Humming to herself, she allowed her hazel hues glaze over the papers on the mahogany desk. There were a few books and files scattered around the desk too, making it quite messy for her, who’s a known perfectionist. She’s been going through the entire thing for two nights already, her mind never seemingly able to make up itself. Books on cardiothoracic surgery syllabus laid wide open for everyone who would come inside the room to see. She remember she stopped and bookmarked the page on esophageal surgeries and the other book on invasive treatment theories. It was just so like her to be studying things so deeply when she had nothing else to do. She recently got inducted as one of the transferred cardiothoracic surgeon from Milan. It was turning out well for her considering it was easier for her to keep an eye out for potential threats as a resident in Evermore General.

But the papers were nowhere near related to her medicinal and surgical field. It was information and literal biographies on the known Valkyr running around the globe. At least the ones that she could successfully track down. There were plenty of rogue ones living up to the bad side of their mythology and they’ve been handling it slowly but effectively. But even then, it wasn’t possible to eradicate every single troublemaker, even so when Celia herself found it hard to incarcerate them just like that despite them reserving a sentence over the matter. The Italian Valkyr understood just how pressured Gideon felt about such things and tried her best to ease the worries and woes regarding the rogue beasts. The recent file she went through had caught her eye: one Valkyr that has been in her head the whole night-- Yeonseok Lee. Now, what was so important and special about this Valkyr? Especially when there’s plenty of them residing in the eternal city.

Where to start with him? All she’s known was that the matter needed no more explanation. Celia kept an eye out for everyone, it’s her duty and hobby, honestly. But when it comes to the Korean Valkyr, it was no surprise that she held a certain soft spot for him, the same she had reserved for the Valkyrie himself. No one knew why, but like she stated before, most of what she does needed no explanation. It has been a little over 5 years but she still couldn’t forget that day. Closing her eyes briefly, she found herself reminiscing that tragic incident that embedded itself in the center of her cortex. A memory she couldn’t even forget even if she wanted to. What’s left for her to do now is to move on forward. But her heart wouldn’t allow her to rest just now, so she cleaned the mess on her table and grabbed her overcoat before exiting the room. That particular room inside the mansion had remained her workplace, no matter how comfortable it was to work from her own place near the borders of the city, there was something that kept her here.

Perhaps, it was the homey feeling and scent that unravelled the entire place. Yes, maybe that’s it. The feeling she’s always felt foreign towards even since birth. She had nothing else to resent her second life for her first, seeing as she didn’t exactly have anything else to hold on to. At least this life gives her a purpose, which was more than she could ever wish for. Dragging herself away to the front door, she wrapped the overcoat around her and released the bun that held her raven dark locks in one place. The Italian born woman liked to feel the cold breeze of the winter and autumn equally so she decided to take her time walking as a form of transportation to Yeonseok’s apartment. He had moved out a time ago to a place above his dance studio and she has yet to pay the place a visit. It was said before that she held a soft spot for the Valkyr so this wasn’t a rarity for her when it comes to him.

A couple of minutes later after trudging through the wintery streets, she arrived in front of the apartment. Staring at the place, she tucked both her hands inside the pockets and entered the elevator before pressing the said floor’s button. The moment the doors to the elevator opened, she made her way to the lot and knocked a few times against the door as she waited outside for the owner to come and open it. "You're as late as ever, Yeon. I swear that one thing hasn't changed." she huffed.

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Yeon had been in Evermore city for a little over 5 years now and since coming here his life had become so very different from the one he’d had when he was a young and sweet boy in Korea. At first, he had been distant and reserved while he figured out what being a Valkyr meant and accepted the life which was now his own but eventually he had realized this was his second chance and that every mistake he made he could now right. Yeon had worked hard and tirelessly on the person he was, he gained confidence, he gained recognition for his talents, his work meant he could eventually buy his own place and live on his own, he was happy.

The one thing that Yeon didn’t have many of, however, were friends. He intimidated most people he supposed and anyone who did get close to him tended to fall on the side of attraction rather than platonic and he didn’t like to keep those people around for too long. Yeon didn’t really like the idea of long term, life moved too fast for him to ever think about staying in one place and doing one thing, Evermore might be his base but he wasn’t here most of the time, often flying to cities like New York and California to meet with clients, it was a busy life but that was what he enjoyed, always seeing new things, being around new people and not having anything that tied him down.

This particular week, however, Yeon found himself with time to spare, which was unusual and a little unnerving for him. Instead of sitting around doing nothing which had been pretty tempting he had decided to take on some private dance sessions. This morning a particularly attractive blonde had come for a lesson and despite him always trying to do his best to keep work and private matters separate, when she had kissed him he had gotten lost in the heat of the moment. One thing led to another and now she was showering in the ensuite next to his bedroom while he sat on the couch, scrolling through social media on his phone.

At first when he heard the knock on the door he had ignored it, he didn’t really like it when people showed unannounced, didn’t they know that he had a schedule for a reason but as it got more incessant he sighed softly getting to his feet and walking the short distance to the front door. He turned the handle and pulled it open as he was met with dark eyes of Cecilia Laterza. Naturally a smile appeared on Yeon’s lips in greeting, speaking of those few friends the young Valkyr had, Celia was probably one of the only ones “I heard that” he commented in note of what she had been grumbling “I’m a very busy man don’t you realize C” he added with a smirk though he stepped aside to invite her inside.

His attention was taken by the sound of footsteps behind him, the blonde from earlier taking one look at the Italian Valkyr, shooting her a jealous stare and then turning to him with a questioning look, Yeon shrugged not feeling obliged to explain anything “Give me a call if you need another lesson” he prompted as a hint it was time for his guest to leave, she huffed a little but made her way out. The valkyr didn’t even bother to look at Celia’s expression knowing it would be filled with judgement “So you finally decided you’d come check this place out hey?” he asked with raised brows, it had only been several months after all “You’re lucky I’m here, I fly out again in two days” he spoke but then his smirked faltered and he pulled the brunette in for a quick hug “It’s been too long” he stated as he leaned on her shoulder before letting her go.

Gosh how she hated waiting. It was probably one of her pet peeves to keep tapping her feet while waiting for anyone and here's note to remind, Cecilia Laterza never waits for anyone. Ever. Well, except for him and Gideon, honestly. When it comes to this Korean Valkyr and the Valkyrie, there's not really much she could do about. Curse her and her sentiments out for him, had she gone her way, Celia probably would have come in without invitation. Was a secured and locked door really going to stop her?

