Brandon Baltazar
Face Claim: Chad Michael Murray. 
Species: Half-Blood Nephilim. 
Age: 26 
Status: Lawyer; in the community. 
Family: None.

Brandon was born into a Pure blood Nephilim family. He has one sibling, a younger brother Jeremiah. The family used to live among the humans in Virginia, so he could feel like he was a normal person. Brandon was always an obedient boy, always listening to his parents and doing everything to keep the people around him happy. So, it didn't come as a surprise when he understood the need of intense training right from the age of fight as he was a Nephilim. However, Brandon was also made to go to school with the humans, interact and do everything a normal average person would do with the exception of the training he was under.

As Brandon reached 10 years old, one day he was out in the backyard of their house when he noticed a dark hooded man. The little boy was terrified as he had not seen anyone so scary looking and so he ran back to his room and locked himself there, crawling under his bed, scared. Brandon had spent the rest of the day under his bed, terrified by the one loud scream of his mom that had reached his ears a few minutes after hiding under the bed. Finally when Brandon heard the sound of his father and his brother looking for him, he rushed out of his room towards them before tripping on something and falling down. The ten year old gasped when he saw what he had tripped on, the dead body of his mother.

After the curious death of his mother, Brandon's father explained to him why his mother was killed. The humans of the area they were living in had a secret society that knew about the supernatural and his mother being a Nephilim was their target to kill, to keep the town free of any supernatural. Fortunately, the council didn't know about Jeremiah and Brandon also being a Nephilim and thus they were saved. Brandon's father realized the threat his children were exposed to and thought it would be best for them all to move to Evermore City, where he would learn to mix with his own kind, and let he and his brother finally find a place among the species they actually were. However Brandon found it hard not to see his human friends again.

Brandon slowly grew up in the Nephilim community, attending school with them and re-building his life. Brandon enjoyed being in Evermore City. He had the chance of mixing with humans and Nephilims well. Slowly, the young boy grew up into a handsome man, a graduate of Law School and a successful lawyer. He since then has moved out of his family home and now has his own place. He still calls back to see his family but he is more independent and doesn't go home as much as he used to. His brother comes to see him as well and they both are still going strong.


~Details upto the Roleplayer~

Personality Traits

Positive: Smart - strong-willed - friendly
Negative: Devious - stubborn - sarcastic

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