With the holidays around the corner; Evermore was buzzing with celebrations already. People organising pre-Halloween parties, decorations all over the city. The costume shops were sold out pretty quickly, when it came to getting prepared for the holiday that always seemed to be a big deal around the City. Even the Celestial, had been prepared early for the holiday. Having picked out her Halloween costume, a week prior.

The Celestial had been taking care of something at the art gallery; where she had her work displayed. Checking up with the boss of the art gallery; as he wanted to know of any updates for her latest projects. Since her work had been displayed at the art gallery; she found herself more busy with different projects for the gallery, as well as different side-jobs as a photographer. Looks like her chasing her dreams and taking up people’s tips of submitting her work to an art gallery has paid off in the long run. Even if it was a lot of pressure on her. But she was doing what she loved, so it was definitely worth it. As she left the art gallery; the autumn breeze ruffled through her hair. The Celestial, grabbed her head-band from her purse, pulling her hair up into a slight messy bun, to keep it from swaying into her eyes too much, in the evening breeze.

Since she had the rest of the day free; she decided to head to her favorite coffee shop. Opting for a latte with some spices, to help warm her up. The Celestial paid via her card; before taking the take-away cup with her. On her outing that afternoon, Artemis ran into an old friend Astoria. Before Artemitra came to Evermore, with her kind. She had met Astoria on the road. The two girls had quickly bonded and got to know each other, back then. After the pair got talking again, on their reunion at the coffee house. Artemitra had been invited to a party at the Dhampir Compound, to photograph the event for Astoria. Apparently, it sounded like a big deal. Artemis of course, appreciated the job offer and was more than glad to help out a friend in need. Besides, meeting more people would be fun; even if on a job.

It had taken a few days preparation, before the evening of the party had arrived. The Celestial had spent a few hours preparing. Making sure that her camera had enough battery and space for lots of photos. Packing a spare battery in her camera bag. Dressed for the event; the Celestial was wearing one of her dresses. Going with Red. Since according to Phe, red was her color. After she was fully ready; the Celestial got into her car, driving towards the address that Astoria had given her. By the looks of it, it was a big get-together, as the Celestial saw many cars out front. “Okay, deep breaths. You can do this.” she told herself. As usual, giving herself a bit of a pep talk before a job. Knowing that nerves always got to her. Artemitra could hear the music already, coming from inside. It seemed to be rather up-beat. The sort of music, that made you feel good and wanna dance. Luckily, she wasn’t the only one that was arriving at the party. Entering in, with some other new-comers. The Celestial looked around, looking for Astoria so she could greet her friend. Her heels clicked against the floor of the big house, where the party was taking place.

“Hey Tori.” The fallen star, finally greeted when she spotted her, in the near distance. “The Party already sounds good.” She praised with a warm smile. Giving her a hug, in greeting. The Camera bag, hanging over her shoulder, for safekeeping. ”Are there any specific things you want me to focus on?” The Celestial asked, wondering about Astoria’s vision, with these photographs. Not wanting to disappoint. So she thought, to ask...what she wanted her to focus on, if anything. Unless she was giving her free reign.

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It was weird to think of how his life was before he met his bandmates. That it felt like a whole worldwind, like he’s known them forever. Whilst it’s been only a year at most. They were the friends he’s never had. Growing up, Jem kept to himself. With all the children staying well clear of him. Keeping to himself. Jem never knew what it felt like to have actuall friends till he met the others. They might act like tools but it’s what made it more fun. Both Jem and Reggie found themselves getting distracted by each other, telling a story that only the three of them knew about and could understand. Leaving anyone else clueless, seeing how Artemis was getting lost by what they were saying. Always having a habit of getting sidetracked easily some would say they only shared one brain cell. “Dude, can you shut up for once” Nudging Reggie to be quiet and to read the room that he wanted to talk to Artemis without him butting in any chance he got, only Julie did when she dragged him down. “Yeah that's Reggie, you gotta take him or leave him” Jem chuckled. At least he knew that Reggie didn’t scare her away, that's something. 