The moment the doors were opened, she quirked her eyebrows questioningly at the Valkyr, giving him a very unamused look his way. Initially, she was just annoyed she was kept waiting for a minute or two longer than needed, but as soon as she was shot by a jealous look from a blonde who came flying out from his place, the look she gave him was more than just a look of unamusement. Now while all those looks are not really a rarity from the Italian Valkyr, she would not go as far to say it was a look she took pride in because let's be honest, being thrown glares everywhere is not fun. One of these days, they might go to a witch unknowingly and voodoo her. That's not fun at all.

“Bye to you too, lady.” she mumbled as she literally walked past her by bumping into her shoulder. “Yeah it was meant to be heard, that's why I made sure it was paced evenly just to annoy you.” she rolled her eyes at the young Valkyr and shook her head. As soon as the blonde disappeared into the elevator, she scoffed and gave Yeon a judgemental stare. “Yeah. Busy. I can see that very clearly. You have a way of defining things, Yeon. And you said you have a knack of keeping things personal and professional separate. I knew it was too good to be true.” Narrowing her bright hazel hues onto the male, she clicked her tongue and shook her head once again. When he pulled her in for a hug, she didn't struggle against it, she rather reciprocated it. She doesn't do a lot of things, if she's being honest, but it's been stated before the woman has a soft spot for the particular Valkyr so things go around, in a way.

“And I'm a busy woman, but you don't see me highlighting that.” Once he released his hold on her, she walked inside and turned around halfway to give him a really clouded look that was mixed with judgement itself. “Give me a call if you need a lesson, really? If you keep giving those lessons out, you're gonna get it a lot more frequently that you might as well make another bed just for the purpose of it.” she remarked dryly. It was never going to die down within their witty banter, so why does she even bother. “Again? I just got back in Evermore from Belarus, Yeon. And this is actually three days early because I finished things early.. Can't believe you're leaving me again. Fate always has a way managing your time schedule and making sure it's only applicable for me when I'm away.” Okay, when she said she had a soft spot for him, she wasn't kidding. Yeon was quite like a younger brother for her. Ironically as it is.

A trait not shown to many, only to about 3 people until today, Celia likes attention. It's been her medium for centuries long when in her field, it boosts up the allure. She's always busy going off trips across the world to make sure things and foundations were still standing strong, so she couldn't stay long even if she wanted to. “I wanted to check it out a while ago but like I said, time doesn't seem to let me. My schedule or yours, it clashes way too much. Wait- am I interrupting another lesson in hand? No one's gonna come for another one, right?” Leave her alone for judging him, it's a trait too often that she does. Besides, a little precautions and warnings would be harmless. She did not wish to hear anything.

Yeon didn’t really take well to cold calling, he was far too busy to let unexpected interruptions to his schedule happen which is why he had debated not even answering the door though he was glad he did as his eyes met the dark ones of the elder Valkyr, Cecilia would not have taken well to him giving her the freeze out, especially because she would have known he was there. He pulled an amused expression as he looked between the brunette and the blonde, catching the angered look from the second girl. Somehow it always ended up like this, people expecting more than he was willing to give, Yeon didn’t set up any false pretences, he wasn’t interested in a relationship or even anything more than a one-time thing really.

He watched as she headed out of the apartment and once she was in the elevator he closed the door behind her turning towards Cecilia, the stare was unsurprising but he didn’t care all that much for his reputation, he did what he wanted and didn’t really care much for what others thought of it, not even a close friend “Hey I never claimed to be a master of self control” he commented with a half shrug, the blonde had kissed him after all, sure he had escalated the situation but in his defence he had spent so much time travelling lately that he hadn’t had the chance to really spend any time on personal. He kept the hug short and sweet, knowing that C wasn’t much for affection before he stepped back and gestured towards the couch in the open plan apartment.

“Schedules are a pain in the ass” he commented agreeing with her complaining, he would have loved to take a break but he found the world was constantly moving and if he didn’t move with it he would get left behind, Yeon couldn’t really afford to get left behind in this business, there was always new talent popping up and if he didn’t act then they would go to his competitors or become a new one. Yeon gave a half smirk when the elder valkyr tried to put him to shame, many tried to do that but Yeonseok had nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of, he quite enjoyed the life he lead right now “Now there’s an idea” he teased with a twinkle in his eye “Though that might out my unprofessional tendencies” he commented with a shrug, for the most part, it wasn’t like that, he tended to keep purposely distance with clients and students, but when people got up in his personal space, that was where the lines started to blur for him.

He felt bad that they hadn’t managed to catch up lately, he was pretty terrible when it came to being a friend, always working or partying, he often forgot to message people back for weeks at a time “Yeah I know, I’m a terrible friend” he admitted with a laugh, though Celia was barely home lately either so she couldn’t really lecture on him “I could bring you back one of those awfully tacky snow globes from New York as a peace offering” he chuckled softly, he spent so much time in that city that he was actually giving serious thought to moving out there, though now didn’t feel like the time to mention it “I missed you too though” he teased with a smirk knowing that was her way of saying it.

Hearing the elder Valkyr’s questioning about another lesson Yeon furrowed his brow, yeah about that, he wrinkled his nose before pulling out his phone from his pocket and speaking “Ok Google, clear my schedule for the afternoon and send cancellation reminders” the AI voice affirmed it was done and then he tucked it back away and gave her a bright smile “Alright now you have my attention” he commented ignoring the new round of judging looks she gave him with a dramatic eye roll. As he sat himself down on the couch he arched his brow a little “Did you hear about the alliance from Gideon?” of course he knew she would have but he figured someone should bring the topic up, it was the only thing people had on their mind right now after all.

Cecilia Laterza was not dramatic. Okay, maybe she is, just a tad bit. But all in good time. Much like what Yeon thought, she really would not take it lightly if he did end up leaving her by, waiting on the other side, when she knew fully that he was there. Hell, she probably would've made a show out of it just to give him a small taste of a lesson, like breaking the door or something. Oh yes, she's a bit extra, sometimes. It wasn't usual for her to be annoyed on trivial matters that she wouldn't even bother taking up to mind for more than 2 seconds of her time, but the rude blonde really did have it out on her, which she did not appreciate the slightest. Had it been up to her, the female would not dare to even dream on meeting her eyes. But there were more pressing matters for her to attend to; the matter being Yeonseok Lee himself.

The italian valkyr lived up to her nickname, Silver Tongue, since it wasn't given so aimlessly by Gideon. It was starting to be somewhat a pseudonym already. Her reputation hangs on a thin thread that linked her to all the incidents that required her special ability. If you could even call it that. Celia just had a knack on finding out things and making people spill it out just for the sake of having fun. She's over 1700 years old, sometimes even she needed some form of entertainment. “I swear you really need to put a leash on her. Considering if she'd ever come back.” she scrunched up her nose in distaste, not really liking the situation that befell her earlier for quick few seconds. Usually, she wouldn't take it to mind but she just got back from half a day's flight from Belarus, and she was undoubted tired mentally with all the reports she will need to conclude come first thing tomorrow. She's allowed to be cranky.

