Vengeance: to exact punishment for a wrong in a resentful spirit. 

This was Zeus's life, and soul purpose for breathing, or fighting to live just one more day through the pain and sorrow, and the fact that her mother was haunting her from her grave; mocking, taunting, and degrading her. Zeus saw vivid images of her mother, as if she were right here with her in the realm of the living, telling Zeus she was worthless, that she had amounted to nothing, and Zeus knew it wouldn't go away, not until she avenged her. 

Zeus wasn't sure she could live through it much longer. Before Peggy McCartney faced a gruesome death at the hands of the Initia, she had been the most humble amazing mother a girl could ask for. But, that certainly wasn't the case with her haunting Zeus from down below. 

"I'm trying. I'm doing my best!" Zeus finally cried out, yelling at the shadowy figure of her mother. 

"Your best isn't good enough anymore" her mother's voice echoed out, causing Zeus to pick the twin daggers up from her night stand, throwing them straight for her mothers heart, but the moment they made contact, the shadowed form disappeared, with laughter echoing behind it. "God!" she screamed out, punching the wall beside her, creating a boulder sized hole in the wood panel. 

With bloody knuckles, the distraught Nephilim walked to the bathroom, shaking her head at the figure staring back at her in the mirror, before running a tub of hot water to bath in. After an hour gone by, Zeus finally emerged and got out to gear up for today's events. She had to stop this.. and there was no way in hell she could leave there empty handed yet again. She wanted that medallion back, and they would pay with their lives for ever taking it, but more importantly, for taking her mother, and dividing a family. 

Zeus hadn't seen her father since her mothers medallion was tracked back to Evermore, bu the co-ordinates in Zeus's own matching medallion. What did that even mean? Did that mean that mr innocent, southern living Joseph McCartney was behind this somehow? Zeus had so many questions making her life a living nightmare, and there was no one around to answer any of them, or even give her some peace of mind. Zeus had herself, and only herself.

Nathaniel Leight had always been the exception, but the blonde Nephilim frowned, she knew things between them were about to come to a devastating halt, especially if he left the city, at such a sensitive time for the Nephilim. 

Inhaling, Zeus gave herself a once over in the mirror, dressed in an all leather attire, and her hair laid down in a wavy mess of curls. That was good enough for her. No reason to look pretty, when she planned nothing less than leaving blood stain through out Initia territory. With that, Zeus gritted her teeth, snatched her bike keys, and climbed on her bike after locking her house up. 

After speeding off, the Nephilim gripped her handle bars, and shed a few single tears as she prepared herself to end lives. It was her plan all along, and while she wasn't backing out, this didn't come without heartbreak. Zeus knew she'd gain a few black feathers for it, and those tainted feathers may change her forever. 

Zeus pulled off at the bottom of the mountain, scoping out her surroundings to make sure the loose cannon named Finnick was no where lurking. She was amused by the prisoner of a man though, a man who wasn't in control of his own decisions, who had slyly got entangled in a situation with Zeus not long ago. Zeus pushed all thoughts aside, she didn't need distractions as she unzipped the bag attached to her bike that held several different weapons, and pulled her binoculars out. 

As the blonde Nephilim stuck the binoculars up to her eyes, a masucline figure stepped in front of her blocking her view. Panicked, and under the assumption one of the Initia had caught her spying, the Nephilim took a defense stance, ready to fight him if she had to. "Excuse you, you're blocking my damn view" she hissed bitterly. "So, either move your ass, or ill move it for you" she added, holding a dangerous glare on him, and studied him long enough to realize he wasn't an Initia at all, especially as she grabbed his arm, ready to push him away. 

His skin was so cold that Zeus recoiled the moment she touched him. "Interesting, so if you're not an Initia, why are you here?" she asked, cocking a brow at him. He was seemingly just as riddled by hated for their kind as she was, which fascinated her even more, and let's just  face it, he was nice to look at too. But, either way, there stood Zeus tapping her foot against the ground with her arms folded, waiting for him to speak. She was angry that he had messed her view up, and her chance to exact her revenge today. 

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Tossing around in the large bed a man’s voice echoed throughout the room calling out “Vivi” over and over again, the voice was panicked. A smaller woman rushed into the room “Mikaere Mikaere, shhhh.. shhhh you are safe you are home.” She cooed. The fellow Niv’s often tried to help Mikaere out of these dreadful times, she had been with him every step of the way after his transition. The man’s optics were normally dark as night but when in this state they were blue but so pale that they reflected snow, with blue speaks. 

His arm shot out and grabbed her tightly but her voice simply spoke his name once more, shaking his head as he fully woke up. He looked ashamed lifting his hand from her arm “I am sorry Keo, I didn’t mean to… I need to find her.” Hanging his head low the man was but a shell of his former self.

Mikaere Bennett was once the joyful happy loving father and husband, now he was much colder, his heart shut off to those around him after the events that triggered his transition. Mik was thankful for the one he called Keo and all she had done for him, but he still felt hollow empty; he was not sure he would ever feel whole again.

Pushing himself out of the bed “I shall be okay, just need to go and meditate” Which was not unusual for the Niveis if one could not find Mik at the training facilities they could, however, find him in nature somewhere meditating trying to find his center again. His intentions were to go and meditate to try and rid his head of that horrid night, but today something called to him. 

After he was dressed Mik simply began to walk no destination in mind nothing he just walked, his feet guiding him. Mikaere was not sure how long he had been walking but when he finally began to pay attention to where he was, he was just outside of the Initia territory. Taking a deep calming breathe Mik tried to not let his anger overwhelm him.

His eyes wandered and that is when he saw a blonde woman spying on the Initia this piqued his interest, making his way over towards her. Mikaere stepped in front of her as she put on her binoculars the woman began to berate him for blocking her view. She recoiled at his cold skin after she attempted to move him, lifting an eyebrow to the woman his feet still firmly planted on the ground. 

“You do know it is rude to spy on people don’t you?” He asked in a soft voice “I was out for a walk, not that it is of any concern to a random woman on the street.” He mused. The Niveis had a feeling this blonde was more than meets the eye.

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