Jem was happy to leave the promoting side of things to someone else. Letting others who knew to do it better than him. Sticking to what he does best, writing music and then on the side drawing. It seemed like he wasn’t so subtle at hiding the bottle in his hoodie than he had first thought, seeing how Artemis was questioning what he was hiding. “I may or may not have swiped a bottle from the bar” He spoke in a hush voice casually saying how he stole a bottle of booze from the party. Jem wasn't too sure how she’d react as it was kind of a bad boy move. It was kind of too late he’d already stolen it. When he ran away from the orphanage when he was younger to go in search for his biological dad, he was homeless for a short while. Learning to steal some things and stuff to survive on his own. 

Still Jem was obvious to the glowing that was radiating from Artemis’s, The Dhampir was still just wrapped up in Brunette to notice. Some people say he was oblivious. He just tended to stay under the radar when he comes to the supernatural side of things. Jem could see how Rissa was still struggling without her wings, he didn’t know how to help her. “You gotta make more time for yourself” Agreeing with her, he could tell that she was the type of person to be dedicated with her job and not having any time to herself. Jem was used to it remembering how his mum would be, she’d be so focused on a case that she’d forget to eat and just really on coffee. “I’ve always been more of a night owl” He’d stay up all night and then not wake up till past midday.

It took him a moment to think about her question. It’s been so long since he’d lived in the city it made him forget about the horrible life he had left to come here. “Umm I’ve been here since I was 14 and now I’m 20 so that makes it 6 years now” Having to work it out in his head. Those 6 years have blown by. The good and then all of the bad. He’d gained family but lost some. Jem was grateful to have Clarissa who he considers an aunt in his life. “I used to live in macheuttes when I was younger with my aunt and step uncle. Then shit happened and I found myself with nobody so I went in search for my biological father. I was a few months too late. But I found a new family” It probably was the vaguest explanation. Flashes of his past went through his mind seeing and hearing his step uncle murder his aunt then coming to Evermore city when in search for his father to find he was dead and then to finding out Cornelia and Isasiah had died. Jem shook the memories away. “So what about you? How long have you been here?” Turning the question back to her. It was no secret that most people in the city weren’t from here originally. Coming in search of something or like himself for somebody.  There was a food stall he spotted just ahead, thinking they could grab some food on the way. “DoYou want to grab a bite to eat. I think that place has waffles and that stuff to eat?” Often he’d stop by there to grab a late night dessert. 

How bad could Reggie get? That was one thought that ran through her mind. Hopefully, not more weird than this. Then again, she had only been around him for a few moments between conversing with Jem. So she didn’t know more about the chaotic bandmate, apart from what she had witnessed so far. Considering all the things she’s been through in her life; it’d take a lot more than a crazy friend to chase her off.

“You did what?” Her eyes widened slightly, at the mention of him sneaking a bottle of booze from the party. Did Jem have a bad boy streak? She wouldn’t have guessed, he had it in him. Artemis did have a thing for bad boys, previously in her life. “You can’t just…do that.” Artemis told him. Worried about someone finding out that the bottle was missing. Then they’d be in trouble, if it got traced back to him. Having always been responsible, a ton of worrying thoughts rushed through her head at that moment. Internally freaking out. Not just over the stolen alcohol. But about the situation as a whole. Jem was too cute, in a band, guitarist, and now apparently a bad boy. Yep, she was screwed.  Not thinking that a crush on someone knew would get her into trouble this fast. But she was wrong.

“Guess, I always liked keeping myself busy.” Artemis said with a slight shrug. It was a way to keep herself distracted, from most things going on around her. Especially when she was going through tough times. She’d rather keep busy, finding that she ended up dwelling on things from the past when she had time for herself. But overworking herself wasn't a good thing either. Knowing, she needed to slow down somehow, and make time for herself. It was lucky that he hadn’t questioned her natural glow. Otherwise, she’d have a lot of confusing things to explain to Jem. Knowing a lot of people didn’t understand the Celestial’s nature; especially if they hadn’t heard about her kind. “I know a few people like that.” Most of the Celestial’s were night owls. Being fallen stars, they thrived more in the night, more so than in the day.

