It was the week-end and luckily, Maddison’s free time away from the small gift store that she worked at. Ever since landing herself that job in Evermore; with how Aurazins had nowhere else to go, now that the veil was closed off to them. The female kept herself busy and occupied. It helped keep her mind from wandering down the negative side of things. Maddison had always needed distractions, when shit hit the fan, as they say. It had been one of her coping techniques. And funnily enough, it stuck with her; even through the after-life as Aurazin. Just like her younger brother; Maddie had trouble shaking off her own habits. 

Since Maddie had still get to know Evermore a little bit more, The Aurazin spent a portion of the morning exploring the city. Curious as to what all sorts of different things, Evermore had to really offer. Asides from work, Maddison had mainly kept to the Aurazin Cabin, or visiting the AIlward Mansion, to visit her friend Argent. But that was about it. Clearly, she needed to get out a bit more. But for a while, her main concern and worry was her younger brother Hudson, and getting used to a new city. Feeling a bit weary, at first. But what little she seen of Evermore so far; it was starting to grow on her. The city clearly had a lot of potential, lots to see. The scenery around the city was quite pretty; especially the park and mountains from what she had heard.

After stopping for a coffee, Maddison found herself walking into an old looking building. The Evermore Library. She could tell that it was built many decades ago, maybe even longer. But it looked like a well preserved building. Architecture of it is something to be admired. It had been a while since Maddison had read a good book. 7 years, give or take a few months, since being here in Evermore, after being kicked out of the veil. As one didn’t read, when she was dead and training to be an Empath, in the veil. Maybe she could find something interesting and new in the library. After walking in. Maddie started to make her way through the different isles. There were entirely too many books to pick from; Science, Old Classics, Fantasy, Romance, Thriller, Horror, you name it. The library practically had everything. “Mhh...this is going to take some time.” The Aurazin muttered to herself. At least, she still had the rest of the day left, to browse through the books at the library and see if she would find something fitting.

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Aster didn't have a lot of places to go after work. She tried to avoid her empty house now that Ridley was gone for as long as she could. Now, that often meant staying extra hours in the studio, or hanging out with the girls who repaired the pointe shoes. There were a lot of hands who made the theatre work and without them, it would never be the same. As the day ended, Aster took her her bags, and sighed as she closed and locked the doors behind her. In front of the theatre, the lights at the library were still on and a few people milled about. Surely, that was better than nothing. 

She slipped through the doors and sifted to the back where she often found the latest fashion magazines on the stand. Aster knew she could buy them for herself, but sometimes it was nice to just hide away in a quiet space. She could mark pages with her favorite things and save them for treats when she'd had a hard day. Aster ran her fingers through her hair and sat cross legged beside the racks, sifting through, until she found a recent vogue. This looked good. The pages of brightly colored blazers and slick pages soon lulled her into a familiar calm and Aster found herself dozing off. The library slipped away as she nodded off and rested her head on the iron shelf. She was tired. It had been a long day and surely no one would notice if she just took a rest, right? It would only be five minutes and she'd be up again. 

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