With the holidays around the corner; Evermore was buzzing with celebrations already. People organising pre-Halloween parties, decorations all over the city. The costume shops were sold out pretty quickly, when it came to getting prepared for the holiday that always seemed to be a big deal around the City. Even the Celestial, had been prepared early for the holiday. Having picked out her Halloween costume, a week prior.

The Celestial had been taking care of something at the art gallery; where she had her work displayed. Checking up with the boss of the art gallery; as he wanted to know of any updates for her latest projects. Since her work had been displayed at the art gallery; she found herself more busy with different projects for the gallery, as well as different side-jobs as a photographer. Looks like her chasing her dreams and taking up people’s tips of submitting her work to an art gallery has paid off in the long run. Even if it was a lot of pressure on her. But she was doing what she loved, so it was definitely worth it. As she left the art gallery; the autumn breeze ruffled through her hair. The Celestial, grabbed her head-band from her purse, pulling her hair up into a slight messy bun, to keep it from swaying into her eyes too much, in the evening breeze.

Since she had the rest of the day free; she decided to head to her favorite coffee shop. Opting for a latte with some spices, to help warm her up. The Celestial paid via her card; before taking the take-away cup with her. On her outing that afternoon, Artemis ran into an old friend Astoria. Before Artemitra came to Evermore, with her kind. She had met Astoria on the road. The two girls had quickly bonded and got to know each other, back then. After the pair got talking again, on their reunion at the coffee house. Artemitra had been invited to a party at the Dhampir Compound, to photograph the event for Astoria. Apparently, it sounded like a big deal. Artemis of course, appreciated the job offer and was more than glad to help out a friend in need. Besides, meeting more people would be fun; even if on a job.

It had taken a few days preparation, before the evening of the party had arrived. The Celestial had spent a few hours preparing. Making sure that her camera had enough battery and space for lots of photos. Packing a spare battery in her camera bag. Dressed for the event; the Celestial was wearing one of her dresses. Going with Red. Since according to Phe, red was her color. After she was fully ready; the Celestial got into her car, driving towards the address that Astoria had given her. By the looks of it, it was a big get-together, as the Celestial saw many cars out front. “Okay, deep breaths. You can do this.” she told herself. As usual, giving herself a bit of a pep talk before a job. Knowing that nerves always got to her. Artemitra could hear the music already, coming from inside. It seemed to be rather up-beat. The sort of music, that made you feel good and wanna dance. Luckily, she wasn’t the only one that was arriving at the party. Entering in, with some other new-comers. The Celestial looked around, looking for Astoria so she could greet her friend. Her heels clicked against the floor of the big house, where the party was taking place.

“Hey Tori.” The fallen star, finally greeted when she spotted her, in the near distance. “The Party already sounds good.” She praised with a warm smile. Giving her a hug, in greeting. The Camera bag, hanging over her shoulder, for safekeeping. ”Are there any specific things you want me to focus on?” The Celestial asked, wondering about Astoria’s vision, with these photographs. Not wanting to disappoint. So she thought, to ask...what she wanted her to focus on, if anything. Unless she was giving her free reign.

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“You’ll love them, trust me” He grinned happily. He always loved seeing how people react to their music, loving it straight away. It makes him see that all of it pays off and the other people like it. “I can do covers too” Most of the time he’d end up forgetting the lyrics half way through if it wasn’t something he’d written himself but play it cool. Learning that with a guitar. if you're good enough you can pick up the ryhmps of other songs without knowing. “If you want, maybe I could teach you some of the chords somethings” Jem was almost asking her out already. Dhmapir knew that he wanted to see her again. He was a bit more shy than others like this, he wasn't used to asking out girls. Even at any gigs they had there’s always lots of girls asking for their numbers but he never took notice until Artemis. Jem could hear his bandmates looking at each other, sniggering at his attempt of talking to her that was doing bad at. Yet he knew neither of them could do much better. 

Jem felt a little bit flustered with his handwriting misspelling, how he was still being teased out it. “Teachers in school could never read my handwriting properly” He answered sheepishly until Alex cut in. “Dude, you have the worst handwriting I’ve ever seen in a grown man” Alex dug at him making Jem open his mouth in shock as he was just insulted. “I was trying to be helpful, I scored this gig today didn’t I?” He teased his bandmates; they just had to put up with his bad handwriting. Jem could see that Artemis was finding the three of them bickering amusing, it was the usual occurrence. “Maybe I like us being called ‘The Fat ones” Jem laughed although hearing it more it did sound like a bad band name. They would never be taken seriously with a name like that. “I’ll get you to us next time writing out the band name, it will be right then next time” Knowing it’s the last time he’s trusted in being the one in charge of marking the band without making a fool of himself. 