Finding herself to scoff at the korean valkyr, she shook her head before plopping herself on the couch, really owning up to the idea of ‘making herself at home’ comfortably. “Speaking of self control..” she however paused for a while when she said nothing to Yeon talking about the arrangements going around between their two factions. She knew she missed out something, but was not aware it was this important. Next time she stops by the mansion, she ought to have it out at Gideon. She should've been there, she thought. The alliance was by far, the best possible option that would underline so many potentials between them. It would strengthen and solidify their stance, for sure. Even she knew that, shouldn't she know? She had a Volakiri partner once upon a time ago, who's probably dead. Celia hasn't felt anything about Atticus for 900 years and it left a mark on her. A devastating mark she'll never be able to forget.

And now they're going on board with the idea of that. Again. If she's never opposed anything to what Gideon had decided, today is going to be the first time. The pros are weighing on it but there cons are just devastating for both parties if it was to happen. The silver tongued valkyr was in an utter dilemma regarding this matter, so much she actually put a pause to whatever she was going to say. “Yeah, I pity your neighbors. If I am your neighbor, you're really going to get it when it comes to the sounds. Just make the entire area cordoned off in soundproof, why don't you.” she exclaimed sarcastically, the snark seeping in after the male gave the same amount back towards her. “For someone so busy, you sure do have the time to accommodate to your needs.” Judgement radiating off her would never pass Yeon's gate, for sure. But hey, all in good time. Teasing and having witty banter between one another was their charade and a way to induce the friendship in another depth.

“No tacky snowglobes please, I had enough bone chilling winter back in Belarus. I'm getting tired of winter, because of it.” Celia knew she wasn't a winter girl, she leaned more to spring, a season she's favored even until today for some reason. Throwing the pillow by her side to land a square hit on his face, she clicked her tongue and wagged her index finger in front of him teasingly. “Miss you? Yeah sure, I miss your amicable self that has a good connection to precarious situations.” Of course she missed him. She didn't exactly have a wide network of acquaintances that she considered actual friends. It was countable, for sure. On one hand. When he suddenly cancelled all plans he had today, she quirked an eyebrow, really judging him again. “Look at you, so considerate to spend your day with your favorite person.”

But the topic on hand wasn't something she could easily dismiss. Nodding in response to his question, she leaned against the soft cushion of the couch and let out a rather distressed sigh. “I heard.. I can't say I'm all too happy about it. Volakiri.. It's a tricky stuff. It'll surprise you in so many ways you never thought it would.” The alliance would only mean one thing, them finding their partners and execute the protection programmes. But she was really worried regarding the aftermath of the connection. "What do you think about it?"

Yeon arched his brow a little in questioning when she spoke about needing to put a leash on the blonde “You say it like I actually intend to keep anyone around” he commented with a half shrug, Yeon liked being around people, he liked losing himself in a crowd and the freedom he felt from that but he was not the kind of person who sought out one on one relationships, there were very few people he could tolerate for longer than a few hours. “I don’t keep people around, too much work” he wrinkled his nose, there were exceptions to the rule but very few of them and none of them were people who saw as anything other than platonic. Perhaps, like he had people shout at him in the past, he was afraid of love or perhaps he just didn’t have the energy for it.

Yeon couldn’t help but notice the way she went quiet when he mentioned the alliance which only confirmed to him that she knew more about it then he did. Everything Yeonseok had heard about Volakiri was mostly rooted in rumor and legend, he never really thought it would become a reality in his life but now everything had changed. It wasn’t exactly a secret that tensions were high in the eternal city, especially between the Ailward and celestial factions and while Yeon did have to question Gideon’s sanity for choosing to side with the group that would likely get themselves killed. He did understand the sentiment though, from a political perspective it was a risky but potentially smart move.

Yeon gave a dramatic eye roll as he leaned his head against his hand, he’d never really had any issues with his neighbors, the dance studio was built to be pretty soundproof and he wasn’t stupid enough to get in trouble with the law by letting any parties he threw run later than curfew “Hey I am a very thoughtful neighbor I’ll have you know” he protested with a shake of his head “Besides it’s a city, if people can’t deal with noise what the hell are they doing here?” he laughed gently as he leaned back against the couch. Her little dig about how he chose to spend his free time make him chuckle, if she was trying to make him feel any shame for his choices she may as well be hitting her head against a brick wall instead “I always have time for my needs, I’d go insane if not” he mocked the same tone she used on the word, he enjoyed sex, sue him.

Yeon grimaced a little at the mention of winter, yeah New York had been pretty cold too, though Colorado wasn’t much better, he was overdue to Florida or California, anywhere they didn’t have miserable slushy ice everywhere really “Well at least it’s only a month or so until spring shows face” he mused with a nod, he was looking forward to not having to wear 2 sweaters and a coat everywhere he went. When she threw the pillow at him he laughed giving her a feign offended look before he tucked the pillow behind his head and leaning his head against it “Ah just what I wanted, my hand was getting uncomfortable” he commented. Her teasing about missing him was expected, C didn’t really show affection, though the look on her face said enough that he didn’t need to press her “I have my considerate moments, few and far between” he responded with a chuckle “It’s not every day I get a visit from the legendary Celia Laterza after all” he chuckled the sarcasm lacing his voice making him smirk.

Yeon was interested by the way she talked about the Volakiri bond like she knew something about it that he didn’t though, but then he supposed she was much older than him and therefore had probably experienced it in some form throughout her long life. “I’m not sure what to think about it really” he answered honestly a shrug of his shoulder “They want to pair us off with the whole faction, make it a real alliance you know” but the idea of being linked to a stranger really did freak him out, not to mention that he didn’t understand the full ins and outs of what he was agreeing to but he did know the bond was for life, it wasn’t something you just walked away from.

“I don’t wanna just outright refute the idea but I also feel very weirded out by the whole thing” he scrunched up his nose “What do you know about it that I don’t?” he questioned noting the way she spoke about it like she knew from experience, perhaps with her outlook on it then he could figure out what he wanted to do about the whole situation.

Scrunching up her nose in response, she had to admit that Yeon was not wrong about what he's said. She, out of all people, should know about it. Celia had her spare share of sleeping around with no attachments per usual. Especially when it really does aid her in her missions. There was nothing wrong using your ‘talent’ and ‘ability’ to the best of might. “Right, well, I hardly should be the one who judges you. Kinda makes me feel like a hypocrite.” And she did not want to be one. Ever. “But how sure are you that you won't eventually get that leash around, one day? I don't mean to pry, you know I don't do those sentimental stuff that well, but really, just out of my curiosity.” she asked inquisitively, she had two reasons for asking such a question.