It seemed like he had been in the city for quite some time. Listening to the rather vague story. She was sure that there was more to it. But she didn’t want to pry. “I am sorry to hear that.” She said, a look of sympathy across her features as he spoke about losing his father, and things going to crap with his family. But at least, he had a family now that cared for him here; so not all was lost. Despite them looking to be around the same age; Artemis had more experience under her belt, having been alive for almost 4 centuries. As he asked about her. “I’ve been here a few years myself.” Trying to remember when she first came to the city with the others. Forgetting how many years it’s now been. 4. Maybe 5? “It’s been 4 years, maybe a bit over since I've been here.” She told Jem. Her origin was a bit hard to explain. Not like she could just tell him, she came from the sky. That’d probably either give him a laugh, or make him think she was weird. “I’ve lived all over the place before that.” Which was true; Artemis did like to travel. Exploring the world and seeing more of it, had always held fond memories for her. As he suggested grabbing some food, she smiled. “Sure. I could use a bite.” Artemis herself was getting quite hungry. So getting some food sounded like a wise idea.

Jem was prone to making dumbass moves. Not thinking something through properly until after he’s already done it. This was one of those times. Stealing a bottle of booze. Trying to show off. This one didn’t work as well as he thought it would have in his head. Jem was trying to impress Artemis. In reality already what he was doing before was going all fine. In truth he was new at this. Not used to having any girls who were interested in him. He was trying to be this smooth sailing guy, trying to impress the pretty brunette. “Maybe I didn’t think it through properly” He admitted knowing he was wrong to steal a bottle of booze from the party. Jem could see his mum getting mad at him but Rissa would be the one who would be proud of him. Different types of parenting, he was raised by. “I do dumb things at times” Most of the time more like. He knew he was in the wrong for stealing the bottle. It was no excuse for his actions.

“I know the feeling” Nodding his head agreeing with her, he could see there was a meaning behind it but he knew not to dwell. Having problems of his own. Not wanting to make the conversation too deep, wanting to make and have fun tonight. “I like either writing music, drawing or playing video games” All of those things keep him busy, especially the video games. Having a habit of playing then not knowing hours had passed then it’ll be early hours of the morning with the sun starting to rise. “I’m not much of a morning person” He chuckled, almost pre-warning her that he doesn’t tend to rise early unless he’s dragged out against his will. If not he’d be asleep till around midday. Not having a good sleep schedule since finishing up college. Clarissa was a chill Aunt not having many rules just that he’s responsible for looking after his dog Buttercup. That Buttercup is his responsibility, not hers. Only when he’s working or making arrangements of going out then does she have to puppy sit. It works both ways that he looks after Cerberus

Jem was used to people giving the look of sympathy. He was used to it by now. Losing more people than he could count on one hand. Yet he never let it define him for who he was. “Thank you, I never knew him but people said he was a good man” Jem had nothing to remember him by just the last name that he took after coming to the city. Wanting a new and fresh start. He was happy that Artemis didn’t ask questions nor was trying to pry. That she respected that he didn’t want to talk about it, not right now he didn’t. Maybe later since they were still strangers to one and another right now. That they both didn’t wanna tell their life story to one another the first time they met. Jem was just as surprised to find that she’s been here for a few years now, just like him. Yet they’ve not crossed paths. It was a big city. “All good things come to those who wait” He smiled happily, wanting for her to know that he was happy to have met. Sometimes you have to wait for something good. Already feeling himself drawn to the brunette. Taken in by her beauty, her personality. All of her.

“I’ve always wanted to travel” Needing the money first for starters. Never say never. “Let’s go and see what they have. My treat” Shooting gets a teasing wink, Leading the way to the cart to see what sweet treats they had. When they got there was no queue. Jem already knew what he wanted “Hey, can I have a biscoff crepe please and whatever the lady wants” He greeted the server putting in his order “What do you fancy?” Giving her time to decide. It was easier for him to decide as he’s a regular. “I’m a sucker for anything biscoff or Kinder” Easily able to demolish a jar in one sitting. 

God knows why he did, what he had. Artemis didn’t think that he was a bad person, or it being something he’d do often. Everyone made mistakes, right? If he thought it’d impress her; it was far from it. She didn’t need him doing anything big and show-offy. Him being himself, was enough to keep her interested in talking to him. “Clearly not.” In agreement, he didn’t think things through. With a sigh, she spoke. “I just don’t want you to get into trouble.” In the short time she knew him; the Celestial cared. And it was clear by the tone of her voice. The last thing they needed was for them to end up heading to the precinct and getting questioned, why he stole a bottle of booze from a party. Knowing that the voice in the back of his head telling him to do reckless things, was probably tempting. She understood all too well. That voice was usually in her head; when it came to a dangerous situation she felt the need to help people. It was hard to drown out. But in normal everyday situations like this;  she knew better.