“Great” Jem grinned as she agreed for them to go somewhere else to talk without the prying eyes of his nosey bandmates leaving the others to stay at the party. Moments later they were already away from the rest of the party. “This party and place is a lot fancier than other places we’ve played at before” It was kind of obvious that the band were a bit out of their comfort zone but it pays a lot better than the other gigs. “We’ve played in front of clubs, we’ve played in the back of clubs. We’ve even played in book clubs” Anything to get their music out there, it was a lot harder than any of them thought but they were trying. 

To say that his smile was infectious, would be an understatement, The Celestial had a glow around her, that seemed to shine a bit brighter with her smile. “I look forward to hearing them.” It was no lie. It made her curious to see if she could find any more catchy songs of theirs to her liking. “Really? What covers do you guys do?” Artemis asked, curious about what kind of music they covered so far. As he offered to teach her some chords, her cheeks flushed slightly. Was he asking her out? It kinda sounded like it. “I am more of a piano girl myself, but sure.” Guitar wasn’t exactly her area of expertise when learning to play. She was always up to learning new things, there was no harm in learning the guitar right?

Biting her bottom lip, the Celestial just shook her head as Alex started to dig more into Jem’s bad hand writing “Alright, alright...leave him be. I am sure he feels bad enough for the mix-up already.” But Jem did have a good point, he did score them this gig, they should be thankful that they were here. “He does have a good point. Mix up or not, you’re here, doesn’t that count for something?” The brunette added, with a slight raised eyebrow as she looked towards Jem’s band-mates.

Reggie was about to make a remark, when Artemis had stuck up for Jem. He pursed his lips slightly. “Well you both raise a good point.” he agreed. It was the best gig that they had gotten so far, despite the name mix-up. Julie just rolled her eyes at the boys, amused at their bickering about it.

Artemis rose an eyebrow at Jem, when he said that maybe he liked being called ‘The Fat One’s.’ “Really? It doesn’t suit you guys.” She was being honest, it would make a terrible band name as it is. Smiling amused, as Jem would give her the task of writing the band’s name next time. “More than happy to come and help.”

As they walked away from the group, Artemis was listening intently, Nodding in understanding when Jem mentioned that they had never played anywhere so fancy before. “Tori does like to go a bit overboard with decorations.” Having been to one of Tori’s parties before, Artemis knew how fancy and extravagant it could get. But she was indeed surprised at where they had played. Seemed like they were still getting out there. “Have you guys thought of starting up a Youtube Channel? It’d be a great way to spread your music around out there on the web.” Who knows who might see it and it could get them noticed.

Jem could already tell that they’ve gained a new groupie with how happy and enthusiastic Artemis was about wanting to listen to more of their music. Even if she’s just heard their one song so far. “Well I’ll be looking forward to hearing what you think. Even if you might not like other songs” Jem smiled then shot her a teasing grin, he hoped that she didn’t hate their other music. “We’re mostly trying to do originals, I can do covers too. A bit of Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran” Normally he would have to have the lyrics in front of him with how forgetful he was if it wasn’t something one of them had written. “Don’t forget about high school music” Reggie butted in grinning. “Dude she won’t want to hear us singing breaking free” Jem turned to him, almost giving him a look like Reggie was trying to show him up in front of a girl he was trying to impress. That them singing breaking free would impress her. “Guitar is easy when you get the hang of it” With a guitar you can take it anywhere if you just wanted to play but with a piano it was not that easy. 

The Dhampir knew that he’d never be able to live down his bad hand writing mistake that the guys will just tease and remind him. Luckily Artemis was there to save him telling the guys to give him a break. “Why thank you, at least someone is on my side” Jem commented sarcastically, all of them liked to play digs at each other. “See you should be thanking me” He was happy to have Artemis on his side sticking up for him. “Okay maybe thinking about it again, maybe not” Julie and The Fat Ones was a bad name even if it was a typo. “You should see my song book if you thought my writing was bad tonight” Luckily for him he was able to read his writing even if half was crossed out and re-written. The two of them were starting to walk away but Reggie could be heard in the background. “You should give her my song” Reggie and Home Is Where The Horse is, that guy was obsessed with a country song they were never going to sing. 