One, she wanted to know if she should really reveal to him about the Volakiri, maybe even to test if Yeon was ready for it. Since it would increase the probabilities of sharing your emotions and feelings with another living person. Occasionally, it does affect you. Two, really, just out of her curiosity. Celia cares deeply for Yeon and would do by any means necessary to make sure he's able to live a prosperous life. The italian valkyr was just trying to look out for the younger valkyr, for reasons only one person knew of. She intends to keep it that way.

“For someone who doesn't like keeping people around, you sure do like surrounding yourself with them.” she shot, poking the fun into him. Socializing, it's a chore. But if you're good at it, consider it an extra advantage to your character. Things were rounding up in one place, a city filled with so many supernatural subjects living together, something was bound to happen and this alliance would strengthen their hold in sanctioning a place there. She hated when Yeon was being right. Because she couldn't debunk nor oppose to it easily without proper and solid evidence to carry it. “Yeah sure. Thoughtful person. And I'd be the most humble person.” Narrowing her hazel hues on the valkyr, it didn't take her long to actually burst into fits of laughter. When was the last time she actually had a real laugh? Not the malicious kind whenever she encountered the rogues, but the genuine one that interlaced with her euphoric senses. How she's missed just being around and enjoying life.

“Alright Mr I-have-to-quench-my-needs, I guess at least I won't have to worry about you going insane any time soon, no? You seem to have plenty of that stored up.” she remarked dryly, a small coy smile playing around the corners of her lips. He really does seem to be doing well, that's good. But the main topic of the day still did not escape her notice so when they came back to it, the raven haired woman bit her bottom lip while still debating whether she should tell him what she knows about it. Surely, it would give him a better insight, right? And she wanted the best for him, right? Then, she should make sure things would be easy for him to comprehend. A few talks about this won't harm anyone. Well, except her memories.

“Yeah, I don't just visit anyone. Trying to score a meeting with you and Gid, god, I feel like I'm trying to set an appointment with the Queen. And even trying to score and audience with he would be easier than you two. Stop leaving me, why won't you. I have no one decent enough to talk to.” she pouted, and hugged the spare pillow by her side as she made herself more comfortable on the couch. Nodding to what Yeon said about being paired up with a random stranger who you knew nothing of was a bit far fetched. Then, there was also the whole thing being linked together in blood oath, which is not something to be taken for granted. “The idea of allowing someone else to be linked to you, it's scary. Especially when you don't even know who that person will be. At least for me, my partner was someone I knew very well.” Secret's out.

“Your suspicion about me knowing more about the Volakiri than I let on, is not misplaced. I'm only telling this to you, okay.. The only other person that knows about this is Gideon, and that's because he's literally the only person I had since the beginning.” Admittedly, she was being quite nervous to talk about this, because she didn't really like the idea of trudging back into memory lane and experience a wave of nostalgia that hit too close to home. “As you've very well known about this, I was the first valkyr that Gideon turned. That was about 1700 years ago, it was a century after he was reborn into one. We had to learn everything from the scratch. Things weren't as easy as today. Well.. Easier. At some point in my life, I met a guy. You know, girl meets guy, guy meets girl, they fall in love, blablabla..” Celia waved her hands dismissively about that certain part of the story and pursed her lips lightly before resuming. “Turns out it was just like a tragic love story. Forbidden love and all that. We can't be together kind of crap. Only that time, there weren't anyone stopping us from being together. It's just the nature being a jealous bitch.”

She could not face the male when it came to that point of the story, something just stopped her from doing so. Maybe, out of shame. “We found out about the Volakiri.. And did it, with the two of us consenting to this contract that would bind us both for life. Maybe it was stupid, but it's generally known a celestial and valkyr couldn't be together in the same room for more than estimated time. Only time would tell when the valkyr starts feeling weakened by the natural light energy they exuded. And the celestial would feel disturbed by the dark energy we radiated. So, thinking we've got nothing to lose, we agreed to it.” Clearing her throat, she pressed her lips into a thin line and stared at Yeon. “This is where it gets a little tricky.. Everything was all jolly and good at first, until a year later, I started drinking from him. At first, it was just a few drops here and there occasionally. But it slowly morphed into an addiction. I found myself wanting more of it. Scared that I would eventually harm my own star and turn myself into those soulless beasts that everyone thinks we were, I ran back to Gideon. Left him and never to come back.”

If she wasn't sure how upset she would be to speak of this again, now she does. “I was in rehabilitation for years.. It took me quite a while to get back on my feet. But even then, I never came back. I just left him to think I didn't take our relationship seriously and bailed. Of course I kept an eye out for him. But one day, he disappeared. Felt like I died all over again and then it just stopped and I couldn't feel his presence anymore. I'm not sure if he died or something.. Because I couldn't differentiate it since the string will always be there.” She tried her best to keep it simple. “Now do you see why I'm not all on board for this? The effects are very advantageous. But the aftermath if it fails or if something happened to your partner? Devastating.”

Yeon chuckled softly in response to her comments on judgment, he actually didn’t mind having that kind of influence from time to time, something he needed to be reminded when he was taking things too far or when he was running the risk of becoming an asshole. Yeon didn’t care about much but he didn’t think he was a particularly bad person either, noncommittal and flighty sure, but an outright asshole on purpose, no. “Well I hate to say never because that would make me a liar if it ever happened…” he paused giving it thought for a moment “I just don’t see a relationship ever being a good thing for me” and the idea of one scared the hell out of him frankly “Besides who’d wanna date a narcissist who’s never even around” he chuckled, friends would still be your friend after not seeing you for months but a relationship took time he didn’t want to give.

It did pose some questions for him though, he knew Celia was the noncommittal type too, he’d never seen her have any kind of real romantic relationship in the time he’d known her anyway and he’d always just taken that as somewhat of a fact about her. But if she posed that question to him it meant she wasn’t completely numb to the idea of it herself right? “It’s probably about time I do make efforts when it comes to those I actually care about though, I know I’ve been shutting the few friends I have out” not purposely really, things had just really taken off for him recently.

“There is a big difference between caring for people and what they expect of you and losing yourself in a crowd, you know that” Yeon bounced it back around on her, he knew the kinds of missions she did, the way she always played the game of getting information out of people, there was no personal attachment in any of that. Yeon liked being around people because it was a good distraction for him, he liked feeling like a small part of the world, hell on occasion he liked having eyes on him, he liked the attention. What he didn’t like was feeling like he had to meet some crazy expectations others had about what he needed to say or do, he was never gonna be a hearts and flowers guy. “Alright, I’ll admit it’s a work in progress, but none of them have called the police on me yet so I’m calling it a win” he chuckled softly, that may have been down to him bribing them a little with gifts.

