deserved it honestly. Daniel headed into his room to retrieve a second towel before he implied he was going to toss it and then did toss it towards Jihoon “You can borrow my spare until you can find yourself one” he commented and nodded “I need to head for my shower because I’m all sweaty from practice so I’ll catch up with you in 10? You should probably put some clothes on before Seojun gets back” he raised his brows teasingly “Not that I mind the view” he teased softly.

He didn't think he would go on about this so awkwardly, it really does make him look as if he has never had a taste of college life when in fact, Jihoon has gone through one, but Juilliard wasn't exactly like Evermore at all. They were very systematic and it almost felt like a boarding school for art kids. He missed it, honestly. But the people here looks very interesting, every person he has met had eyes filled with secrets, almost as if they had a whole other backstory hidden. How peculiar. But Daniel seemed so carefree. "Frying pan?" There was an oblivious look of confusion marred on his face, clearly he didn't understand why people would steal frying pans. His grin grew instantly when Daniel pointed to himself and said he had made at least one good friend, "Nice to meet you then, I had hoped to meet you under a different circumstance but alas, at least this one would go down in the books right? What other way to make a lasting impression than to show up naked?" 

Well, he was a bit grateful he didn't have to be naked because the human was being friendly and offered him something to cover himself with. He's cute, and tall. And hot. Definitely hot. He reminds him a lot of those jocks he knew back in high school. The popular kind. "I guess my life has always been so… predictable?" Not exactly, he didn't predict he'd die over a random mugging in the back alley of Yeon's dance studio right after he finished his late night practise. But overall, everything else, went exactly the way he thought they would. But now, after transitioning into a valkyr, he wasn't sure what he should predict anymore. "The strong needs to adapt well to their surroundings, no? I didn't want to be the weak kid, so I had to make sure I was up to par with everyone else. Or ahead of them, at least." He didn't have problems, not really. 

In high school, everyone either liked him or ignored him. In university, he was the sunshine, not a dull day goes by when he's in their presence. "Too lazy? How long have you known him?" He was curious about their other roommate, because the way Daniel described him made the other sound very grumpy. Like Dae. And he knows the niveis' temper all too well after spending a year and half living with him. He grew to love and get used to it, of course. "My roommate before this was very temperamental and would quite literally shut you up if you didn't stop annoying him… If I survived him, I think I can survive our roommate." He can't be any worse than Dae, right? He catches the towel and blushes when he mentioned he likes the view, "Thanks…" he mumbled and rushed to get dressed. 

Daniel quirked a brow when Jihoon asked about the frying pan “Yeah...it’s a flat kitchen utensil that you put food in to fry it on the stove” he teased, of course Jihoon would know what one was but it was fun to tease him “People tend to ‘borrow’ things they don’t have and then forget to give it back, be careful about who you lend things to” especially because Seojun would probably get really annoyed if he went to cook his dinner and something he needed was missing. He chuckled when Jihoon said it was a memorable first meeting “It’s not one I’m going to forget quickly” he teased softly and smiled “I think you’ll get along just fine here” he might be a little shy but he had a good sense of humor and Daniel could respect that.

Daniel nodded slightly when Jihoon explained how his life had always been pretty predictable and he wanted to do something new and different “Sounds exhausting to always try and live up to everyone’s standards though” he pointed out thinking about how things would be if he had felt the pressure to live up to the things his parents might have wanted for him “I guess I always had it pretty easy when it came to school, people tended to like the athletic types” and that was always what he had been good at. Still, he had always tried to be kind to others and respect whatever they enjoyed. “Adapting is smart” he commented and nodded “Though not at the expense of being who you are” what was the point in that, after all.

“Since the start of the school year so….6 months now?” though to be frank, he wasn’t here all that often and when he was, he tended to lock himself away in his room, Daniel had kinda been enjoying getting the whole place to himself most of the time but he knew they would bring in another roommate eventually. “Sounds like a charming guy” Daniel noted as Jihoon talked about his old roommate, the human’s tone clearly a little sarcastic. “You’re welcome” he teased as he grabbed his other towel and headed out towards the shower, heading in and locking the door behind him. It didn’t take him too long before he had washed his hair and body and got out again, wrapping the towel around his lower half and carrying his clothes with him as he headed back into the hallway and into the room again. He headed past Jihoon’s room on the way to his own, offering a wave as he went.