Somehow Jem managed to escape any more embarrassment coming from his bandmates now it was just him and Artemis. When Jem first accepted the invite for him and his bandmates to play here he didn’t think it was going to be this fancy. “I’ve always hated fancy parties like these, my mum used to drag me to events with her but I think back then it was more of a punishment” The Dhampir stuck out like a sore thumb compared to Armies who were dressed for the occasion. Him and his band were still fairly new with how in real time it hadn’t been too long since they’ve been together even if it would seem like it had been years with how well Alex and Reggie all got on with each other. At the mention of them starting up a youtube channel Jem shook his head. “We still haven’t figured out what we want to do, at the moment we just want to get some gigs going. Fitting it around our jobs and stuff” Plus none of them wouldn’t know how to set them up with filming and stuff. “So is photographing the only job you have or?” He wondered looking over to her curiously wanting to hear more about her rather than it all just be about him.

Artemis tried not to be too over-excited, but obviously Jem knew she was excited about their music. The Celestial had always liked music. Trying to find new tunes, sometimes it helped her feel creative when she was at home, working on her projects for the art gallery. As he mentioned Ed Sheeran covers, she looked impressed. “Good choice, I like his music.” She was sure that they covers were worthy, even though she just had heard one song from them. But they seemed creative enough to make it their own, yet do it justice. As Reggie began talking about High School Musical, that’s when the Celestial looked bit perplexed but tried not to show her confusion.

What the heck was High school Musical? As far as her song and movie knowledge went, that wasn’t something she had heard/seen. Trying not to look so out of place, she just smiled to hide her confusion.

Alex had to cut in. “You don’t know that. Chicks dig that, right?” he asked, nudging Artemis slightly, as if to say that girls liked the song breaking free.

“Huh?” Artemis blinked, as she glanced towards Alex when nudged her. Looking a bit confused. Luckily Julie noticed her confusion, before Alex or Reggie could say something, Julie had wrapped her arms around them both, her hands on both of their mouths before they could embrace the poor girl for being confused. 

“Leave them alone.” she huffed at the two boys, letting Jem and Artemis wander off on their own. “Not every girl digs High school musical, there’s nothing wrong with that.” she told Alex. Clearly he didn’t know women so well. Pulling the two knuckleheads away, rescuing Jem and Artemis from their annoying and teasing quips.

Luckily Jem seemed to agree that the mix up of names would not suit them. “Glad you agree on that.” she said with a soft smile. “To be honest, it’d be a bad band name for anyone.” As he mentioned his song book, Artemis rose a slight eyebrow teasingly. “I might need some time to decipher it.” she said in a light teasing tone, but smiled at the Dhampir. Before she could say something else, she heard Reggie mumbling something in the back-ground, despite Julie’s efforts to keep him quiet. Glancing at  Jem for a moment, as if to ask him what Reggie was on about. “Your friend has a song?”

Listening to Jem’s explanation that his mother used to take him to fancy parties, The Celestial nodded in understanding.  “I suppose fancy events aren’t for everyone. I kind of got used to it, with my job.” She didn’t particularly mind, she was more than used to being in situations like these. Listening to Jem explain, what they were trying to do; she nodded in understanding. “I can understand that. As far as I know, Youtube just helps new artists and bands get more out there. Just a food for thought. Might help you guys get more known out there. I can always help you.” Artemis offered, gesturing to her camera. She could always film them. Plus she knew a few techy friends of hers, that could help setting up the stage and channel. "I also have a few friends, that work with tech stuffs. They owe me a few favours and visa versa, I am sure they wouldn't mind helping. But the choice is yours of course." Artemis didn't want to put pressure on him and his band, but the offer and thought was there to help them.

When he asked her about her own job, the Celestial nodded. “I do. Getting various jobs from people like Tori keeps me busy. Some of my work is also on display at the Art Gallery. That’s also steady work and keeps me pretty busy.” It was clear, she was happy and proud that her work was up on display. It had taken her a long time to get to that stage in her career. The hard work and pay was worth it all.