Yeon laughed softly “Being attractive has its perks” he commented and reached up to scratch at the back of his neck, he knew he was good looking and he used that to his advantage, not that he expected people to just fall at his feet, everyone had their own tastes and preferences after all, but it did present him opportunity. It was probably also a portion of the reason why he had made it so far as a dancer, people liked to watch him, he knew how to move his body to get people’s attention. God Celia was right, he did spend a lot of time engineering himself around the people he didn’t like to be around “You would know though, miss silver-tongue” he teased back with a roll of his eyes, he would have hated that nickname if it had been given to him. He’d never thought about Celia like that though, she was much more like a family figure to him, she had been there when he really needed guidance after he was brought back and he would always respect her for that.

He did appreciate her taking time to meet with him too, especially when he knew he had been slacking on the whole effort part, he had been working on what he hoped to be a pretty massive deal with a major pop star in America but he had to keep that under complete wraps, he actually couldn’t tell anyone he knew just yet for fear of getting his ass sued “Once I manage to get this deal through I promise I’ll have so much more time” he shook his head a little, with this breakthrough he could probably afford to take a full a year off if he so wished, not that he would, dancing was his everything but it would present the opportunity for him to take a breath or two. He chuckled seeing her hugging the pillow and leaned his own one down on the couch so he could rest laying on his front with his chin against the cushion as she started to talk about the volakiri bond.

The blond valkyr wasn’t surprised when she said she’d had one herself, he’d already guessed as much from her reaction, no one reacted like that without some personal motivation behind it, what he wanted to know was what made her so against it, he didn’t really know if it was something she would talk about so when she did he went quiet he listened to her. Though he might often try and convince the world otherwise, he did care for the opinions of some, namely Gideon and Cecilia, they’d been a part of his life for a long time now after all, or it felt like a long time to him anyway. Yeon nodded when she not so subtly told him not to share this information with others like he’d have anyone to tell anyway.

He could hear the nerves in her tone of voice which had him concerned but a simple expression was all he gave as he listened. What did shock him to know was that Cecilia had been part of a love story herself, he didn’t know why that surprised him so much, perhaps because of the ‘I don’t care about anyone’ vibe that she gave off most of the time, it took someone being pretty dear to her to actually see she had feelings beyond that front. Much like him, he supposed, perhaps he had adopted some of her personality in that sense. He was shocked to hear how open she was about this particular story, especially when it came to the blood sharing part. Yeon had to admit he didn’t have a major problem with blood, he took what he needed when he needed it, usually from someone offering it to him when they were intimate. But addiction? He’d never had a problem with that, he’d never had a problem with any addictive substance.

His lips parted in shock as she finished her story. He had no idea what to say. Really he felt bad for never knowing about this in the past because he probably wouldn’t have brought it up if he’d known how delicate of a subject it was for her. Yeon had rarely to never seen raw emotion from Cecilia, she had that front about her which was near impossible to get underneath, even for those close to her. But in those moments that she spoke about what she had done, he saw it, just a flash of it. It gave a whole new perspective on the whole thing he had to admit. Though there was one thing Yeon didn’t have to worry about, he never intended to fall in love with his volakiri, whoever they may end up being if he went through with this.

“I’m sorry you had to go through with that” he admitted with a sad smile, he didn’t wanna say much more because he could tell it was hard for her to remember and he didn’t want to force her to reminisce through that if it caused her pain “But we can’t ignore what’s going on here either” he commented with a slight sigh “That same feeling that told me I should come to Evermore City after I died, it’s telling me this is what I’m supposed to do” the blond ran his hand through his tousled hair and sighed “I don’t do well with letting people in C, how am I gonna handle being connected to a stranger” he grunted slightly in frustration.

Celia was known for her attachment-less self. For a good reason too. Now after she’s revealed a small but important and impactful portion of her story to Yeon, it all made sense why she’s been the way she is. Initially, it was the way her past affected her growing up, but this too was one of the biggest factor that underlied her life. Her heart was given up to one person, just one, and then things happened. Tragically. So she’s where she was supposed to be at. To pick up the pieces alone. Snickering briefly at the korean valkyr, she played with the helm of her blouse and shrugged. He wasn’t wrong not to think about it, overall it’s a very troublesome topic to think of. “Relationships are not for everyone, even I know that. Nothing wrong with wanting to be single and good to go. But I don’t agree with you saying no one wants to date someone well-” Her hands went up the air and tried to do a few air quotes and gestures towards him. “-someone like you. Everyone has someone, believe me. It’s a little tacky and cheesy, but that’s just how most things are. Only problem is how much the world loves or hate you for it to work properly.” Now she wasn’t a love guru or anything, but she knew enough about it. She was a victim of it, afterall.

“Though I feel like I really should take offense to what you’re saying, Yeon. I’m also never around. So does this indirectly applies to me too?” She wiggled her eyebrows together, forming a small frown and feigned offense. Not that she cares much about it. Cecilia Laterza is not someone you can tie down for life. Of course, she had a love story going on 900 years ago, but that was 900 years ago. To her, 900 years was a long time in general, and definitely a long time to be waiting for someone. Especially when her job entitles her to do a few dirty scopes around, not forming attachments just goes easy for her. “You speak as if being a narcissist is a bad thing. I don’t. What’s wrong with loving yourself? Nobody else to do it for you, so you gotta do it.” she huffed and flipped her dark locks. She’s a narcissist and she’s proud to say it.

No wonder these two match up well in terms of friendship. Celia’s always looked out for Yeon, and Yeon didn’t shy away from her advances in forming a friendship. Despite the two of them never being around all the time, they were close. That was saying something, considering the italian valkyr only considered Gideon’s opinion to matter, his and Yeon’s. There was nothing wrong with adopting favoritism too. So she likes Yeon in general, so what? “Yeah, you have been shutting the few friends you have. Glad you actually acknowledge you only have a few friends.” Narrowing her hazel hues over to the valkyr, it was clear that she was sulking about the matter. She said it before, she didn’t have any other friends, much less those that could hold a decent conversation with the silver tongue. Sometimes she wondered why she pushed away the prospects of having more friends, maybe it just didn’t click with her.

