Maybe he was thinking too much on it, he thought. Adriel had been staring at the stars lighting up the night, dancing motionlessly next to the moon. That was yesterday's incident. He was found laying down by the clearing near the borders, just taking his time to watch the sky and reflect. It's waning gibbous tonight. Yesterday was full moon, it felt like he could almost hear the howls from the therians in the woods. Everywhere else, that seemed to be the case for every full moon. In Evermore, however, it doesn't freak people out unlike other places. The sounds of the busy street interrupted his state of mind that was probably halfway across the world daydreaming, per usual. Daydreaming wasn't surprising to the Valkyr, especially when he was stuck in a torturous and boring meeting that nobody clearly needed. 

After another hour of having to hear the monotonous voice of their vice president, they were finally dismissed. The first thing he did was dash out of the conference room and head over to his own office so he could take a brief nap. It hasn't been easy to sleep properly, these days. Not for him. Meetings didn't usually bore him but today it did. Or it could be because Adriel couldn't focus on anything aside from the dreams he's been having lately. As vague as it showed itself to him, it only piqued the Valkyr's interest even more than it should. When he first came to Evermore, which was over a month ago, the first thing he did was try to understand how many factions the eternal city housed and their rules. Of course, the first one had to be the Valkyr faction; led by someone very familiar to him, Gideon Ashworth. 

It seems that even the city attracted people like Gideon and Cecilia. He has yet to meet the Valkyrie and would love to be granted an audience with him, though the same couldn't be said regarding the other one. Don't get him wrong, they had no rivalry or the likes but he would rather stir clear from the Italian who received plenty of complaints because of him. The clock struck and the sound of people rushing over to the elevator reminded him that it was lunch hour. Adriel for up from his seat and closed the door to his office carefully before taking the other elevator at the south wing in order to avoid packed areas. Whilst he had been maintaining a careful diet throughout the centuries, he'd rather prevent any risks from catching up. 

The blond decided to head over to the cafe across the building to get his daily dose of coffee, noticing the souvenir shop next to it that was recently opened a few days ago. As usual, the cafe was bustling with people, he was only lucky to get his coffee because he came just in time before it got busy. Adriel was simply leaning against the counter, waiting for his order to come by, when he suddenly caught a familiar face and silhouette. How could he not notice her when she was just queuing behind him. Like anyone, who would believe such a sight when you haven't seen them in such a long time, right? He initially assumed that, until he heard the name being called, "Ophelia" was all that escaped him as he tried to take in the person before him. 

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She nodded slightly, she definitely found value in traveling, even if she was forced to do so, moving from place to place and seeing so many communities, meeting so many people and observing the world, it had made her a more open-minded and understanding person, she learned very quickly not to judge before she knew the full story, to look at the world with her eyes wide open and to absorb everything around her piece by piece. “Thank you” she responded when he said she was proud of her for rallying her people “I can’t say it has been easy to make a group of people fear for their lives feel like it’s okay to live it but...we move forward day by day”.

He had always been a daydreamer, it was one of the things she had always loved about him so it didn’t surprise her when he explained how he still wanted to hold onto the idea of what could have been “I like to think we would have built our own boat from scratch and taken it across the seas” all of the travelings they experienced but instead of alone, together. “Honestly, after the past 100 years I’ve lived, I don’t actually think things could be worse” she meant that, it wasn’t something she could even feel like she could jinx because the worst had truly happened, she had lost her people and not been able to get to them for years, there was nothing more painful she had experienced than that.

She laughed under her breath when he said he needed to move towards adapting to modern times “I have been telling myself that same thing for the past few months, I had to get one of the younger stars to teach me how to use a cell phone and even now I still get confused by the thing” she gave an amused shake of her head, when you spent so much time in the world, sometimes it became hard to adapt to change because you just wanted to hold on to what you had before. Her eyes softened a little when he said he wore the cuff links because he promised he would always keep them on him, he had always had this thing with promises, they mattered to him greatly “You took really great care of them” she commented in a soft voice, smiling slightly as she looked up at him.

“I still have a long way to go too” she responded and nodded thoughtfully “But for once the journey feels exciting to me, a path I actually want to go down” it did scare her a little to be selfish and to do something simply because it was what she enjoyed but she realized she had very little to cherish in her life and decided it was time to change that. She felt her heart clench in her chest when he asked her if they would meet again, she looked up at him now the two of them had stood up from the bench and she hesitantly leaned in to hug him, wrapping her arms around him gently and holding him for a few brief moments “I sure hope so, besides it’s a big city but you’ll find it’s a surprisingly small world” she nodded before pulling back and heading towards the exit, glancing over at him over her shoulder as she left “Take care of yourself” she spoke softly before heading back towards the shop.

The world has changed a lot. If he was to compare to the time he was born, over 1200 years ago, the old him would never have thought it would come to this. But just like that persona, Adriel came to terms with his current status and condition. You can't keep hanging onto the past, your life will never improve if so. So he didn't. He misses a lot of things… some of them were people. He wished he would've taken the chance he was given and make good memories; ones he could look back at and smile. His time with Ophelia was one of the significant ones. And to know she too, has widened her knowledge as she traveled, learned new things, it assured him greatly that she was a survivor and wouldn't let anything take her down so easily. He didn't need to worry for her because she could take care of herself. "You try, that's the best part of everything. Knowing that you tried." The effort makes up most of it. There's a reason why passion stayed by for so long, after all. 

He chuckled at the thought of building their own boat and sailed it together, she wasn't wrong, he probably would've wanted to build them a boat so they could do exactly that. Alas, it seems like the world had other plans. "I wouldn't count that part out. It could still happen, we have yatch… boats, cruise ships. If we wanted to sail, there is a means to it." Perhaps, they could still do that, someday. "Don't jinx it" he chastised playfully and flicked her hands, a gesture Adriel normally does whenever he was trying to scold her. If he didn't live through the changes every century, he wouldn't be able to adapt that easily either. "Tell me about it" he scoffed, "I had to take a few months to even navigate myself around the apps. It's so useful though" No one could deny the technological advancements had benefited mankind greatly. Though, all the good also comes with all the bad that could be done.

 His gaze fell on the cuff-links on his sleeves, it seemed so long ago when Phe gifted those to him, "Can't believe it's been over 300 years already" He should actually give himself kudos for keeping it safe until now. Wearable too. "I wish you the best, Phe. May you find what you're looking for." And share the happiness. Adriel didn't expect for her to even say a word about scheduling another meeting together, much less pulled into a hug. It left the Valkyr gaping in awe before slowly easing into her hold and returning the hug, "Please… I'll always find you, right?" For once, the smile didn't seem sad. He'll find her, Evermore could be a whole country and he would still find a way to find her. He never truly gave up, after all. "You too, Phe… take care yourself" he murmured and watched as her figure slowly started to disappear amidst the crowd. "We'll see each other again" he murmured to himself and made his way back to the office, but not before grinning at the cuff-links. 


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