Jem was the main singer out of him, Reggie and Alex with the other two behind more of back up singers. It didn’t mean the two of them didn’t get solos of their own. Just himself more than the others. The Dhampir always liked to learn different songs even if at times he didn’t know them he’d always managed to pull it off so that he knew how they went. “Guess we both have good taste” He mused giving her a soft smile whilst Reggie was giving Alex a look but it was dismissed by the other two. As soon as he mentioned High School Musical Reggie started to talk about it more. “Before I started to play Breaking free you were like ‘I’ll be the girl then moments after your part you were like ‘why do I have to be the girl’” It still made him laugh at how random them busting on the streets gets. “I still don’t understand why” Both him and Alex turned to Reggie raising their brows. “You have a higher voice than us” The Dhampir was distracted talking about High school Musical not noticing that Artemis had no clue what he was talking about. “Wait, isn't there a tv show about it now?” So far he hadn’t been dragged to watch it with the other guys but soon it might change. 

Julie saved the day and dragged his band mates away leaving it just him and Artemis with how the two of his friends couldn’t see that he was trying to have alone time with a girl he was starting to have a crush on. “I’m sorry about them, it can get a little bit of chaos at times” Especially when they ended up embarrassing him like now. “Reggie has a dream of us realising a country album. He keeps putting his songs into my notebook then when I say something he’s like ‘It is a gift’ then he huffs and takes it back” Recalling how something had ended out but he was trying to make sure that it wouldn’t happen. 

They’ve not thought much out of the box of how to get their name out there especially with his bad handwriting. Yet this youtube channel could be a good idea. “You sure you want to help us out even if you’ve only heard one song?” Seeing how they’ve already sold her with one song. “I’m sure that Julie would love to help you out, along with her best friend. I know that we got the band name registered on different social media’s” He sucked at that type of stuff leaving it to others who knew to be better at it than him. Knowing him he’d probably make a typo somewhere like earlier. Jem was surprised to hear that Artemis had some of her work on display at the gallery. “Really you got to show me where it is so I can have a look” Egear to see the photos that she’s taken. Wanting for her to take the spotlight rather than him. Work for him has been a little bit slow with how he’d been trying to find something else to do alongside a few gigs. Tonight was the proper gig where they were getting paid in actual money rather than free drinks or free food. 

She couldn’t help but be thankful that no one noticed her confused and rather ‘lost puppy’ look when it came to the guys discussing High School Musical. Making a mental note, that she’d have to ask Willow back at the celestial mansion, if she knew anything about it. Knowing that Willow was the most up to date with modern things. More so than she was. As they questioned if there was a tv show about it. Artemis wasn’t sure that she was the best one to answer that question. Innocently shrugging. “I have no clue.” she told Jem with a soft smile.

Thankful when Julie saved the day, by dragging Alex and Reggie elsewhere off for the next few moments. Giving her and Jem more space to talk and breathe, without the boys interrupting their every thought. “It’s alright. I am sure they mean no harm.” she assured with a soft smile, as he apologised on behalf of his band-mates. If anything, they seemed like quite a fun bunch. Even if they didn’t know when to leave well enough alone. Raising an eyebrow, she laughed lightly. “A country album huh?” she shook her head smiling. “Not sure, I get the country vibes from you guys. I might be wrong though.” Having only heard one song, who knows; that might change. Finding the story all too amusing. “Maybe you might need to find a hiding place for your note-books, or Reggie will keep bombarding you with more country music.”  Offering a genuine solution. Unless Reggie of course would know Jem’s hiding places. Which would render it useless to an extent.

Artemis saw how surprised he was, when she offered her help. Nodding. “I am sure.” she said with a warm smile. “I’ve known Tori for a long time, and I know she always has a great taste in music. So if she had seen a promising future for you guys, besides I am sure that there is also.” If Tori didn’t see anything good in Jem’s band, they wouldn’t have gotten this gig here. Plus, she was looking forward to hearing some more of their music. Artemis just had a good feeling about their music. Call it a sixth sense. “I am more than happy for the girls to help.” After all, it’d require some team-work and creative minds to help set everything up.