“You better hope they don’t. I really don’t want the news of police arriving here only to succumb to your charms, to come by my doorstep. I know you’re a charming guy, but charming the police? I’d give it to you if that ever happens.” Celia liked to play games around, similar to Yeon, she enjoyed life. Most of her reputation was surrounded around negative traits; from being tenacious, devious, deceptive and an exemplary scheming snake. But even she knows when her abilities are limited behind the fine line to stop. It’s all about respect, really. She admitted Yeon was not wrong when he said he’s an attractive guy, he is. That honestly makes everything so much easier, especially when it comes to feeding. Though they knew how to control themselves, sometimes a little this and that wouldn’t hurt. At least not for Celia, the aftermath of her rehabilitation left a scar in her that really held her back until today. Bloodlust was not something she should thread lightly with. She experienced it firsthand and it wasn’t pleasant.

When he poked around the nickname that was given to her, she scoffed and shrugged. “Gideon gave me that nickname, okay. I didn’t decide upon it. But I guess it grew to me, after a while. Makes the job easier too when you get used to it.” It wasn’t something Celia was ashamed of. She had the talent to twist things around, so she uses it to the best of her ability. “Good, I don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t have my best friend with me. Probably drink myself to death and play around. Then Gid will be chastising me.” At times, the italian valkyr could be childish and it brings intervention from the Valkyrie himself. Nodding in agreement, she knew she couldn’t forget what’s happening. It was too big for them to ignore. But she found herself biting her lip once she heard the pull Yeon felt that brought him to Evermore. Would he ever forgive her for what she’s done? She wasn’t sure, perhaps, that was one of the reasons why she didn’t say anything about it. That, and she was afraid what he’ll think of her.

“It didn’t go well with me at first. Even if my partner was someone I actually knew and had feelings for, it didn’t come as easy. It feels weird, sometimes you can feel what they feel, and vice versa. I won’t stop you from finding your end, but if anything were to happen, if you feel off, please let me know. One thing is very tempting in this matter. Their blood, will be able to provide a huge enhancement to us. Makes you feel stronger, everything feels a lot heightened. It’s like getting high over it, but it brings a positive effect. But be careful Yeon. You can be as controlled as you come to be, but if you are not careful, it’s easy to get hooked on their blood.” she warned but beamed later on. “I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Let’s hope your future partner is not as narcissistic as you are. One of you is already hard enough to handle, much less two.” she teased playfully. “Ugh, talking about all of this.. I need a drink.”

Yeon was pretty surprised by her answer to what he said, of all the people in the world to believe in soulmates he hadn’t expected the words to come from Cecelia Laterza, even if she had a love years ago, which he only found about today, she had always seemed to most distant and detached person to him when it came to the idea of love. To know that was a front was pretty eye-opening for the younger valkyr “I guess I’ll believe it when I see it” he answered with a shrug of his shoulders, he had never felt that stupid emotion for anyone, the only time he could pinpoint perhaps feeling any degree of it was the day before he died, for the first guy he ever kissed and then that had been ripped from him. If love was real then the only association he had with it right now was pain. Yeon couldn’t bring himself to believe there was someone out there who would truly want to take on his screwed up life.

Yeon chuckled softly when she pointed out the fact that the two of them were similar, he guessed part of him tried to take over her. When he came to Evermore he had been a broken shell of a person that needed rebuilding and this was what he had built for himself, it wasn’t perfect but it was his way of coping with the life he now lead “Take it as you like C” he commented with a shrug, she’d already told him now that there was more to her than you saw on the surface so he supposed perhaps if they were that similar then he was wrong. “Oh it’s not” he answered honestly with a shrug of his shoulders “No one's gonna love me better than me” affirmed with a wry smile “But that isn’t necessarily a trait others like” he didn't really care what people thought about him really, but a lot of people had a problem with the level of confidence he held in himself, they called him self centered and heartless at times.

Yeon laughed softly at her comment about friends “There are not many people who get me” he answered with a nonchalant shrug, most people who tried to be his friend wanted something from him, whether it was sex, money or a favor, it made it hard to find people he could actually trust really. A lot of people had screwed his good nature over in the past, so much so that he tended to default to not trusting people nowadays “Most people just want something” he answered and grimaced a little “Plus I don’t have the time to be building new friendships, I’d find someone I don’t hate and then abandon them for weeks” he laughed a little, he really hoped to calm down the travelling a little soon because it was really making it hard for him to maintain stability.

Yeon laughed softly as she poked fun at his charms “Hey everything I learned, I got from you” he teased with a smirk, okay that wasn’t fully true, there had always been a part of him that had those tendencies even when he was young, but he had definitely shaped his second life around Cecilia because he saw how well it worked for her. That’s why it was kinda a big deal for him to hear that she had a love story somewhere in her past, it was something he’d never even considered she would have, which was probably density on his part because he knew that Ce had feelings, he’d seen them himself, he knew she put up a show to the world, Yeon did that too.

Yeon gave her a half judgmental look as she spoke about that nickname she had been given, it was on the nose even for her “I would have buried that name the moment it came from Gideon’s lips” he responded with a shake of his head, he didn’t really like people calling him anything other than his name really, formal titles were even worse. The blond valkyr ran a hand through his hair as she teased him again “Oh come on you’d be fine, you’d still have yourself” he chuckled softly, it was nice to have her around though, having someone he could actually talk to about the important stuff. He wouldn’t dream of telling anyone else what he thought about love or fears, those talks were reserved for his only close friends “It’d be a bit duller life without me though” he teased with a wink “You should come visit New York sometimes when it gets warmer, such a beautiful city” he commented with a chuckle.

Yeon took her warnings seriously, he knew that this whole pairing this was a big choice and that you didn’t just ignore something that scared or worried Cecilia, she didn’t scare easily after all “Thanks for your insight” he commented a little absentmindedly, what would it be like for him to feel what other people were feeling? He had to admit he was curious to want to experience it for himself, just so that he could say he knew what it felt like but he also knew that was a really bad thought to have considering it wasn’t something you could just back out of if you changed your mind. “Oh come on, this level of narcissism is reserved for the top 1%” he chuckled and pointed out a cabinet between the couches “Help yourself, plenty of drinks available” Yeon liked to keep most things in reach so he didn’t need to traipse all over his apartment every time he wanted something and he did like to spend a lot of his time on the couch. He rolled over onto his back, looking up at the ceiling “Would you have fixed it if you could?” he asked curiously picking back up the story she told, wondering if she felt that way even now.

She doesn't usually get close to anyone genuinely. That's right. Emphasis on the word genuinely. If you want her to get close to anyone in the world? She'd do it if there's something in it for her. With the right price to bribe, and you'll get it. Only if she feels it's all good, though. Yes, Cecilia Laterza still has conscience, surprisingly. But following what she's told Yeon about one part of her life, it shouldn't be shocking to see that she still held on to a few values. Afterall, it is what molds up one's character. Neither one of her friends stayed longer in her company than a few hours of the day, so this is actually quite a big deal to her. The italian valkyr has never met someone like Yeon. There was something about him that just pulls her close, and 5 years could pass and she still wouldn't be able to figure it out.