“You draw?” Looking surprised. She didn’t realise he was an artist. “What sort of things?” Having always had a love for art; she wondered what sort of things he worked on when it came to drawing. “You don’t exactly look like a morning person.” It was just a hunch. But she figured as much, that he was more of a night person. Just like she was. Most of the time, it wasn’t hard to tell if someone was a day or a night person. Maybe because he seemed to have a mutual love for the evenings, as much as she did. But hers was for different reasons. Being a star and all; the night time had been a given for the celestial. Finding the day-time less exciting. But most mundane things, sadly, required daylight. It was tedious that way.

Everyone had their past, trials and tribulations that made them whom they were today. Her past itself was heavy and painful. Something she didn’t like to talk about often. And she had a feeling, he didn’t like to talk about his past much either. “I am sure that he was.” she said with a soft smile. Besides, she didn’t want to burden him with a conversation about her past. It being complicated to understand. And it involving other things; she’d need to explain along the way for it to fully make sense. It was a conversation for another time, entirely. Provided he wouldn’t get chased off by the mere thought of her being an Immortal Celestial being. Her cheeks flushing with a prominent blush at what he said next. Smiling softly. “Indeed, it is so.” Artemis too was glad they had met. He was like a breath of fresh air in her life.

“It’s rewarding seeing all different places.” Artemis said upon learning that he wanted to travel one day. Meeting new people, experiencing new things. It was all good fun. About to protest, that he wanted to pay for all of it. But she had a feeling that he’d argue about it. So she didn’t try and protest about the matter. Instead she followed him, met with the overwhelming delicious scents coming from all the food. It was her first time here; so she had no idea what she wanted to order. Everything looked good. “I am a sucker for biscoff biscuits.” She’d always munch on them when she was working on something. Finding it very easy to get through a packet if she didn’t pay attention. “Mhh, I’ll have the Banoffee Waffles please.” telling the server behind the counter, with a soft smile. Banoffee was her all time favourite flavour. She had no idea how he wasn’t tempted to buy the whole cart; as everything looked tempting. Knowing, she’d have a bit of a sugar rush after what she had ordered. But it’d be worth it. It wasn’t often that she’d buy something so heavily sweet.

Jem didn’t have the traditional upbringing like most people. He’d been on his own most of his life. The people who raised him didn’t care for him. The only rules they set for him to keep quiet and to look after himself as it wasn’t their job. In their eyes he was only an income. Nothing more, nothing less. Not being taught whart was right and wrong properly until he had met Cornelia and Clarrissa. He was a bit of a dumbass at times. “I won’t get in trouble, don’t worry” He reassured, seeing that she was worried for him if he’d be caught. “I won’t do it again,” Promising her. Learning his lesson. If he wanted to impress a girl that stealing a bottle of booze from a party wasn’t it. 

Jem could see that Artemis was surprised when he said he could draw. He was full of surprises. They were still getting to know each other. It was easier now it was just the two of them without anyone else butting in, trying to third wheel. “Yes I do!” Nodding his head. “All different things really. Depends what mood I’m in. Sometimes I’ll sketch different things like skulls or animals, people even bit of Manga from time to time” Not wanting to show off or boast that he was good at everything. It seems like that now. That he can sing, write songs and play instruments then he can draw. “I’m artistic what can I say” He grinned sheepishly but still was proud of himself, how far he’s come that he’s able to express himself freely. Jem knew that he’d be finding new inspiration after tonight. “I’m like a cat, I can sleep anywhere and any time too” Having a habit of falling asleep in random places. Or having a nap midday then not waking up till the evening. His sleeping habits weren’t too bad lately since having a puppy he’d have to work his sleeping patterns around Buttercup. 

Talking about his family and past was something he’d always found difficult. It was a long, confusing, then painful one to tell. At times he didn’t know whether he was coming or going these days. Having been shuffled to and from different places these last few years. Jem was happy that Artemis respected his privacy of not wanting to open just yet. Not wanting to be the party pooper or to bring down the mood. They were to have fun tonight. A teasing smile appeared on his lips seeing how easy it was for him to make her blush. 