As the subject turned towards her, and her own work. She lightly nodded at his question about her work. His eagerness to see her work, caused her cheeks to flush. Smiling warmly. “I’d love to show you. But I think you guys better finish up here tonight. Or Tori will have a go at me for kidnapping one of the band members, mid event.” she laughed lightly. She was sure that he wanted to get paid. And Artemis didn’t want to ruin the event for Tori either. Besides, the night was still young. There was plenty of time to see her work at the art studio after the party would die down a bit.

It was quite often the case whenever he and his friends were together that they’d be having a separate conversation about an inside joke of something that once happened. Sometimes it would even happen with only a glance then one of them would be set off in a laughing fit that would seem like gibberish but make sense to them. It was always the case for them. Then there's people like Artemis now who were looking at them having no idea what they were talking about or were meaning. Not understanding the inside joke. “There is, it’s only Disney Plus it’s quite mint” Reggie piped when the others didn’t know. Making Jem chuckle shaking his head, of course he’d be the one to watch it. “I only watch marvel movies or star wars with my Aunt on it” Yet there may have been a few times or few too many that he’d been ropped into watching a chick flick or two but he didn’t want to let the others know. “And before you say anything Reggie you're not allowed around to watch them with us” Already able to predict what he was going to say. Not wanting for his mate to be drooling over his Aunt. 

Jem was thankful that Julie went and dragged the others away so he could talk to Artemis by himself. Something that they both were wanting and the boys were too dumb to even notice themselves. “They are harmless, mostly.” He laughed a little. “It’s more so Reggie’s idea he’s already got his song all written up. I’ll leave him to go solo if he wants to go down the country album route” One song was bad enough, let alone a whole album. “I’ve tried that but it never works” Somehow he always finds out where his music book is left. “At least he can’t really steal my songs as mostly it’s only me who can read them” He joked how nobody could ever read his handwriting. It was always scruffy or too rushed but he understood what he wrote. 

“Yeah Tori is great” Smiling at the mention of the fellow Dhampir but not wanting to tell her how he knew of her. It was a little bit complicated to say the least. Jem was surprised when Artemis spoke of her seeing a promising future for them. “Thank you, it means a lot” Smiling at the positive feedback, it was always nice to hear someone who wasn’t close friends or family tell them. Making him have faith and believe that they could achieve something. He was happy to hear that Artemis was offering her help, able to see that she was wanting to get involved too. “You could always come over to my place sometime and we can plan out some things” Offering her an open invitation to hang out with him again. Hoping that she’d want to. Jem wasn’t the best at asking someone out. Always seeming cool on the outside but on the inside he was more of a coward and clueless at stuff like that. 

She was wanting to see his work, he thought it was only fair and right to see hers. Jem knew if it was up in an Art Gallery it must be good. This party was a fancy one and they would only want the best so it must be a sight to see. That's what he thought even without seeing any of it yet. Jem looked around the room when she spoke of not wanting to take him away from playing. “Hmm I’m sure they can work out a way around it” Shooting her a teasing smile that then turned into a smirk as he took her hand and guided her away from the crowds of people into one of the hallways that he hoped to lead to one of the art galleries. “They’ll figure something out, trust me” Not wanting for her to worry about him ducking out. He was the one who joined the band last so it wasn’t like they couldn’t perform without him, just not as good, that's what he was hoping. “So show me the way to your art now it’s your turn to show off” Turning the attention and excitement all to her. Not wanting for it to be all about him wanting for her to shine too. Jem could almost sense that there was something about her. Intrigued to see and find out more. Able to see she wasn’t like most girls. 

The Celestial was sure, she was missing out on some inside joke or something. But she wasn’t bothered by it much. It just reminded her of how many more things she needed to catch up on in the modern world to be fully up with grips with it. When Jem forbade Reggie from coming over to watch movies with him and his aunt, she laughed. “Wow, he must be really bad if you’re forbidding him from coming over to watch movies with you guys.” But if Reggie's flirtatious personality was anything to go by, she could probably figure out the partial reason why Jem told him no. God forbid, if any of her friends were around Reggie. It’d be a flirt fest. 

As he assured her that his friends were harmless, she just smiled. “I didn’t think they’d bite.” Oh god. You make awful jokes. A voice said in the back of her head. Artemis knew that country music wasn’t for everyone. She certainly wasn’t one to listen to country music. Too…tacky for her taste. “Wow, I think he’s the first person I met that actually can tolerate country music.”  Artemis certainly couldn’t put herself through the torture of listening to an entire country album. One song was enough…sparingly, when it came up on the radio every once in a while. Even then, it made her squirm uncomfortably. As he cracked the joke about his own hand-writing, she shook her head smiling; a light giggle escaping her in unison. “He might not be able to read them, but he can still hide his country music in them.” she pointed out.