He couldn’t hold in the snort when Daniel starts to explain to him what a frying pan is, god he is so witty. It does make him feel better and reassured to know that at least his roommate is approachable, well one half of the two anyhow. But getting along with only one person is more than what he had expected anyway, he’ll make friends with the others in his department soon enough, and hopefully manage to strike a somewhat civil life with Seojun. Daniel did try his best to make it seem like the other isn’t that bad so maybe he’s right. “I’ll keep that in mind, thanks.” Knowing Jihoon though? He’d lend his soul if he could, honestly. He’s just that guy. He had a small blush resting on his cheeks when he heard what the human said about their first encounter, well that’s definitely not going away any time soon if it even goes away at all because the valkyr had a feeling Daniel remembers plenty of things. “I hope so too, I want to make a lasting memory here, and honestly, hoping that most of what fills that up would be nice things.” 

He had a good life back in Juilliard, people there respected one another and they had a healthy sense of competition too. Here, he knows no one, aside from Daniel here. “It is… pretty exhausting, but you know how you’re just conditioned to certain things after a while? Yeah.” He wasn’t wrong when he said people tend to flock over to the athletic types; the jocks, and after taking a once over the other male, where was the lie? Daniel looks the part. “I was never the ones with the jocks, I mostly kept to myself but not a loner… I used to participate in a few sports like football but never stuck through. I was in the lacrosse team though.” Once upon a time ago, he wanted to try rugby too but his body was his asset when it came to dance. How could he possibly do anything that could jeopardize that? “Don’t worry, I’m here with all of me, I’m doing things I want now.” 

Pushing aside the fact that he’s a valkyr, he’s trying his best to reconnect with society after a while. He missed interacting with actual people and not just Dae or Yeon, or that guy who comes by to deliver blood bags, he got a name but they never stick around to actually chat with him because of what Dae told him. “Oh wow, 6 months…” God, it does really sound like he needs to walk on eggshells around that guy. There is one thing bothering him though, what if he’s a supernatural too? Before moving out, Dae made sure he was well equipped with every basic information possible. He needed to know the ways of the world as one too, especially when he also heard that despite the leader being Yeon’s sister figure, she’s as equally stern with how she conducts her affairs as she is with her work. He didn’t want to do anything to warrant any attention and god knows if Yeon has even told her about him. 

Jihoon was busy unpacking everything and was halfway done with making his room presentable when Daniel walked past his room in nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist, that’s a sight. He was sure he’s straight but he could almost hear Dae’s teasing voice saying never say never, the niveis didn’t let him live that one time when he walked into him when he was showering. No, attractive people will remain attractive, it doesn’t have anything to do with one’s sexuality, he told himself. “Hey, have you eaten?”

Daniel smiled softly when he noticed the way Jihoon was so entertained by his jokes, which made the human smile softly, he got the feeling the two of them were going to get along well, Seojun didn’t always appreciate his humor so he was glad to have someone in the house that did “But if I ask you to lend me something you’ll totally do it right?” he teased as he pressed his tongue against the roof of his mouth and smirked. He grinned slightly when Jihoon quite sweetly expressed that he wanted to make lasting memories here “Well you got randomly assigned to the right guy, if you need an in to any of the parties or girls, just let me know to hook you up” he winked playfully, Daniel knew and got along with most anyone after all.

He nodded slightly “I used to obsess over football, football was my life, I lived and breathed it” he pressed his lips together “I still play obviously but I don’t give it so much control over me anymore” mostly because football was the thing his family had made him love but to him, it was now a reminder of something he put ahead of something more important. “I’m hoping to be a personal trainer once I finish up here” he grinned slightly, some people had tried to push him into going pro player but he didn’t feel like that was his calling. “Lacrosse huh? That one I never got the chance to play, maybe you could teach me” he teased with a soft grin

Daniel chuckled under his breath and shrugged slightly “Don’t worry, his bark is worse than his bite” he jested and shrugged slightly “Still even I haven’t dared to play any pranks on him, I’ll leave that to his red-headed girlfriend” Seojun spent a lot of time around her, he’d been introduced and seen her around a few times, she was nice, it was evident that he was sweet on her, to everyone but her it seemed “Don’t bring her up, sore subject, I think she friend zoned him” he commented in a hushed voice.

After his shower he wandered through the house, he couldn’t help but notice the way Jihoon’s eyes lingered on him as he passed which made him chuckle under his breath but he didn’t say anything, he had to wonder for a moment if they’d managed to get three separate bisexual guys paired into the same dorm, how entertaining. Daniel blinked for a moment when he hard Jihoon call out while he was changing, he continued to put on his clothes as he answered through the door “Not since before practice, which basically means I’m starving” he teased and grinned slightly, in his shorts but still without a shirt he peered around the door “What did you have in mind?” he teased softly as he put on his shirt.

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