That's just how powerful he is. How smug he'd be if she allowed those thoughts to come out from being filtered in her head. “You need to see it to believe it. Seeing is believing, anyways.” Somehow the phrase went around for centuries but she never knew where it originally hailed from, but whoever created it in the first place will get a nod from her. An impactful phrase that travels until today. Celia wasn't daft, obviously. She knew just how much pain every valkyr went through before starting this second life of theirs. And she did not mean the physicality that they undergo during the transition. Blood transfusion had nothing on the heart wrenching pain they felt. Most, if not all of them, had a tragic past. It was sad, but to see a group of broken people forming an organization together, that was what made it beautiful.

“You keep loving yourself, Yeon.” she chuckled, her fingertips circling the helm of her jacket as she stared blankly at the glass table. “Because no one's gonna love you more than you.” This came to be something she'd say generally instead of throwing it personally towards the korean valkyr. Perhaps, she's experienced the same thing. Maybe she believes that no one's going to love them as much as they did. But a part of her desperately wished to be proven wrong, even though she's almost never wrong when it comes to her instincts. Being a valkyr only enhanced that part of her. “See, this is why you should think and do you. No one's gonna like us wholly. There will be people who don't like this trait or that, but if we allowed their judgements to weigh on our own, what's the purpose of living your life then? You live for you.” she exclaimed, narrowing her hues slightly, due to the annoyance bubbling up inside her when she spoke those words. She hated when people thinks they should act accordingly to the way the society deemed better.

“I can't say anything about abandonment, because then I'd be the hypocrite again.” she quipped lightly, knowing fully well she's always never around, and Gideon had to call her often if anything. She wasn't going to appear instantly by your balcony if you asked for her without pulling the threads with solid why's. But if it's significant enough to her, which is saying something, then you'd best expect her arrival very soon. “You'll find the time when you feel you want to. Don't let it force you. I kinda like the way you are now, so any sudden changes will have to freak me out.” But then she was reminded of the volakiri bond topic. Right. “I mean, the most you'll get to an attitude change is when you're finally getting one of your own volakiri. Some of his or her traits will influence you as yours will do the same to them. It gets annoying at first, but it's going to get easier anyways. You might even enjoy it.” Or maybe he wouldn't.

A part of her hoped to see him lead a happy and content life, just the way he's getting around now. Having a volakiri in his life will change things, hopefully and maybe, for the better. Yeon had potential to him; something she was sure would be stupid of her to waste. He's still young but has matured in so many ways. The more she looks over him, the more the level of significance rose up. Yeon was the brother she never had. Celia was used to being alone, hell, her birth wasn't exactly welcomed by everyone else except her parents. It was only by luck that she received the small love she was able to receive from her uncle. Is that why she developed such an attachment for this on me guy? No, that's not it. Yeon wasn't the first valkyr she's come across. And yet he's the one of the only ones that stayed with her until today. 5 years is a lot, believe it or not.

“Hey, I don't get many pet names. So when I get what I can get from Gideon, I take it. It's not like he's going to stop just because I told him to.” she shrugged, crossing her legs. “Had no idea it sticker with me for so long though. But since I'm proud of what I do, it gives me a sense of pride.” There was no escaping the fact that the Laterza female is prideful. As centuries passes by, she enjoyed being able to make people talk. It's a skill to look forward to when it comes to infiltration and espionage. Also.. interrogation. “I know I'm a company to be around, even myself. But I've spent like centuries long with myself, you kinda get tedious at some point. Besides, I can't tease myself. What kind of self love is that going to pose.” she remarked dryly, scoffing at the mere thought of it, while also sending a judging look his way.  When Yeontan extended his visit for her to come visiting New York, she couldn't remember the last time she actually went there. Been a while, for sure.

“I'll keep that in mind next time.” she winked and was all on board to rummage through his stash when he pointed to the cabinet. A girl needs a drink sometimes. Or drinks. Either way, she gets it. She went to get the cups and took out a bottle of vodka before plopping herself back on the couch. While pouring herself one, her ears perked at the sudden mention of it from Yeon. She also poured him one, just in case. The Italian hesitated for a brief while before shrugging and finishing her drink in one shot. “Fixed what? You're gonna have to be more specific. Fix my addiction before it molded into something a lot worse? Fix the whole mess up so I won't meet him? There's a lot of things I could fix.. But I'm not even sure which I'd fix.”

Yeon wasn’t emotionless by any means, he was actually a pretty caring person in the right situation, he wouldn’t be the type to leave someone behind that was in danger, whether he liked them or not. And to most people he came across charming and friendly, it worked well for him in business situations, he could make a pretty good impression. But he could understand why people might consider him heartless, especially if they didn’t know him, he wasn’t the type to want to get personally involved in other people’s problems and he kept distance where he could, he also lived quite a lonely life which often made him self centered, because often himself was all he had.

There were, of course, exceptions to every rule though and Cecilia was one of them, one of their characters that just got under his skin, he wasn’t sure he could ever fully shake her if he wanted to and he didn’t want to. Yeon chuckled at her repeating statement “That was me hinting to you that it’s never gonna happen but” he smirked softly and shrugged, someone tying down Yeonseok Lee? They’d need platinum threaded rope “Take it how you want” the blond valkyr commented as he shifted his position on the couch attempting to get comfy as he looked up at the brunette he smiled “Besides will I really miss what I never had?” he questioned with a quirked brow, was he really missing out on something worth changing his life for?

Yeon smiled softly, he might have a bit of a screwed up mind but choosing to put himself first was the best decision he had ever made, every decision he made, he made with his own welfare and sanity in mind and while some might call that selfish, it gave him a very stable life, he knew he could rely on himself. And yes, sometimes it was hard to be positive and there were days when he doubted himself, much like everyone did, but for the most part he was happy, he made himself happy “My mom always told me to love the person I was, I like to think I’m honoring her that way” he often spoke of his parents as though they were dead even though they weren’t, it was easier for him to think of them like that than it was to wonder what they were doing with their lives. “Judgment is such a waste of time” he commented with a laugh “Imagine having such little life of your own that you have to impose your opinion on others” he chuckled gently, he teased his friends about their mistakes but he never really judged them, they were free to do whatever they wanted with their lives as long as they didn’t hurt anyone.