It seemed like there was a general consensus about Astoria. Wondering how Jem and Tori came to know each other. Maybe through mutual friends? Tori seemed to know Jem to some extent, especially if the Dhampir thought to drag her over to meet him. “You’re welcome.” she said with a warm smile. The Celestial was always happy to help, especially if she felt that something was worth investing her time and attention in. Hearing his offer, caused her cheeks to slightly flush pink. It felt like forever, since she had last been out on a date. If you could even count it as one? “I’d like that.” she said with a nod. “I usually have more time on the week-ends.” Week days were more busy for the Celestial. Often finding it packed with small jobs like this, or working on more projects to display at the art studio. 

Jem did surprise her a little bit. He was willing to ditch his own paid gig, just to see her work? She had to admit, it was rather sweet of him. “Do you always skip out on paid gigs?” she asked him teasingly, as she followed him. Lightly nudging him, with her elbow, in her playfulness. Them making their way through the crowd and to another part of the building. Once away from the majority of the crowd. It was less suffocating. The air felt a bit fresher…mainly the air conditioning circling around the building. “If you insist.” she said with a smile. Leading him down one familiar hallway, as they headed towards the art gallery. Artemis was quite lucky that her work was on display. If it hadn’t been for a few of her friends helping her, she wouldn’t have found the opportunity. Of course, she still was working to make her projects better, and different. Wanting to keep things exciting; and not of the same subjects. 

Eventually the pair came to a variety of display cases, with different forms of media and art. They had reached the art studio. A few other people were crowding around different works from different artists and photographers. Luckily paving the way for her work, so they didn’t need to walk past a lot of people. Eventually coming to a stop, when they reached a variety of landscape photographs in a variety of seasons, along with a few wildlife photographs that Artemitra had captured. “Well, here we are.” Each piece seemed to be vivid in colour, texture and life in itself. No piece was the same as the other.  The animals almost looked like they could come alive, just from looking at the photographs. “These two displays are one of my newest ones.” Her older pieces were moved to another part of the gallery. Artemis liked to update her work in the gallery, so no one was bored of looking at the same pieces all the time. Biting her bottom lip to see what he thought of her work. Trying to capture Evermore in all its beauty, across the year, had been a challenge for the Celestial. But she thought she had done well.

Jem wasn’t that stupid he knew what Reggie’s game with. He was a total flirt, something Jem and the others were used to. Yet lucky his techniques weren’t working on Artemis how she’d already shut down his antics. She probably had figured out his game. Reggie was trying to defend himself. “It’s not my fault your Aunt is hot!” Reggie defended himself, making Jem cringe. “Dude, that's gross. That's my Aunt you're talking about. That's why you're not allowed around” It wasn’t a fun site to see one of his mates drooling over his Aunt. 

“They don’t, don’t worry” Although he could not properly count himself in that part. Yet he hasn’t tapped into his Dhampir side yet. Something he needed to get around too soon. “Yeah he’s a little bit weird” Jem laughed at how his mate had an obsession with country music. “Yupp” At least nobody could steal his music. Artemis looked cute when she blushed. He’s already been able to make her blush. “I’m cool with whatever. We’ve not got anything coming up yet” Hopefully after tonight they might have a few more things but right now it is still quiet. He wanted to try to play it cool not to let in that he didn’t have a proper job yet but he was working on it. 

“Only when I get a chance to spend the night with a cute girl instead” Jem winked back teasing her but he was wanting to let her know he was wanting to drop everything to get to know her. He wasn’t a player hoping that she wouldn’t think that he was or trying too hard. The two of them made their quick exit before the others would notice they’ve gone but his friends would be able to guess where he’d gone and who he was with. Jem was looking forward to seeing where Artemis’s art was.  He followed her through into one of the other rooms. Luckily for them not many people were nearby so it was just the two of them. Artemis came to a stop at different photographs. This must be her work. Jem was taken back by the photos, amazed seeing all of the details and beauty that she’s been able to capture in every one. “These are amazing. You can see the city in a whole different light” Each photo was just as breathtaking as another. “Your really talented, thse are really good” He gushed looking at her work. An idea came to him. “Do you want to get out of here? I might have somewhere you can take some more photos of the city. Somewhere you might have not been to before?” He turned to her seeing if she’d take him up on his offer to explore the city at night. Jem knew a few secret spots or two, he wanted to show her where they were so she could see more of the beauty from different views.

