Edward switched off the tv as he sighed a little as he rubbed his eyes as he rose out of his seat as he looked down at the things others had called a Cell phone the small device had been buzzing and making funny noises all day as he picked it up he carefully placed it into his pocket as if it would bite as he remembered that a member of the guard had mentioned Sapphire might be able to help you as he looked up at the cold, wet day he thought he would visit where this Sapphire frequented as he grabbed his jacket off the coat hanger he made his way towards the door.

Edward opened and closed the door quickly as the rain dropped on to his skin as he closed his eyes enjoying the sensation on his coat before placing his jacket on as he made his way down the path into the street as he began to walk in the crowds scanning his surroundings the smells the roads were very different as he walked up to a burger van as he looked at the menu ordering a simple burger as he paid the cash he took the burger as he began to eat as he walked down towards the address.

Edward looked up as he pulled the wet address out of his jacket " would so much be. easier if the fast rider was here " Edward finished the burger as he began to look for the number he was told as he had reached the address he knocked on the door " Hello I'm looking for My " Edward stopped before rephrasing what he said, " I'm looking for Sapphire Rizzoli."

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Sapphire was sitting in her office working on the development of a new game as she then heard a knock on her door. She did hear that she would have someone come over for tech information. She looked at her laptop once more before getting up as she headed to the door wearing her normal clothes of overalls and a cute top. The dogs she owned started barking as she got to the door. "Silenziosa" She said to the pups which they stopped and sat down as she smiled. Hearing the voice when she was at the door, Sapphire smiled and opened the door. "Yes, I am guessing you are Edward?" She asked as she moved to let him in from the rain as she knew it was going to get worse outside as she looked at the weather earlier. 

The phoenix smiled as she let the man come into her home. "Would you like something to drink? Coffee, Tea, hot chocolate?" She asked as she knew it was cold outside due to the rain. As she closed the door, Sapphire made sure that her pups wouldnt jump up on him as she just looked at them as she snapped her fingers and spoke, "Crates girls." She said as both the pug and the wolfdog went to their crates so she wouldnt have to worry about them.

Edward stepped inside the office as he removed his jacket as Sapphire mentioned the drinks " Coffee please My La... Sapphire " Edward blushed a little as his old tongue slipped out " sorry old habits how are you. Sapphire " Edward folded the coat on his arm as he pulled out the flat square that people had called a cell phone I got the messages and Note from Damien, but I could not find the horse and rider to pay him for the news but thank you for helping me out I still see a lot of these modern things a challenge, but I have mastered the tv remote.

Edward looked around as he looked at the photos " so what do you do here Sapphire " Edward placed his jacket on a single chair as he smiled " things are certainly different from when I grew up and so forth out lights use to be torched, and we had to go around and light them before nightfall, and we didn't have theatres of televisions we only ever had were Jesters and jousting " Edward looked over to see the dogs in their cages  may i  " he walked over  to the cages as he knelt gently stroking the pups " Hello little ones I hope your good for  your mom 

Sapphire smiled and giggled. "Its fine, I understand old habits are hard to push down. I sometimes slip into talking into Italian sometimes." She said as she noticed his cellphone. "Im good but lets help you out." she said as she listened to him and giggled. "No problem and you dont need to have a horse or rider to pay for this. This is just a new way to communicate without using someone report it for you." She said as she held out her hand for his phone with a smile. "Well I am glad you got the hang of the tv remote but this is alittle bit more complicated but I will make it easy for you to learn quickly." She said as she smiled at him after looking at his phone once he handed it to her. 

When he asked about what she did here, "I make video games which is also complicated too." She said as she smiled and nodded as she listened. "Well I can understand even though I lived in a different time period, but still I could see how hard it is to get used to the new modern technology." She said as she looked through his phone for a moment before turning to him. "Sure." She said as she smiled. The pups stayed quiet like they were told to but had there tails wagging non stop as Edward stroked them. Sapphire smiled as she walked over and smiled as she looked at Edward. "Ok let me show you how this all works." She said as she smiled softly.

Edward smiled gently as he finished making a fuss of the dogs as he rose to feet " so. This is a form of an invisible horse and rider no horse or person that physically come to you so if you sent me a message it would happen here " he pointed to the phone, but no person would give me a note it will appear like magic." Edward watched as Sapphire pressed the device looking thought it as his mind sidetracked " do you. Know who the great and powerful google I was watching another, and they got a busy schedule to come up and who is Netflix?. 

Edward moved over to her as he looked down at the device as she began to go through the machine as he watched her silently taking in everything she had said. 

Sapphire looked at him and chuckled. "Yes you can say it like that." She said as she smiled softly as she then looked at few things on his phone as she then looked back at him as he spoke. "Ok one, Google is something that helps you looked for things on the internet. Second, Netflix isnt a person. Netflix is something that people use to watch shows and movies on." She said as she smiled and chuckled at his words. The phoenix guard helped him by explaining everything about his phone to him. From how text messaging works to how to use his camera and so on. 

After about 30 minutes to an hour with Edward and explaining things onto his phone, Sapphire was going to show him how computers work and how to use it. She loved how he watched her explain everything as he took all the information she said. Sapphire looked at him, "Want to see how a computer works next?" She asked as she wanted to make sure that Edward would want to use a computer as well as his cell phone. 