The younger valkyr gave a low chuckle when she spoke about abandonment, he didn’t really see her going away as abandonment really, she always came back after all and he knew if there was an emergency and he really needed her then she’d be there, that was more than enough. It was kinda nice to hear someone say they liked the way he was now, especially someone who’s opinion he respected, though he didn’t comment on it directly cause he knew she’d just retract the statement “I spent a lot of time deciding who I wanted to be in this world” he commented wistfully “I don’t see that changing any time soon” he nodded, everyone changed as time moved, but he was proud of what he achieved and who he was “That part worries me a little, especially if the person I pair with isn’t of similar mind to me” but a bond wasn’t going to change who he was at his core was it.

He knew that taking this bond could potentially be a big mistake, a life-changing one at that too, but he had this feeling in his chest that things would turn out okay, call it fate or intuition but something wanted to let him know that this was where he was supposed to be. He also considered how much of a pain that might be considering he had been toying with the idea of moving out of Evermore for a long time now but then he was reminded of the way he always seemed to end up back here anymore. Something would happy and he would be back home, Evermore had become his home over the past 8 years since he died. He did wish that Celia found her own content too, it seemed like she was troubled by the volakiri bond she lost and while there was nothing he could do to help her fix that, he did hope she was able to find some level of peace with it.

“I hate pet names” he commented with a wrinkled nose, there was something about them that screamed a closeness he didn’t want with most people, he could deal with shortened versions of a person’s name because those were just easier to say but god help the person who ever called him baby. “But if you like it then that’s all that really matters” he commented with a nod. She was right though, sometimes it was nice just to have someone to bicker and laugh with, to poke fun at a little and generally just care about “Making fun of you is one of my favorite pastimes, I must admit” Yeon commented with a wink as he picked up the drink she had given him and took a long sip of the spirit “Drinking vodka neat is usually considered a cry for help” he commented with a laugh as he set the glass back down on the table.

He continued to stare up at the ceiling when he asked her the question, from her reaction he gave a very definite eyeroll “Don’t give me the bullshit answer” he spoke straight to the point “Would you have fixed your fuck up, you said you regretted walking away so would you go back?” Cecilia was good at deflecting with most people but Yeon wasn’t the kind of person who got distracted by tangents, he was pretty straight to the point.

To most people, she understood just how distant and cold she might come across. Which was exactly what she wanted them to keep thinking when it comes to her. Not caring or at least pretending not to care was so much easier than to show them the vulnerableness that hides behind those walls. One poke is all they needed and the next thing she knows, she's probably dead on the ground. She grew up wearing masks daily, that hasn't changed. The only person she allowed inside was a guy she met 900 years ago, and then he was gone and she was too. So what was the point in opening her heart once again when she knew all she's going to get is a shot at heart break?

But things are different when it comes to friendships per se, for instance, Gideon and Yeon. Those two, it's okay. When it comes to them, it's okay. Nothing good will come out trying to evade from them anyways so why would she bother to even try? Except that she is still holding something from Yeon's knowledge. Not now, she reminded herself. A day will come when that secret will be spilled but the day is not today or anytime soon, that much she can promise. If Cecilia Laterza wanted to keep a secret buried, then buried shall it stayed. “If I take things how I want, things will never ever the same again, Yeon. Even you know that.” she pointed out wryly, making good on her point. Celia was quite exceptional when it comes to twisting things, while engineering those into the making, she enjoyed pulling the threads. “But never say never.” Oh she was just poking the fun in Yeon, but who knows, one can never say never. She doesn't.

“I don't know.. Sometimes you could. Maybe it's the very thing you've been missing out on, so you won't actually know until you experience it yourself firsthand, right?” It was just like her to make this sound like a social experiment. While the Italian cares, she was careful not to let it control or influence her actions. At least, subtly. “Your mother's a great person. I wish my mother would've told me the same. To love myself and all the likes of it but unfortunately, the only time I actually got to talk to her decently was during me taking care of her. Not that it worked that well since she closed me out after everything.” Don't take her wrong, the valkyr loved he neither dearly. She was the only parent figure she had after all. The only person she had with her while growing up in the countryside. But was she a good mother? Not really. The Italian was deprived of the love she was supposed to receive so much that it didn't matter to her anymore.

Grinning brightly, she shook her head at the Korean. “See, this is why I like you. I mean aside from everything else, this just screams out. I will never be able to handle a conversation with someone who can't even think for themselves.” Compliments flying out from the silver tongued valkyr herself? That's a rarity. Reserved only once a moon if not more. “Finding yourself, that's the number one crisis for most people. Believe me, I spent centuries to see where I fit in the world. If you'd met me 1700 years ago, back when I was a young healer going back and forth from Ravenna and Emilio-Romagna every month, you'll never believe that's the same person you're seeing in front of you right now.” She could distinctly remember how tiring the journey took her, but always made it back to Rome sometimes to visit her uncle. She cares, she still does. That was why she even went as far to trace and look after his family until today. Still living in their residency in Rome, as usual. Sadly, they only knew her as a family friend, though she made no attempts to hide her Laterza name.

“I'm sure whoever it is, they'll work with you. Sometimes opposites attract, no?” She would know. Her volakiri was her exact opposite. “Mine was. Too different it actually surprised me how well we clicked. It didn't go without troubles along the way, sure. But overall, that's what makes the journey worthwhile.” It was fast to see how she went from discouraging him to encouraging. But truly, all Celia ever wanted to do was to look after Yeon. She wanted the best for him, was that a crime? If so, sue her. “Hard work and passion usually outweighs talent, so I don't see how this couldn't apply to your situation too. If both of you are persistent about it, it'll go on well. Not smoothly probably, but eh, well.” she smiled fondly. She's bad at reassuring, it's always known. She could lie any day but could she become a psychologist? Hell no. The only reason why she's even a doctor is because she enjoys healing people. Blame her past.

Giving him the sideway look, she was painting the word for real on her forehead, with her hand still holding the glass in air. “Sue me, sir.” she rolled her eyes and poured herself another drink. “It's harder to get drunk now. It's not even fun anymore.” A small visible pout made itself known as the valkyr pressed her lips into a thin line. It's going to need more than a bottle of vodka to get her drunk, admittedly. Or even the slightest tipsy. That's one of the why's she disliked about her current state. However, she did stop midway through her fifth glass when Yeon pressed the topic in. Would she have done that? She wasn't sure. Possibly. Finishing her glass, she placed it on the table while circling around the rim of it. “I still wouldn't. Don't get me wrong, I would like to go back. Getting addicted to regular blood is a lot different when you're hooked on a star's. I remember Gideon couldn't even get me to down other kinds of blood because all I wanted was a taste of that. It potentially made me a lot worse than those soulless beasts. There was no saying if that will come to pose a problem to me. So I still wouldn't go back, problems are bound to happen between us. I'd just rather not be part of the instigator. Imagine you hurting your own protectee. The guilt will kill you.”


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