Reggie’s antics didn’t work on the Celestial, he was trying too hard to impress. Not to mention, her eyes were on someone else. So it was easy to shut down his attempt at flirting. But hearing his defence, made her squirm uncomfortably. “Okay…eww…that’s just…awkward.” she shook her head at Jem’s band-mate. Not to mention, it was totally inappropriate. 

Hearing Jem call Reggie a bit weird, amused the brunette. “Besides the fact that he hits on everything that moves?” she asked jokingly. “He shouldn’t try so hard, if you ask me.” But that was just her opinion. Other girls might have been all putty in Reggie’s hands if he flirted in their direction. It was good to know, she wasn’t the only one whom cringed at the thought of listening to country music. “Since everyone’s free, I am sure we’ll figure something out.” She assured him with a soft smile, upon learning that the band was free this upcoming week-end. It’d give them some time to work out some stuff for their promotion online. Not to mention, it’d give her a chance to hang out elsewhere rather than within the castle walls with her faction members. It’d make a nice change.

His compliment made her blush. She didn’t think that she was that special, for him to drop everything. But it was flattering. “Aww stop…you’re gonna turn me into a strawberry.” God, she probably was half way there already, with how much he was making her blush already. It’s been a while since she had been this flustered. Artemitra had never been the most ‘smooth’ when it came to flirting. Often finding herself tongue tied in the past. But somehow it was a part of her charm. As they stood in front of her photography work, in the art studio. Artemis smiled softly at his assessment of her work. “Thanks. It actually started off as a hobby. But after encouragement from lots of friends, I finally decided to see what the world thought.” So it was always nice to see that people appreciated her work. All the hard work she put into it, seemed to be working. Hearing his offer to show her a few secret places around the city made her smile. “Sure. I’d like that.” She said with a soft smile. Who knows what sort of Gems she might discover for her photography. “I just need to grab a few things, but I’ll meet you out front.” Not wanting to forget her belongings at the party, knowing it’d be a bit of a chaos trying to get it back tomorrow, especially with all the cleaning up that would be done. As they headed back in the direction of the party, Artemis took a slight turn to where she placed her jacket and belongings at the start of the party. Putting her coat back on, over her dress. She took a moment to put the t-shirt and demo cd into her camera bag so she wouldn’t misplace it. Putting the bag over her shoulder; she then headed outside to find Jem waiting there. “Lead the way.” she said with a smile.

Reggie was more of the problem child in their band whilst Alex was more of the level head. Jem knew that Alex was always more scared to make a move on anyone, that the blonde drummer was still all new to finding and figuring out what he was. Even with how many times he tried reassuring him that people were all open and free to be who they are here in the city. Yet Alex was still too scared to be himself just yet. “You see what I mean” He teased laughing a little motioning to Reggie letting in how much of a flirt his mate was. “He really does. He’s even tried flirting with me before” He added, knowing that Aretmis was going to be conufsed by it. “Oi, you were the one who started it. Don’t say you didn’t like it” Reggie tried to defend himself making Jem just have a blank look on his face before scowling to his friend wanting for him to shut up talking about rubbish when he’s trying to flirt with the brunette female in front of him. Luckily they were saved by Julie who dragged Reggie away before he could say any more to embarrass or ruin any street cred that Jem had left.

“I’m looking forward to it” He smiled. Happy that they would be starting to get their band on the map. Leaving it up to someone who knew what they were doing. Seeing what they were currently doing wasn’t working too well for them. Especially when he was left to it. Him and his handwriting. Jem knew that he could be helpful with the art work but wanted to leave it till another time to tell her. Seeing how they had the evening together now. To hang out and get to know each other better. Jem thought it was cute seeing her blushing to his words but knew that she probably felt embarrassed so he made sure not to tease her so much. “It’s cute” Reassuring her softly with a wink. 

