There was a dry spell roaming around the precinct and for a while the only person busy was Logan. Working day in and out on location and in his lab in the precinct's basement; with no bother to him at all because it kept his mind busy, and kept him preoccupied, it gave him a way to avoid his own thoughts, his guilt. Eventually, this dry spell caught him as well though and Logan was miserable, oh how he hated being alone trapped with his own thoughts, trapped with himself. No one here liked him enough to visit him all the way down here and those that might did not know him. He was not well-liked at his job, his boss the only one to truly believe he was innocent for his fiance's death, while everyone else just found it easier to blame him. 

I was zoned out when a familiar voice pierced through my ears, I looked up to see my boss. We chuckled amongst ourselves for a moment because It was clear my mind had been elsewhere and I could not deny it. I apologised as I stood and rubbed my face before heading over to the sink in my lab to splash some cold water on my face. 'One of your old cases is returning to court. ' I could hear him say from underneath the sound of the running water. I turned the faucet off and dried off "oh? And which one would that be?" I questioned with a squint in my eyes walking towards him. He handed me the case file 'A very old one, one of your first I think.' He replied as my eyes scanned the info and my heart sank a bit. "The plaintiff of this case died last week." I mentioned as a frown tugging at the edges of my lips. 

They shared a moment of silence for the lost soul, followed by several questions on what was happening with the case now. All paths leading back to one, a one Astoria Belinski apparently working with the Plaintiff's son to reopen the case and get the justice Logan fought hard for. He was happy this case had another chance, he remembered being a fresh-faced forensics scientist working this case. Spending countless hours studying the crime scene to prove the plaintiff was telling the truth only for the murderer to get away with it in the end. This case never sat right with him; Before he knew it he was at Astoria's job getting side-eyed whenever he asked someone for her before being forced to show them his badge. At last coming face to face with her, he smiled and offered her his hand to shake, his bright green eyes looking right into hers as he introduced himself "Hi, I'm Logan Reeves. We spoke on the phone, I was or well am the forensic scientist on your new case." 

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For the life of her, Tori didn't understand what was it that had prompted her to take up law. It wasn't in her nature to confront people easily, nor did she feel comfortable getting involved in drama, but years later, here she was, attempting to be a beacon of justice of some sort. Growing up in the club, Astoria had seen her fair share of things that were completely unfair and wrong, beginning from her own father's treatment of people and the way money had influenced options and outcome. It hadn't sat right with her, her teenage self often getting into trouble to attempting to do the right thing.

She wouldn't say she was particularly brave or compassionate but if there was something that could be done for those who couldn't do it, Tori wanted to help. The world had been a dark place back at the club, but she remembered how little kindness from a few members had gotten her to where she was, and she wanted to do that to others- make a little difference, leave a positive mark in whatever way she could.

It was why when the distraught son of the Plaintiff had come in, pleading for some time and help, she hadn't turned him away. They had spent the entire day going over the details in brief and by the end of it, Tori had no choice but to help him. If there was anything worse than criminals not getting punished, it was wrong people paying for someone else's crime. 

Her boss hadn't been too happy about her taking up a stagnant case, but when Astoria was determined, she was utterly stubborn and nothing and no one could move her away from her convictions. She got into a heated debate with her boss and by the end of it, had the case in her hand.

It had been a long week of pouring over every single detail and making notes. Today too, she had been seated at her desk working her way through the enormous paperwork when a man was announced in her office. At his introduction, she shook his hands, recognising his voice. "Yes, I remember. Please make yourself comfortable Mr Reeves. I figure this is going to take some time. However, I am curious about your use of present and past. If you were the forensic scientist then, just how did the case not get resolved? Please tell me there was no underhand money or crap bureaucracy that got in the way."

The rare and genuine smile which adorned his face fell the moment her words registered in his mind. Hiding in the corners of his mouth as he blinked in confusion and bafflement at her question. "It..." He hesitated for just one sec as he studied her moment "it was resolved." He dropped his gaze from hers from the first time since coming before her, sadness highlighting his features. "Our client lost."

I cleared my throat and looked back up at her " This case originally was juryless and the judge decided against us and the evidence." I broke eye contact once more to dig out two separate case files from my bag. I flipped one open only to realise it was the wrong one and moved to open the next. "Recently my team and I gathered some evidence from our newest case that seemed far too familiar to be a coincidence. Plus with the new technology available to us we decided to compare evidence with this closed case and run some new DNA tests on the evidence." I handed her both files, one of her case and one of the one I spoke of that resparked this all. "That's everything and luckily this time not only will we have a jury I hear, we also have this new evidence which is pretty indisputable. In my opinion of course." I chuckled for just a second before frowning "I only wish Valerie was still alive for this, I am proud her son is pursuing justice though."

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