“I bet” Envying people who’d seen and been to places that were on most people's bucket lists. “I want to go to Las vegas. Going into the casinos probably blows all my money. Or go to Graceland” Many of the places he’d want to go to would be either music or art related but it was something that she could already guess by now. “Anything sweet or cake related I’m all there” Always having had a sweet tooth. He’d not tried Banoffee waffles yet always choosing the ones with spread instead. “I do love Banoffee Pie” The thick layer of caramel. His stomach was already starting to rumble. Jem thanked and paid the server. “Now we got our dessert fix I can show you my spot” He shot her a teasing smile reminding her he’d not forgetten. “I’lll lead the way” Jem was remembering that way it was from here. Heading down some blocks and streets. They came to an alleyway which led to steps which he’d known would raise some questions “Don’t worry I’m not showing you this way to murder you” It goes without saying but he wanted for her to know. Up the alleyway led to a fire escape. “It’s the only way I found to get up here” Climbing up the fire escape he did so swiftly. Thanks to his Dhampir side he was a little bit quicker at times like these. 

As they reached the top of the rooftop he walked nearer to the side letting Artemis see the view for herself. To let it do the talking. “You see why I wanted to bring you here” From here you could see all of the city. The inner part, the riverbanks, the woods and then to the outer parts where the mountains were. You could see it all. “I like to just come out here and look out at the city. Letting the world go by”

Before she had fallen; she spent years…centuries up in the skies watching the world. She had witnessed a lot of hurt and pain, terrible things that people did. Yet it somehow felt that people were strangers to her despite all of that when she was finally on earth herself. It had taken her time to adjust to how things functioned down here on earth. Especially as the years changed and more modern things came about. But the bad things that some people could do…and were capable of doing; Minor or worse, was not something she was used to. Artemis was more of a ‘rule’ follower if anything. Not wanting to get on anyone’s bad side if she got herself in trouble. Though these days, trouble seemed to find the Celestial anyways.

The star was enjoying learning more about him. Liking his artistic style. Impressed with his variety of creative expression. It was nice to meet someone that could express themselves in more than one way like that. “Any more surprises, I should know about?” she asked teasingly. Playfully nudging him with her elbow. Laughing lightly as he mentioned being like a cat. “Alright alright Captain Whiskers, don’t fall asleep on me.” Artemis’s teasing tone is still ever present. It came naturally around people like Jem. Even if they were still fresh to each other’s company, somehow teasing him like that came as if they had known each other for years. And for her it was rare to be around people where she felt secure enough and like she’s known them for years.

At the mention of Las Vegas, Artemitra could see the appeal. “Casino’s are dangerous. But fun.” God knows, that a person could easily get sucked into the fun of playing at a casino and dumping all their money in one go. Hence the danger. But it was indeed fun, if you were careful. “Then you’d get on fine with plenty of my friends.” Artemis said with a warm smile. Knowing how much of her Celestial friends had a sweet tooth as well. It was hard to keep anything hidden in the castle as a surprise; as someone would always find out and end up eating it. As much as she liked sweet stuff; she tried not to overdo it. “I still think my favourite place would have to be Italy. So beautiful and historic.” Not to mention, she was a sucker for their Italian original dishes. People really knew how to use ingredients properly and cook up something tasty. Suppose, it helped spur her own love for cooking over the years she had been alive.

Following his lead, Artemis didn’t want her waffle to get cold. So she started to nibble on it during their walk. Raising an eyebrow at his comment. “I am pretty sure I’d be dead already, if you had wanted to kill me.” Killers didn’t usually waste their time if they wanted someone dead. “But thanks for the warning.” she said with a light laugh. Watching as Jem scaled the firescape with ease. It was probably the quickest that she had seen anyone climb up. Following his lead, Artemis climbed up the firescape. With her being a human torch of sorts; it was easy for both of them to see without tripping over their feet.

She indeed was met with a beautiful sight. It had blown her away. “Wow.” Artemis blinked. Speechless for a few seconds. Taking a few moments to get her bearings and find words. “This is incredible.” How had she not known about this rooftop before? It was a relaxing view. Beautiful. She took a few moments to admire the view; practically seeing the whole of the city and its beautiful areas. As she got lost in the city’s beauty; she took the time to eat her waffle. “I don’t blame you for having a little hiding spot like this. It’s perfect to watch everything go by without a worry.”

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