“It’s good that they pushed and encouraged you to go for it” That others saw she had a talent and told her to go for it. It was the same for him too. “Alright then I’ll be outside when you're ready” He smiled back at her as she agreed to go and explore the city with him. Jem watched as she walked away to gather her things. He too headed in the direction of the main room where the others were. Luckily for him the others were too busy talking to each other or mingling so he was able to grab his hoodie without being questioned too much. Not wanting for his mates to tease him how he was going to go and get the girl. Jem pulled the hoodie over his head knowing it was going to be cold outside not wanting to be freezing. On the way out he went the direction of where the bar was when the bartenders went looking and she casually leaned over and swiped a bottle of champagne or something similar from behind the bar. Hiding it away in his hoodie. Going all unnoticed. It was something that he’d done once or twice. He was even taught the trick by his Aunt Rissa, who encouraged it more than his mum never did. 

Jem headed out without being noticed by anyone which was good. Leaving the venue trying to remember what way was where to get out. Waiting outside he took out his phone sending a text to his bandmates telling him what happened to him before putting it on, ignoring not wanting his phone to be buzzing. Then sending a text to Rissa telling her he wouldn’t be back till late. He didn’t have to but he knew he’d better, rather than have him worrying. That and so she could dog sit Buttercup for a little bit longer. Hearing footsteps he slipped his phone back into his phone pocket seeing the familiar brunette coming out and heading his way. “Let’s go” He smiled softly as he was starting to head right in the direction where he wanted to take her. Jem thought about taking her hand but he didn’t want to come across taking things too quickly. “I’ve always thought the city was more beautiful at night” Seeing the city all lit up. How when he was younger he’d be looking out of the window up at the night sky seeing all of the different stars that lit up the night sky. “If you know where to go, there’s some hidden gems around the city. You just have to look out for them”

Artemitra never knew someone who was literally such a walking ‘flirt’ till she had met Jem’s bandmate Reggie. “Well…wait what?” Artemis was lost mid thought, when Jem mentioned that Reggie even tried flirting with him once before. Her brows furrowed in confusion. Not sure what to say; especially when Reggie piped up again. Maybe for the first time visible that night, she was lost for words. Shaking her head slightly, as she tried to find words. “He really doesn’t know when to keep quiet does he?” she asked. God, she hoped none of her friends were this bad. Sure some didn’t have much of a filter, but Reggie seemed much worse. Luckily, the situation didn’t get worse than that, when Julie stepped in once again to keep Reggie quiet. Or things would have been more awkward. 

“Happy to help.” She said with a soft smile; once again reassuring him that she was more than happy to help. Artemis herself was looking forward to them brainstorming and coming up with creative things. With all of them working together, she hoped that they’d come up with something interesting. Already having a few ideas in mind, that might help them get more recognition. As he assured her, her blushing was cute; it only made it grow. God, she didn’t think she ever blushed this much. Feeling how flushed her face was.

It had been hard work, to get to where she was now work wise. “I guess, it paid off.” she said with a warm smile. It also took her months of debating if she should actually take that leap. And she had been glad that she did, or she wouldn’t have her work on display in an art gallery at the moment. Not knowing that Jem had swiped a bottle of alcohol, whilst she was getting her things. Only noticing that something was tucked under his hoodie, when she joined him outside. She slightly tilted her head. “Do you have a lump in your jacket?” Knowing, her question probably sounded odd. But she didn’t see what he was hiding. The Celestial always spotting things easily, like that. It was hard not to notice that his jacket wasn’t smooth.

With it being night-time, she felt more in her comfort zone. After all, she was a star. Her natural glow, almost acting like a torch light for the pair. Whilst humans wouldn’t notice the star’s glow; other Supernatural's easily could tell that she wasn’t mortal. The glow giving her away to them. Following Jem, she smiled at what he said. “You’re not the first one to tell me that. Guess I need to actually set more time aside to look for those hidden gems.” She said honestly. Lately having been so busy, she forgot to add it to her list. “It is. Night’s always been my favourite.” The city felt more awake in the night, with all the stars and moonlight. With the evening breeze swaying through her brown hair, Artemis brushed some over her shoulder; so it wouldn’t accidentally fly up into his face if it got more breezy. “So, how long have you lived in the city? I am sure I would have recalled seeing you around.” Artemis said softly. Wanting to know a bit more about him. Now that they were alone; it was the best time to do so. Along with exploring a few hidden gems, he had to show her.

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