 I think I get it " Edward as  Sapphire began to mention about computers " please I would appreciate any help you can give my lady computers " Edward recalled to the episode as thee librarian tried to help on the computer "  I do know the escape key doesn't mean press and run two blocks from the library " he laughed "  so Netflix   I can watch things that aren't on TV on Netflix or. I can listen to things that were on tv to " he nodded as he   thought about  what was said about google  as he waited for Sapphire to lead the way 

My lady " Edward. stopped as he took a deep breath " Sapphire, so your saying with google I could find out anything I wanted  to perhaps  the siege of Malta 1565  I was injured the first day of the blockade getting the innocents  to safety  and I never found out what happened " Edward froze as the last memories hit him  taking out one with   one strike of his axe  and as he fell hearing his brother charge into battle " Edward  shook his head " my apologies  you were saying 

Sapphire giggled and smiled as she looked at him. "Yes that is true. Escape is where it escapes the program you are using on it." She said as she chuckled. "Netflix is something you can watch things that are on TV and that are not on TV." She said as she smiled softly as she looked at him and lead him to her office where her computer was. She had brought a chair in for him to sit in as she would explain the computer keyboard and everything else to a computer. The phoenix guard sat down in her chair and smiled as she had the computer already up and running. 

"Yes you can find that out on google." She said as she looked at him. She noticed he took a moment. "Edward are you ok?" She asked as she looked at him. When he shook his head, "No need to apologize. But yes you can find out about that period of time and the battle. Do you want me to type it in for you so you can have that information?" She asked as she looked at him once more as she smiled softly. 

Edward looked at sapphire as she mentioned that she could look up the siege of Malta as he turned back to the screen he had for the first time a conflicted feeling wanting to know if his former brothers survived the onslaught of Malta or did Malta fall to the hands of the Saracens and his brothers fell as the. The conflict raged inside him, Edward rose to his feet as he walked towards the. The window as he stared out at the surroundings that lay in front of him watching the people dodge the raindrops like a thousand arrows blinding the sky.

"Sapphire " Edward turned his head back to Sapphire as he turned his body towards her " If you were in my shoes would you want to know if your brothers  " Edward stopped himself " former brothers won the. Battle and defended  Malta or they all died. Then the city fell to the enemies" Edward returned to his seat  as he sighed gently  " I fell in the  first few hours of the battle  I was defending civilians when the first wave attacked  I took  down a lot of  my enemies but  was not aware of my  injuries" he stopped as he  looked at the   last thing I remember   was the first stars of the night  began to shine " Edward smiled gently as he remembered   before turning his head  to Sapphire again  " Would you object to  myself   doing it but you  assist me in  guiding me through this task." 

Sapphire noticed a battle going on in Edward's mind as she watched him for a moment. She kept her eyes on him as he stood up and walked to the window as it continued to pour. Once he said her name, Sapphire perked up a little as she looked at his eyes. Listening to his question, Sapphire thought for a moment before her attention went back to him as she listened to him talk about his former brothers in battle. The phoenix stood up from her chair when he asked another question. Her mind was going a mile per minute on how to respond to Edward's question. 

"Well Edward, if I were in your shoes I would like to know if my brothers...well former brothers indeed survive the battle. Yet still I would love to help you find out about your former brothers. But I also will help you though whatever you go through depending on what we find." She said in a serious tone. "I know what it is like to lose someone or more than one person. So if we do find out that they didn't survive, I will be there for you." She said as she looked at him in the eyes. A small smile came across her face, Sapphire looked at him and then turned to the computer. "But if you do not wish to look it up right now, we can just continue on how to work a computer if you want." She said as she wanted to lighten the mood.

Sure " Edward smiled gently as his memory recollected about what his friend Samuel said "  also could you show me how to use Facebook and what's app  Samuel mentioned about adding me to the. group but I don't fully understand the cause. We are part of the guard but who knows what he means Edward chuckled as he followed the instructions as he clicked on the internet sign as he watched the machine as he moved the mouse he noticed it wasn't moving  " um I think I broke your computer " Edward looked a little flummoxed as he ran as aside.

Edwards mind switched back to the siege before looking to Sapphire " Siege of Malta 1565 Knights hospitallers and templars engaged in battle with the Otterman empire " Edward smirked a little I travelled back there in 2000. no signs of battle but  some of the buildings we made still stand, and there's a  shrine to the fallen knights   but nothing about who won so please I need to know " Edward looked nervously at Sapphire  

Sapphire smiled and nodded. "I can definitely show you how to use Whats app and Facebook." She said as she smiled "The group is to help others get in touch with other guards." She said as she smiled at him. Watching him, she chuckled a little, "No you didn't break my computer." She said as she moved her mouse once more as it started to move again. "See it must be running slow today since the rain is causing trouble." She said as she helped him get to Facebook to create him a profile. The phoenix worked fast on getting facebook and another tab up for Whats app so they could get both things done at one time. 

The phoenix looked at Edward as he spoke, noticing the nervousness in his voice. She smiled and nodded. "Well we can look them up but first lets get these profiles up and ready, ok?" She said as she smiled as she wanted to make sure that he was really ready to find out what happened to the former brothers in the battle as she didnt want him to be disappointed of the outcome what ever it might be.

Edward nodded as he typed away at the bars as he looked at the bars that mentioned email as he froze he remembered about a piece of paper he was. Given as he patted down his pockets " email, I'm pretty sure I  was given one when I joined the guard " Edward pulled out a notebook as he ran through different pieces of paper before tapping the pad once he found it  " they keep laughing when I mention this cant fully see why  " Edward chuckled as he typed in  hehasnoclueatcomputers@gmail.com " Edward chuckled " if I knew how to make a  new one  I would "  he continued to. type in the details that he was told to by sapphire 

Edward turned his head towards sapphire as he nodded " so computers and the internet are affected overuse and weather like the lights are affected with lightening? And cars and bikes etc. they do not run if they do not have gas?" the questions  Edward had when he arrived " oh and I was told  I need to make a bank account as its not the norm to keep your cash under your bed " he chuckled a little as his mind returned to Malta.  

Would it be ok if we take a little break as the information you have given me a lot of answers


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